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PyCon SK 2016 is a first PyCon in Slovakia. With Fedora being very Python friendly and with our Python 3 as default feature, we will present Fedora at this conference (via a booth).

When and Where

  • March 11-13 2016
  • Bratislava, Slovakia

Booth Personal

We should have at least 4 persons in order to have always at least two persons on the booth.

  • Petr Viktorin (has talk/workshop/something, so already has a free ticket)


We'd like to rent an apartment. The one we found is for 6545 CZK (262.4 USD) for 3 nights.


Train/bus tickets for Miro Hrončok from Prague and for others form Brno. Prices TBD.


We only have 1 free ticket with the booth, we need to pay for other tickets. Early bid tickets are for 20 €.

The funding ticket is: TBD


  • tablecloth (Jirka Eischmann has it)
  • swag (DVDs, stickers, pins, new books) (Jirka Eischmann or jbleha has it)
  • new Fedora Python stickers, Slávek Kabrda has it
  • display (behind a pole)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • a laptop
  • 3D printer from the office, if someone can take it with car (Rad Hat Czech HR maybe?)

Report with pictures