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  • adamw (212)
  • kparal (60)
  • abadger1999 (24)
  • brunowolff (22)
  • maxamillion (21)
  • nirik (10)
  • drago01 (9)
  • lmacken (5)
  • zodbot (5)
  • robatino (3)
  • satellit_ (3)
  • mjg59 (2)
  • pschindl1 (2)
  • dgilmore (2)
  • jskladan1 (1)
  • athmane (1)


Previous meeting follow-up

  • tflink not present to report back on status of python-yourls
  • adamw made a call for anyone with ideas to improve the proven tester process to be bold with them
  • maxamillion suggested having package-specific test cases listed in pkgdb as well as bodhi

Beta preparation

  • The rest of the meeting was spent acting as a Beta blocker review meeting: see log for bug-by-bug details

Action Items

  • maxamillion to follow up with abadger1999 on the idea of linking from pkgdb to the list of package-specific test cases for a package
  • adamw to check in with tflink about python-yourls


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:01
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
adamw #topic Roll Call 15:01
adamw morning everyone, who's here? 15:02
* athmane is around 15:02
* brunowolff is here 15:02
* kparal and pschindl are today double-booked 15:03
adamw how dare you book something else at the same time as the QA meeting 15:04
adamw HOW DARE YOU, is ay 15:04
maxamillion blasphemy!!!! 15:04
* maxamillion hopes nobody notices he's been double booked for roughly 5 months 15:04
maxamillion >.> 15:04
kparal :D 15:04
adamw oh, i noticed. your co-ordinates are programmed into the orbital laser 15:04
maxamillion adamw: :D 15:05
maxamillion silly $dayjob getting in the way 15:05
adamw alright, i guess we'll move along 15:05
maxamillion if only I didn't have bills or need coffee and food 15:05
adamw #topic previous meeting follow up 15:05
brunowolff So how does oen get uh observation time on the orbital laser? 15:05
adamw maxamillion: what, they don't take Fedora poker chips? 15:05
maxamillion (notice that coffee was listed first) 15:05
maxamillion adamw: if only! 15:06
adamw brunowolff: funny you should ask - it involves buying me lots of beer... 15:06
adamw so we had one for tflink - #action tflink to ping python-yourls reviewer to get the process moving again 15:07
adamw anyone know if that got done? 15:07
kparal tflink is not around today? 15:07
kparal he's on #fedora-qa 15:08
adamw he seems idle 15:08
adamw good-for-nothing little... 15:09
adamw :P 15:09
* adamw goes to look for the bug report 15:09
kparal let's come back to this item when he connects 15:09
adamw bug hasn't been touched since 733692, so it looks like there' sstill an issue 15:10
adamw erf. 15:10
adamw since 08-30 15:10
adamw #action adamw to check in with tflink about python-yourls 15:10
adamw #chair athmane 15:11
zodbot Current chairs: adamw athmane 15:11
adamw just in case i die of exhaustion in my chair... 15:11
adamw there was also #action adamw to summarize this response for the fesco trac ticket (in the context of the updates policy), which I did 15:11
adamw oh, actually, we should talk about that. 15:11
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up: updates policy 15:11
adamw so if anyone else was around for the fesco meeting, you'll know the result was that the policy wasn't changed 15:12
adamw but it's all going to be okay because we're going to get more proventesters and do more proven testing! 15:12
* kparal is relieved 15:12
adamw so...if you're a proven tester, do more testing. ;) and go make more proven testers. ask your parents how. 15:12
brunowolff nirik is trying to organize weekly pt meetings. 15:12
adamw kparal: the 'get more proventesters and do more proven testing' bit appears to be up to us, so don't get too comfortable. ;) 15:12
adamw yes, indeed 15:12
* nirik looks up. 15:13
nirik Yeah, wed! be there! :) 15:13
adamw everyone be nice to nirik and show up at his meetings. *pets head* 15:13
adamw if anyone has ideas about how to get more proven testing - either by getting more testers, getting testers to do more testing, or making the whole process more efficient - please do share on the list. or just go ahead and do whatever your brilliant idea is. :) 15:14
adamw we'll probably come back to this in a more organized way after beta...but anyone have ideas/thoughts now? 15:14
nirik we will see if it has any critical mass moving forward. If nothing else we can test and karma stuff for an hour. 15:14
adamw yup. 15:15
adamw alright then, back to... 15:15
adamw #topic previous meeting follow up 15:15
adamw i see "#action tflink find out current status of virtualization test day" - dunno if that got done, but the virt test day happened and appeared to be very active. 15:16
brunowolff If people discuss how to test particular packages (which seems to be blocking some testing), documenting that for future occurances would be nice. 15:16
adamw brunowolff: as a package-specific test case! 15:16
adamw 15:16
maxamillion adamw: +1 15:17
adamw and finally "#action nirik look into why grub2 isn't showing up as critpath in bodhi" - nirik, did you? 15:17
maxamillion random side note, I think it would be nice to have a link to a package test plan available on the package's pkgdb listing (once there's enough material for it to be warranted) 15:18
adamw maxamillion: sure, it'd be good to have it in sensible places other than just bodhi 15:19
adamw not sure who to ask about that...dunno who maintains those pages 15:19
maxamillion adamw: I think abadger1999 maintains pkgdb 15:20
maxamillion abadger1999: ping 15:20
abadger1999 maxamillion, adamw: You rang? 15:20
adamw quick phone line 15:20
adamw abadger1999: ^^^^ 15:21
maxamillion abadger1999: what adamw said :) 15:21
abadger1999 15:21
abadger1999 grub2 is marked critpath in devel, not in f14/15 15:22
abadger1999 hm... it is marked critpath in f16 15:22
abadger1999 maybe the bodhi code to pull from pkgdb wasn't updated b/c of the freeze. 15:22
abadger1999 package test plans... what are we talking about? 15:23
abadger1999 a url? 15:23
lmacken abadger1999: correct, I'm going to push an updated critpath list in soon though 15:23
abadger1999 and is it constructable from a template? 15:23
maxamillion abadger1999: its more an idea right now than anything 15:23
abadger1999 <nod> 15:24
abadger1999 The code changes are different depending on what it is. 15:24
adamw abadger1999: bodhi does it already 15:24
maxamillion abadger1999: but we were wondering if there would be a way to link to the test cases (once they exist) like we do to the package source, builds, etc. 15:24
adamw so lmacken can tell you 15:24
adamw maxamillion: we already do it with bodhi, so it ought to be possible 15:24
abadger1999 adamw: if its a templatable url, then we can just add it to thelinks at the top of a pkgdb package page. 15:24
maxamillion adamw: ahhh ok :) 15:25
maxamillion adamw: I didn't know it was already being done with bodhi 15:25
* maxamillion is a tad behind the curve 15:25
abadger1999 adamw: If it's a url that we only want to exist if there actually is a test plan then we'd also need to modify the database and the code to put in that link would be a little different. 15:26
abadger1999 adamw: and we'd need a way for package maintainers to edit it, probably.... I'm thinking it would be easiest to add to pkgdb-cli at first. 15:27
abadger1999 the webui needs to be rewritten to use a !Mochikit javascript library so it's harder to add things to than the command line interfaces 15:27
adamw abadger1999: a 'test plan' is just a set of pages in a specific category on the wiki 15:27
abadger1999 adamw: right... but what do you want to expose? 15:27
adamw abadger1999: so what you do if you want to 'show the test plan' is simply display a list of all those cases 15:27
* jskladan1 finally got the d**ned irc working, sorry for the delay 15:28
adamw it's therefore inherently modifiable because you can always put new pages into wiki categories 15:28
abadger1999 adamw: are you okay with a test plan link that goes to an empty category? 15:28
maxamillion jskladan1: welcome :) 15:28
abadger1999 adamw: If so, very easy to implement. 15:28
adamw see for e.g. , under 'test plan' 15:28
adamw abadger1999: we don't really want to link to the category directly, but for pkgdb to do what bodhi does, and actually list out the appropriate test cases 15:29
adamw well, i'd think 15:29
adamw we can work out the details later, though... 15:29
adamw where should we raise a ticket? 15:29
abadger1999 adamw: ahh... then it's tougher. 15:29
abadger1999 adamw: where do you want it displayed? 15:29
abadger1999 adamw: probably have to look at the bodhi code and steal whatever screen scraper code it's using as well. 15:30
adamw dunno yet. it's maxa's idea, and he just had it, afaik :) 15:30
adamw abadger1999: it doesn't use screen scraper code, it queries wiki 15:30
abadger1999 adamw: oooh.... and that's buggy code :-( 15:30
adamw hmm? 15:30
abadger1999 adamw: I thought you were showing me what a package without test cases looked like 15:31
abadger1999 adamw: b/c the list of test cases is invisible in chromium 15:31
lmacken abadger1999: by "steal" you mean "move into python-fedora" ? 15:31
lmacken :) 15:31
adamw abadger1999: that means there's two candidates for where the buggy code might be...;) 15:31
abadger1999 lmacken: I'm not sure.... I don't know that I'd want a screen scraper in python-fedora -- but if it's querying the wiki then it could go into 15:31
lmacken abadger1999: screen scraper? where? 15:32
adamw lmacken: it's already in python-fedora , isn't it? 15:32
adamw and i already said, it's not a screen scraper. 15:32
lmacken adamw: I wrote a fedora.client.Wiki module, but this test-case specific code jlaska wrote, and I ended up pushing into bodhi 15:32
adamw oh right. 15:33
adamw anyway...i repeat the ticket question, as i'm looking anxiously at the clock and we have a fun blocker list to get to. 15:33
adamw #action maxamillion to follow up with abadger1999 on the idea of linking from pkgdb to the list of package-specific test cases for a package 15:36
adamw alright...let's move on to: 15:36
adamw #topic Beta preparation 15:36
adamw in a nutshell, we're screwed! now, someone help me out of this damn nutshell. 15:36
adamw #info 15:38
adamw grrr. 15:38
adamw #undo 15:39
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x19639c8c> 15:39
adamw #link 15:39
adamw we're still looking at more or less the same blockers we were on friday, with some new proposals 15:39
adamw #topic 15:40
adamw mgrepl has submitted a new attempt at fixing this: it appears to be a shot at the underlying issue, rather than a band-aid like dan's 15:40
adamw so we need to test that; i can put up a live image, built using it, after the meeting 15:40
adamw anyone have any other input on that one? 15:40
* adamw taps mic 15:42
adamw is this thing on? 15:43
adamw brunowolff: kparal: athmane: nirik: where'd everybody gooo... 15:44
maxamillion adamw: yes 15:44
maxamillion :) 15:44
adamw whew, i was starting to feel all alone. 15:44
nirik adamw: sorry, sidetracked fixing something. ;) 15:44
nirik hopefully this new fix will work out. 15:44
adamw so looks like there's not much on this one other than re-test. 15:45
adamw #agreed 738803 needs re-testing, adamw to build a live with it included 15:45
adamw #topic 15:45
adamw for this one we need to be in the images on the public mirrors, aiui 15:46
adamw and for that, it needs to be pushed stable 15:46
adamw and for that, we need releng...nirik: dgilmore: lil help? 15:46
* nirik didn't do any of that this weekend... dgilmore could today? or I could later if given a list of updates that have karma. 15:47
adamw nirik: and are the crucial bits to be able to test that preupgrade now works as intended 15:48
nirik ok. 15:49
dgilmore adamw: ? 15:49
adamw dgilmore: nirik's got it, i think 15:49
nirik well, better if dgilmore did it, but I can if he's busy. 15:49
adamw dgilmore: see above - we really need anaconda and pykickstart pushed stable (or at least, do whatever you have to do so they're included in the images preupgrade uses) 15:50
dgilmore adamw: ok 15:50
adamw ok 15:50
adamw #agreed need releng to push out updated anaconda and pykickstart into the images used by preupgrade before we can test this 15:51
adamw #topic 15:51
* kparal is back 15:51
adamw bad news, we've had no plymouth or systemd help on this one 15:51
adamw good news, mgracik will do a build that just disables firstboot-text today 15:51
adamw yay for the big hammer 15:51
nirik when I looked on saturday, kernel and mutter also had karma. There may be others now. ;) 15:51
nirik cool 15:52
adamw nirik: sure, these are the really essential ones though - they stop us re-testing the preupgrade bug 15:52
adamw so nothing much we can do here for the present, look out for and test the big-hammer build when it lands 15:53
adamw #info 737118 waiting for mgracik to do a dumb fix for this so we can test it 15:53
adamw we have a few proposed blockers to go through 15:54
adamw #topic 15:54
kparal do I read that correctly that anaconda offers wrong disk to install the bootloader at/ 15:57
kparal ? 15:57
adamw yes, it seems like it 15:57
adamw viking has kinda muddied things up a bit 15:57
kparal has he reproduced it or is it a different issue? 15:58
adamw but this specific case looks like, if you install from the traditional installer written to a usb stick, it won't offer to write the bootloader to the 'mbr' of the actual target disk. and, apparently, it creates the bios boot partition on the usb stick it's installing from. 15:58
adamw kparal: i think his 1) and 2) are reproductions, 3) is something else 15:58
adamw but it's hard to be sure. 15:58
adamw we should definitely get more people to test this: write the dvd image to a usb stick then try and install from it 15:59
kparal I find this sentences hard to read. anyway, I think installing from USB stick should be supported and functional 15:59
kparal *his 15:59
kparal I can test it tomorrow 15:59
adamw tomorrow be too late, arrr ;) 15:59
adamw go/no-go is wed, we really need a new build today 15:59
adamw i'll try and look at this one later 16:00
kparal ok 16:00
adamw anyone else? 16:00
adamw zoiks. okay. 16:01
adamw #agreed 738964 looks like installing from dvd image written to usb causes issues with bootloader installation, needs more testing to verify 16:01
satellit_ adamw: I will do DVD to USB test and install to USB HD if you like... 16:01
adamw satellit_: probably doesn't matter what the desired target device is, but the more info the better 16:02
satellit_ ok 16:02
adamw the most interesting bits are 'does it create a bios boot partition on the target disk' (tell it to 'use entire space' if you can) and 'what places does it allow you to install the bootloader' 16:02
adamw as to whether it's a blocker...i think it probably is, if it can be reproduced reliably; we do overall seem to support writing the dvd to a usb stick, though it always seems to cause one problem or another 16:04
adamw i remember having a similar discussion at alpha 16:04
adamw anyone else have a vote? 16:04
kparal +1 16:04
kparal optical media are outdated 16:04
drago01 optical media should die die die die already 16:05
brunowolff I think we'd like install images to work from USB devices. If we don't treat it as a blocker now, I think we should in the future. 16:05
adamw okay...i guess that's +3, let's accept it as blocker on the basis that it's valid as described, if not, we can re-visit 16:06
adamw #agreed 738964 is a blocker if it's inhibiting all installs from traditional installer image written to usb stick; we need to verify this 16:06
adamw #topic 16:08
brunowolff I am still seeing digikam blocked with updates-testing enabled. So I don't think it's fixed. 16:09
robatino isn't that basically the same as 738735? 16:09
adamw yes 16:09
adamw it doesn't need to be a blocker in its own right; 738735 depends on it 16:09
adamw brunowolff: what's the error if you try to update it? 16:09
kparal brunowolff: what do you mean by "blocked"? 16:09
kparal you mean depsolving problems, right? 16:10
brunowolff Just a sec... 16:10
brunowolff I started an install. My memory is that there is a lot of output referring to opencv, but I'll try to trim it down here. 16:12
adamw okay, please update the bug 16:13
adamw #agreed 737774 does not need to be a blocker in its own right as it already blocks 738735 16:13
adamw #topic 16:14
adamw this one would be a blocker if valid as described, but i haven't hit it 16:14
robatino 738735 should probably be against digicam since that's what needs an update 16:14
adamw has anyone else seen firstboot run on the live image? 16:14
brunowolff I added the output to 16:14
adamw robatino: the current setup is fine - 738735 is for the rc1-specific repoclosure issue, and depends on the bug which tracks the issue that's actually causing the repoclosure 16:14
brunowolff It wasn't all that much output. 16:14
adamw makes sense to me 16:14
robatino ok, i'll leave it alone 16:15
brunowolff It's possible there is an update which hasn't hit updates-testing yet which fixes things. 16:15
adamw okay 16:15
kparal which bug# are we discussing now? 16:15
adamw we should be discussing 739258 =) 16:16
adamw all of that was related to the last bug, though. 16:16
kparal ok 16:16
adamw jsmith claimed he saw firstboot fire on the live image, i haven't seen that, and i've booted the live image about 10,000 times this weekend, feels like. 16:16
kparal I haven't seen that 16:17
kparal pschindl neither 16:17
adamw man, this reporter is full of crack...'jared smith'? if that even IS his real name 16:17
adamw :P 16:18
* kparal double-checking i686 Live 16:18
kparal nope 16:18
drago01 adamw: btw. (semi ot but we decide whether 738977 is a beta blocker or not later in the meeting?) 16:19
kparal I must say I never used livecd-iso-to-disk. it may be related to that 16:20
adamw drago01: it's not proposed as one right now, but consider that a proposal 16:20
adamw kparal: i always do 16:20
adamw kparal: you just dd? 16:20
kparal adamw: right 16:20
drago01 adamw: ok 16:20
kparal works like charm 16:20
adamw roger. i use livecd-iso-to-disk and i haven't seen it, either, though. i think jared did something wrong. =) 16:20
kparal let's ask him to re-test once more 16:21
adamw i suppose he might have inadvertently deleted 'liveimg' from the kernel parameters. 16:21
adamw yeah, i will 16:21
kparal maybe he booted from his hard disk by some mistake? 16:21
kparal no idea 16:21
adamw #agreed 739258 would be a blocker as described, but no-one besides jsmith seems able to reproduce; ask him to re-test and provide more details 16:21
adamw #topic 16:22
adamw this is a brand-spanking new one elad just threw on the list 16:23
adamw he did an f15->f16 upgrade and sound is broken 16:23
adamw sounds like a candidate for further testing 16:23
kparal I haven't tried sound yet 16:23
kparal pschindl says it worked for him in TC2 16:24
brunowolff It isn't a general f16 sound issue as I have sound right now. 16:24
kparal of course there can be zillions reasons why it fails just for someone 16:24
kparal someone who knows something about audio should ask for more audio-related details 16:25
kparal logs, hardware listings, etc 16:25
adamw pschindl1: on an upgrade from f15? 16:26
kparal +1 to needinfo 16:26
kparal adamw: nope, clean install 16:26
adamw ok 16:26
adamw this is likely an upgrade-specific issue 16:26
adamw so we need more people to test upgrading 16:26
kparal and +1 to re-test, right :) 16:26
pschindl1 adamw: I made only clean install 16:26
pschindl1 and as I remember, sound is working well 16:27
adamw alright, so: add that to the list of things to test - do an upgrade install and check sound 16:29
adamw #agreed 739591 need more info on the failure and need to see if others can reproduce on upgrade from f15 to f16 16:29
adamw #topic 16:30
kparal if it block install media creation, it's a no-brainer, isn't it? 16:31
adamw ayup. 16:32
adamw can't build images if the image build builder doesn't build. 16:32
adamw (how many images would an image build build if an image builder could build...) 16:33
adamw oh, look, tongue twisters work when you're typing too. 16:33
adamw so, +1 blocker for me 16:34
adamw and kparal too 16:34
adamw any others? 16:34
brunowolff +1 16:34
brunowolff I checked for syslinux-vesa-splash in spin-kickstarts and didn't see that string there. 16:35
brunowolff Name changes have hosed live images in the past. 16:35
adamw uf, nice catch. we'll have to check live image compose too. 16:35
adamw can you comment in the bug? 16:36
adamw #agreed 739345 is a blocker as it causes problems with image compose 16:36
brunowolff syslinux could still have issues with a name change. I am not sure how to quick test that. 16:36
adamw wouldn't just building a live image with the offending fedora-logos be a good enough test? 16:36
brunowolff Yes, but I was trying to think of something I could do in a minute. 16:37
brunowolff You'd probably want to try to boot as well as compose. 16:38
brunowolff I think syslinux has a config file that points to images that might not get used until booting. 16:38
brunowolff Side note: digikam 2.0.0-4.fc16 from koji is installing for me. So that issue will be fixed once it's really in stable. 16:40
adamw right. 16:40
adamw oop, missed one confirmed blocker 16:41
adamw #topic 16:41
adamw which we still just have no useful maintainer response on. anyone else have new data? 16:41
kparal that is very weird. I never received any of those comments after my comment was posted 16:43
kparal anyway I don't have any new data 16:43
adamw kparal: somehow you're not on the cc list 16:44
kparal adamw: I just added myself manually 16:44
kparal adamw: I believe I saw that on DVD install media, yes 16:44
brunowolff The two minute timeout might be systemd related. That's about how long it waits for me to enter keys on boot and will continue without mounting devices if I take too long. 16:47
adamw brunowolff: no, it's not: it's coded into udevadm. 16:47
adamw what 'udevadm settle' does is simply wait for the udev queue to empty, then return success 16:47
adamw or return failure if waits for a specific period and the queue doesn't empty 16:48
adamw the default timeout is 120 secs, you can pass a parameter to udevadm to change it 16:48
kparal it happens too infrequently to test it well 16:48
adamw systemd's default service timeout is 90 secs. 16:48
adamw kparal: yeah, it's an annoying bug. 16:49
kparal there were times where I encountered it 5 times in a row 16:49
kparal and now nothing, not once 16:49
adamw #agreed no new info on 735866, still waiting for a reliable reproducer or developer feedback 16:49
adamw one bug i have on my list that's not proposed as a blocker, and then the other one that was proposed earlier... 16:50
adamw #topic 16:50
* satellit_ dd 8GB USB of f16 DVD RC1 is booted and installing to usb 250 GB HD now... 16:50
adamw this one's another issue encountered when writing the dvd iso to usb stick 16:51
adamw so, another one to look out for when testing that path 16:52
adamw anyone else ever seen this one? 16:52
kparal nope 16:53
adamw yay, more worrying-but-uncertain bugs. 16:53
adamw okay, just wanted to flag this one up. 16:53
adamw #agreed 731356 another potential issue when installing from dvd-to-usb, everyone please test 16:53
* kparal is tired and wants to go home. let's wrap it up! 16:54
adamw yeah, this should be the last one 16:54
adamw #topic 16:54
adamw as proposed earlier 16:54
kparal interesting bug 16:55
adamw i'm not sure i see this one: i think when i tested install f15, upgrade to f16, update kernel, reboot, it booted to the new kernel 16:55
adamw but my everyday f16 machine is on grub1 so i'm not sure 16:55
kparal I don't think it relates to dist-upgrade 16:55
kparal just simple kernel upgrade 16:55
adamw kparal: see last step 16:55
kparal this one? 16:56
kparal 4) Due to 1) user ends running the vulnerable kernel even though he had updated 16:56
kparal to the one with the security fix. 16:56
adamw so i did an f15->f16 upgrade which left me with kernel rc3, then i did a 'yum update' which installed rc5 and rebooted, and it gave me rc5 16:56
drago01 adamw: I did 1) install f16 from live cd 2) yum update 3) reboot 16:56
adamw kparal: no, the 'last step' in my line ' 'update kernel' 16:56
drago01 adamw: 4) old kernel 16:56
adamw hum, interesting 16:56
adamw maybe it's a live thing 16:56
adamw more testing required! 16:56
drago01 adamw: what does your grub config state as default? 16:56
adamw drago01: i blew that vm away days ago. 16:57
drago01 adamw: ok 16:57
adamw it's probably had about fifteen installs since then =) 16:57
kparal I think you must use "saved" option 16:57
kparal for this bug to manifest 16:57
kparal I don't know whether it's the default setting 16:57
adamw well, let's do a bit more testing to see 16:57
adamw does anyone want to vote yet? 16:57
drago01 kparal: the whole bug is about saved being the default 16:57
kparal drago01: ah, you're right 16:58
brunowolff I don't think its a blocker. 16:58
kparal definitely can be solved post-release 16:58
adamw are we sure about that? 16:58
adamw (it can be fixed post-release) 16:59
adamw could we do an update which changed a grub config option for existing installs? 16:59
mjg59 adamw: Fesco's in 60 seconds? 16:59
adamw mjg59: we're about done 16:59
drago01 well yeah assuming grubby writes out the config 16:59
mjg59 adamw: Great 16:59
adamw okay...let's vote on this one in comments, don't want to take a hurried -1 16:59
adamw aaand we'd better get out of fesco's way, that's the whole list anyhow 17:00
adamw anyone have a really urgent topic? 17:00
adamw you got -10 seconds to raise it 17:00
adamw paging dr. who 17:00
kparal I remember that 1 hour meetings used to be considered long... 17:00
adamw #agreed 738977 needs more testing and voting 17:00
adamw #endmeeting 17:00

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