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Fedora Core 7 Test 1 Pre-Release Test Coordination

This is the Fedora default QA matrix against which every test and final release is to run through. Any bugs found in this test would be considered release blockers. This page is going to be used to help coordinate testing of pre-F7 trees in an effort to be more clear about where things stand.

This page exists to track testing progress of a tree before its release. After release, there will be another page for tracking more in-depth testing of the distribution and its features - watch this space for a link.

Generic Release Criteria

Current Testing Tree

The development repo is a daily snapshot of the current testing tree.

For network installs, you can use the boot.iso in the images/ directory.

Unfortunately, network issues make it nearly impossible to release daily snapshots of full ISO sets. Fortunately we now have software tools that allow you to create your own iso sets. See ["QA/7/BuildingISOs"] .

Bugs found

For reference, here are the Blocker and Target bugs for this release:

The following bugs have been found. Please include a link to the bug in bugzilla. The ReleaseEngineering team will make the call as to whether bugs are a test release blocker or not.

Current testing needs

The following is a list of things which need to be tested to help ensure a valid tree.

Install Type Install Arch Install Details Install Notes
Upgrade Any Test upgrade, ensure necessary things blacklisted (yum list extras) x86_64 (Lovechild)
Upgrade Any Test multi-repo upgrade Both Static IP and DHCP
Install Any Test multi-repo installs Both Static IP and DHCP
Text mode FTP/HTTP Any Ensure text mode with minstg2 sane
SELinux check All Need to ensure that fresh installs of all arches come up without any SELinux AVC errors exim AVCs
VNC Any Make sure vnc installs work with connect parameters, password param, or none at all just vnc works
CD All Make sure that default is only 2 cds, or default minus Office stuff i386 passed
Any All Make sure default install doesn't include -devel packages no -devel packages in compose
CD All Media Check Passes i386
DVD All Media Check Passes i386 ppc
USB Any Test installation onto removable media.

Test Matrix

Install Source Install Type Arches Completed Install Notes
CDs Full i386
CDs Default i386
CDs Minimal i386
CD Random Package Selection x86_64
DVD Full i386
DVD Default i386 x86_64
DVD Minimal i386
NFS Default x86_64, ppc G5 locks up #224642
NFS ISO Default x86_64, ppc(64), i386
HTTP Default with 256megs of ram i386
FTP Default with 256megs of ram
Harddrive Default Failed to mount the harddrive (x86_64)
Any Xen install
Any ipv6 install
Any dmraid install x86_64
Any dmraid rescue x86_64
Any mdraid rescue x86_64 No linux partitions found
Any normal rescue