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Fedora QA Meeting - December 14 2006, 1700 UTC, #fedora-testing on freenode


1. Review from last week (["QA/Meetings/20061207"] ) 1. Quick poll about meeting times

  • Is 1700UTC good? FESCo is at 1800 - should we move earlier to avoid running over?
  • Should we do some meetings earlier or later (1300/2200) to include .au and friends?

1. Status of hot FC6 bugs ["Bugs/FC6Common"] and what are we doing to prevent each of them or similar ones from recurring. 1. F*7 Schedule / Release Criteria

1. QA workflows - How do we test stuff?

  • fedora-updates-system workflow
  • rawhide workflow
  • workflow for new releases

1. QA tool status

  • RHTS, SNAKE, Bugzilla, fedora-updates-system

1. Anything else


Raw IRC log is available here: ["QA/Logs/20061214"]

Meeting times

  • Meetings should be announced to fedora-test-list at least 3 days in advance (sorry about that, guys! -wwoods)
  • Meeting day changed to Wednesday
  • At least one meeting per month should be around 0100UTC (to allow .au and friends to participate more easily)
  • Meeting time moved back to 1600UTC (to avoid stomping on FESCo)
  • Next meeting: 0100UTC, Wed, Dec. 20
  • Following meeting: 1600UTC, Wed, Dec. 27

FC6 Common Bugs

< Lovechild> should the dreaded yum update causes X to quit bug not be on that list or is that a non-issue now?  
<@wwoods> There's also a yum-segfault bug that I've seen a bajillion dupes against  

Preventing regressions / testing yum

12:32 < n0dalus> we could make some sort of stress testing tool for yum
12:32 < Lovechild> a crashme type thing?
12:32 <@wwoods> n0dalus: hmm! that would be an excellent test for yum
12:33 <@wwoods> yum is one of the most important parts of any release - pretty much anything else that's broken can be fixed if yum works
12:33 < n0dalus> yeah
12:34 < Lovechild> it's also sadly one of the hardest bits to stress test automatically, it tends to go boom mostly when the package is bad which is not really wrong.
12:34 <@wwoods> is there anything like this already? does anyone want to volunteer to hack at it (or ask skvidal about how to do it)?
12:35 < dmalcolm> I started hacking on one, but am totally doomed timewise 

Fedora Core(?) 7 Release Schedule

  • < Lovechild> how does that schedule stack up against major projects like GNOME?

i. GNOME 2.18.0 Final Release is March 14th i. Is our schedule aligned with this? Max's announcement didn't mention it. We should ask the board. i. We would like to see GNOME 2.18.0 final included in Test3.

-develinfo and Fedora Bug Buddy

  • bug-buddy sends reports to GNOME bugzilla. GNOME folks do not want us to remove that.
  • Could we add Fedora-specific features?

i. -debuginfo is not enabled by default - have a Fedora-specific "Download debuginfo" button on crash i. Send report to Fedora bugzilla as well as GNOME i. SELinux policy to keep it from reading/writing stuff it shouldn't?

  • action: wwoods to ceck bug-buddy source out, see if there's a plugin arch

i. Fernando Herrera <fherrera> is the maintainer - talk to him about it

Release Criteria

  • The release criteria need to include Core Functionality, e.g.

i. Evolution can receive IMAP, send SMTP i. Firefox can load or something

  • action: That needs to be defined! Discuss in QA meeting, discuss with developers, fedora board, etc.
  • Use the ["QA/HowToTestTemplate"] to write functional tests for Core apps
  • People need rewards for doing this - Bugzilla RPG!

Bugzilla RPG

< Lovechild> kinda like Launchpad' Karma concept..
< n0dalus> maybe we can put the top names in a prominent place?
<@wwoods> although I personally want to send out stuff to people with high karma now and then
< n0dalus> or add them to a file in /usr/share/doc/fedora-...
< n0dalus> big thanks file or something
<@wwoods> a link from About Fedora would probably be fine  
  • action Need to get data importing from bugzilla (and/or wiki & other tools)

Bug Days / Fedora Love days

  • Yes, it's BugZappers
  • Move it to #fedora-testing (too many IRC channels already!)
  • Lovechild will be Head Cheerleader
< Lovechild> I figure Fri 5th of January might be a good day to start things off, no holidays to mess it up and people should be sober.. plus it gives me time to set things up and send out mails 
  • Some very useful links on n0dalus' wiki page: ["KieranClancy"]
  • also see #fedorabot
  • Anyone in #fedora who needs help filing a bug should be directed to #fedora-testing