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People present (lines said):

  1. jlaska (94)
  2. adamw (33)
  3. StylusEater (20)
  4. tflink (16)
  5. vhumpa (8)
  6. zodbot (3)
  7. jsmith (2)
  8. jskladan (1)
  9. kparal (1)
  10. robatino (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)
  3. Twu (hopefully sleeping)


Previous meeting follow-up

F-15-Beta status

Upcoming QA events

Thursday, April 21 - GNOME3 Test Day #3

  • Request: fedora-qa#155
  • vhumpa and rlat working on wiki page and adjusting test cases

Thursday, April 28 - Cloud SIG Test Day

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Action items


jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Apr 18 15:00:02 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
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jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Roll Call 15:00
adamw yo 15:00
* tflink is present 15:00
jlaska Come one, come all ... to the weekly QA-a-thon! 15:00
* StylusEater is present 15:00
tflink wait, I thought this was only supposed to last an hour at most ... 15:00
jlaska tflink: hah, I've secretly switched your regular meeting with a blocker review meeting 15:01
jlaska welcome adamw tflink StylusEater 15:01
* adamw falls to knees, clutches head and screams at sky 15:01
tflink jlaska: another >4hr meeting? Sounds awesome :-/ 15:01
jlaska :P 15:01
jlaska tflink: sign me up! 15:01
jlaska Anyone else? I think kparal might not be able to make it today 15:02
jlaska robatino, Viking-Ice, vhumpa, jskladan ... anyone else I'm missing 15:02
* kparal lurks and leaves in 10 mins 15:02
jlaska lurker! :) 15:02
* robatino here 15:02
* jsmith lurks 15:02
jlaska hi folks 15:02
* vhumpa here here 15:02
tflink jlaska: says the guy who disappeared for an hour last time :-P 15:02
jlaska tflink: busted :) 15:03
jlaska okay, let's get moving ... 15:03
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:03
jlaska This is pretty tame ... the only item I had on the list was Adamw noted he would followup on the virt test day prep 15:03
jlaska and it seems like that happened, so thanks adamw 15:03
adamw yeah, justin said he had it all under control and he did 15:04
jlaska Speaking of ... rhe did some nice work re-organizing the test cases on the wiki 15:04
* jskladan is here 15:04
jlaska hi jskladan 15:04
jlaska I haven't heard back on the event yet, but seems like we did have participation. It feels like it was more than previous virt events, but I don't have data to compare yet 15:05
jlaska anyway ... that's all I had from last week 15:05
jlaska anything else before we move on? 15:05
jlaska #topic F-15-Beta status 15:05
jlaska So, this will be short and sweet :) 15:06
jlaska #link 15:06
jlaska The Beta was declared GOLD last week, and should be hitting mirrors starting tomorrow I believe 15:06
tflink there is a pending change to the pre-release download page, too 15:06
jlaska Just a few reminder links for folks as we triage incoming issues ... 15:07
jlaska #link Common_F15_bugs 15:07
jlaska #link Fedora_15_QA_Retrospective 15:07
tflink that will direct people to #fedora-qa or test@ for support on the beta 15:07
adamw i've pretty much done commonbugs 15:07
jlaska adamw: I saw that ... amazing work 15:07
adamw all the alpha issues are 'tagged' for easy removal when the beta hits 15:07
adamw if anyone can think of any bugs that should be called out add them or tag the bug with the commonbugs keyword 15:07
jlaska there was one CLOSED anaconda bug I'm going to add to the list, since it will not be fixed until F16 15:08
adamw nice 15:08
tflink so we may have an increase in the number of common questions that might have otherwise gone to #fedora 15:08
jlaska tflink: good point, thanks for the heads up 15:08
jlaska anything we need to consider or do differently to handle these questions? 15:08
jlaska or just be mindful and try to point folks to the right places? 15:09
StylusEater is the "infamously" flamed RAID/mdadm bug fixed? :-) 15:09
tflink I can't think of anything other than being patient and aware of the possible influx of new people 15:09
adamw StylusEater: not sure what bug you mean. 15:09
jlaska StylusEater: apparently it wasn't that infamous :) 15:09
adamw StylusEater: if you mean the one discussed on devel, then as soon as you do an update, you'll get a fixed mdadm. 15:09
StylusEater adamw: yes that is the one. 15:10
jlaska ah that thread :) 15:10
jlaska #694958 I think 15:11
jlaska anyway, so that's all I had on F-15-Beta 15:11
jlaska thanks tflink for the reminder about new testers arriving in a channel near us soon 15:11
tflink jlaska: np 15:11
jlaska We already have a good list of F15 QA retrospective topics on the wiki ... please drop notes there for things that worked well, or poorly 15:11
jlaska If nothing else on the Beta, I'll move on 15:12
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA events 15:12
jlaska #info Thursday, April 21 - GNOME3 Test Day #3 - Test_Day:2011-04-21_GNOME3_Final 15:12
jlaska coming this Thursday, the last of the GNOME3 test days 15:13
jlaska vhumpa: how's the prep work going? 15:13
vhumpa Yes - the page is moreorless coming to its final looks now - Test_Day:2011-04-21_GNOME3_Final 15:13
adamw this time we have managed to avoid an upstream release week, but have hit with ninja-like precision the week in which mclasen is on vacation 15:13
vhumpa We have reorganized the test cases as you can see, basically - the issues that were part of the "second" table to go first together with the most problematic issues 15:14
jlaska adamw: doh! Is there someone (or a group of people) who are available in his place? 15:14
* StylusEater raises hand 15:14
adamw yeah, caillon will probably be around, maybe a few others. 15:14
jlaska cool 15:14
jlaska StylusEater: what's up? 15:14
adamw StylusEater: we mean 'people from the desktop team' :) 15:14
jlaska ah 15:15
adamw vhumpa: the 'workspaces' test case seems to be missing? 15:15
StylusEater jlaska: I am editing the wiki and was wondering if QA is considered a SIG or a formal project? 15:15
vhumpa adamw: yes, I still have to write that one :) 15:15
jsmith StylusEater: My own opinion is that it's a formal project, although I'm not sure it's ever been documented as such 15:16
vhumpa It's pretty much only idea for a new test case I got together with rlat from desktop team 15:16
jlaska StylusEater: as jsmith notes, I'm not sure if it's ever been defined 15:17
vhumpa adamw: It was covered a little bit in "dash" before, but we deem it deserves it's own better test case since multiple desktops has changed singnificantly 15:17
adamw vhumpa: sounds good 15:17
StylusEater jlaska: OK I see a bunch of "suggestions" not to add something that isn't a formal project to certain pages. I'm editing the wiki and asking this question b/c QA wasn't super easy to find until I scrolled/searched. 15:17
adamw nice catch 15:17
jlaska StylusEater: if you like, we can talk more about that in open-discussion shortly 15:18
StylusEater jlaska: noted. sorry for interrupting. 15:18
jlaska how are we set for announcements for the test day 15:19
jlaska StylusEater: no worries at all 15:19
vhumpa adamw: I won't be available until wednesday, so if you have any ideas/comments please let me know and I will implement them as soon as I hit office again 15:19
adamw vhumpa: i just threw you an email with a couple of minor notes, but mostly it looks great 15:19
adamw do you have a plan for announcements, or shall I do it? if you're not going to be around till wed maybe best if i do it 15:20
vhumpa adamw: I see it, thanks 15:20
jlaska anything different we need to do with the announcements, or the usual fedoraplanet and test-announce? 15:21
adamw i do more for these 15:21
adamw they go out to phoronix, lwn, distrowatch and stuff 15:21
jlaska ooh, nice 15:21
adamw for this one i might go nuts and try and get it on slashdot, which would be fun 15:21
jlaska I'd say 15:22
adamw (since it's 3.0 final) 15:22
jlaska adamw: do you want help with those announcements? 15:22
adamw not really, it's mostly just cut-n-paste 15:22
adamw and the mighty power of CC: 15:22
jlaska heh 15:23
jlaska alrighty 15:23
jlaska nice work vhumpa and adamw ... this will be another fun test day 15:23
jlaska #info Thursday, April 28 - Cloud SIG Test Day - 15:23
tflink I pinged the cloud SIG list last week but still haven't heard anything back from them directly 15:24
jlaska tflink: thank you for doing that 15:24
tflink looking through the meetbot logs from their meeting last friday, it looks like they are planning to have EC2 beta AMI images ready early this week 15:24
jlaska oh, would those then be used for the test day? 15:24
tflink there don't seem to be any concrete plans for the test day, but boxgrinder was mentioned 15:25
tflink jlaska: not sure, I think so though 15:25
tflink I'm planning to step up my level of being a pest later today 15:25
jlaska hah .. okay, thanks for staying on top of that 15:25
tflink so we can get started on some test cases etc. 15:26
jlaska tflink: I'm happy to take action items from you for test case work ... I'm curious how all this stuff works anyway 15:26
jlaska we can catch up during the week on that 15:26
jlaska That's all I had for upcoming QA events 15:26
tflink jlaska: there aren't really any test cases at the moment, but I'll gladly take you up on that if/when there are action items 15:26
jlaska #info Friday, April 22 - Blocker review marathon 15:27
jlaska tflink: roger 15:27
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 15:27
jlaska okay, that's all I had on the agenda, anything folks wanted to discuss? 15:28
jlaska StylusEater: you mentioned something about QA as a SIG or a project? 15:28
StylusEater yes 15:28
StylusEater I read the guidelines and only the board can "anoint" QA as a formal project 15:28
StylusEater the reason my question came up is I wanted to edit the wiki and put QA under the project area 15:29
adamw well, our page describes QA as a project twice in the first line. "Welcome to the Fedora QA project page. Fedora QA is the project which covers all testing of the software that makes up Fedora." 15:29
adamw but i don't know any of the 'formal' crap. 15:29
StylusEater adamw: I read that too. 15:29
jlaska yeah, me neither 15:30
jlaska StylusEater: you want it listed on the left-nav side bar under sub-projects? 15:30
adamw since BugZappers is a sub-project of QA, though, it's quite odd the have BugZappers in that list and not QA> 15:30
StylusEater jlaska: yes among other places... 15:30
jlaska yeah, I would think we'd want the other way around 15:30
StylusEater adamw: yes. That is potentially confusing for n00bs. 15:31
jlaska StylusEater: is the process defined for how you get blessing from the board, is this just a matter of filing a ticket? 15:31
StylusEater jlaska: yes it is. One moment, let me find the link. 15:31
adamw and where's the Official List Of Board-Blessed Projects? 15:31
StylusEater DefiningProjects 15:31
StylusEater jlaska: basically it requires administrative stuff like reporting so the board can judge the long-term sustainability of the "project" 15:32
StylusEater adamw: I believe here... Projects 15:33
jlaska I have no idea what tasks/activities aren't currently done in QA, that would need to happen to get "project" status 15:34
adamw the sub-projects list already isn't a 1-to-1 map of that list. but cool, thanks for digging this out 15:34
jlaska so, where to go from here? Is this worth a mail to advisory-board@ to figure out what is needed to get blessing? 15:35
adamw probably. 15:36
adamw or a ticket would be better. 15:36
StylusEater adamw: yw 15:36
StylusEater QA is important so I figured I'd bring it up. 15:36
jlaska well, that's the easy part, I can ask the dumb questions at least 15:36
jlaska assuming this is just some wiki updates, this should be straight forward. Otherwise, we'll review any process gaps and decide how to proceed 15:37
adamw i can do it too, either way is fine 15:37
jlaska #action jlaska reach out to advisory-board@ for guidance on becoming an official project 15:38
jlaska adamw: I don't mind either 15:38
adamw you go for it then 15:38
jlaska StylusEater: thanks for raising this topic 15:38
StylusEater jlaska: yw 15:39
jlaska #info StylusEater asked whether QA was a project or a SIG 15:39
jlaska Anything else for Open-discussion 15:39
jlaska ? 15:39
jlaska otherwise, I think many of us are meeting'd out 15:39
jlaska :) 15:39
jlaska okay, let's set the fuse for 1 minute 15:40
jlaska #topic Open discussion - last call 15:40
jlaska 10 seconds ... 15:41
jlaska Thanks for your time everyone 15:41
jlaska I'll send minutes to the list this afternoon 15:41
jlaska #endmeeting 15:41

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