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People present (lines said):

  • jlaska (154)
  • adamw (71)
  • wwoods (32)
  • dgilmore (19)
  • j_dulaney (18)
  • kparal (12)
  • skvidal (10)
  • zodbot (8)
  • fcami (8)
  • redwolfe (7)
  • fenrus02 (7)
  • lmacken (5)
  • Viking-Ice (4)
  • poelcat (3)
  • vaschenb (2)

Unable to attend:

  1. Liam
  2. Rhe
  3. Newgle1


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. adamw and jlaska to propose artwork final release criteria
    • No updates, pre-occupied with Alpha testing. Keep on the list for next week.

F14 Alpha test milestones

Owner - User:rhe
F-14 Alpha RC#2 compose CD and DVD images are available for test (see
Next steps...
Continue posting test results (installer or desktop)
Review blocker bugs
RHBZ #597858 - Move 597858 back to VERIFIED ... updated packages available but not yet pushed to updates-testing
RHBZ #619889 - newer dbus needs to be included with systemd-6-2 update
RHBZ #620211 - updated eclipse-pydev available to resolve this dependency issue
RHBZ #621864 - possible bug in test script. Skvidal looking for confirmation from rpm maintainers for expected behavior. That feedback will confirm whether rpm bug or test script bug.
RHBZ #622058 - basically the problem is that the 'firstboot' service makes several assumptions that get broken in systemd-land. Mgracik needed to help move this forward

AutoQA update

Owner - User:wwoods
last week we merged (what I believe to be) the last of the foundation stuff we wanted to get into autoqa before F14
depcheck work became the primary focus
Next steps...
Upgrade path test -- autoqa ticket#123
Standardize hook args -- autoqa ticket#199
Update Writing_AutoQA_Tests to match the recent changes (control.autoqa, using AutoQATest, hook args, etc.)
Write a control.autoqa and some test cases for depcheck -- autoqa ticket#202
More depcheck activities (see roadmap)

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Upcoming QA events

Action items

  1. adamw and jlaska to propose artwork final release criteria
  2. jlaska to inquire how frequently gets updated F-14 install images
  3. 621864 - jlaska to check-in with skvidal to see whether script updates are required for proper %ghost handling
  4. 622058 - jlaska to ping mgracik for guidance on pending firstboot changes

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Aug 9 15:00:08 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Gathering ... 15:00
jlaska alright, roll-call time 15:00
* adamw sends j_dulaney out for taco bell 15:00
* fenrus02 waves 15:00
* wwoods jetpack pshoooo 15:00
jlaska wwoods: awesome! :) 15:00
* poelcat 15:00
* kparal is here 15:00
* vaschenb 15:00
* adamw arrives. on a unicorn. 15:00
jlaska fenrus02: adamw: poelcat: kparal: vaschenb: hi gang 15:01
* j_dulaney grabs the tacos 15:01
jlaska adamw: please, we all know there is no suc ... woah! 15:01
adamw take THAT, woods. 15:01
jlaska j_dulaney: excellent :) 15:01
adamw (and yes, that does make me the old spice guy.) 15:01
wwoods ...doesn't that mean you're a virgin? 15:01
* Viking-Ice shoots adamw unicorn.... 15:01
jlaska adamw: haha 15:01
adamw wwoods: see above. 15:01
adamw either a virgin *or the old spice guy*. little known loophole. 15:01
j_dulaney LOL 15:02
j_dulaney If I seem distracted today, it's because the Borg are attacking 15:02
* redwolfe is here 15:02
* adamw imagines everyone not from north america hitting up youtube 15:02
* wwoods looks down, looks up - hey! two tickets to that thing I wanted to see! 15:02
jlaska redwolfe: welcome 15:02
adamw hehe 15:02
redwolfe thanks 15:03
jlaska alright, I think we have critical mass ... let's get rolling 15:03
fenrus02 look at your man, now look at me. sadly, he is not me. but he could smell like me .. 15:03
jlaska look down, look up ... and see no blocker bugs! 15:03
jlaska sorry, lame ... but it was needed :) 15:04
fenrus02 jlaska: oh, i can fix that ... 15:04
jlaska fenrus02: haha, I bet you can 15:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:04
jlaska #info adamw and jlaska to propose artwork final release criteria 15:04
adamw yeah, so, we suck 15:04
jlaska Adam, I know I haven't touched this ... want me to leave this on for next week? 15:04
adamw yup 15:04
jlaska roger that 15:04
adamw when we will no doubt not have done it again =) 15:04
jlaska that's all I had from last week 15:04
jlaska adamw: at least everyone can see that we suck ... transparency rocks 15:05
* j_dulaney has a transparant chat client 15:05
jlaska besides, you've been busy with your hands in the release criteria for other issues 15:05
jlaska alright ... time for the main event 15:05
jlaska <ding> <ding> 15:05
jlaska #topic F14 Alpha test update 15:06
jlaska #info F-14 Alpha RC#2 compose CD and DVD images are available for test (see 15:06
fenrus02 do the livecd images boot now? 15:06
jlaska #info Test results being posted to and 15:06
j_dulaney Yum Update also works 15:06
j_dulaney Or it did the last time I tried it Friday 15:07
jlaska I'd like to spend a few minutes going through F14Alpha once again, but before we dive in ... any topics to hit first? 15:07
adamw fenrus02: um. it sorta depends what systemd they've got right now. 15:07
redwolfe non-DVD boot installs don't work 15:07
fenrus02 adamw: last night's daily? 15:07
jlaska redwolfe: any particular bug for that? 15:07
redwolfe the missing python headers 15:08
j_dulaney Still? 15:08
fenrus02 wasnt a new .img file generated for that? 15:08
jlaska redwolfe: hmm, that should be resolved by RC#1 and RC#2 ... can you confirm you're using anaconda-14.15-1? 15:08
redwolfe 14.12 15:08
redwolfe have to update 15:09
jlaska yeah, go ahead and update ... newer anaconda should solve that problem 15:09
jlaska alright ... if nothing else ... let's walk the bug list 15:09
redwolfe that's via BFO 15:10
j_dulaney I'm having nouveau issues on my other laptop 15:10
jlaska redwolfe: hmm, no idea how often that gets updated. 15:10
jlaska #action jlaska to inquire how frequently gets updated F-14 install images 15:11
jlaska #topic 15:11
jlaska poelcat just posted some feedback in this issue, but I think it's because the updated selinux-policy hasn't hit updates-testing yet? 15:12
adamw yes. 15:13
jlaska Jens has provided some positive feedback with the updated policy ... I'm not sure why updates-testing doesn't have it yet 15:13
adamw frankly we could really do with an update push of all the relcrit updates. 15:13
jlaska agreed ... 15:13
jlaska can dgilmore assist with that? 15:13
adamw until that happens, people doing net installs don't get them and live spins don't get them, so we have no rc2-equivalent live spins, which makes desktop testing difficult/impossible. 15:13
jlaska poelcat: I'm going to move that bz back to VERIFIED 15:14
adamw i'm not sure who to ask, i presume notting or dgilmore 15:14
jlaska adamw: doesn't help that due to that other bug ... there is no such thing as a CD/DVD install right now 15:14
adamw what other bug? 15:14
jlaska well, that's supposed to impact virt only I gather 15:14
adamw the udev one? 15:14
adamw we have an update pending for that too 15:14
* j_dulaney notes that he hasn't been able to isntall from physical media yet 15:15
adamw if that got pushed, live composes would work in virt. i've been building test live images here since friday which boot and install. 15:15
jlaska .bug 621102 15:15
zodbot jlaska: Bug 621102 The installer doesn't use packages repository in DVD as default - 15:15
jlaska adamw: so the pending udev update may resolve this? 15:15
adamw jlaska: it should. it definitely resolves the live CD problem, which we believe has the same root cause. 15:16
jlaska goodly 15:16
jlaska #info Move 597858 back to VERIFIED ... updated packages available but not yet pushed to updates-testing 15:17
jlaska #topic 15:17
jlaska same issue here I believe, the media contains systemd-6-2 ... but the repo's are downlevel 15:17
adamw yes, with the wrinkle that the systemd 6-2 update request does not include the updated dbus package from the 5-2 update request 15:18
adamw we need both systemd 6-2 and the updated dbus to get a fix 15:18
jlaska dbus-1.3.2-0.1.885483.fc14 ? 15:18
jlaska that appears to be the latest 15:19
adamw yes 15:19
jlaska okay 15:19
jlaska adamw: do we need a new dbus bodhi request to get that out? 15:19
adamw lennart should be able to edit the 6-2 update request and add the dbus update to it 15:20
adamw that would be best as it would ensure we can't get one fix without the other 15:20
jlaska yeah, that makes sense 15:20
adamw people with super bodhi privileges could presumably do the same 15:20
jlaska does he know to do this already, or does one of us need to reach out? 15:20
dgilmore ive not done any pushing of things in bodhi because i did not want to screw things up for the alpha release 15:20
jlaska dgilmore: we're building a list of things we'll need your help in pushing 15:21
adamw jlaska: i've asked on both the bug report and the update request, so he should know 15:21
jlaska adamw: okay 15:21
adamw i can construct a to-do list for dgilmore in a bit 15:21
jlaska adamw: ah thanks 15:21
dgilmore jlaska: my main issue is that bodhi is kinda clunky for this 15:21
adamw dgilmore: but broadly, at least all the stuff that was cherrypicked for rc2 needs to be pushed 15:21
dgilmore and i dont want to mess it up 15:21
dgilmore adamw: some of those things were only submitted to updates-testing not stable 15:21
jlaska #action 619889 - newer dbus needs to be included with systemd-6-2 update 15:22
jlaska dgilmore: yeah, there will likely be some process kinks to iron out here 15:22
jlaska next up ... 15:22
jlaska #topic 15:22
adamw dgilmore: you can override and push 'em to stable anyway, i believe. 15:22
jlaska adamw, I think with your provenpackager skills, we've knocked this out for now 15:22
* jlaska checks if updated eclipse-pydev landed on RC#2 media 15:23
adamw dgilmore: critpath updates i believe have to be submitted to testing (the submitter can't pick stable), but once they pass critpath you can push them stable 15:23
dgilmore adamw: sure but bodhi is still not simple to use to do this 15:23
adamw dgilmore: ah :) 15:23
lmacken dgilmore: suggestions & patches welcome 15:23
jlaska indeed it did ... eclipse-pydev-1.5.9-2.fc14.i686 15:23
adamw is the update for this bug 15:23
jlaska adamw: right on ... and it seems to address the problem ... python-psyco is *not* on i386 DVD 15:24
jlaska nice work adamw :) 15:24
adamw yay 15:24
jlaska so, shall we move this bug through the verification process ... or is a *real* fix needed by akurtakov post Alpha? 15:24
j_dulaney It still probably wouldn't hurt to rebuild, no? 15:24
jlaska j_dulaney: rebuild? 15:24
adamw j_dulaney: it's not a rebuild, psyco needs substantial porting to work with py2.7 15:25
j_dulaney adamw: that's what I meant 15:25
adamw and yes, the bug should stay open as my fix really doesn't address the bug as reported there, it just works around the dependency implications for the DVD 15:25
jlaska adamw: howabout I remove 620211 from blocking F14Alpha 15:25
jlaska noting that the updated bodhi request you submitted resolves the dependency issue for now 15:25
adamw jlaska: yes, that would be appropriate, but don't do it yet 15:25
j_dulaney Like I said, I'm distracted 15:25
jlaska j_dulaney: no worries :) 15:25
adamw jlaska: the update isn't pushed, so it's still fragile; until it's pushed, we can still have a broken DVD if we forget to cherrypick the fix. 15:25
jlaska adamw: gotcha 15:26
jlaska #info updated removes python-psyco.i386 dependency 15:26
adamw so that's one for dgilmore's todo list =) 15:26
dgilmore lmacken: sure. not sure there is a really easy way to do it. which is why i played it safe here 15:26
dgilmore jlaska: that should have been on the rc2 compose 15:26
jlaska #action jlaska - update 620223 noting the updated eclipse-pydev package is needed to ensure missing dep is removed 15:26
jlaska dgilmore: it appears to be, thx! 15:26
jlaska okay, skipping a few ON_QA bugs, but can come back to them shortly ... 15:27
jlaska #topic 15:27
adamw well, that's special. audacious hangs my system on track switch, apparently. heh. 15:27
jlaska dgilmore and I were chatting about this prior to the meeting 15:27
j_dulaney adamw said special 15:28
dgilmore at least postfix, exim and ssmtp changed to using %ghosting recently 15:28
jlaska dgilmore: you suspected improper use of %ghost in the .spec for the related packages? 15:28
dgilmore i think sendmail did also 15:28
dgilmore jlaska: i think maybe. I not as familiar with %ghosting as i should be 15:29
dgilmore I asked skvidal for some input also 15:29
skvidal dgilmore: yes - and I gotdragged sideways 15:29
skvidal I 15:29
dgilmore But this might just be a red herring 15:29
dgilmore skvidal: :) thats fine 15:29
skvidal sorry about that 15:29
* fcami is late. 15:29
jlaska fcami: welcome :) 15:29
fcami ty jlaska :) 15:29
jlaska dgilmore: re: red herring ... do you suspect the test case is broken? 15:30
dgilmore jlaska: potentially, 15:30
dgilmore all the packages touch the file at build time 15:30
dgilmore so rpms might be keeping a different sha sum 15:30
skvidal so the point of the ghosts is so a pkg can say "I own this file which doesn't exist" 15:30
skvidal so when the pkg is removed 15:30
skvidal it can clean it up 15:31
dgilmore but it does't actually have a file in rpm from memory 15:31
skvidal it also helps rpm when making disk-space required estimates 15:31
fcami all four mtas can be installed at the same time, and if %ghost usage is new in f14, I think the script should be updated. 15:31
skvidal what is the program which is doing the testing? 15:31
jlaska;a=blob_plain;f=tests/conflicts/;hb=HEAD 15:31
jlaska skvidal ^^ 15:32
jlaska #info all 4 packages can be installed at the same time ... possible test case bug to properly handle %ghost files 15:32
fcami basically, if it's a ghost, it's added to the file list 15:32
fcami and the file list is what is used to check conflicts 15:32
fcami there's missing logic to handle that. 15:33
* skvidal checks the headers of one of the pkgs 15:33
jlaska wwoods: kparal ... we're almost through the bug list for F14Alpha. Will be coming to AutoQA depcheck next 15:34
* kparal hooray 15:34
jlaska alright, well ... I think we have enough now to suspect the test case for this issue 15:35
jlaska will continue to track that after the meeting, and hopefully update that test case as needed 15:36
jlaska skvidal: okay if I follow-up with you on that? 15:36
skvidal yah 15:36
jlaska #action 621864 - jlaska to check-in with skvidal to see whether script updates are required for proper %ghost handling 15:37
jlaska #topic 15:37
fcami I can try to fix the script as well 15:37
fcami if that helps, skvidal, jlaska 15:37
jlaska fcami: hey, I certainly wouldn't complain! I'll include you in the discussion too 15:37
adamw so this is one i found on testing my custom live spins 15:37
jlaska take it away adamw 15:37
adamw you can see we've been discussed it over the last few days, i think we have a fix planned now that we should be able to land soon 15:37
adamw basically the problem is that the 'firstboot' service makes several assumptions that get broken in systemd-land 15:38
adamw so firstboot doesn't get run properly at all when your system is booting with systemd. the fix for this is to give firstboot a systemd native unit script which accounts for how systemd works. 15:38
jlaska #info basically the problem is that the 'firstboot' service makes several assumptions that get broken in systemd-land 15:39
* adamw knows he uses the word 'basically' far too much. sorry :) 15:39
jlaska adamw: will another systemd update be needed, or is this included in systemd-6.2? 15:39
* jlaska doesn't see it referenced in the %changelog 15:39
adamw another systemd update is going to be needed to cope with one small wrinkle we need to handle starting different firstboot apps in text / graphical boot, yeah. 15:40
adamw most of the fix is in the firstboot package, but we just realized we do need a systemd update too. 15:40
jlaska who handles firstboot, mgracik? 15:40
adamw apparently. clumens keeps un-ccing himself from the bug and assigning it to mgracik =) 15:41
jlaska yup, mgracik is the man now 15:41
adamw mschmidt posted an initial patch for firstboot but it will need some refining yet (it didn't account for the text/graphical wrinkle) 15:41
jlaska iirc, I think he's offline now 15:41
adamw see lennart's last comment 15:41
jlaska 'I will upload a new version of systemd shortly that has the mentioned "Who wins 15:42
jlaska a conflict?" tweak added.' 15:42
adamw yep. 15:43
jlaska adamw: do we need another bz opened for firstboot? 15:43
jlaska or just track both systemd + firstboot updates in this single issue 15:43
adamw no, this bug is assigned to firstboot. technically we should open another bug for systemd, but meh. 15:43
adamw since i never make mistakes, i'm sure we can track it in this bug and not have a problem. =) 15:43
jlaska uh huh :) 15:43
dgilmore right 15:43
jlaska test feedback might be a bit odd 15:43
adamw remember, i'm the old spice guy! 15:43
jlaska oh right, nm :) 15:44
jlaska has anyone been in contact with mgracik yet? 15:44
adamw i haven't. don't know about the others. 15:44
adamw of course, i can always commit the fix if necessary. MUAHAHAHA! 15:44
jlaska it'd be nice to not come to that 15:45
adamw yeah 15:45
jlaska I'll reach out to mgracik after this 15:45
adamw as you said, he doesn't seem to be around right now, though. 15:45
jlaska #action 622058 - jlaska to ping mgracik for guidance on pending firstboot changes 15:45
jlaska alright, that's it for blocker bugs 15:45
adamw thanks. make sure he knows the patch currently in the bug isn't enough though, and he needs to either implement the stuff mentioned in comment #14 or wait for someone else to, before applying. 15:45
jlaska will do 15:46
jlaska I skipped 3 bugs that were in ON_QA, but I'm fairly positive these are in good shape 15:46
jlaska .bug 621298 15:46
zodbot jlaska: Bug 621298 Looks like python2.7 is breaking python-bugzilla package. - 15:46
jlaska .bug 621200 15:46
adamw (the existing patch just hardwired it to assume runlevel 5, so it would try and start graphical firstboot on a text install, which we don't want.) 15:46
zodbot jlaska: Bug 621200 [abrt] systemd-units-5-2.fc15: selabel_lookup_common: Process /bin/systemctl was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV) - 15:46
jlaska .bug 620949 15:46
zodbot jlaska: Bug 620949 [abrt] gnome-panel-2.31.4-3.fc14: Process /usr/bin/gnome-panel was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV) - 15:46
adamw we just need to make sure the relevant updates get pushed 15:46
jlaska ergh, something isn't right with bodhi and bugzilla integration lately 15:47
adamw also, for info, i'm planning to push a fix for .bug 605519 15:47
adamw .bug 605519 15:47
zodbot adamw: Bug 605519 System does not poweroff - 15:47
adamw it's not technically an alpha blocker, but i'd really like to have it fixed for alpha if we can squeeze it under the wire. 15:48
jlaska adamw: can you add,gnome-panel-2.31.6-1.fc14 to the dgilmore list 15:48
adamw jlaska: the one that currently exists entirely in my head? sure :) 15:48
dgilmore reminds me i need to file a bug. my desktop started only powering off. even on a reboot 15:48
adamw dgilmore: that's already filed i believe 15:48
jlaska alright ... let's close out the testing topic here 15:48
* adamw doesn't have the number on hand, but i know it's one others are hitting (inc. me) 15:48
jlaska we still have a fair amount of testing to perform against RC2 (and RC3 when it lands) 15:49
jlaska As always, contributions (either wiki test results or mailing list feedback) are appreciated 15:49
jlaska See ... 15:49
jlaska we have a schedule go/no_go meeting this Wednesday @ 17:00 EDT 15:49
adamw sounds like we probably want an rc3 tomorrow at latest 15:50
jlaska We're moving in the right direction, but still have a fair amount of testing (and respins) to accomplish by that time 15:50
fenrus02 adamw: yes please 15:50
jlaska so I'm comfortable using the phrase "at risk" 15:50
poelcat what's the confidence level of being able to say "GO" on Wed at this point? 15:50
jlaska adamw: +1 15:50
adamw poelcat: about 50/50 i'd say 15:50
jlaska poelcat: it will require more unicorns 15:50
* adamw puts a call in to his supplier 15:51
* Viking-Ice more horns for me to collect.. 15:51
jlaska adamw has one so far ... but this will definitely need some stars aligning etc... to hit 15:51
jlaska poelcat: ^^ 15:51
* poelcat lights an extra candle plays bon jovi's "living on a prayer" :) 15:51
jlaska alright ... you've waited patiently ... let me all introduce you to the AutoQA dream team ... 15:51
jlaska poelcat: perfect! 15:51
jlaska #topic AutoQA package acceptance update 15:52
* jlaska makes sure wwoods has enough fuel left in the jet pack 15:52
wwoods ha 15:52
wwoods so yeah - last week we merged (what I believe to be) the last of the foundation stuff we wanted to get into autoqa before F14 / depcheck work became the primary focus 15:53
* Viking-Ice hears team America theme song beneath QA dream team introduction.... 15:53
Viking-Ice Autoqa that is 15:53
wwoods mostly that involved a) testing and merging jskladan's AutoQATest base-class rework 15:54
kparal wwoods: maybe one more "foundation stuff" missing: 15:54
kparal but otherwise yes, there was a lot of important patches 15:54
wwoods so now we can easily add default behavior to autoqa tests, like.. reporting to resultdb or sending email 15:55
wwoods without a lot of cut-and-pasting into all the test classes 15:55
wwoods kparal: good call, yes 15:55
wwoods we should probably discuss that briefly and fix up the hooks with any changes we decide on 15:55
jlaska #info last week we merged (what I believe to be) the last of the foundation stuff we wanted to get into autoqa before F14 / depcheck work became the primary focus 15:56
wwoods anyway, we also fixed up the post-bodhi-update hook/watcher. well. mostly kparal fixed that stuff up 15:56
jlaska cool, this was the stuff about choosing the right releases to monitor? 15:56
kparal yes 15:57
wwoods plus a couple bugfixes, yes 15:57
wwoods we added a method to repoinfo - get_bodhi_releases() - that should return the list of active bodhi releases 15:57
wwoods currently, maintaining that will require updates to repoinfo.conf when the bodhi configuration changes 15:57
jlaska need me to whip up some wiki docs? 15:57
wwoods so that's another thing to modify when we branch or EOL a release 15:58
kparal jlaska: we need to update many wiki docs 15:58
wwoods in the future we might want to be able to query that info from bodhi but this will work for now 15:58
jlaska kparal: I meant to make sure we add/remove info for supported bodhi releases (like we do now for when a new Fedora Branch is created) 15:59
jlaska wwoods: excellent 15:59
kparal jlaska: some new SOPs? that could help us not forget, yes 15:59
wwoods so! in the near future we should be: standardizing hook args, updating the wiki docs to match the recent changes (control.autoqa, using AutoQATest, hook args, etc.) 15:59
wwoods and (possibly in parallel) writing a control.autoqa and some test cases for depcheck 16:00
kparal #info in the near future we should be: standardizing hook args, updating the wiki docs to match the recent changes (control.autoqa, using AutoQATest, hook args, etc.) 16:00
kparal #info and (possibly in parallel) writing a control.autoqa and some test cases for depcheck 16:00
* j_dulaney moves that wiki doc editing be made a priority 16:00
kparal wwoods: you're the depcheck guru now, we need you to define some use cases for depcheck tests 16:01
jlaska vaschenb: anything else you wanted to see in your upgrade-path test before moving that into master? 16:01
j_dulaney Ugh, fell asleep 16:01
wwoods kparal: sounds fine - I'll see how far I can get with that 16:01
lmacken wwoods: you can easily hit curl to query bodhi's releases 16:01
vaschenb jlaska: sure, I'm working on control updates-testing... so give me more time... 16:02
* lmacken should probably strip out the tg_flash from there 16:02
wwoods lmacken: interesting, but AFAICT those aren't the strings that bodhi expects in the 'release' field for queries etc. 16:02
lmacken wwoods: true. I'll add a fedora.client.BodhiClient.get_releases method 16:03
wwoods which are (at the moment): ['F12', 'F13', 'F14'] 16:03
wwoods but then we still need some way of mapping tag <-> bodhi_release name <-> repo etc. 16:03
wwoods so we might still keep the current method 16:03
jlaska wwoods: kparal: re: depcheck unittests, would it help for you guys to walk through test scenarios together ... to help that move forward? 16:03
lmacken yeah, good call. bodhi doesn't make that easy enough to get. 16:03
wwoods right, and that's one of the things that repoinfo is really good for 16:04
kparal jlaska: that would be great 16:04
wwoods given a koji tag / repo name / bodhi release name / etc. you can figure out the other pieces, and other associated repos 16:04
wwoods jlaska: yeah, that'd be good 16:04
jlaska wwoods: kparal: need me to setup something, or can you guys work out a time this week? 16:05
jlaska +1 we've been getting a lot of mileage out of repoinfo lately 16:05
wwoods probably the thing to do is to start with a reeeally obvious test case, like: new package version drops a file that something else requires 16:05
kparal we can talk in more detail after the meeting 16:06
wwoods right 16:06
jlaska okay ... will move that to #fedora-qa 16:06
jlaska alrighty ... anything else on the AutoQA front? 16:06
jlaska definitely coming down to our self-imposed goal of F14Alpha for deliverying a working depcheck test 16:07
jlaska that's not for a lack of progress on a lot of foundation improvements to AutoQA 16:07
wwoods I kinda got waylaid by the python-bugzilla bug on the F14Alpha blocker 16:08
wwoods for a day or two 16:08
wwoods similar distractions/interrupts will probably continue (and intensify) as the release cycle goes on 16:09
jlaska yeah, you can blame me for the pyhton-bugzilla distraction 16:09
jlaska well ... you guys are pushing things forward, so even if it's not available for F14Alpha, I don't imagine it will be too far behind 16:10
jlaska if needed, we can work on an updated date 16:10
jlaska alright, let's move to open discussion 16:10
j_dulaney wwoods: I can try to take on some of that load if you would like 16:11
wwoods sure, we'll see how it goes 16:11
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <your topic here> 16:11
jlaska okay, anything else not already covered? 16:11
j_dulaney Tom Edwards is supposed to be emailing us about the upcoming OS class 16:12
j_dulaney That's about it 16:12
jlaska ah nice ... thanks for the update 16:13
jlaska if nothing else, let's call it a meeting 16:14
jlaska thanks all, happy F14Alpha testing! 16:14
jlaska #endmeeting 16:14

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