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-!- wwoods changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora QA meeting | init<a href="#t11:06" class="time">11:06</a>
wwoodshi. who's here for the QA meeting? anyone?<a href="#t11:09" class="time">11:09</a>
rdieterbueller? (here)<a href="#t11:09" class="time">11:09</a>
wwoodsOff the top of my head I don't think I have any new business<a href="#t11:10" class="time">11:10</a>
wwoodsother than going over the blocker list again<a href="#t11:10" class="time">11:10</a>
wwoodsrdieter: how's KDE lookin'?<a href="#t11:11" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoodsfwah. somehow we're up to 17 blockers in NE<a href="#t11:11" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoodsNEW<a href="#t11:11" class="time">11:11</a>
rdieterwwoods: fair<a href="#t11:11" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoodsf13: ping - did rawhide go out?<a href="#t11:13" class="time">11:13</a>
rdieterstill no movement on my pet bug: <a href=""></a> , may need to put in the "restart x on logout hack" to workaround in the meantime<a href="#t11:15" class="time">11:15</a>
rdieterhow much time do we have left for fixes to make f9-final ?<a href="#t11:15" class="time">11:15</a>
wwoodsrdieter: ajax made some noise about it being easy to merge<a href="#t11:15" class="time">11:15</a>
wwoodswe begin spinning RCs this week<a href="#t11:15" class="time">11:15</a>
wwoodswe really need fixes this week if they're gonna get any sort of testing<a href="#t11:16" class="time">11:16</a>
rdieterI'd feel better not shipping a broken RC.<a href="#t11:16" class="time">11:16</a>
wwoodswe don't really ship RCs<a href="#t11:16" class="time">11:16</a>
wwoodsso that's a moot point<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
rdieterwell s/ship/spin/<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
wwoodsand then it all depends on your definition of "broken"<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
wwoodsnaturally I'd feel better if we fixed all 67 open blockers<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
wwoodsbut I don't think that's gonna happen<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
rdieterbroken = bug not fixed (or worked around)<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
rdieterof course.<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
wwoodsright, but the workaround is a one-line config-file fix<a href="#t11:17" class="time">11:17</a>
wwoodsit's really easy to drop into place<a href="#t11:18" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoodsso let's ping ajax and see if he has an ETA for merging that fix<a href="#t11:18" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoodswell, more an ETA for a build that includes it, since I'm sure he's getting fixes from all over<a href="#t11:18" class="time">11:18</a>
rdieterthx, enough on me and that, anything else that mere mortals can look at and help with? :)<a href="#t11:18" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoodsheh<a href="#t11:18" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoodswell<a href="#t11:19" class="time">11:19</a>
wwoodsbug 443445<a href="#t11:19" class="time">11:19</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, urgent, ---, Robin Norwood, ASSIGNED , Cannot install packages from repositories from which RPM-GPG-KEYs have not been installed.<a href="#t11:19" class="time">11:19</a>
wwoodscompletely breaks updates and there's no forward movement on it<a href="#t11:19" class="time">11:19</a>
rdieteris that what Richard's recent builds help, or is that just other stuff?<a href="#t11:20" class="time">11:20</a>
wwoodsother stuff<a href="#t11:20" class="time">11:20</a>
wwoodshe wasn't aware that you need to import keys on new installs<a href="#t11:20" class="time">11:20</a>
rdieterugh, scary.<a href="#t11:20" class="time">11:20</a>
wwoodsyeah. no shit.<a href="#t11:21" class="time">11:21</a>
wwoodsnobody's suggested a workaround and the proper fix requires backporting huge chunks of code<a href="#t11:21" class="time">11:21</a>
wwoodsjeremy: you're not gonna like this but.. can we get anaconda to import the standard keys at install-time?<a href="#t11:22" class="time">11:22</a>
wwoodshell I'll write the code if it helps, I'm just asking if that idea is feasible<a href="#t11:22" class="time">11:22</a>
jeremywwoods: from where kimo sabe?<a href="#t11:22" class="time">11:22</a>
wwoodsheh. aren't they in fedora-release?<a href="#t11:23" class="time">11:23</a>
wwoodscouldn't we install fedora-release on the stage2 image<a href="#t11:23" class="time">11:23</a>
jeremyso you want me to import every key included in fedora-release?  also that doesn't fix the bloody problem<a href="#t11:23" class="time">11:23</a>
wwoodsit doesn't?<a href="#t11:23" class="time">11:23</a>
jeremyas users might, you know, want to add other repos<a href="#t11:23" class="time">11:23</a>
rdieterwell, it's a bandaid, for sure.<a href="#t11:24" class="time">11:24</a>
jeremyand having fedora-release on the stage2 image doesn't do anything to help -- you still need to know _which_ keys to import<a href="#t11:24" class="time">11:24</a>
jeremywhich would require anaconda to grow all the support for parsing what the installed system's yum config ends up being<a href="#t11:24" class="time">11:24</a>
jeremyand there's absolutely no way I trust writing that code today for a release candidate tomorrow<a href="#t11:24" class="time">11:24</a>
wwoodsin anaconda we've still got pirut(ish) - can we use its 'import key' dialog for that?<a href="#t11:25" class="time">11:25</a>
wwoodsyeah :/<a href="#t11:25" class="time">11:25</a>
jeremyanaconda has a glade file and some UI code.  not pirut-ish<a href="#t11:25" class="time">11:25</a>
wwoodsblerg<a href="#t11:25" class="time">11:25</a>
wwoodsyeah we need an impromptu FESCo meeting or something<a href="#t11:26" class="time">11:26</a>
wwoodsthis needs to be sorted out. immediately.<a href="#t11:26" class="time">11:26</a>
* rdieter found hughsie in #fedora-desktop, invited him over here.<a href="#t11:26" class="time">11:26</a>
wwoodsit's not really QA's job to fix it, and we kind of know what the options are<a href="#t11:26" class="time">11:26</a>
wwoodswe just need to discuss 'em and pick the best one<a href="#t11:27" class="time">11:27</a>
wwoodsthat's kind of a FESCo matter.. I think<a href="#t11:27" class="time">11:27</a>
* jeremy was really about to walk out the door so that he can, you know, eat lunch before class. but I'll stick around I guess :-/<a href="#t11:27" class="time">11:27</a>
wwoodsjeremy: you gonna be gone the rest of the day, then?<a href="#t11:28" class="time">11:28</a>
jeremywwoods: there is absolutely zero infrastructure for this in anaconda... getting it to work for all of the install paths is almost guaranteed to be doomed :(<a href="#t11:28" class="time">11:28</a>
hughsiehi<a href="#t11:28" class="time">11:28</a>
wwoodsokay, so anaconda's no good<a href="#t11:28" class="time">11:28</a>
jeremywwoods: yeah, today is an afternoon of hosage<a href="#t11:28" class="time">11:28</a>
rdieterhughsie: just discussing lovely bug #bug 443445 and brainstorming options<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, urgent, ---, Robin Norwood, ASSIGNED , Cannot install packages from repositories from which RPM-GPG-KEYs have not been installed.<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
wwoodswhich leaves: a) massive backports in PackageKit, b) hack together pirut-based workaround<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
hughsiewwoods: did you see my mail this morning?<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
wwoodshughsie: no, hang on<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
hughsiewwoods: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a><a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
jeremywwoods: b would still require PackageKit changes....<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
hughsiewwoods: it's not pretty, but sortof worked<a href="#t11:29" class="time">11:29</a>
wwoodshughsie: mail to where?<a href="#t11:30" class="time">11:30</a>
rdieterrel-eng<a href="#t11:30" class="time">11:30</a>
wwoodsdoh! threading fools me again<a href="#t11:30" class="time">11:30</a>
hughsiewwoods: :-)<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
wwoodshughsie: thanks for making a quick hack at this.<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
jeremywwoods: I thought you had seen that and weren't happy with it<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
jeremybah!<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
wwoodsokay, so as not to keep jeremy malnourished<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
rdieterjeremy: eat!<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
hughsiewwoods: the UI is the worst you've ever seen, but it seems to work for me. to avoid breaking abi and api in 0.1.x i reused an unused method that looked a bit similar.....<a href="#t11:31" class="time">11:31</a>
hughsiewwoods: i'm thining of pushing out 0.2.1 to updates testing in a few weeks<a href="#t11:32" class="time">11:32</a>
wwoodsbad UI beats no UI, at least for things like this<a href="#t11:32" class="time">11:32</a>
hughsieas that looks beautiful for this sort of thing<a href="#t11:32" class="time">11:32</a>
wwoodshughsie: that's fine<a href="#t11:32" class="time">11:32</a>
hughsiewwoods: if you could test it i would appreciate it<a href="#t11:32" class="time">11:32</a>
hughsiewwoods: i'm just building another gpk for #441755<a href="#t11:33" class="time">11:33</a>
wwoodsyeah we'll test these and if things are no good I'll track you down again<a href="#t11:33" class="time">11:33</a>
wwoodshughsie: oh - is there a feature roadmap for gpk etc. anywhere? we get reports / bugs about things that I know are planned features<a href="#t11:34" class="time">11:34</a>
wwoodse.g. installing multiple packages at once<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
hughsiewwoods: no, but that's a good idea. i'll hack one up now.<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoodsboth from gpk-application or system-install-packages<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
hughsiewell, one implies the other - gpk-install-package is a trivial fix when we expand the api...<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoodsit would be helpful if I had some documentation that showed that, yes, these are planned<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoodsright<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoodsbut we get separate bugs about 'em<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoodsheh<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
wwoods:/<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
hughsiewwoods: cool, give me 15<a href="#t11:35" class="time">11:35</a>
* rdieter is installing test pk builds now.<a href="#t11:37" class="time">11:37</a>
wwoodshughsie: so the PK tracker has: bug 438868<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Robin Norwood, MODIFIED , pk-install-file requires network access to install local files<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
wwoodsyou mentioned a fix building for bug 441755<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Robin Norwood, MODIFIED , gpk-application hangs on "other" group<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
wwoodsand we're working on bug 443445<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, urgent, ---, Robin Norwood, ASSIGNED , Cannot install packages from repositories from which RPM-GPG-KEYs have not been installed.<a href="#t11:38" class="time">11:38</a>
wwoodsthat leaves bug 442223 up in the air<a href="#t11:39" class="time">11:39</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Robin Norwood, ASSIGNED , gpk-update-viewer gets stuck on "Getting information"<a href="#t11:39" class="time">11:39</a>
hughsiewwoods: that's on my totdo for tonight<a href="#t11:41" class="time">11:41</a>
wwoodsk. I'll make a note of it on the bug.<a href="#t11:41" class="time">11:41</a>
wwoodsoop. and now there's bug 441127<a href="#t11:43" class="time">11:43</a>
buggbotBug <a href=""></a> medium, medium, ---, Robin Norwood, ASSIGNED , PackageKit ignores user preferences<a href="#t11:43" class="time">11:43</a>
wwoodsback in action<a href="#t11:43" class="time">11:43</a>
hughsiewwoods: that shuld be fixed - i can't reproduce that myself<a href="#t11:44" class="time">11:44</a>
G__81hi I joined the Fedora project as a contributor last week and i ve already started off with bug triagging which i like to do and would continue to do too now how do i take my contribution to the next level. Any clues would be really helpful.<a href="#t11:44" class="time">11:44</a>
G__81i was sponsored by wwoods for the fedora account :)<a href="#t11:44" class="time">11:44</a>
wwoodshughsie: would you have a day (or evening or whatev) this week to do a PackageKit Bug Day?<a href="#t11:44" class="time">11:44</a>
G__81hi wwoods thanks for sponsoring me :)<a href="#t11:44" class="time">11:44</a>
wwoodshughsie: probably won't be much more IRC traffic than usual, just idling in #fedora-qa and people who have PK bugs can come by and we'll help get them filed or set the reporter straight<a href="#t11:45" class="time">11:45</a>
hughsiewwoods: sure, by evening do you mean EST time?<a href="#t11:46" class="time">11:46</a>
hughsieI'm GMT+1 here<a href="#t11:46" class="time">11:46</a>
wwoodsG__81: depends on what you'd like to do - testing proposed updates for the stable releases is really helpful<a href="#t11:46" class="time">11:46</a>
wwoodshughsie: whichever works for you - it's hard to say where the majority of reporters are, but my gut says they're centered around US Eastern<a href="#t11:46" class="time">11:46</a>
G__81wwoods, i have a single system a laptop which runs Fedora 8 can i use that alone to do it . That's my system that i use daily i could fix bugs in some packages and help testing some packages too<a href="#t11:47" class="time">11:47</a>
hughsiewwoods: okay, late night it is then :-)<a href="#t11:47" class="time">11:47</a>
wwoodsG__81: sure - enable the updates-testing repository and check out <a href=""></a><a href="#t11:49" class="time">11:49</a>
wwoodshughsie: heh. sorry for the short notice on this, but it seems like you work typical engineer hours (10am to "oh crap I should get dinner")<a href="#t11:50" class="time">11:50</a>
wwoodsso I didn't think it would be too much of a hardship to ask if you'd mind staying late one day<a href="#t11:50" class="time">11:50</a>
wwoodsheh<a href="#t11:50" class="time">11:50</a>
wwoodsG__81: bodhi is the system that the developers use to push out newly-built packages for testing<a href="#t11:51" class="time">11:51</a>
hughsiewwoods: it's no problem at all<a href="#t11:51" class="time">11:51</a>
hughsiewwoods: i seem to work 18 hour days as it is :-)<a href="#t11:51" class="time">11:51</a>
G__81yup sure i ll do that but i just want to reconfirm whether updates-testing is enabled or not so how do i make sure its enabled<a href="#t11:51" class="time">11:51</a>
wwoodsG__81: so log in and check out the Fedora 8 Testing packages - if there's something you use, install it from updates-testing<a href="#t11:51" class="time">11:51</a>
wwoodstest it out and report whether it works or not<a href="#t11:52" class="time">11:52</a>
G__81yup sure<a href="#t11:52" class="time">11:52</a>
G__81will do that<a href="#t11:52" class="time">11:52</a>
wwoodsG__81: the easy way is to run pirut (add/remove software) and use the Repo editor in the menu<a href="#t11:52" class="time">11:52</a>
wwoodshughsie: yeah, you really do seem to work 18 hours a day<a href="#t11:53" class="time">11:53</a>
wwoodsheh<a href="#t11:53" class="time">11:53</a>
hughsiewwoods: well, i move in with my g/f soon - that will have to be curtailed a little :-)<a href="#t11:54" class="time">11:54</a>
wwoodshughsie: ha. yes, understood<a href="#t11:54" class="time">11:54</a>
skvidalwwoods: earlier when you mentioned grub --once not working - was that on xen or on an actual system?<a href="#t11:54" class="time">11:54</a>
wwoodsskvidal: actual system<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
skvidalhmm, darn<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
skvidaloka<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
skvidaly<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
wwoodswell let's see. thursday or monday? monday's the 5th already. awful close to release.<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
skvidalI noticed that the --once trick doesn't work on xen<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
G__81wwoods, i also wanna be part of the cvsextras team and i got an email stating that there should be a sponsor for that and the same for ambassador but then i created an account in the wiki page but i ve not got any mail after that anything else should i do for that?<a href="#t11:55" class="time">11:55</a>
wwoodsG__81: cvsextras is mostly for packaging, which has a different set of rules for sponsorship etc.<a href="#t11:56" class="time">11:56</a>
rdietertesting: gnome-packagekit, gpk-application works (prompts). gpk-install-package does not.  intended or oversight/bug?<a href="#t11:56" class="time">11:56</a>
wwoodsI don't think I can sponsor people for that - I'm not a very good packager :/<a href="#t11:56" class="time">11:56</a>
G__81how about for bug-fixing is there a separate group or account ?<a href="#t11:56" class="time">11:56</a>
wwoodsG__81: bug fixing is a packaging thing<a href="#t11:56" class="time">11:56</a>
G__81oh !<a href="#t11:57" class="time">11:57</a>
G__81i wanna be part of that :) can someone take me into it :) ?<a href="#t11:57" class="time">11:57</a>
G__81i am very much interested in testing and bug  fixing part<a href="#t11:57" class="time">11:57</a>
wwoodsit requires putting new patches in packages and rebuilding them and stuff. Usually it's easiest to start out by filing bugs and attaching patches to the bug<a href="#t11:57" class="time">11:57</a>
wwoodsthat's how I get bug fixes done<a href="#t11:57" class="time">11:57</a>
G__81i currently triag bugs which i really like doing and i want to go ahead by testing and then fixing bugs thats my short term goal :)<a href="#t11:58" class="time">11:58</a>
wwoodsG__81: it's a good goal!<a href="#t11:58" class="time">11:58</a>
wwoodsanyway, we're a bit off-topic here<a href="#t11:58" class="time">11:58</a>
G__81i know i am sorry for that<a href="#t11:58" class="time">11:58</a>
rdieterhughsie: ?<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
hughsierdieter: hey<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
rdieter[10:56] <rdieter> testing: gnome-packagekit, gpk-application works (prompts). gpk-install-package does not.  intended or oversight/bug?<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
hughsieahh, sorry, too many irc windows<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
wwoodsUnless there's any more stuff relating to the blocker list for F9, we should end the meeting (I think there's another meeting at 12 local time)<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
hughsiewell, just not hecked in<a href="#t11:59" class="time">11:59</a>
rdieterwwoods: +1<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
hughsierdieter: in master we've solved this properly<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
G__81wwoods, in the Bodhi repository there is a link which says stable so should i click on that and download a package and start testing it and report bugs ?<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
wwoodsrdieter: we can continue this in #packagekit<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
rdieterhughsie: thx.<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
G__81wwoods, and report bugs in Bugzilla is that all ?<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
hughsiewwoods: you mean #PackageKit<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
wwoodsG__81: let's continue in #fedora-qa<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
G__81sure<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>
wwoodsending the meeting now. thanks for your time, folks<a href="#t12:00" class="time">12:00</a>

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