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  • adamw (49)
  • brunowolff (15)
  • nirik (12)
  • robatino (6)
  • zodbot (5)
  • satellit_ (2)


Previous Meeting Followup

  • NOT COMPLETED - tflink to build python-yourls for F15, F16, EL6 and create update
  • COMPLETED - maxamillion create ticket for pkgdb to link to package-specific test case

Fedora 16 Beta Wrap-Up

F16 Beta Common Bugs

There are still a decent number of things with the commonbugs tag that need to be documented

F16 Final Preparations

  • F16 Final Blocker Bug Review meeting have started

Upcoming QA Events


  • Next proventesters meeting will be this wednesday
  • Looking for suggestions on
    • Recruitment strategies
    • New, useful statistics
  • Request for brainstorming will be sent out to the list

Release Criteria Change Proposals

  • adamw will be sending out some new criteria update proposals to test@

Action Items

  • adamw will be sending out some new criteria update proposals to test@
  • tflink to build python-yourls for F15, F16, EL6 and create update


tflink #startmeeting Fedora QA 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Oct 3 15:00:49 2011 UTC. The chair is tflink. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
tflink #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
tflink #topic Roll Call 15:01
tflink So, anyone here despite the late notice (again)? 15:01
adamw morning 15:01
tflink #chair adamw 15:01
zodbot Current chairs: adamw tflink 15:01
adamw sorry, i was offline all day yesterday so i couldn't announce anything 15:01
tflink adamw: excuses, excuses, excuses ... :-D 15:02
adamw hey guys 15:03
brunowolff Hey 15:04
adamw i think our brno contingent is at fudcon 15:05
tflink ah, I wasn't sure if that went through today or not 15:05
tflink well, I suppose it's about time to get started 15:06
tflink adamw: you want to drive or should I? 15:06
brunowolff I think it ended yesterday, but there may be travel today. 15:06
tflink #topic Previous Meeting Follow-Up 15:07
adamw tflink: you go ahead 15:07
tflink OK, I'm seeing 2 things from last week 15:07
tflink one of them is for me 15:07
tflink tflink to build python-yourls for F15, F16, EL6 and create update 15:07
tflink which didn't get done. Now that beta's gone gold, I should have a bit more time to get that done 15:08
tflink #info python-yourls still not built 15:08
tflink #action tflink to build python-yourls for F15, F16, EL6 and create update 15:09
tflink #info maxamillion create ticket for pkgdb to link to package-specific test cases 15:09
tflink this looks like it had some traction last week 15:09
tflink #link 15:09
adamw cool 15:10
tflink and it doesn't look like maxamillion is around for any other updates 15:10
tflink but it looks like the ticket is seeing progress 15:10
tflink #info progress is being made, packagedb ticket has been assigned 15:11
tflink if there are no other followup items ... 15:11
tflink #topic F16 Beta Wrap-Up 15:11
tflink #info F16 Beta RC4 => GOLD!!! 15:12
adamw yaaaay 15:12
tflink much thanks to all who tested 15:12
tflink seeing the RC4 test matrix filled up that quickly was awesome 15:12
tflink there is one item left for testing beta, though 15:13
tflink #topic F16 Beta Preupgrade 15:13
tflink #link 15:13
tflink #info F15 fix for F16 preupgrade 15:13
tflink it looks like we have a new test build for F15 preupgrade that could use some testing 15:14
adamw yeah 15:14
adamw we need to test that quick so hughsie can submit an update 15:14
tflink #link 15:14
adamw i was gonna do it right after this meeting, the more testing the better 15:14
* tflink is installing F15 right now to test 15:14
adamw i keep a clean f15 'master' image around in virt-manager 15:15
tflink hopefully, we can get that to stable when F16 beta releases 15:15
adamw then any time i want to test upgrade stuff i just clone it 15:15
adamw somewhat faster than doing a fresh install 15:15
tflink if I was smart, I'd start using LVM snapshots 15:15
tflink but I usually don't remember until after I've done the upgrade 15:15
adamw heh 15:16
adamw anyways, yeah, we should get that tested 15:16
tflink anything else for beta wrap up? 15:16
adamw the other thing we need to do is common bugs 15:16
adamw there's probably a ton of things with commonbugs tag and some more that should have it 15:16
tflink #topic F16 Beta CommonBugs 15:16
adamw i'm gonna take a look through final blockers and rejected blockers and tag anything that looks like it needs it 15:16
adamw and i'll write up whatever i can; help with that is welcome of course 15:17
tflink #info There are a lot of things with the commonbugs tag that need to be documented 15:17
adamw is the list of bugs proposed for commonbugs 15:17
adamw a few may be old f15 stuff but mostly they'll be f16 things 15:17
tflink #link 15:17
tflink #link 15:18
adamw so good, they linked it twice 15:18
tflink whoops 15:18
tflink #undo 15:18
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Link object at 0x1103caec> 15:18
tflink #link 15:19
tflink Yay! Documentation fun time! 15:19
tflink anything else for beta wrap up? 15:19
tflink #topic F16 Final Prep 15:20
tflink I don't think that there is a whole lot to say about this ATM 15:20
adamw let's ship the beta and go on vacation! 15:20
satellit_ EFI in virtualbox gets text install ? corner issue 15:20
tflink #info F16 blocker bug review meetings have started 15:20
tflink that was rather random 15:21
tflink anyhow, other topics for final preparations? 15:22
adamw satellit_: efi has to provide info to the OS about the video mode, i might not be doing it right. 15:22
* tflink assumes not and moves on 15:23
tflink #topic Upcoming QA Events 15:23
tflink We've got one event coming up this week 15:23
tflink #info Printing Test Day on Thursday 15:23
tflink #link 15:23
adamw coolbeans 15:24
tflink it looks to me like preparations are coming along well 15:24
adamw yeah, twaugh's usually on top of that one 15:24
tflink the next one is 15:24
tflink #info Fedora Pacakger for Eclipse test day is next week 15:24
tflink #link 15:25
tflink this also looks like it's coming along well 15:25
adamw cool, so we're set for those. 15:26
tflink looks like 15:26
tflink the fedora packager test day page looks like it'll need some minor updating but that isn't until next week 15:26
adamw we should probably get back to talking about proventester stuff, but we'd need more people around for that, and we may not have time before final rush is on. 15:26
tflink there should be a proventesters meeting on wednesday 15:27
* tflink will ask nirik about it 15:27
nirik yeah. 15:27
tflink #topic Proventesters 15:28
tflink adamw: was there anything in particular that you wanted to talk about? 15:28
nirik not sure how useful the meetings are yet, but I'd like to at least do 1-2 more now that beta is done and people might have more time to look at it. 15:28
tflink yeah, we cut the last meeting short due to beta testing 15:29
adamw yeah, couple more meetings would be great 15:29
adamw i'll try and actually be around for the next one :) 15:29
tflink Anything else that we want to cover about proventesters? 15:30
* tflink assumes that we'll just leave it for wednesday 15:31
nirik if folks have ideas for recruitment, testing coverage or the like, please do bring it up wed. 15:31
tflink nirik: I assume that you're planning to send out the announcement etc.? 15:31
adamw we still could do with better stats, which is something that never quite gets important enough to sort out 15:31
adamw but it really ought to be possible 15:31
tflink adamw: suggestions for better stats welcome :) 15:31
brunowolff Some cookbook stuff for running old Fedora instances in a VM. 15:32
nirik I was wondering if we could do better also documenting (in one place) the tools and where to look for things. 15:32
tflink we can mock stuff up before proposing it in bodhi 15:32
nirik tflink: yeah, unless someone else would like to. :) That would be fine with me. 15:32
tflink #info proventesters meeting on Wednesday 15:32
brunowolff I don't know that any of my home hardware will really support this practically, but I don't usually run old Fedora's unless I am having kernel - hardware interactions causing problems. 15:33
tflink #info suggestions for recruitment strategies, new stats etc. are welcome 15:33
nirik brunowolff: I am going to look at setting up a dual boot f14/f15 on my old old laptop... just so I can test stuff on bare hardware. ;) 15:33
tflink nirik: as long as it gets sent out :) 15:33
* tflink is wondering if we should start the brainstorming on test@ now instead of waiting for wednesday 15:34
tflink unless that thread was already started and I just forgot 15:35
brunowolff Live images are another way to test things, but I have issues with those as well, because of old BIOS that don't like to boot from USB drives. 15:35
* tflink wanted to look into booting from iSCSI targets to test multiple releases on the same HW 15:36
tflink but that requires somewhat specialized HW and time to figure it all out 15:36
* satellit_ I use 250 Gb usb external drives with f14 f15 f16 installed (each with virtualbox and livecd-tools ) easy to boot up each for tests 15:37
tflink well, I'm thinking that we can move the brainstorming to test@ and hopefully we'll get some more good ideas 15:38
tflink and with that, we come to 15:39
tflink #topic Open Discussion 15:39
tflink any other topics that folks want to discuss? 15:39
adamw we do have a bunch of criteria updates to do/discuss 15:40
adamw i'll try and fire off proposals for those to the list 15:40
brunowolff I saw an issue with a live image using F16 include updates-testing failing to properly run gdm because of something selinux related. 15:40
tflink ok, I know that I don't have any of that organized 15:40
brunowolff This sounded similar to a bug I saw discussed, but can't find it now. 15:40
adamw oh, and we should check karma for beta updates. 15:40
tflink #action adamw to send criteria update proposals to test@ 15:41
brunowolff This was with Adam's patch to spin-kickstarts, but I didn't see anything in the patch that was likely to cause this. 15:41
adamw brunowolff: check without my patch, and file an selinux bug if it's still there, i guess 15:42
brunowolff I was hoping someone might remember more about the bug so I could find it. It had to do with one bug hiding another. 15:42
adamw but yeah, my patch shouldn't change anything tehre 15:42
adamw the similar bug we had as a beta blocker was , i think 15:43
adamw note the gnome spin boots straight to gnome now, there is no gdm step 15:43
brunowolff When the first bug was fixed, some files didn't get relabelled causing an issue with selinux. 15:43
brunowolff Yeah that's the one. 15:44
brunowolff This seems similar, and I wanted to see if I can figure out if the bug was resurrected or if something else is going on. 15:45
adamw okay, cool 15:45
adamw keep us up to date 15:45
tflink any other topics 15:46
tflink ? 15:46
brunowolff I was getting the somethings gone wrong message instead of a login page, so it may have actually been gnome not gdm. And the hardware is old, so fallback mode might work differently. 15:47
adamw wait, what message exactly? 15:48
adamw when you boot on hardware that can't manage shell, it'll boot to fallback mode and give you a sadface message about how shell didn't work 15:48
adamw that's all intentional, though: it's not a bug 15:48
adamw if the system tries to start shell but something goes wrong and it gives you the fail whale and forces you to 'log out', there's a bug 15:49
adamw two different messages 15:49
brunowolff I forget the exact wording, but it was the usual gnome shell has a fatal problem and asks you to logout. 15:49
adamw okay, then that's shell, not fallback. 15:50
brunowolff I noted an selinux warning so I used CA-F2 to get to the console, switched to permissive mode and then went back to X and was able to get in. 15:50
adamw okay. so yeah, check it out some more then file a bug 15:51
tflink cool, any other topics? 15:52
robatino i've noticed that sometimes download via dl is slow compared to serverbeach1, should we be mentioning sb1 in the announcements? do other people see this? 15:52
* tflink hasn't tried both 15:53
nirik robatino: if you can ping in #fedora-admin when you see that we can try and track it down... 15:53
robatino i generally don't get a constant full-speed download, it varies from roughly dialup speed to my maximum (350 KBytes/s) 15:53
nirik odd. 15:53
* nirik gets 2MB/sec or so from dl... 15:53
robatino i used to get constant full-speed download 15:53
* tflink also gets 2M/s from dl 15:54
nirik sb1 is still mirroring, so mentioning it should be fine too I guess... 15:54
robatino it'll be running at peak for a while, then slow to around 10 KBytes/s, then jump to peak, etc. 15:54
adamw sb1 syncs up about an hour after dl i think. 15:56
nirik yeah, there's a delay there... 15:56
robatino i'll try downloading something after the meeting and if i see it again, ask in #fedora-admin 15:56
robatino yes, i sort of dislike sb1 because of the delay - i used to delay the announcements until after sb1 synced up 15:57
nirik dl is using the same backend storage as secondary01/alt/releng... so it's pretty instant. ;) 15:57
tflink any other topics? 15:59
* tflink sets fuse for 2 minutes 16:00
tflink OK, thanks for coming everyone! 16:02
* tflink will be sending out minutes shortly 16:02
tflink #endmeeting 16:02

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