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People present (lines said):

  • jlaska (164)
  • adamw (62)
  • CRCinAU (45)
  • satellit__ (10)
  • robatino (8)
  • tflink (7)
  • kparal (7)
  • vhumpa (6)
  • zodbot (5)
  • hircus (3)
  • Cerlyn (3)
  • fenris02 (3)
  • rbergeron (3)
  • jsmith (3)
  • Viking-Ice (2)
  • jskladan (1)
  • f15_DVD_sugar (1)
  • brunowolff (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)
  3. Twu (hopefully sleeping)


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. adamwill and vhumpa rescheduled GnomeShell #3 for April 21
  2. tflink and adamwill handled announcements (test-announce and blog) for Printing test day
  3. tflink looked into stale -pending tags and determine whether autoqa or bodhi bug ... good news, false alarm (see
  4. nirik updated the nightly-composes directory to eliminate any 404's and use index.html (see

F-15-Beta TC1 status

  • We have until Wednesday (2011-04-06) to complete testing of the installation and desktop matrices
  • Add test results at
  • Monitor proposed and accepted blocker bugs ...
  • ACTION: adamw will add a 'gnome fallback mode' to the F-15-Beta Desktop test matrix
  • ACTION: jlaska to discuss next anaconda build with clumens for RC1
  • ACTION: jlaska review installer beta blockers, discuss w/ adamw on need for TC2 test images

Upcoming QA events

Thursday, April 7 - F-15-Beta RC1

  • Request: task#40

Friday, April 8 - F-15-Beta Blocker #5

Thursday, April 14 - Virtualization Test Day

  • Request: fedora-qa#162
  • Jlaska will check-in with jforbes to see if any assistance is needed

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

RHBZ #689291

Nitrate project status

  • Request: Cerlyn asked for status on the Nitrate project
  • Jlaska noted that the nitrate-devel team has a package going through review (see
  • Jlaska noted that we are requesting space to host a demo nitrate instance (see
  • Cerlyn asked if nitrate would be used to verify Fedora 15. AdamW responded it would not be. Jlaska added it will hopefully be used as a demonstration, but it likely won't be officially used for Fedora 15 testing.

Problems building delta-ISO images?

  • Request: CRCinAU noted that robatino was having trouble building delta-ISO images on
  • Robatino confirmed that he was no longer having issues, but was manually working around the lack of

Action items

  1. adamw will add a 'gnome fallback mode' to the F-15-Beta Desktop test matrix
  2. jlaska to discuss next anaconda build with clumens for RC1
  3. jlaska review installer beta blockers, discuss w/ adamw on need for TC2 test images
  4. jlaska will check-in with jforbes on the upcoming Virtualization test day


jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Apr 4 15:00:32 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Roll Call! 15:00
jlaska adamw: hey there 15:00
* tflink is here 15:00
jlaska hey tflink 15:01
* vhumpa jumps in 15:01
* kparal present 15:01
* adamw still here 15:01
jlaska :) 15:01
* hircus here 15:01
jlaska hey vhumpa kparal hircus 15:01
* jskladan lurks 15:02
* satellit__ lurking 15:02
jlaska hello lurkers! :) 15:02
jlaska one more minute, and we'll get this party started 15:02
* rbergeron gets out the party horns 15:03
jlaska :) 15:03
jlaska anyone else lurking (robatino, Viking-Ice)? 15:03
* robatino is here 15:03
jlaska howdy 15:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:04
jlaska one sec ... wiki not responding 15:04
jlaska #info adamwill and vhumpa rescheduled Gnome Shell test day to April 21 15:05
jlaska thanks gents 15:05
jlaska #info tflink to handle announcements for Printing test day 15:05
jlaska thanks tflink and adamwill for getting the word out for the printing event 15:05
adamw yay printing 15:06
jlaska #info tflink looking into stale -pending tags and determine whether autoqa or bodhi bug 15:06
jlaska iirc, tflink posted the response to 15:06
jlaska I can't access the archives at the moment, yay 15:06
tflink yep 15:06
jlaska but I think that's [x] done 15:06
adamw general yay 15:06
tflink I spoke too quickly - there were no stale tags 15:06
jlaska and last one I had was ... 15:06
* hircus noticing shiny new GNOME 3.0 packages in Koji 15:07
jlaska #info nirik updated nightly-composes directory to eliminate 404's, and add a friendly index.html 15:07
jlaska tflink: oh right, thanks 15:07
jlaska #link 15:07
jlaska iirc, I think kparal might have also helped in tweaking the nightly compose html? 15:08
adamw yay shiny index.html! 15:08
kparal jlaska: just the page layout 15:08
adamw man, i'm running out of yay. 15:08
* kparal learned css basics finally 15:08
jlaska is it just me, are these links working for others? 15:08
satellit__ work fine 15:09
jlaska okay, so just my networking 15:09
vhumpa works great 15:09
fenris02 works ok here 15:09
jlaska adamw: feed the yay machine 15:09
hircus looks fine here with Chrome 15:09
jlaska cool, so hopefully others can assist if any lookups are needed ... I'm unable to get there atm 15:11
jlaska okay, let's get started ... 15:11
jlaska #topic F-15-Beta-TC1 status 15:11
jlaska okay, so this of course doesn't help since I can't access the bug lists 15:11
jlaska yay, networking back up 15:11
jsmith Networking is a good thing :-) 15:11
fenris02 has selinux-policy -10 or higher been pushed to stable yet? (required to make the next iso usable) 15:12
jlaska heh ... zodbot ... catch up 15:13
jlaska apparently 15:13
jlaska zodbot: please do the needful 15:13
* fenris02 smirks 15:13
jlaska #topic F-15-Beta-TC1 status 15:13
jlaska well, let's forge ahead without zodbot, maybe it will catch up 15:14
adamw fenris02: yes. (actually, it would never have been a problem for ISO composes, as a 'broken' systemd never made it to stable.) 15:14
jlaska #link 15:14
jlaska #link 15:14
adamw jlaska: uh, it worked. 15:15
jlaska #link Test_Results:Current_Installation_Test 15:15
adamw <jlaska> #topic F-15-Beta-TC1 status 15:15
adamw --- zodbot has changed the topic to: F-15-Beta-TC1 status (Meeting topic: Fedora QA Meeting) 15:15
jlaska #link Test_Results:Current_Desktop_Test 15:15
adamw is what I get in my logs. 15:15
jlaska cool, a few new faces on the Desktop test matrix 15:15
tflink yeah, I see it, too 15:15
adamw jlaska: caillon and jreiser, so not 'new', but new to desktop testing =) 15:15
* rbergeron notes that the intertubes have been broken all to heck all night 15:15
adamw so on the desktop matrix we have two questionable 'fails' 15:16
adamw i'm keeping an eye on those 15:16
* jlaska LAAAAAAGGGED 15:16
* jlaska just now catching up 15:16
jlaska adamw: anyone want to volunteer to #chair here ... the lag is working against me 15:17
vhumpa Could we also use some help around other desktop environments there, or do we focus completely on Gnome? 15:17
jlaska sorry, not meant for adamw ... anyone really 15:17
* jsmith could chair, but doesn't really know the agenda, etc. 15:17
adamw vhumpa: only gnome can block the release 15:18
adamw oh, and kde 15:18
adamw vhumpa: but it's always good to check the others 15:18
adamw i also should add a column to that table for 'gnome fallback mode', which i did for alpha iirc - it seems the best way to ensure both shell and fallback are okay 15:19
vhumpa adamw: I can do some tests on KDE if needed 15:19
adamw oh, for alpha i just put (fallback) in brackets with some results. but that seems suboptimal. 15:19
jlaska #info We have until Wednesday (2011-04-06) to wrap up testing of the installation and desktop matrices 15:19
adamw vhumpa: sure 15:19
adamw please do! 15:19
* jlaska runs blocker -> wiki script 15:19
jlaska #link Current_Release_Blockers 15:19
f15_DVD_sugar fallback is great when updated on VirtualBox4.0.4OSX 15:19
* jlaska appears caught up on IRC now 15:20
jlaska #action adamw will add a 'gnome fallback mode' to the F-15-Beta Desktop test matrix 15:20
* vhumpa yays the idea 15:20
jlaska adamw: I proposed a beta blocker for missing icons in the fallback menus ... assuming those are still covered by our existing menu icon criteria 15:21
jlaska vhumpa: :) 15:21
satellit__ fallback is fine on Vitrualbox4.0.4 OSX even better when updated 7 missing icons here 15:21
jlaska the blocker bug counts aren't looking horrible 15:21
adamw jlaska: i think that's a final blocker, not beta? 15:21
jlaska anything additional folks would like to highlight with regards to F-15-Beta-TC1 testing? 15:22
adamw jlaska: from final criteria - "All Applications listed in the desktop menus must have icons which have a consistent appearance and sufficiently high resolution to avoid appearing blurry " 15:22
satellit__ networking does not start as pcizp1 is etho and not started till clicked in VB4 15:22
jlaska adamw: anything you wanted to call out on #topic ? 15:23
adamw not really 15:23
vhumpa adamw: KDE should working doing rather well, considering the presumed user shock from G3 ;) 15:24
jlaska okay, moving on to next topic 15:24
brunowolff 679486 still seems to be a problem with KDE. 15:25
jlaska adamw: yeah 15:25
* Viking-Ice joins in late.. 15:25
jlaska thanks all for some good TC1 testing 15:25
jlaska there still are a fair number of installer bugs that are in ON_QA 15:26
jlaska I'll try to knock out 4 or so this afternoon 15:26
jlaska adamw: yeah, I set it as a Final blocker 15:26
jlaska using that same criteria 15:26
jlaska adamw: just was confirming that those criteria also applied ot fallback mode 15:26
adamw jlaska: where are we with getting an updated anaconda? 15:26
* CRCinAU waves 15:26
adamw jlaska: yeah, as i see it, we treat it as another desktop which can also block release. 15:26
jlaska adamw: okay 15:27
jlaska CRCinAU: Viking-Ice hello 15:27
jlaska adamw: we have an updated anaconda, that didn't land in TC1 as intended. We can request a TC2, but I don't know if that's required at this point, thoughts? 15:28
CRCinAU did I miss any discussion of bug 689291 or so as yet? 15:28
CRCinAU as I'm actually here now ;) 15:28
jlaska CRCinAU: we're not walking the bug list in this meeting 15:28
adamw jlaska: did the latest-latest land? i'm kinda behind the anaconda state of the art. 15:29
CRCinAU ah. fair enough then ;) 15:29
jlaska CRCinAU: but we can highlight specific bugs that aren't getting attention if needed 15:29
jlaska adamw: I'll circle back w/ clumens after meeting, I suspect there will be another build needed for RC1 15:29
CRCinAU well, with Dan Williams tips, I managed to find the root cause of 15:29
jlaska adamw: do you think a TC2 is appropriate/needed ... or will a boot.iso (nightly build) suffice? 15:30
CRCinAU it seems NetworkManager barfs with an ipv6 RA of AdvRDNSSLifetime with a value of infinite. It probably shouldn't barf, but any value other than infinite works. 15:30
* jsmith leans towards a TC2 (but isn't nearly as informed as adamw) 15:30
adamw jlaska: it doesn't look like we have any real game overs, right? so probably don't need tc2 15:30
adamw CRCinAU: can you maybe hold it until it's on topic? 15:30
jlaska adamw: that's what I'm seeing, but we can always adjust as needed 15:30
* CRCinAU holds 15:30
adamw thanks 15:30
jlaska there isn't a lot of time to absorb a TC2 ... but perhaps we can let the bugs do the talking 15:31
jlaska #action jlaska to discuss next anaconda build with clumens for RC1 15:31
jlaska adamw: I'll look at the beta blocking bugs linked from the install page after this meeting, we can talk more in #fedora-qa through the details? 15:32
adamw sure 15:32
jlaska #action jlaska review installer beta blockers, discuss w/ adamw on need for TC2 test images 15:32
jlaska Okay, quick update on upcoming events, and then we'll open up the meeting for discussion 15:32
adamw CRCinAU: this isn't a blocker review meeting, so unless there's something for the whole qa group to discuss regarding that bug, we don't necessarily need to bring it up 15:32
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA events 15:33
adamw CRCinAU: this is just the QA weekly meeting... 15:33
jlaska #info Thursday, April 7 - F-15-Beta RC1 - 15:33
jlaska Shouldn't be a surprise, but it seems we are on target for an RC1 build later this week 15:33
* CRCinAU nods - but its a rare miracle I'm actually awake at this time of morning - so I *very* rarely make it to any meetings. 15:33
jlaska In order to compose an RC, all accepted blocker bugs must have tested builds available 15:34
jlaska If there are any delays, we can certainly adjust and request TC2 instead ... some flexibility may be needed here 15:34
jlaska any thoughts/comments/concerns on RC1 scheduled for this week? 15:34
adamw i think we're probably in good shape 15:34
jlaska next up ... 15:35
jlaska #info Friday, April 1 - F-15-Beta Blocker #5 15:35
jlaska oops 15:35
jlaska #undo 15:35
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x242a5050> 15:35
jlaska #info Friday, April 8 - F-15-Beta Blocker #5 15:35
jlaska there we go 15:35
jlaska cut'n'paste fail 15:35
jlaska I don't think we have a blocker review scheduled for this Friday 15:35
jlaska but I've tentatively listed it here, since I suspect some bug review will probably be needed 15:36
jlaska and, apologies for slacking during the last 2 meetings. I will be present this week 15:36
jlaska we do not have any test days scheduled this week ... which is good, so we can focus on Beta tests + bugs 15:37
adamw yeah, i don't know why we don't schedule one for after the rc. 15:37
adamw (blocker meeting that is) 15:37
jlaska adamw: I just assumed it would be needed, and plan on announcing it again anyway 15:37
jlaska hopefully someone shows up! 15:37
* adamw will 15:37
jlaska rbergeron: maybe we can add another blocker meeting (for this Friday) to the quality schedule? 15:38
rbergeron jlaska: yes 15:38
jlaska #info The next scheduled test day is 2011-04-14 - Virtualization ( 15:38
* CRCinAU pricks up his ears 15:38
jlaska rbergeron: sweet, thanks! 15:39
* satellit__ also 15:39
jlaska Anyone interested in reaching out to jforbes and company on the planned Virtualization test day? 15:39
CRCinAU and if said test day includes anything Xen ;) 15:39
adamw he pulled the last one together, so i'm not hugely worried about this 15:40
tflink CRCinAU: I asked the Xen folks about that, I don't think they were very interested 15:40
adamw but yeah, we can just give him a quick ping to remind that it's coming up 15:40
* CRCinAU would kill his firstborn for Xen to be native in F15 lol 15:40
jlaska adamw: I was hoping we could incorporate/recognize some feedback we have from the last 3 virt test day attempts 15:40
jlaska and try to keep the event more focused 15:40
jlaska I'll reach out to jforbes in the ticket this week to see what we can do 15:41
jlaska #action jlaska will check-in with jforbes on the upcoming Virtualization test day 15:41
CRCinAU alas, it seems that the kernel still isn't ready for that - it seems .40 or so before the stock kernel will be Xen Dom0 capable - so I guess it'll be beyond the test day scope 15:41
adamw jlaska: sounds good 15:41
jlaska CRCinAU: seems so 15:41
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 15:42
jlaska Okay gang, it's that time 15:42
CRCinAU unless patches are obtains out of the stock tree for it 15:42
jlaska any topics not included in the agenda that need our attention in this meeting? 15:42
Viking-Ice nothing from me 15:42
* CRCinAU raises his hand 15:42
jlaska CRCinAU: what's up? 15:42
CRCinAU this is mainly for adamw, but yeah 15:42
CRCinAU 15:42
jlaska #topic Open discussion - 15:43
CRCinAU its 'maybe, maybe not' blocker atm - I've pretty much found the root cause. 15:43
CRCinAU it seems NetworkManager or its interactions barf with an IPv6 RA for a AdvRDNSSLifetime of infinity 15:43
CRCinAU any value other than infinity works as expected. 15:43
adamw if it only happens if your router is a custom job with non-default settings, i'm not worried. 15:43
adamw if any actual off-the-shelf router would have that setting...maaaybe. 15:44
CRCinAU so I have no idea if this will still classify as a blocker or not - as I'm not sure how common this option would be 15:44
jlaska is this something a *lot* of testers/users will encounter? 15:44
CRCinAU in fact, not sure how common *anyone* using IPv6 will be. 15:44
adamw well, i think we agreed anything which hits all ipv6 is probably bad. 15:45
* satellit__ Bend Oregon has it here 15:45
CRCinAU well, the AdvRDNSSLifetime lifetime can be just about anywhere from 0 to infinite. What the 'normal' setup will be is a mystery to me 15:45
adamw but given how customized your case is, i'm not sure we can really conclude much from it. 15:45
jlaska let's ask dcbw in the bug, what his sense is for how common a configuration this is 15:45
adamw yeah, good idea. 15:45
jlaska at the very least, you've got something that could land in CommonBugs 15:45
jlaska anyone else have ideas? 15:45
adamw still, if it's a straightforward fix, the obvious thing would be to Fix The Damn Thing. 15:45
* CRCinAU nods. it is a bug, but I don't really believe it to be a blocker - as it's not really a case of any IPv6 RA breaks it as I originally thought it to be 15:46
tflink CRCinAU: there are some private repos for Xen Dom0 capable fedora kernels. check out the xen@lists.fp.o archives 15:47
jlaska CRCinAU: well, in that case ... you can remove blocks:F15Beta and add keyword:CommonBugs 15:47
CRCinAU adamw would know about how it fits the criteria for blockers than me ;) 15:47
adamw let's follow up in the bug. 15:47
adamw commonbugs is worth keeping, i think. 15:47
adamw oh, 'and add', doh ;) 15:47
satellit__ nm does not find pci2p1 wired connection on startup with Virtualbox need to click it to start it? 15:47
CRCinAU the problem is that there don't see to be *any* default type settings for IPv6 as yet :P 15:47
jlaska satellit__: please hold 15:48
CRCinAU so really, I'm unsure of the effect - however CommonBugs is probably better. 15:48
adamw we can wait for dan's feedback. 15:49
CRCinAU I'm not a NM guru - but it seems like a simple state of NM thinking infinity == expired 15:49
jlaska #info based on feedback, recommend removing blocks:F15Beta and possibly adding keyword:CommonBugs 15:49
adamw jlaska: i'd rather keep the blocks for now, so we don't forget to re-check it with more info. 15:50
jlaska thanks CRCinAU 15:50
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 15:50
jlaska any other discussion topics that we need to review in this meeting? 15:50
Cerlyn What is the status of the Nitrate/Fedora TCMS move? 15:51
* jlaska lagging again 15:51
jlaska Cerlyn: the nitrate package is going through package review, and we are working with infrastructure to setup a pilot demo instance 15:51
jlaska .bug 690728 15:52
zodbot jlaska: Bug 690728 Review Request: Nitrate - A test case management system written in Django - 15:52
jlaska #link 15:52
jlaska Cerlyn: does that help? 15:53
Cerlyn a bit; I presume we aren't going to use it for F15 testing at this point then? 15:53
adamw i wouldn't think so. 15:54
Cerlyn thanks 15:54
jlaska Cerlyn: possibly as a proof-of-concept to identify some kinks ... but not in any *official* capacity 15:54
jlaska #info Cerlyn asked for status of the nitrate TCMS project 15:54
jlaska satellit__: was there something you wanted to discuss during this meeting? 15:54
adamw he had to start up his ethernet connection manually. which is normal, isn't it? 15:55
satellit__ only that in VirtualBox DVD install does not start pci2p1 15:55
jlaska yeah, I believe that is by design 15:55
satellit__ works when clicked 15:55
jlaska if you are performing a network installation, and you've enabled networking during install, it will set things up for the next boot 15:56
adamw yeah, if you don't use the network during install, that's intended. 15:56
satellit__ ok 15:56
kparal I have created a bug report about that 15:56
kparal several releases ago 15:56
jlaska there is a slightly different behavior here now with the large initrd.img, and I need to verify that the existing behavior remains 15:56
kparal agreed as bug, not fixed yet 15:56
jlaska kparal: knows this issue well :) 15:56
jlaska *: anything else to call out for the meeting? 15:56
* kparal thinks this is the issue why Ubuntu rules. small usability things 15:56
CRCinAU hmmmm 15:56
CRCinAU is it OT to talk about robatinos disos and alt? 15:57
jlaska no, what's your question? 15:57
jlaska depending on the question, we can determine where best to discuss 15:57
CRCinAU I think he could *really* use some help getting a way to build the disos on alt. it seems there is some issue with using the makedelta due to compression changes 15:57
jlaska robatino: what's the trouble, what can we help with? 15:58
adamw it's due to alt running rhel, isn't it? 15:58
CRCinAU this would make the disos available *much* quicker and save him from downloading many Gb of ISOs for each build 15:58
jlaska #topic Open discussion - Building deltaISO images for QA 15:58
robatino jlaska: CRCinAU: i can do that now 15:58
CRCinAU I don't know if hes about at this time of night. 15:58
jlaska CRCinAU: he joined the meeting, but may have stepped away 15:58
CRCinAU the version of xz is different on alt than required in F15 15:58
CRCinAU hence you can't create an F15 diso on alt 15:59
jlaska what did the infrastructre folks suggest? 15:59
robatino like i said, i'm able to do it now, so the disos will be much faster 15:59
CRCinAU I talked to him the yesterday about maybe (somehow?) getting a static binary of makedelta or similar? 15:59
CRCinAU I'm not sure anyone or robatino has spoken to them - or even know how to get in touch with them 16:00
adamw they have a mailing list and a trac instance and an irc channel. 16:00
jlaska Well, that'd be my first step, to check-in with the infrastructure folks who manage those systems 16:00
jlaska maybe they have ideas or can offer suggestions 16:00
jlaska Though, I'll be happy to talk further with you or robatino 16:00
jlaska and I'm sure we can come up with something 16:00
CRCinAU maybe yourself or adamw can point robatino in the right direction on doing it? 16:00
CRCinAU I don't have any access to alt - so I can't even tinker and see what I can figure out 16:01
robatino can anyone read this? 16:01
jlaska CRCinAU: the same folks who gave robatino access to alt would be a good start 16:01
adamw i'd say just mail them. 16:01
adamw robatino: yeah, i saw it. 16:01
jlaska CRCinAU: #fedora-admin or 16:01
jlaska might be 16:01
adamw i also saw <robatino> like i said, i'm able to do it now, so the disos will be much faster 16:01
tflink am I missing something, or is this still an issue if it's currently working? 16:01
CRCinAU robatino: eyyy :) 16:01
robatino ok, i've been busy saying that i can make the disos on alt now, and apparently no one saw it 16:01
CRCinAU adamw: yes. 16:01
jlaska robatino: hey! 16:01
adamw tflink: i think jlaska and crcinau are somehow missing robatino's messages. 16:01
CRCinAU robatino is like the devil. Speak his name and he appears ;) LOL 16:02
CRCinAU oh - my apologies - I hadn't heard that news. 16:02
jlaska robatino: so you are not having any difficulties? 16:02
CRCinAU I'll talk to you in private about how you managed it, as its probably OT here :) 16:02
robatino no, the only little issue is that i don't have a metalink executable that will run on alt 16:02
robatino it first appeared in F11, alt is EL5.6 which is based on FC6 16:03
jlaska #info these are not the droids you are looking for 16:03
adamw that can probably get sorted out, maybe via epel? 16:03
jlaska tflink: I think this is a non-issue ... robatino, confirm? 16:03
robatino it just means that i have to download my deltas in order to make and post the .metalink files, so there will be a little delay 16:03
* jlaska lagging 16:04
adamw oh okay. 16:04
adamw so...nothing to see here, move along? 16:04
jlaska robatino: okay, cool ... thanks for the update 16:04
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <your topic here> 16:04
CRCinAU robatino, adamw, jlaska: my apologies - I thought it was still broken. 16:04
jlaska Okay, setting the fuse for 2 minutes (and likely longer since I appear to be lagging still) 16:05
jlaska If no other topics, I'll #endmeeting soon 16:05
CRCinAU see what happens when you miss out on 24 hours of news ;) LOL 16:05
jlaska CRCinAU: no worries 16:05
jlaska adamw: I saw them ... just lagged on my end 16:06
jlaska Last call for topics ... 16:07
jlaska Okay, closing out the meeting since there are no other topics 16:08
jlaska thanks everyone, I'll send minutes to the list later today 16:08
jlaska #endmeeting 16:08

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