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Meeting Summary

Action Items

  • New
  • wooods - talk to quaid about summer of code test reporting project
  • Existing
  • wwoods - begin stubbing out interoperability (dual-boot) test cases in F9 Install Test Plan
  • poelstra - add F9Install test plan link to
  • jlaska - update TreeTestingTemplate to line up with Test Plan
  • atodorov - status check-in on a dogtail test that uses anaconda .glade files (wasn't formal ... but may be good for a check-in next week)
  • all - CD-ROM install test results against Alpha? Please post status to


omar|  jwb ,hi<a href="#t09:44:40" class="time">09:44</a>
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jwb| hi omar<a href="#t09:46:43" class="time">09:46</a>
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omar| jwb, what is the IST for QA meeting<a href="#t09:55:05" class="time">09:55</a>
jwb| not sure.  one sec<a href="#t09:55:28" class="time">09:55</a>
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jwb| omar, it's in 3 minutes<a href="#t09:57:38" class="time">09:57</a>
omar| jwb, ok<a href="#t09:57:53" class="time">09:57</a>
wwoods| whee. F9Alpha is fun<a href="#t09:59:35" class="time">09:59</a>
--- | wwoods has changed the topic to: Fedora QA meeting - init<a href="#t10:00:20" class="time">10:00</a>
jlaska| wwoods: what's the agenda today?<a href="#t10:00:34" class="time">10:00</a>
wwoods| "Discussion of F9Alpha"<a href="#t10:00:49" class="time">10:00</a>
wwoods| is basically the long and short of it<a href="#t10:00:55" class="time">10:00</a>
jlaska| wwoods: want to walk through last weeks action items?<a href="#t10:01:20" class="time">10:01</a>
wwoods| oof. the Wiki is error 500'ing<a href="#t10:01:43" class="time">10:01</a>
wwoods| jlaska: sure, in a minute or so<a href="#t10:01:54" class="time">10:01</a>
jlaska| <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:02:11" class="time">10:02</a>
wwoods| first.. f13, nirik, mether, LoveChild, rdieter: ping<a href="#t10:02:19" class="time">10:02</a>
rdieter| yo<a href="#t10:02:25" class="time">10:02</a>
wwoods| gonna be asking about F9Alpha status (if any) in a bit<a href="#t10:02:49" class="time">10:02</a>
* | f13 <a href="#t10:03:11" class="time">10:03</a>
wwoods| okay, grace period over, let's get started<a href="#t10:03:56" class="time">10:03</a>
wwoods| jlaska: thanks as always for logging meetings<a href="#t10:03:57" class="time">10:03</a>
jlaska| you bet ... it's got to be done<a href="#t10:04:29" class="time">10:04</a>
wwoods| jlaska: if you wanna run through last week's action items, then rock it<a href="#t10:04:40" class="time">10:04</a>
jlaska| word ...<a href="#t10:04:59" class="time">10:04</a>
jlaska| you can find the list @ <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:05:20" class="time">10:05</a>
jlaska| [    ] jlaska - flesh out tier#1 cases (<a href=""></a>)<a href="#t10:05:41" class="time">10:05</a>
jlaska| I've updated the test plan with a sampling of tier#[123] tests - <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:05:58" class="time">10:05</a>
jlaska| the tier#1 maps to what we discussed on the mailing list and during last weeks meeting<a href="#t10:06:11" class="time">10:06</a>
wwoods| nice!<a href="#t10:06:27" class="time">10:06</a>
jlaska| the tier#2 and tier#3 are a mix of "what's left" and what I've guessed based on past experience<a href="#t10:06:36" class="time">10:06</a>
jlaska| it's not the prettiest thing yet ... but it's a start<a href="#t10:06:51" class="time">10:06</a>
wwoods| that's as good a place to start as any<a href="#t10:06:53" class="time">10:06</a>
wwoods| cool stuff<a href="#t10:07:52" class="time">10:07</a>
jlaska| I like organizing the tests by functional group ... hence the "boot methods", "install source", "kickstart delivery" etc... that maps well to the strategy outlined above<a href="#t10:07:59" class="time">10:07</a>
jlaska| I'm open to alternatives if folks have suggestions on a better way to present/re-use the data<a href="#t10:08:20" class="time">10:08</a>
omar| jlaska, wwoods ,I wud like to add some thing here...BUG on lpared Power box<a href="#t10:08:29" class="time">10:08</a>
jlaska| omar: Greetings!<a href="#t10:08:36" class="time">10:08</a>
jlaska| is there a bz?<a href="#t10:08:44" class="time">10:08</a>
omar| jlaska, yes<a href="#t10:08:56" class="time">10:08</a>
f13| heee ppc<a href="#t10:09:54" class="time">10:09</a>
jlaska| omar: if you've got the bz ... I can review that w/ the test plan to identify what case is failing (we can add that information to wwood's <a href=""></a> test summary)<a href="#t10:10:07" class="time">10:10</a>
omar| jlaska, sure<a href="#t10:10:28" class="time">10:10</a>
jwb| f13, you don't get to laugh.  you told us to spin it and test it.  we did.  we report bugs<a href="#t10:10:49" class="time">10:10</a>
omar| jlaska, net is slow give me a minute<a href="#t10:10:55" class="time">10:10</a>
wwoods| I haven't done much ppc testing - been meaning to ask jwb for some info about it<a href="#t10:11:02" class="time">10:11</a>
jwb| wwoods, omar has been doing most of the testing<a href="#t10:11:12" class="time">10:11</a>
wwoods| jwb: awesome<a href="#t10:11:18" class="time">10:11</a>
wwoods| and omar: thanks!<a href="#t10:11:30" class="time">10:11</a>
jlaska| sounds like we just need to integrate that feedback into the AlphaTreeTesting summary?<a href="#t10:11:36" class="time">10:11</a>
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jwb| wwoods, i tested on an old ppc32 machine and it installed OK.  did an upgrade on ppc64 (G5) and ran into the /boot issue<a href="#t10:11:44" class="time">10:11</a>
f13| I discovered that the ps3 is b0ned with a newer firmware too<a href="#t10:12:04" class="time">10:12</a>
jwb| wwoods, aside from /boot, things are so-so.  gdm just gives me a blank screen.  other than that it's ok<a href="#t10:12:11" class="time">10:12</a>
jwb| f13, we narrowed that down to hal right?<a href="#t10:12:31" class="time">10:12</a>
f13| yes, but I think we're getting off track here.<a href="#t10:12:38" class="time">10:12</a>
wwoods| yeah, let's finish a quick status check on our old stuff<a href="#t10:12:52" class="time">10:12</a>
jwb| sorry<a href="#t10:12:55" class="time">10:12</a>
f13| *hint* a /topic change would help<a href="#t10:12:57" class="time">10:12</a>
--- | wwoods has changed the topic to: Fedora QA meeting - existing action items (<a href=""></a>)<a href="#t10:13:16" class="time">10:13</a>
wwoods| #2 is stubbing OS interop tests.. haven't gotten to it, but I'll look at that today<a href="#t10:13:44" class="time">10:13</a>
wwoods| next was atodorov and dogtail/anaconda testing status<a href="#t10:14:22" class="time">10:14</a>
wwoods| he's not here and I haven't seen anything on anaconda-devel-list about it<a href="#t10:15:10" class="time">10:15</a>
wwoods| jlaska: do you know any more about this? or can you follow up with him?<a href="#t10:15:36" class="time">10:15</a>
jlaska| wwoods: atodorov is currently fleshing out the enc block device test plan for F9<a href="#t10:15:54" class="time">10:15</a>
jlaska| wwoods: althoug the dogtail part is a side interest so let's keep it as a check-in for now<a href="#t10:16:16" class="time">10:16</a>
jlaska| wwoods: as far as creating new tests for #2 ... there's a little helper (wrapper around a moin template really) if you need it ... <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:16:59" class="time">10:16</a>
wwoods| nice<a href="#t10:17:54" class="time">10:17</a>
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wwoods| I'll have a look at that.<a href="#t10:18:08" class="time">10:18</a>
jlaska| arg ... wiki slow last few days<a href="#t10:18:09" class="time">10:18</a>
f13| jlaska: that's my fault.<a href="#t10:18:56" class="time">10:18</a>
wwoods| Next was poelcat updating some Anaconda testing pages to mention the F9Install test plan<a href="#t10:19:05" class="time">10:19</a>
wwoods| poelcat: ping?<a href="#t10:20:25" class="time">10:20</a>
wwoods| It's pretty early where he is.. the page appears to not be updated, so I'll ask him about that when he appears later<a href="#t10:20:50" class="time">10:20</a>
jlaska| roger<a href="#t10:20:57" class="time">10:20</a>
wwoods| jlaska: updating TreeTestingTemplate to line up with the new Install Plan?<a href="#t10:21:37" class="time">10:21</a>
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jlaska| wwoods: yeah it should ... so in the absence of a shiny tool to file/collate for us :) ... I'd like to take a stab at modifying the existing template to line up with the specific test plan (e.g. F9Install)<a href="#t10:22:37" class="time">10:22</a>
jlaska| it's more just having the test summaries line up with the test plan ... I haven't begun that yet ... but would like to keep that for next week<a href="#t10:23:22" class="time">10:23</a>
wwoods| sounds good<a href="#t10:23:30" class="time">10:23</a>
f13| that just sounded like a request for a turbogears app project, maybe for a google summer of coder?<a href="#t10:23:47" class="time">10:23</a>
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wwoods| that would be ridiculously awesome<a href="#t10:24:00" class="time">10:24</a>
jlaska| f13: it certainly is :)<a href="#t10:24:05" class="time">10:24</a>
wwoods| we'll have to take a look at making that happen<a href="#t10:25:18" class="time">10:25</a>
f13| it would behoove you to chat with quaid about such things.<a href="#t10:25:19" class="time">10:25</a>
wwoods| talk to quaid, eh? will do<a href="#t10:25:26" class="time">10:25</a>
wwoods| okay, and now, Alpha Test Status<a href="#t10:26:04" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| sounds like an todo for next week?<a href="#t10:26:07" class="time">10:26</a>
--- | wwoods has changed the topic to: Fedora QA Meeting - Alpha testing status<a href="#t10:26:18" class="time">10:26</a>
wwoods| jlaska: sure<a href="#t10:26:23" class="time">10:26</a>
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f13| jlaska: GSOC deadlines are coming up /quick/.  So things like that should be done ASAP<a href="#t10:27:05" class="time">10:27</a>
f13| (it could have also been a summer intern project...)<a href="#t10:27:17" class="time">10:27</a>
f13| but I think it's too late for that<a href="#t10:27:22" class="time">10:27</a>
wwoods| whoops, broke my ssh connection<a href="#t10:27:24" class="time">10:27</a>
jlaska| good thinking<a href="#t10:27:28" class="time">10:27</a>
wwoods| anyway I'll talk to quaid ASAP and report status next week<a href="#t10:27:48" class="time">10:27</a>
wwoods| okay so, <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:28:07" class="time">10:28</a>
wwoods| that's the test status page<a href="#t10:28:09" class="time">10:28</a>
wwoods| (for Beta we may have a newer and better template, but that's what we've got now)<a href="#t10:28:22" class="time">10:28</a>
wwoods| First thing.. upgrades trace back trying to update the boot loader<a href="#t10:29:05" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| bug 430811<a href="#t10:29:15" class="time">10:29</a>
<-- | fab has quit (Remote closed the connection)<a href="#t10:29:16" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| we've got an updates.img for this<a href="#t10:29:22" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:29:42" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| gotta add that to the wiki and the bug, I guess<a href="#t10:29:52" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| doh. wiki 503'd<a href="#t10:30:05" class="time">10:30</a>
wwoods| that's the big one for me.. oh, the GUI installs GNOME no matter what you tell it<a href="#t10:30:43" class="time">10:30</a>
wwoods| no bug on that one yet, gotta remember to file it<a href="#t10:30:51" class="time">10:30</a>
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wwoods| anyway<a href="#t10:31:14" class="time">10:31</a>
wwoods| rdieter: how's KDE looking so far?<a href="#t10:31:21" class="time">10:31</a>
wwoods| rdieter: and.. are you getting useful reports from people? Should we be pushing people to test KDE4?<a href="#t10:31:37" class="time">10:31</a>
rdieter| wwoods: on track, real good already.<a href="#t10:31:42" class="time">10:31</a>
rdieter| useful feedback?  not so much, unfortunately.  much more is needed.<a href="#t10:32:23" class="time">10:32</a>
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f13| rdieter: is there lost of noise being made at say planetkde (if there is such a thing) ?<a href="#t10:32:49" class="time">10:32</a>
rdieter| f13: noise, yes.  absolutely.<a href="#t10:33:27" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| AFAIK this is one of the first distro releases to include it<a href="#t10:33:31" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| so, yeah, we should be encouraging people to try it and talk about all the hard work you guys did<a href="#t10:33:59" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| heh<a href="#t10:34:02" class="time">10:34</a>
rdieter| haven't checked release dates, but ubuntu is now claiming they'll be the first release to include kde-4.0, maybe they will beat us by days/weeks.<a href="#t10:34:10" class="time">10:34</a>
--> | bo09 [n=bo09@nat/redhat/x-543bd01393ce5b5f] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:34:26" class="time">10:34</a>
rdieter| first distro release, that is.<a href="#t10:34:27" class="time">10:34</a>
rdieter| so if ubuntu is in the mix, there is certainly noise to be made/had. :)<a href="#t10:35:19" class="time">10:35</a>
wwoods| definitely. well, from my cursory testing, KDE4 seems less crashy than our current GNOME stuff, so.. heh<a href="#t10:36:22" class="time">10:36</a>
wwoods| rdieter: cool, thanks.. let us know if there's specific areas that need close examination<a href="#t10:36:47" class="time">10:36</a>
rdieter| our biggest hurdles atm are integration with gtk/gnome-ish tools.  gtk apps with systray icons are still wonky, no upgrade path to/from nm-applet, knetworkmanager.<a href="#t10:36:50" class="time">10:36</a>
wwoods| hm. what's up with knetworkmanager? no maintainer?<a href="#t10:39:01" class="time">10:39</a>
rdieter| pulseaudio deamon start sitll being DE-specific, and not a global thing.  (same goes for gnome-keyring-daemon, and the lke).<a href="#t10:39:05" class="time">10:39</a>
rdieter| wwoods: nm-applet, if installed, cannot be quit or disabled.<a href="#t10:39:33" class="time">10:39</a>
f13| rdieter: isn't that more of a generic NetworkManager issue?<a href="#t10:39:58" class="time">10:39</a>
--> | mether [n=ask@fedora/mether] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:40:02" class="time">10:40</a>
rdieter| f13: sure, nm-applet = NetworkManger-gnome, if that's what you mean.<a href="#t10:40:22" class="time">10:40</a>
--> | pfrields [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:40:37" class="time">10:40</a>
f13| well, just that this is the way the applet is designed.  If the service is running the applet will show<a href="#t10:40:44" class="time">10:40</a>
rdieter| but that's all small potatoes at this poin.<a href="#t10:40:48" class="time">10:40</a>
f13| to disable NetworkManager, you stop the service, you don't just kill the frontend applet.<a href="#t10:40:56" class="time">10:40</a>
rdieter| f13: then how to allow knetworkmanger as an alternative to using nm-applet, that's *my* point.<a href="#t10:41:10" class="time">10:41</a>
rdieter| ?<a href="#t10:41:11" class="time">10:41</a>
--- | pfrields is now known as stickster_afk<a href="#t10:41:35" class="time">10:41</a>
f13| what right now /runs/ the nm-applet executable?<a href="#t10:41:37" class="time">10:41</a>
f13| IIRC it's part of the gnome autostart stuff<a href="#t10:41:51" class="time">10:41</a>
rdieter| xdg/autostart.<a href="#t10:41:55" class="time">10:41</a>
f13| quite simply, you just wouldn't start it if launching KDE<a href="#t10:42:02" class="time">10:42</a>
rdieter| not ideal, imo, nm-applet should be usable in any DE, including KDE.<a href="#t10:42:29" class="time">10:42</a>
f13| this seems like a more generic problem than one specific to nm-applet<a href="#t10:42:35" class="time">10:42</a>
rdieter| same goes for knetworkmanager.<a href="#t10:42:38" class="time">10:42</a>
--- | stickster_afk is now known as stickster<a href="#t10:42:43" class="time">10:42</a>
rdieter| knetworkmanger, at least, can be manually quit and disabled from autolaunching.<a href="#t10:42:56" class="time">10:42</a>
rdieter| yeah, it's a bigger problem, I agree.  dunno how best to address it, frankly.<a href="#t10:43:31" class="time">10:43</a>
f13| presenting the user with 15 applets and forcing them to decide which to enable/disable/quit is rather lame<a href="#t10:43:57" class="time">10:43</a>
f13| especially if you get nm-applet and knetworkmanager fighting for control over your network<a href="#t10:44:11" class="time">10:44</a>
rdieter| yep.<a href="#t10:44:32" class="time">10:44</a>
rdieter| it's something that needs to be addressed sooner or later.<a href="#t10:45:01" class="time">10:45</a>
wwoods| anyway, not an Alpha-specific thing, but definitely worth examiningg<a href="#t10:45:56" class="time">10:45</a>
rdieter| nod, move on... :)<a href="#t10:46:06" class="time">10:46</a>
wwoods| omar: what was the bug number for the ppc problem you mentioned?<a href="#t10:46:14" class="time">10:46</a>
omar| jlaska, wwoods :Here the bugzilla entry <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:46:40" class="time">10:46</a>
omar| wwoods, i was just waiting ....for meeting to be finished, so not to disturb in between<a href="#t10:47:10" class="time">10:47</a>
<-- | buggbot has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))<a href="#t10:47:57" class="time">10:47</a>
wwoods| omar: oh it's fine. it's on topic!<a href="#t10:48:39" class="time">10:48</a>
omar| wwoods, its ok<a href="#t10:48:58" class="time">10:48</a>
wwoods| I'm going to put that on the f9blocker list<a href="#t10:49:39" class="time">10:49</a>
wwoods| it keeps you from installing on PPC machines, so.. yeah<a href="#t10:49:57" class="time">10:49</a>
wwoods| looks like notting and dwmw2 are on it, so it should be OK<a href="#t10:50:19" class="time">10:50</a>
omar| wwoods, i cud install on ppc which has not lpared<a href="#t10:50:20" class="time">10:50</a>
omar| wwoods, yes<a href="#t10:50:32" class="time">10:50</a>
f13| not all on ppc<a href="#t10:50:35" class="time">10:50</a>
f13| just certain environments<a href="#t10:50:43" class="time">10:50</a>
jlaska| omar: is it the virtual devices causing issue?<a href="#t10:50:44" class="time">10:50</a>
wwoods| right, sorry, just lpars<a href="#t10:50:47" class="time">10:50</a>
* | jlaska clicks bug<a href="#t10:50:48" class="time">10:50</a>
wwoods| keeps you from installing on *some* ppc I should have said<a href="#t10:51:03" class="time">10:51</a>
--> | DanseMakabre [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:51:10" class="time">10:51</a>
omar| jlaska, do u mean to say bug in kernel or hardware issue<a href="#t10:51:55" class="time">10:51</a>
jlaska| omar: if you manually attempt to add the virtual ppc storage (ibmvscsi) driver ... do the devices pop up?<a href="#t10:53:13" class="time">10:53</a>
<-- | prosody has quit ("I quit")<a href="#t10:53:56" class="time">10:53</a>
omar| jlaska, i cudn't try<a href="#t10:54:12" class="time">10:54</a>
jlaska| aah<a href="#t10:54:17" class="time">10:54</a>
jlaska| this is similar to the xen pv driver issue from what jeremy told me<a href="#t10:54:33" class="time">10:54</a>
omar| actually it went up to hard disk partitioning page on hmc console<a href="#t10:54:40" class="time">10:54</a>
<-- | rahul_b has quit ("Leaving(पुन्हा भेटू)")<a href="#t10:54:43" class="time">10:54</a>
jlaska| the ibmvscsi isn't exporting aliases so it's not being insmod'd<a href="#t10:54:55" class="time">10:54</a>
omar| jlaska, i need to look at it, if u have any clue please update BZ<a href="#t10:55:16" class="time">10:55</a>
jlaska| omar: you definitely have  the right audienceon the bz (dwmw2 and pnasrat)<a href="#t10:55:43" class="time">10:55</a>
omar| jlaska, yup wwoods told the same<a href="#t10:56:10" class="time">10:56</a>
jlaska| oops, yeah :)<a href="#t10:56:17" class="time">10:56</a>
jlaska| in general ... is there a way we can list all the network+storage drivers that do not export aliases?<a href="#t10:56:56" class="time">10:56</a>
omar| jlaska, if we have any work around I can proceed . Or else need to fix in Beta release<a href="#t10:57:03" class="time">10:57</a>
jlaska| sounds like that might uncover potential issues for installation<a href="#t10:57:06" class="time">10:57</a>
f13| omar: if the kernel module gets fixed, we can always spin a snapshot for you to test.<a href="#t10:57:31" class="time">10:57</a>
--> | loupgaroublond [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:57:46" class="time">10:57</a>
f13| and by "we" I mean jwb.<a href="#t10:57:48" class="time">10:57</a>
omar| f13, sure<a href="#t10:57:51" class="time">10:57</a>
jwb| hm?<a href="#t10:57:54" class="time">10:57</a>
jlaska| omar: is it prompting you during loader to add a driver?<a href="#t10:57:59" class="time">10:57</a>
jwb| f13, oh yes<a href="#t10:58:05" class="time">10:58</a>
omar| jlaska, nope<a href="#t10:58:08" class="time">10:58</a>
jlaska| omar: if you boot with "noprobe" and manually specify the appropriate driver for your NIC and DISK <a href="#t10:58:34" class="time">10:58</a>
--> | izaac [n=izaac@unaffiliated/izaac] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:58:38" class="time">10:58</a>
omar| jlaska, hmm<a href="#t10:59:02" class="time">10:59</a>
dwmw2| once upon a time, anaconda would refuse to use devices even if they blatantly _do_ exist but kudzu didn't admit to them. Does it still do that?<a href="#t10:59:16" class="time">10:59</a>
f13| jlaska: without an alias, the module will likely not even be on the install media to probe.<a href="#t10:59:29" class="time">10:59</a>
wwoods| Isn't kudzu dead deead dead dead in f9?<a href="#t10:59:34" class="time">10:59</a>
f13| wwoods: as far as anaconda is concerned, yes.<a href="#t10:59:49" class="time">10:59</a>
f13| the only thing still using kudzu is rhpxl.<a href="#t11:00:02" class="time">11:00</a>
wwoods| yeah, so that shouldn't be a problem, dwmw2<a href="#t11:00:08" class="time">11:00</a>
jlaska| I was able to work around a similar issue with Xen paravirt installs if i manually specified the xenblk and xennet driver<a href="#t11:00:09" class="time">11:00</a>
jlaska| f13: that's a good point ... /me cracks open alpha ppc initrd.img<a href="#t11:00:35" class="time">11:00</a>
jlaska| modules/2.6.24-2.fc9/kernel/drivers/scsi/ibmvscsi/ibmvscsic.ko<a href="#t11:01:20" class="time">11:01</a>
jlaska| modules/2.6.24-2.fc9/kernel/drivers/net/ibmveth.ko<a href="#t11:01:24" class="time">11:01</a>
--> | k0k [n=k0k@fedora/k0k] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:01:31" class="time">11:01</a>
jlaska| I *think* we that'll be okay <a href="#t11:01:36" class="time">11:01</a>
omar| jlaska, please update the bz , i need to logoff now<a href="#t11:02:04" class="time">11:02</a>
wwoods| yeah, it's about time to wrap the meeting<a href="#t11:03:09" class="time">11:03</a>
wwoods| if anyone has some CD media and wants to test CD stuff<a href="#t11:03:19" class="time">11:03</a>
wwoods| (or wants to give me some CDs so I can do so)<a href="#t11:03:30" class="time">11:03</a>
wwoods| let  me know<a href="#t11:03:34" class="time">11:03</a>
omar| wwoods, if i get a chance i can do DVD test<a href="#t11:04:10" class="time">11:04</a>
f13| wwoods: I've done a few CD installs<a href="#t11:04:47" class="time">11:04</a>
f13| (they were burned to DVD but...)<a href="#t11:04:55" class="time">11:04</a>
wwoods| on PPC? that'd be fine - you might check with jwb first to see what needs testing<a href="#t11:04:55" class="time">11:04</a>
wwoods| <a href=""></a> is the status page, again<a href="#t11:05:03" class="time">11:05</a>
f13| wwoods: oh no, not on ppc<a href="#t11:05:21" class="time">11:05</a>
wwoods| jwb: hey, would you mind updating that page? or you can just send me some messages saying what you've tested and I'll do  it<a href="#t11:05:26" class="time">11:05</a>
f13| the only usable ppc I have is the ps3, and it has other issues<a href="#t11:05:33" class="time">11:05</a>
wwoods| f13: well, we don't have any test results for any CD installs, so that's useful too<a href="#t11:05:49" class="time">11:05</a>
jwb| wwoods, yes.  i have another guy downloading it right now so i'll get feedback from him too<a href="#t11:06:04" class="time">11:06</a>
wwoods| jwb: cool, thanks<a href="#t11:06:15" class="time">11:06</a>
jwb| wwoods, is disc 6 of x86_64 really over CD size still?<a href="#t11:06:21" class="time">11:06</a>
--> | mdomsch [n=Matt_Dom@] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:06:34" class="time">11:06</a>
--> | J5 [n=quintice@nat/redhat/x-a0682011b2f12111] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:06:39" class="time">11:06</a>
wwoods| f13 would know the answer there, I don't know offhand<a href="#t11:06:44" class="time">11:06</a>
jwb| i think that got fixed in the updated spin<a href="#t11:06:59" class="time">11:06</a>
omar| ok bye guys,, ?Have a nice day<a href="#t11:07:09" class="time">11:07</a>
jwb| you too omar<a href="#t11:07:14" class="time">11:07</a>
<-- | omar [n=mohammed@] has left #fedora-meeting ( "Leaving")<a href="#t11:07:41" class="time">11:07</a>
f13| jwb: no, there is a disc7<a href="#t11:08:01" class="time">11:08</a>
jwb| f13, ok.  the wiki page is out of date then<a href="#t11:08:11" class="time">11:08</a>
f13| yeah<a href="#t11:08:47" class="time">11:08</a>
<-- | fab has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))<a href="#t11:09:54" class="time">11:09</a>
wwoods| updated wiki page<a href="#t11:10:32" class="time">11:10</a>
wwoods| okay then<a href="#t11:11:02" class="time">11:11</a>
--- | wwoods has changed the topic to: Fedora QA Meeting - misc<a href="#t11:11:11" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoods| anything we need to talk about before adjourning for more fun & exciting testing of F9Alpha?<a href="#t11:11:31" class="time">11:11</a>
f13| wwoods: do you know if the QA team has any internships proposed/excepted for the summer?<a href="#t11:12:38" class="time">11:12</a>
wwoods| Nothing proposed by me - maybe RH QE has some internships proposed. jlaska might know more.<a href="#t11:13:25" class="time">11:13</a>
wwoods| should I look into that?<a href="#t11:13:29" class="time">11:13</a>
<-- | DanseMakabre has quit ("Leaving")<a href="#t11:13:33" class="time">11:13</a>
f13| we can ask jlaska ?<a href="#t11:14:08" class="time">11:14</a>
wwoods| sure, I'll do that<a href="#t11:14:58" class="time">11:14</a>
<-- | J5 has quit ("Ex-Chat")<a href="#t11:15:09" class="time">11:15</a>
wwoods| alright, I'm gonna wrap this up. thanks for your time, further discussion can go to fedora-test-list or #fedora-qa as always<a href="#t11:15:20" class="time">11:15</a>
jlaska| thanks folks<a href="#t11:15:30" class="time">11:15</a>
--- | wwoods has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See <a href=""></a> for meeting schedule<a href="#t11:15:39" class="time">11:15</a>
--> | fab [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:15:51" class="time">11:15</a>
f13| jlaska: wwoods: I ask because I'm headed to an intern fair tomorrow...<a href="#t11:15:54" class="time">11:15</a>
wwoods| f13: ooh. now that's interesting.<a href="#t11:16:13" class="time">11:16</a>
<-- | fab has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))<a href="#t11:16:21" class="time">11:16</a>
wwoods| yeah we'll talk more about this soon. right now: coffee<a href="#t11:17:48" class="time">11:17</a>
quaid| wwoods: <a href=""></a><a href="#t11:20:07" class="time">11:20</a>

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