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RELEASE 8 TEST 2 Pre-Release Test Coordination

Current Testing Tree

Rawhide is the current testing tree. You can install from one of your local mirrors or build your own ISOs if you need installation media.

Release Criteria and Feature Status

  • ["QA/ReleaseCriteria"]
  • ["Releases/8/FeatureList"]

Major Changes

  • Pulse Audio by default

Known Issues

There is a blocker bug for this test release:

New bugs should be filed here:

Status Whiteboard

These are notes on issues we've encountered that may not be on the blocker list yet.

  • kernel .164 will hang right after "SMP alternatives: switching to UP code" on certain Via C7 processors

Blocker Bugs

For reference, here are the Blocker and Target bugs for this release:

Installation Test Matrix

The following is a list of things which need to be tested to help ensure a valid tree.

Install Type Install Arch Install Details Install Notes
Upgrade Any Test upgrade from previous release, ensure necessary things blacklisted (yum list extras)
Upgrade Any Test upgrade from oldest supported release, ensure necessary things blacklisted (yum list extras)
Upgrade Any Test multi-repo upgrade Both Static IP and DHCP
Install Any Test multi-repo installs Both Static IP and DHCP
Text mode FTP/HTTP Any Ensure text mode with minstg2 sane ppc
SELinux check All Need to ensure that fresh installs of all arches come up without any SELinux AVC errors x86_64 ppc
VNC Any Make sure vnc installs work with connect parameters, password param, or none at all x86_64 ppc (Does not work if 'noipv6' is passed at boot time)
Any All Make sure default install doesn't include -devel packages i386 ppc
DVD All Media Check Passes i386 ppc x86_64
USB Any Test installation onto removable media. USB install OK, raid5 /usr across USB+SATA OK
Live Image size All Make sure i386 images fit on CD
Kickstart Any Make sure that kickstart works Tried 12 kickstarts of various age, all OK

Test Matrix

Install Source Install Type Arches Completed Install Notes
DVD Random Package Selection i386
DVD Full i386 x86_64 ppc
DVD Default i386 x86_64
DVD Minimal i386 x86_64 ppc
NFS Default i386 x86_64 ppc
NFS ISO Default i386 x86_64 ppc
HTTP Default with 256megs of ram ppc(no X, rescue image) Stalls with boot.iso and X on i386, x86_64
FTP Default with 256megs of ram
Harddrive Default
Live Image N/A Works fine if you don't have a swap on the hard drive; if you do, you need to disable swap first with /sbin/swapoff -a
Any Xen install
Any KVM install i386 x86_64
Any ipv6 install
Any dmraid install x86_64 nash segfaults
Any dmraid rescue x86_64
Any mdraid rescue
Any normal rescue i386
Any cciss install nash can't resolve LABEL=/ correctly