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How To Test: sysprof-kmod


Sysprof is a sampling CPU profiler for Linux that uses a kernel module to profile the entire system, not just a single application. Sysprof handles shared libraries and applications do not need to be recompiled. In fact they don't even have to be restarted.

This package provides the kernel module needed for the sysprof package.

For additional details on sysprof, check out this URL:


1. Install sysprof and kmod-sysprof

sudo yum install sysprof kmod-sysprof  

1. Insert the sysprof module

sudo modprobe sysprof-module 

Confirm by checking dmesg | grep sysprof for a line like:

sysprof: loaded (1.0.8) 

1. Start sysprof Applications > Programming > Sysprof, or:


1. Run active collection mode View > Start, or just hit the "play" button 1. View collected profile information View > Profile, or hit the "profile" button 1. Close Sysprof 1. Remove sysprof-module

sudo modprobe -r sysprof-module 

Expected results

1. Module should load without errors 1. sysprof should collect a set of samples while running. 1. Collected samples should be displayed. 1. System should remain stable and usable. 1. Module should unload without errors.