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Fedora QA Meeting - December 21 2006, 0100 UTC, #fedora-testing on freenode


  1. Review actions from last week
  2. Review F7 plan -
    Do we have a plan/tools/docs for testing each feature listed?
    Can we test all that stuff in the time given?
    Divide the features into categories/tiers, e.g.:
    Required - release will slip until it works
    Desired - we want this to work but we may be forced to ship it with known bugs and fix them later
    Delicate - If this doesn't work by Feature Freeze (Test2), it can't go in at all
  3. Define general QA workflows - "walkthroughs" for things we test.
    How do we test new packages in updates-testing?
    What about new stuff in rawhide?
    How do you do installer testing?
    What do you do to test a new release (like Test1)?
    Get these things on the wiki or mailing list so we can discuss and improve them.
  4. QA tool updates - fedora-updates-system (lmacken), RHTS (poelstra/dmalcolm), SNAKE (wwoods)
    fedora-updates-system (lmacken)
    RHTS (poelstra/dmalcolm)
    SNAKE (wwoods)
  5. Anything else


log and notes never posted (2015-01-05).