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People present (lines said)

  1. jlaska (175)
  2. adamw (42)
  3. dgilmore (24)
  4. nirik (14)
  5. fenrus02 (10)
  6. tflink (9)
  7. cwickert (9)
  8. maxamillion (8)
  9. jskladan (5)
  10. vhumpa (5)
  11. Viking-Ice (4)
  12. jsmith (4)
  13. rbergeron (3)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. jlaska - ask rel-eng to file tickets for upcoming Alpha milestones
    Filed and offtrac'd -
  2. jlaska - ping clumens about a new anaconda build for the alpha TC
    built anaconda-15.20-1 -
  3. adamw - reach out to dmitri to check-in on FreeIPA test day prep
    Postponed ... see
  4. jlaska - send F15Alpha blocker review announcement
    Completed in UTF-7 -
  5. Viking-Ice - solicit feedback on to see whether we need to require only use during test days
    No updates, keep on the list for next week
  6. Anyone - Propose update to QA/SOP_Test_Day_management recommending creation of a "How to debug ____" guide
    Adamw proposed an update at

AutoQA update - DevConf update

At Developer Conferance, autoqa attendance was quite scarce, only 4 people. But at least they had their hands on AutoQA and they might help us with something in the future. One of them already proposed SELinux-related test and maybe will start working on it
I have posted the sample workshop materials here:
I also spoke briefly with Lennart and he seemed interested to have automatic checks performed on packages containing systemd units. He mentioned some changes that he could implement to easily allow us to do so. We agreed that I'll contact him after the conference via email and we'll talk more about the details.
tflink+kparal discussing unit+integration+function test strategy on
Next steps
autoqa-0.4.4 release

Tue, Feb 15 - FreeIPA v2 Test Day

Test_Day:2011-02-15_FreeIPAv2 (
Jcholast is creating tests as we speak on the wiki
Half the tests are designed for execution on a single system
Next steps ...
Get the word out (blogs, lists etc...)

Thu, Feb 17 - XFCE4.8 Test Day

Summary (
Nirik, cwickert and maxamillion are preparing the wiki and test cases
XFCE test day may be impacted by gdm bug (see Halfline is working on a fix and hopes to have something available soon.
Nirik mentioned it would be good to announce this event to the upstream XFCE list, as well as
Next steps ...
Help wanted preparing the wiki for the test event
Help wanted announcing event to upstream XFCE list, and

Thu, Feb 17 - Alpha RC testing starts

dgilmore gave a status update on the TC2 milestone. TC2 is expected later today, and will contain post-branch and post-rebuild content
Alpha RC is scheduled for this Thursday (Feb 17). The RC *cannot* be created until all blockers are addressed
Bug trackers ...
ACCEPTED F15Alpha Blocker bugs
PROPOSED F15Alpha Blocker bugs
ACCEPTED F15Alpha NTH bugs
PROPOSED F15Alpha NTH bugs
Next steps ...
Provide test feedback against TC2
File and monitor alpha blocker bugs in preparation for RC

Fri, Feb 18 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (f15alpha) #4

We held our first blocker IRC meeting last Friday (see Thanks to all those who attended or provided updated status in bugzilla
Next steps ...
Blocker meeting this Friday, February 18 at 17:00 UTC

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Action items

  • No items at this time

IRC transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Feb 14 16:00:02 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
jlaska #topic Roll call 16:00
jsmith Am I fashionably late yet? 16:00
fenrus02 27 seconds is hardly "fashionable" :) 16:00
* jsmith is here (but distracted by a phone meeting) 16:00
* tflink is here 16:00
jlaska jsmith: not at all ... fashionably first :) 16:01
jlaska fenrus02: tflink: greetings 16:01
* jlaska notes ... kparal is out today, he is in training this week 16:01
fenrus02 g'morning! 16:01
vhumpa Greetings! 16:01
jlaska I believe vhumpa and jskladan are still recovering from the plague circulating in the Brno office 16:01
* jskladan lurks! 16:01
jlaska waoh, scratch that ... they both live! :D 16:01
vhumpa jlaska: that is true :) 16:01
jskladan jlaska: new antibiotics are working like charm :) 16:02
jlaska vhumpa: jskladan: welcome back you two 16:02
jlaska hope you are nearing 100% again 16:02
fenrus02 feeling better i hope? 16:02
vhumpa jlaska: just a flu in my case, i should be in the office from tomorrow 16:02
jskladan jlaska: it's better, i can even eat now :) 16:02
jlaska let's hear it for cold/flu season 16:03
jlaska booooo! 16:03
vhumpa boooooo! 16:03
jskladan booooo yeah! 16:03
jskladan :-D 16:03
jlaska okay ... who else are we waiting for 16:03
jlaska rbergeron will likely join a bit later on 16:03
jlaska adamw, Viking-Ice, robatino, Southern_Gentlem? 16:03
jlaska anyone else I'm missing? 16:03
adamw yo 16:03
jlaska mornin! 16:04
jlaska let's get started, and hopefully others will join mid-meeting 16:04
* jlaska tracking minutes on the wiki at QA/Meetings/20110214 16:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 16:05
jlaska some of these are kind of really small tasks, I'm just going to breeze through some ... 16:05
jlaska #info jlaska - ask rel-eng to file tickets for upcoming Alpha milestones 16:05
jlaska dgilmore created a ton of the Alpha tickets last week, thanks dgilmore! 16:05
jlaska #link 16:05
jlaska I got some experience with jkeatings python-offtrac module as well, that was a handy way change *many* tickets at once 16:05
jlaska #info jlaska - ping clumens about a new anaconda build for the alpha TC 16:06
jlaska thank you clumens, we have a new anaconda ready and waiting for TC2 ( 16:06
jlaska #info adamw - reach out to dmitri to check-in on FreeIPA test day prep 16:06
jlaska check this off as well, adamw got in touch w/ dpal and the freeIPA event was postponed and rescheduled for tomorrow 16:06
fenrus02 tomorrow still, right? 16:06
jlaska #link 16:06
adamw yeah 16:06
jlaska fenrus02: looks like it ... the wiki is coming together 16:07
fenrus02 awesome. 16:07
jlaska we can talk more on that in the agenda 16:07
jlaska #info jlaska - send F15Alpha blocker review announcement 16:07
jlaska Completed in UTF-7 fashion - 16:07
jlaska note ... ensure that you are sending UTF-8 encoded mails with evolution :) 16:07
jlaska #info Anyone - Propose update to QA/SOP_Test_Day_management recommending creation of a "How to debug ____" guide 16:07
jlaska looks like adamw grabbed this one, thanks adamw 16:08
jlaska #link 16:08
jlaska proposed update out on the list for review 16:08
jlaska adamw: your proposed edits look good to me ... I'll reply on list after meeting 16:08
adamw yeah 16:09
jlaska last one I had was one that Viking-Ice touched on at the end of last week 16:09
adamw feedback appreciated. there may have been some already, i dunno. 16:09
jlaska #info Viking-Ice - solicit feedback on to see whether we need to require only use during test days 16:09
adamw haven' caught up with the list yet 16:09
jlaska neither have I 16:09
adamw man, we suck 16:09
jlaska with a capital S 16:09
jlaska "we suck less" 16:09
jlaska "we try harder" 16:09
jlaska :) 16:09
adamw the whiskey tries for me 16:10
jlaska anyway ... not sure what the status is here, but we can catch up with Viking-Ice when he arrives 16:10
* Viking-Ice jumps in tata! 16:10
jlaska tada! 16:10
jlaska Hey there 16:10
Viking-Ice I've not yet sent it to the test list 16:10
jlaska Viking-Ice: okay, want me to keep this on the radar for next week too? 16:10
Viking-Ice yeah 16:11
jlaska Viking-Ice: roger, will do 16:11
jlaska alright, let's dive in ... 16:11
jlaska #topic AutoQA update - DevConf update 16:11
jlaska kparal isn't in today, but I have some updates from him via email 16:11
jlaska Regarding the Developer Conference ... 16:11
jlaska #info autoqa attendance was quite scarce, only 4 people. But at least they had their hands on AutoQA and they might help us with something in the future. One of them already proposed SELinux-related test and maybe will start working on it 16:11
jlaska #info I (kparal) have posted the sample workshop materials here: 16:12
jlaska #info I also spoke briefly with Lennart and he seemed interested to have automatic checks performed on packages containing systemd units. He mentioned some changes that he could implement to easily allow us to do so. We agreed that I'll contact him after the conference via email and we'll talk more about the details. 16:12
adamw awesome 16:12
jlaska tflink: jskladan: vhumpa: feel free to make excessive use of #info #action or #link for any AutoQA updates you want to share 16:12
jlaska yeah, I'm excited to see if we can come up with anything quick'n'easy wrt systemd unit sanity 16:13
jlaska glad those two were able to sync up 16:13
Viking-Ice good to know Lennart and kparal manage to meet each other 16:13
jlaska tflink: you've been researching unittest integration for autoqa? Any updates you wanted to highlight here? 16:14
tflink not a whole lot as of yet 16:14
tflink we've started a conversation about testing strategy for autoqa on autoqa-devel but it's waiting for a couple of proof of concept implementations before we go much farther 16:15
jlaska alrighy ... if nothing else on autoqa we'll move on 16:15
jlaska ah good 16:15
tflink and by testing strategy, I mean unit and functional/integration testing for the autoqa code iteself 16:15
jlaska anxious to see what you guys come up with ... I always cringe when building and deploying a new version :) 16:16
jlaska #info tflink+kparal discussing unit+integration+function test strategy on 16:16
tflink as long as you don't feel like yelling 'fire in the hole' when pushing to git 16:16
jlaska yes, that would be awesome to avoid! :D 16:16
tflink when we get to that point, we're in trouble 16:16
adamw that's what all my commit messages say! 16:17
jlaska "wonder what this will do -adamw" 16:17
jlaska :) 16:17
adamw that or 'danger, will robinson' 16:17
jlaska heh 16:17
jlaska okay ... thanks for the update tflink 16:17
tflink np 16:17
jlaska alright, let's move on to the upcoming events portion 16:18
jlaska #topic Tue, Feb 15 - FreeIPA v2 Test Day 16:18
jlaska #link Test_Day:2011-02-15_FreeIPAv2 16:18
jlaska hey robatino :) 16:18
jlaska looks like Jcholast is creating tests as we speak 16:19
jlaska (or type, as the case may be) 16:19
jlaska yay, they're using Template:QA/Test_Case 16:19
jlaska I'm not sure what else we need to do for this event, other then get the word out 16:20
jlaska last I checked, live images are in working order (assuming you don't try to install) 16:20
fenrus02 the cli test page is fun :) 16:20
jlaska #link 16:20
jlaska woah, that's a monster 16:20
adamw i was working on the basis this is a kinda limited-audience test day 16:21
adamw i'm not sure it's one you can do much with if you don't know what the hell a freeipa is 16:21
jlaska are there freeIPA communities that we need to reach out to? 16:21
fenrus02 adamw, you can run the first half with only one machine 16:21
jlaska besides 16:22
fenrus02 there is #freeipa 16:22
jlaska fenrus02: are you a frequent user? 16:22
adamw fenrus02: ah, ok, thanks 16:22
fenrus02 jlaska, not a real user, but i do have it running in test 16:22
jlaska fenrus02: ah good, I like how they grouped tests requiring 1 system, 2 systems etc... 16:22
fenrus02 kudos to Jcholast ... this test page is shaping up very nicely 16:23
jlaska +1 agreed 16:23
jlaska coming together nicely 16:23
jlaska alright, anything else on the freeIPA test day? 16:23
jlaska as with any similar event, if you can help get the word out ... please do! 16:24
jlaska next up ... 16:24
jlaska #topic Thu, Feb 17 - XFCE4.8 Test Day 16:24
jlaska lemme see if maxa is around 16:24
* nirik is lurking around too. 16:24
jlaska oh perfect, hey ninjazjb 16:25
jlaska and nirik :) 16:25
jlaska fooled by tab-complete again! 16:25
nirik I dropped an inital wiki page in, and cwickert spruced it up some... 16:25
nirik but it could use more love I'm sure. 16:25
jlaska #link 16:25
adamw i had a note on my personal todo list to check in with you guys on this one 16:25
jlaska #link 16:25
vhumpa Good day - Let me know if I can help - will definitely participate on this one 16:26
adamw we have all the test cases from last time we can re-use, they may need updating i guess 16:26
adamw hi vhumpa, get back to bed =) 16:26
nirik yeah . 16:26
nirik and possibly any general desktopy ones might apply if generic enough. 16:26
* dgilmore just made some tc2 xfce live cds 16:27
adamw right 16:27
adamw dgilmore: yaay 16:27
nirik cool. 16:27
cwickert dgilmore: where can I grab them? 16:27
dgilmore cwickert: koji 16:27
* cwickert looks 16:27
maxamillion here-ish 16:27
dgilmore cwickert: i need to pull them into place yet 16:27
adamw when does tc2 land again? 16:28
maxamillion apologies for my tardiness(sp?) 16:28
dgilmore adamw: today 16:28
dgilmore adamw: was supposed to be friday but we had no repos to build from 16:28
jlaska TC2 ticket - 16:28
dgilmore adamw: and rc1 is thursday 16:28
jlaska hey maxamillion, thanks for joining 16:29
maxamillion jlaska: happy to be here :) 16:29
jlaska maxamillion: cwickert and nirik were just discussing updates to the XFCE4.8 test day wiki 16:29
adamw dgilmore: thanks 16:29
jlaska I was going to ask if there were any issues that might prevent test contributions for the XFCE test day 16:29
jlaska I gather we'll find out shortly with TC2 16:30
cwickert I might be busy, But I'll try t obe around 16:30
jlaska anything else we need to discuss for our first double header test day week? 16:30
maxamillion jlaska: ah, ok ... thanks for the ping :) 16:30
* nirik will also try and be around... more tests/fixes on the wiki welcome. 16:30
adamw does xfce use gdm as login manager? 16:30
nirik we should probibly advertise to upstream lists as well as the fedora xfce list. 16:30
nirik adamw: yes. 16:30
maxamillion I will be around but there will certainly be times I'm away 16:30
maxamillion adamw: yes 16:30
jlaska adamw: oh right, flashing gdm bug? 16:31
maxamillion bah! too slwo 16:31
maxamillion slow* 16:31
adamw jlaska: right, that's what i was thinking about 16:31
nirik adamw: is the 'can't login to anything but gnome' going to be fixed before then? I hope so. ;( 16:31
adamw last report in is that that bug isn't fixed yet 16:31
adamw nirik: is there a bug for that? 16:31
adamw ping halfline 16:31
nirik I think so, but don't have it off hand. 16:31
jlaska I just pinged halfline earlier today, he's back in action after being under the weather 16:32
jlaska so hopefully we can get some help wijth that flashy gdm issue 16:32
* dgilmore notes that we freeze for alpha tomorrow 16:32
* nirik wishes we could switch to lxdm or something so we would not need to bother gdm folks, but that never seems to be possible. ;( 16:32
adamw jlaska: ah thanks 16:33
jlaska alright ... anything else we want to note? 16:33
adamw dgilmore: the gdm crash is marked as a blocker so it goes through the freeze 16:33
dgilmore adamw: right 16:33
adamw nirik: if you find the 'can't launch anything but gnome' bug mark it as f15alpha-accepted so we can get it through the freeze also 16:33
jlaska #info XFCE test day may be impacted by gdm bug -- (halftline investigating) 16:33
dgilmore adamw: its going to need special handling 16:33
jlaska #undo 16:33
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x2b02601ca490> 16:33
jlaska #info XFCE test day may be impacted by gdm bug -- (halfline investigating) 16:33
cwickert is halfline actually working on this? 16:34
jlaska still waiting for confirmation ... we may want ot reach out on #fedora-devel so we don't all bombard him 16:34
* cwickert sees no comment from him in the bug report and it is still new 16:34
jlaska cwickert: he was ill last week, but should be back now 16:34
cwickert I see 16:35
cwickert nirik: btw: I cannot boot the latest xfce nightly 16:35
nirik cwickert: doesn't even boot? or you get the gdm flashing issue? 16:35
cwickert nirik: it doesn't boot completely: "plymouthd: could not log bootup: address already in use" 16:36
jlaska cwickert: that should be noice 16:36
jlaska noise 16:36
adamw yeah that's not the error 16:36
adamw it always says that 16:36
adamw anyway, shall we follow it up out of meeting? 16:37
nirik yeah, thats "normal" 16:37
cwickert ok 16:37
jlaska alright, moving on ... 16:37
jlaska #topic Thu, Feb 17 - Alpha RC testing starts 16:37
jlaska As dgilmore noted earlier, we're expecting a TC2 compose sometime today that will have post-branch, post-mass-rebuild content 16:38
dgilmore jlaska: we wont have KDE livecds 16:38
dgilmore but we will have everything else 16:38
jlaska Given the enormous amount of change, I suspect we'll need to run through the release validation matrix again 16:38
adamw dgilmore: what's up with kde? 16:38
dgilmore adamw: broken deps 16:39
adamw jlaska: definitely +1 to that 16:39
jlaska stay tuned to test-announce@ for updates and new images 16:39
adamw dgilmore: ah, did you talk to kde team? 16:39
dgilmore adamw: yep rdieter is working on getting it fixed 16:39
jlaska #info F-15-Alpha-TC2 expected today - includes mass rebuild and branched release changes 16:39
jlaska we can land live images whenever they are available, right? 16:39
jlaska updated live images, I mean 16:39
adamw dgilmore: cool. i guess we can add a note for desktop validation saying 'test a nightly'. 16:40
dgilmore jlaska: yeah 16:40
dgilmore adamw: nightly should fail the same 16:40
adamw or do that! 16:40
adamw dgilmore: right, but when the deps are fixed, the next one won't. 16:40
dgilmore adamw: sure 16:40
jlaska anything else we want to review on this topic? 16:41
jlaska new TC2 images, then RC1 images 16:41
dgilmore busy week 16:41
jlaska that's how we like it, right? :D 16:41
jlaska dgilmore: btw ... kudos for your work with the branching+rebuild 16:42
adamw yup thanks a ton 16:42
dgilmore jlaska: just doing my job :) 16:42
jlaska dgilmore: even with the RC1 on the schedule for Friday, we can't build ISO images until we have no unresolved blocker bugs, right? 16:43
jlaska at least, that's what we've followed for previous releases 16:43
* jlaska suspects no reason we need to adjust that this time 16:43
dgilmore jlaska: well there is no point in making isos if the blockers are not fixed 16:44
dgilmore or we at least think there fixed 16:44
jlaska dgilmore: right on 16:44
jlaska dgilmore: I put some queries for the bugs we are tracking in 16:44
dgilmore jlaska: awesome thanks 16:44
jlaska lemme know if those are helpful, or if you want other views 16:44
dgilmore i will do 16:45
jlaska alright, happy testing all! 16:45
jlaska next topic ... 16:45
jlaska #topic Fri, Feb 18 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (f15alpha) #4 16:45
rbergeron woot 16:45
jlaska #info We held our first blocker IRC meeting last Friday -- 16:46
jlaska we had good participation in the meeting, thank you all 16:46
adamw dgilmore: jlaska: i believe our process is not to spin RCs till all existing blockers are addressed, right? 16:46
jlaska really helps having active meeting participation, or updated bugs 16:46
jlaska adamw: yup, that's my understanding too 16:46
jlaska adamw: just wanted to confirm 16:46
jlaska so the first blocker meetings in a release are always painful 16:47
jlaska 2 hours 16:47
dgilmore it was productive though 16:48
jlaska plus, my fingers aren't the fastest ... so that's a limiting factor :) 16:48
jlaska dgilmore: +1 definitely 16:48
adamw much less painful if you don't show up! 16:48
jsmith adamw: Zinger! 16:48
jlaska adamw: a well deserved absence! 16:48
jlaska so ... rinse and repeat this friday 16:48
jlaska Try to be proactive and responsive to any bugs you have on the blocker list 16:49
jlaska be on the lookout for requests for debug information, or test feedback from maintainers 16:49
jlaska and don't be afraid to hug a maintainer 16:49
jlaska they are people too! 16:49
jlaska just some reminder links for the casual reader ... 16:49
jlaska #link 16:49
jlaska #link 16:50
jlaska #link 16:50
jlaska alright ... anything else folks wanted to higlight on the blocker meetings? 16:50
jlaska we had a few folks doing their first fedora blocker meetings this time, hopefully I didn't scare them (rbergeron, tflink, dgilmore) 16:51
jlaska okay ... time for open discussion (with 9 minutes to spare) 16:51
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 16:51
dgilmore jlaska: im not easily scared 16:51
jlaska Are there any topics folks would like to discuss that haven't already been touched on? 16:51
tflink jlaska: I've seen far worse :) 16:51
rbergeron ;) 16:51
jlaska tflink: dgilmore: careful, we haven't hit the mother of all blocker meetings yet! 16:51
rbergeron lol 16:52
jlaska any meeting with popcorn and intermission == pain 16:52
adamw what's our record? eight hours or so? 16:52
jlaska I don't remember, part of me died that day 16:53
adamw haha 16:53
tflink 8 hours? Oh my ... 16:53
jlaska I like to say it was the part that could spell properly 16:53
jlaska adamw: ^^ :) 16:53
jsmith :-p 16:53
jlaska okay ... I'm going to set the fuse for 3 minutes ... 16:54
jlaska let's close out the meeting in 3 minutes unless there are any new topics raised 16:54
jlaska T - 2 minutes ... 16:55
* jlaska queues the musak 16:55
jlaska T - 1 minute ... 16:56
jlaska jskladan: vhumpa: glad you both are feeling better 16:56
jlaska thanks everyone for your time ... 16:56
jlaska and good luck testing and rigorously applying the Alpha release criteria this week :D 16:56
jlaska #endmeeting 16:57

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