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Fedora Quality Assurance



The Quality Assurance project is engaged in the following activities:

  • Testing of software as it is released into Rawhide, updates-testing, or as it appears in a supported public release.
  • Developing and executing QA/TestPlans to test important functionality in a systematic way, usually with multiple cooperating testers.
  • Developing and run QA/Tools, which use automation to find potential bugs.
  • QA/Test Days are typically held on Thursdays to coordinate focused testing on a specific feature or component.
  • The QA team works with developers and release engineers to maintain the Release Criteria, which are used to determine what bugs count as release blockers.

Related Projects

Other quality-related activities are handled elsewhere.

  • BugZappers handle bug triage - they examine bugs reported by other people and resolve duplicates, incomplete reports, etc. BugZappers share the fedora-test-list mailing list with the QA Project.
  • PackageMaintainers fix bugs identified by the QA Project, with the help of upstream authors and patches proposed by testers.
  • Special Interest Group activities are interdisciplinary, involving everything from development to quality assurance.

Get Involved

  • See QA/Join for information on how to officially join the QA Project.
  • Jump right into one of the above activities listed above.
  • See the Testing page for setup information on the Rawhide and updates-testing repositories.
  • See the BugsAndFeatureRequests for information on how to file bugs effectively.


See How to use IRC if the above links don't work, or if you need more information.