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  • j_dulaney (25)
  • tflink (14)
  • athmane (8)
  • nphilipp (7)
  • zodbot (6)
  • nirik (3)
  • kparal (3)
  • jsmith (2)
  • jskladan (1)
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Previous meeting follow-up

  1. Filing bugs for s-c-* desktop application duplicate names - j_dulaney will get this done this week and not slack off again
  2. F15 EC2 images - tflink to confirm with rel-eng to see if 8/1 is a reasonable deadline
  3. athmane_work to continue work on Ovirt Node validation testing and matrix; next meeting review if the spin makes the freeze deadline
  4. tflink to announce blocker meeting #3

Cloud SIG - Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2

F16 Alpha status

  • Release engineering reported that tree composes were failing due to two OPEN bugs
    • 726743 - MODIFIED - gnome-python2-bonobo has missing deps
    • 726744 - NEW - at-spi-python has broken deps
  • Jlaska noted that halfline volunteered to look into the at-spi-python bug, and he recommends unblocking pyorbit to resolve the compose dependency problem.
  • Follow tree compose progress at

Upcoming QA events

Next meeting

  • 2011-08-08 - 15:00 UTC chaired by tflink (thank you!)

Open Discussion - <your topic here>

AutoQA staging hardware status

  • tflink asked if there were any updates on the AutoQA staging hardware that isn't responding ( Nirik noted a support ticket was filed, and he would follow-up shortly.

Action Items

  1. tflink - send Cloud SIG test day announcements
  2. jlaska - announce blocker review meeting #4


jlaska #startmeeting fedora-qa-meeting 15:10
zodbot Meeting started Mon Aug 1 15:10:57 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:10
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:10
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa-meeting 15:11
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa-meeting' 15:11
jlaska #topic Roll Call 15:11
* kparal present 15:11
* tflink present 15:11
* mkrizek is present 15:11
* j_dulaney waves from his flying unicorn 15:11
jlaska okay, raise your hand if you are here ... don't raise it if not here 15:11
* athmane is here 15:11
* robatino present 15:11
* pschindl is here 15:11
* jsmith lurks 15:11
* mbouffard here 15:12
jlaska Hello all, thanks for your patience waiting for #startmeeting 15:12
jlaska who are we missing? 15:12
jlaska Viking-Ice, jskladan? 15:12
jlaska iirc, adamw may be off today (public holiday) 15:12
* jskladan is here 15:13
jlaska hey there 15:13
jlaska okay, let's get started ... we have a light agenda so far, so this _may_ be quick 15:13
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:13
jlaska #info j_dulaney - Filing bugs for s-c-* desktop application duplicate names 15:13
jlaska j_dulaney: does this still need to be completed, are we still tracking this change? 15:13
j_dulaney Bug 727204 15:14
j_dulaney .Bug 727204 15:14
j_dulaney Or was it 15:14
j_dulaney @Bug 727204 15:14
j_dulaney There we go 15:14
jlaska are all the affected packages owned by the same maintainer? 15:14
j_dulaney I believe so 15:15
jlaska sorry if we already discussed, my memory is fuzzy on this ... did we already decide which s-c-* packages needed changes? 15:15
* jlaska just making sure that nphilipp knows how to proceed with this bug report 15:16
nphilipp jlaska, j_dulaney: This would all be really easy if using Name and GenericName is supported in Gnome now. Is it? 15:16
jlaska hey nphilipp! 15:16
nphilipp jlaska: Found you! 15:16
nphilipp jlaska: was on vacation until the WE 15:16
j_dulaney nphilipp: I think so, yes 15:16
jlaska nphilipp: good question, I'm afraid I don't know ... if we don't have an answer in meeting here, perhaps that's worth a note to 15:17
jlaska #info nphilipp asked whether Name and GenericName is now supported in GNOME. j_dulaney indicated it is now supported. 15:17
nphilipp the reason why these tools have generic names as names is because desktop wanted it this way back in the days. I can easily rename them back if that's what's wanted, and use the GenericName tag for the generic names. 15:18
j_dulaney That may be the easiest way to handle this 15:18
jlaska nphilipp: I'm not closely following this issue, but that seems like a good plan (and perhaps worth a heads up on desktop@ to avoid any surprises) 15:19
zodbot pong 15:19
jlaska moving on for now... 15:19
jlaska #info F15 EC2 images - tflink to confirm with rel-eng to see if 8/1 is a reasonable deadline 15:19
jlaska tflink and athmane have been most active in this area, anything either of you wanted to highlight? 15:20
nphilipp jlaska, j_dulaney: well, according to I should be fine with just doing what we discussed above. 15:20
jlaska nphilipp: perfect! 15:20
tflink the cloud sig decided to move forward with the F15 EC2 test day on 8/4 with the BG created AMIs 15:20
athmane #link 15:20
jlaska #info the cloud sig decided to move forward with the F15 EC2 test day on 8/4 with the BG created AMIs 15:20
tflink hopefully, we'll have koji-created AMIs for F16 15:20
j_dulaney Sweet 15:20
nphilipp jlaska: just checking, this is meant for F-15 onward? 15:21
nphilipp j_dulaney: ^^ 15:21
tflink I'll be sending out announcements for the test day today or tomorrow 15:21
jlaska nphilipp: certainly F16, I'm not clear on whether this is appropriate for f15 15:21
jlaska tflink: athmane: excellent, thanks for the updates 15:21
zodbot j_dulaney: Bug 727204 Make system-config-* progs that have naming conflicts with other packages not show up in Gnome - 15:21
jlaska #info athmane to continue work on Ovirt Node validation testing and matrix; next meeting review if the spin makes the freeze deadline 15:21
jlaska I believe this was ACK'd in last weeks meeting? 15:22
athmane Ovirt not yet approved by SPIN SIG 15:22
athmane #link 15:22
athmane #link 15:22
jlaska #info athmane informed the group that Ovirt is not yet approved by SPIN SIG 15:22
jlaska looks like some debate on the extent/scope of spin-kickstart changes allowed 15:23
jlaska thanks for the links athmane 15:23
j_dulaney So, the question now becomes will it be since Freeze has passed? 15:23
j_dulaney And, if not, need we support official testing? 15:24
jlaska no, either way 15:24
athmane maybe grant an exception 15:24
jlaska the SPIN is responsible for ensuring their spins are tested 15:24
j_dulaney jlaksa: Indeed 15:25
jlaska of course, we lend time in helping them structure the testing and doing it in a way consistent with our other plans 15:25
jlaska (thanks to athmane) 15:25
jlaska okay, the only other item I had here was for announcing the blocker meeting last week ... thanks to tflink for that 15:25
jlaska #topic Cloud SIG - Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2 15:25
jlaska Sounds like we may have updates on this topic already 15:25
jlaska but let's do a quick re-hash for the logs 15:25
jlaska #info the cloud sig decided to move forward with the F15 EC2 test day on 8/4 with the BG created AMIs 15:26
jlaska #link 15:26
jlaska #action tflink - send Cloud SIG test day announcements 15:26
jlaska anything else to discuss on this topic? 15:26
tflink I don't think so 15:27
jlaska alrighty ... 15:27
athmane nothing I guess, everything was at cloud sig meeting 15:27
jlaska thanks for the updates gentlemen 15:27
jlaska #topic F16 Alpha status 15:27
jlaska #link 15:27
jlaska There has been no Alpha TC1 compose as of yet 15:27
j_dulaney When can one be expected? 15:28
jlaska if you want to follow the action, you can monitor the rel-eng ticket for TC1 compose progress - 15:28
jlaska j_dulaney: I have no ETA from rel-eng 15:28
jlaska Based no feedback from the blocker meeting, I suspect once we have resolution on two deps problems ... the compose should move forward 15:28
jlaska on of the issues is already in MODIFIED (gnome-python2-bonobo) 15:29
jlaska .bug 726743 15:29
zodbot jlaska: Bug 726743 gnome-python2-bonobo has missing deps - 15:29
jlaska #info the other compose blocking bug (726744), with help from halfline, may simply involve unblocking a package to allow the compose to proceed 15:29
jlaska so I think we're just waiting on feedback from halfline's comment ... as far as I know 15:30
jlaska #info Since TC1 was expected last Tuesday, and RC1 is expected this Thursday ... if history is any indicator, I expect we'll likely slip the Alpha release due to late discovery of ALpha blockers, or insufficient test feedback in time for the go/no_go 15:31
jlaska it's entirely possible I'm overly skeptical, and when we do get a compose, things will "just work" 15:31
jsmith Anything is possible -- it's just software :-p 15:31
jlaska :) 15:31
jlaska There are not a lot of changes to the blocker lists today - 15:32
jlaska so that's the extent of my knowledge about the Alpha 15:32
jlaska anyone have other updates to share? 15:32
j_dulaney I almost wonder if an extra week for Alpha should be added, since we slip by that much anyway 15:32
j_dulaney But that's not for here 15:33
jlaska j_dulaney: it's a fair question, I've included this challenge in the QA retrospective for 2 releases now 15:33
jlaska after discussion of RATs and the TC1 milestone, it sounds like adamw has an proposal brewing for adding additional TC milestones earlier in the cycle 15:34
jlaska but more on that from our favorite Canadian after the break 15:34
j_dulaney In this case, the bugs are ones that don't seem to be easily found by just running test composes since they block the compose process 15:34
jlaska right 15:34
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA events 15:35
jlaska Just a quick schedule reminder ... 15:35
jlaska #info 2011-07-21 - Pre-Alpha Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan #3 - images available, testing in progress by twu 15:35
jlaska #info 2011-07-26 - Test Alpha 'Test Compose' - DELAYED 15:35
jlaska #info 2011-08-04 - Test Alpha Candidate Compose 15:35
jlaska #info 2011-08-05 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (f16alpha) #4 15:35
jlaska Unless anyone is eager to announce the blocker meeting this week, I'll be glad to do that 15:36
jlaska #action jlaska - announce blocker review meeting #4 15:36
jlaska #topic Next meeting 15:36
jlaska anyone want to volunteer to #chair this meeting next week? 15:37
jlaska c'mon, not all at once 15:37
* tflink can do it 15:37
j_dulaney I could do it >if needed< 15:37
jlaska alright tflink ftw! 15:37
* jlaska anxious to spread it around 15:38
j_dulaney LOL 15:38
jlaska I don't mind doing it at all ... I'm interested in some variety when it comes to meeting style etc... 15:38
j_dulaney Oy 15:38
jlaska tflink: thank you ... gimme a holler if you want to punt back to me in case testing takes up too much time 15:38
athmane I can do it if it was 18:00 15:38
jlaska #info 2011-08-08 - 15:00 UTC - tflink volunteered to #chair 15:39
jlaska thanks tflink! 15:39
tflink jlaska: ok, shouldn't be a problem 15:39
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:39
jlaska okay, I promised a brief agenda 15:39
jlaska any #topics folks would like to raise? 15:39
jlaska #topic Open discussion - AutoQA staging hardware 15:40
jlaska tflink: you were asking me before the meeting about hardware status 15:40
tflink yep 15:40
jlaska the last update I have was to check back in on Tuesday 15:40
jlaska iirc, nirik has a support ticket opened up 15:40
nirik jlaska: yeah, sorry for delay. will try and find something out. 15:41
jlaska and smooge may be visiting the colo, or opening up a can of whoop_ss to figure that out, on Tuesday? 15:41
jlaska nirik: no worries, I'm just hoping it's not a hardware problem ... since we've yet to use that system 15:41
jlaska boooo! I say to that :) 15:41
tflink well, at least we're not depending on that system yet :) 15:42
jlaska right 15:42
jlaska so when that system is available ... do we have a plan to proceed yet 15:42
nirik yeah, not sure what it's issue is. ;( We will get it fixed up. 15:42
j_dulaney Where is it physically located? 15:42
tflink phx, I assume 15:42
jlaska or should I just set it up to run autoqa straight from master? 15:42
* nirik nods. phx datacenter 15:43
j_dulaney Indeed 15:43
tflink I have some ideas but haven't finished writing up a proposal yet 15:43
jlaska tflink: okay 15:43
tflink it would probably be good to just testing 0.6.0 on it for now 15:43
jlaska #info Support ticket opened, nirik will continue investigating 15:43
jlaska tflink: testing it manually, or packages I build into the -testing repos? 15:44
tflink either way is fine with me 15:44
jlaska okay, we can figure that out later then 15:44
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:44
j_dulaney We should have the mockup infranstructure ready to go shortly 15:44
jlaska any other items to cover today? 15:45
j_dulaney Magical ponies? 15:45
jlaska heh, are those back on the agenda? 15:45
tflink j_dulaney: I didn't know you did much with Django :) 15:45
jlaska okay, if nothing, I'll #endmeeting in 2 minutes 15:45
j_dulaney Lulz 15:46
jlaska 1 minute until #endmeeting 15:46
jlaska kparal: nothing from Brno today? you guys must be busy getting this next release out :) 15:46
kparal I don't think we have any good update 15:47
kparal just finishing tickets 15:47
jlaska alright folks ... that's it for today 15:47
jlaska I'll follow-up with minutes to the list 15:47
jlaska thanks for your time! 15:47
jlaska #endmeeting 15:47

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