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People present (lines said)

  1. jlaska (67)
  2. adamw (16)
  3. mkrizek (6)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1
  3. wwoods
  4. kparal
  5. jskladan


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Quick check-in on Common_F14_bugs and discussion around incoming issues on

F-14 QA Retrospective -- last call

Last call for feedback on Fedora_14_QA_Retrospective. Really good list of improvement areas generated so far, but more feedback never hurts.

Suggestions/ideas on organizing feedback into recommendations?

F-15 QA schedule drafted

Feedback welcome ...

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

AutoQA ticket#205

mkrizek mentioned he has a working script to submit bodhi update feedback and is looking for a sample test to integrate the support with. Between depcheck and upgradepath, it was recommended to use upgradepath</path> since depcheck is still in a private branch and it isn't clear whether it's ready to be integrated yet.

Action items

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 16:00
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zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
jlaska #topic Gathering ... 16:00
adamw o to the y 16:00
jlaska adamw: welcome! 16:00
* mkrizek is here 16:01
jlaska I think we'll be without jskladan and kparal today 16:01
jlaska Hi mkrizek 16:01
mkrizek hi all 16:01
jlaska wwoods will be a bit delayed as he needs to see a man about a horse 16:01
jlaska anyone else lurking in the shadows? 16:01
* adamw sprays shadows with rifle 16:02
adamw not any more, sir! 16:02
jlaska wait, no we needed ... oh 16:02
jlaska :) 16:02
jlaska I'll wait another minute, and we'll get moving 16:02
jlaska #info Proposed meeting agenda - 16:03
jlaska mkrizek: are you in a lecture at the moment? 16:03
mkrizek jlaska: not today 16:03
jlaska okay ... diving into the agenda 16:03
jlaska this will be light today, just review and recap on F-14 still 16:04
jlaska #topic Common_F14_Bugs 16:04
jlaska As I'm sure everyone knows, there is a wiki page (and process) used to record common issues users may hit 16:04
jlaska #link 16:04
jlaska This #topic is 1) a quick reminder that the page exists, and instructions for adding your own entries are at the topic of the page 16:05
jlaska and 2) we are just about 1-week out from F-14 general availability 16:05
jlaska there is still active discussion of changes and issues on the list (and I suspect forums too) 16:05
adamw erm 16:06
* adamw hands jlaska the time machine 16:06
jlaska adamw: sorry, I meant 1-week s/out/past/ 16:06
adamw =) 16:06
jlaska only thing I wanted to discuss here is whether we need to get folks on particular issues 16:07
jlaska are there any developing issues/discussion that need further investigation as possible common bug entries? 16:07
adamw nothing i'm aware of 16:07
jlaska I'm tracking a few BIOS RAID bugs still ... but those continue to mature ... no resolution yet that I'm aware of 16:07
jlaska adamw: any trends or concerns pop up from the forums? 16:08
adamw nope, just the usual mix of mini-buglets 16:08
adamw and people trying to get nvidia working 16:08
jlaska anything different there wrt nvidia? 16:09
jlaska blacklisting nouveau etc... ? 16:09
* jlaska hasn't had reason to change to proprietary NVidia drivers ... happy w/ nouveau 16:09
jlaska alrighty ... so that's enough on this topic 16:10
adamw yeah there's a bug in pyxf86config 16:10
adamw which throws off all the *-config-display tools 16:10
adamw so the typical install method for nvidia, fglrx and psb doesn't work 16:10
adamw we (with rpmfusion hat on) should do something about that 16:10
jlaska Is this intended to resolve that issue? 16:11
jlaska * Sun Nov 07 2010 Lubomir Rintel <> - 0.3.37-10 16:11
jlaska - Unbreak it for new XOrg configuration parser 16:11
jlaska anyway, we can talk about that further in #fedora-qa ... don't think that's needed for this meeting (sorry) 16:12
jlaska #topic F-14 QA Retrospective -- last call 16:12
jlaska #link 16:13
jlaska Another reminder topic ... we've got some really good content on the page so far 16:13
jlaska As always though, the more the better 16:13
jlaska even if you see something already on the page, it helps me to see when multiple people report the same (or similar) issues 16:13
adamw jlaska: ooh! possibly. 16:14
jlaska In the coming weeks, I plan to organize the content into distinct groups, and then list recommendations based on the issues identified or suggestions contributed 16:14
jlaska #info Last call for contributions ... add your feedback on what was good/bad/ugly about Fedora 14 Testing 16:15
jlaska with regards to the process we followed last time .... 16:15
jlaska The format worked for me ... it seemed to lend well to filing tickets so anyone could contribute 16:15
jlaska For an example of what I'm talking about ... see 16:16
jlaska I'll likely follow that same procedure 16:16
jlaska However, I'm open to thoughts/suggestions on how we might better collaborate on the content as a group 16:16
jlaska Certainly not something I expect to tackle in todays meeting ... but I am very interested in any ideas on how to collaboratively process the recommendations 16:17
adamw i like the trac process, t's clear 16:17
jlaska yeah that worked well I think ... maybe I need to be more active with directing folks to that list 16:18
jlaska #info jlaska seeking ideas for improving F-15 QA recommendations process/collaboration 16:18
jlaska alright ... last planned topic for today ... 16:19
jlaska #topic F-15 QA schedule drafted 16:19
jlaska poelcat provided a link to the draft F-15 QA schedule 16:19
jlaska #link 16:19
jlaska poelcat and I had a brief discussion about some of the changes to the schedule. A summary of that talk is available at 16:20
adamw looks okay 16:20
jlaska I plan to re-review the schedule in the context of the F-14 QA recommendations (once complete) 16:21
jlaska but I'm pretty happy with the content 16:21
jlaska adamw: excellent 16:21
jlaska alright, it's open mic time 16:21
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 16:21
jlaska mkrizek: is there anything you'd like to call here out with regards to autoqa? 16:22
mkrizek jlaska: not at the moment, I need to run the #205 with upgradepath/depcheck first before making any conclusions about the #205 16:24
jlaska mkrizek: anything you need help with with regards to running those specific tests? 16:24
mkrizek jlaska: well, one question, is it possible to run depcheck yet? 16:25
jlaska mkrizek: I'm sure it's possible, but I think that the code is still in wwoods private branch. So it's likely not intended for general consumption yet 16:26
mkrizek ok, I will try the upgradepath first then 16:26
jlaska mkrizek: yeah, that's probably the best place to experiment first ... I assume that depcheck is close to final, but hard to say until it's moved into 'master' 16:27
jlaska alright ... if no other comments in 1 minute, let's #endmeeting 16:27
jlaska okay gang ... let's get back to your post-F14 wrap-up activities and pre-F15 planning 16:28
jlaska thanks all 16:28
jlaska #endmeeting 16:28

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