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  • kparal (36)
  • maxamillion (19)
  • zodbot (6)
  • robatino (4)
  • athmane (4)
  • nirik (3)
  • jsmith (3)
  • pschindl (3)
  • jskladan (2)


Previous meeting follow-up

  • python-yourls still hadn't been built yet
  • release criterion change proposals still hadn't been sent out

Final TC/RC schedule

  • Final TC schedule would be moved up one week, as was done successfully for Beta

Criteria revisions

  • status of Xen in re the release criteria was still being kicked around

Upcoming QA events

  • Eclipse test day looked ready to go
  • Cloud SIG test day of 2011-10-20 looked underprepared
  • Proven testers meeting was planned for 2011-10-12

AutoQA status

  • autoqa-results ML was disabled due to excessive traffic slowing down the list server
  • initscripts test has been removed from autoqa due to unresolved problems

Open discussion

  • There was some questioning of whether the security spin would get any testing

Action Items

  • tflink build python-yourls for F16, F15, EL6 so we can stop dicussing this
  • adamw will draft release criteria change proposals and send out to test@
  • tflink to move Xen release criterion discussion to devel@
  • tflink to continue pestering Cloud SIG people about test cases and coordination

Irc Log

tflink #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Oct 10 15:00:25 2011 UTC. The chair is tflink. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
tflink #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
tflink #topic Roll Call 15:00
* kparal is here 15:00
tflink alrighty, who's ready for some QA meeting? 15:00
tflink kparal: welcome 15:00
* pschindl is her 15:01
* pschindl is here :D 15:01
pschindl jskladan will come soon 15:02
tflink pschindl: whether you're her or here, welcome :) 15:02
kparal it seems it will be a very private meeting :) 15:04
tflink well, the meeting notice wasn't sent out that long ago 15:05
* tflink will wait ~ 4 more minutes before starting since there aren't many here yet 15:06
* jsmith is lurking 15:07
tflink alrighty, lets get going 15:09
tflink #topic Previous Meeting Follow-Up 15:09
tflink OK, I see two things from last week 15:10
tflink #info python-yourls has still (STILL?!) not been built 15:10
kparal where's the catch? 15:11
tflink #action tflink build python-yourls for F16, F15, EL6 so we can stop dicussing this 15:11
tflink kparal: no catch, really. I have everything committed and it keeps falling off my todo list 15:11
kparal ok 15:11
kparal happens to me all the time 15:11
tflink I wish I had a rawhide machine to test on, though. time to try updating a F16 VM again 15:12
tflink the other one is an item for adamw 15:12
tflink which I'm pretty sure hasn't happened yet for similar reasons 15:12
tflink #info release criteria proposals have not been sent out to test@ 15:13
tflink I know that if they aren't done by friday, we'll be drafting some up at the blocker review meeting on friday 15:13
tflink since there are a couple of bugs that we feel should be blockers but don't have criteria 15:13
tflink mostly i18n bugs 15:13
tflink #action adamw will draft release criteria change proposals and send out to test@ 15:14
tflink ok, is there anything else that I'm missing? 15:14
kparal nothing I can see 15:15
tflink cool 15:15
tflink #topic Final TC/RC Schedule 15:15
tflink to be honest, I'm not 100% sure what adam had in mind for this, but I can go over what I do know 15:15
tflink #info Final TC1 Scheduled for 2011-10-13 15:16
kparal I read this: 15:16
kparal Test 'Final' Test Compose (TC)Mon 2011-10-17 15:16
kparal 15:16
tflink Since it seemed to go well for beta, we're going to push up the TC scedule by a week 15:16
kparal great 15:16
tflink s/scedule/schedule 15:16
tflink it doesn't affect any other deadlines, just gives us the first compose to start testing a week earlier than we would otherwise have it 15:17
kparal better for us 15:17
tflink I think that we're expecting new builds for anaconda and lorax for final TC1 but I'm not 100% sure what else we're hoping for 15:18
tflink IIRC, the deadline is tomorrow night (some US timezone) 15:18
tflink for packages 15:18
* jskladan joins 15:19
tflink jskladan: welcome! 15:19
jskladan sorry for the delay 15:19
tflink jskladan: no worries 15:20
tflink That's about all I know about the TC/RC schedule 15:20
tflink anyone have additional information? 15:20
* tflink assumes silence => no 15:21
kparal correct 15:21
tflink #topic Criteria Revisions 15:21
tflink OK, I know that we have several proposed changes to the final release criteria that either have been or will be proposed in the next week 15:21
tflink One of them that we've been kicking around for a while now is about Xen 15:22
tflink #link 15:22
tflink continued with 15:22
tflink #link 15:22
tflink are there any thoughts here about final Blocker/NTH for Xen issues? 15:23
kparal the problem is... I have zero knowledge of Xen 15:23
tflink kparal: for testing or commenting on the criteria? 15:23
kparal both 15:23
kparal so I can't really comment on that, if I don't know what DomU is :) 15:24
tflink my thoughts on it are: it's hard to fix Xen DomU (guest) install issues after release 15:24
tflink xen DomU => guest OS 15:25
kparal btw why exactly are we again supporting Xen? 15:25
tflink xen Dom0 => Virtualization Host 15:25
tflink kparal: the required stuff for Dom0 was accepted upstream into the kernel 15:25
tflink so custom kernels aren't required any more 15:25
kparal ah, that's nice 15:26
kparal ok 15:26
tflink having choice is good, too :) 15:27
tflink but I'm thinking that we don't quite have enough people here to vote on criteria changes 15:28
kparal certainly not this one 15:28
jsmith +1 15:28
tflink jsmith: +1 to not voting or +1 to the criteria 15:28
* maxamillion is here ... late but here 15:29
tflink I think that the last place we left the xen criteria modification was to take it to devel@ and see if we could get more input 15:29
tflink the current thought being that if there were no big objections, we would make Xen DomU support NTH for F16 Final 15:30
tflink maxamillion: welcome to the party! 15:30
kparal it's kind of late for full-fledged blocker anyway, isn't it? 15:30
maxamillion thanks :D 15:30
tflink kparal: maybe but I don't think that there are any potential xen related blockers that aren't being worked on ATM 15:31
maxamillion tflink: the only thing I think might be an issue there is users of services like Amazon EC2, Linode, Rackspace cloud, etc ... because I think they are all Xen based 15:31
tflink I'm only aware of 1 real issue with guests and 1 or two with the hosts 15:31
tflink maxamillion: true but we're still not sure if generic DomU support in fedora will help with the support of those services 15:31
maxamillion tflink: ah, fair point ... they do generally roll their own images 15:32
tflink #action tflink to move Xen release criterion discussion to devel@ 15:32
tflink we do need to be voting on these soon, though 15:32
tflink as kparal said, it's starting to get a bit late to be accepting new release criteria 15:33
maxamillion tflink: is the dom0 working? I know that's a feature page somewhere ... imo it would be odd to offer dom0 but not domU, but in similar respect I don't really have a dog in this fight so NTH is +1 on my end 15:33
tflink maxamillion: there are a couple of bugs left but there are workarounds 15:33
maxamillion tflink: rgr 15:33
tflink and some fixes being worked out 15:34
maxamillion +1 for Xen domU being NTH 15:34
tflink same here, but I think that we still need more input before accepting it 15:34
maxamillion fair 15:35
tflink I know that there is at least 1 other release criteria modification coming 15:35
tflink since there are a couple of bad i18n bugs still in F16 15:35
tflink but I think that's about it for release criteria stuff 15:36
tflink #topic Upcoming QA Events 15:36
* jsmith thinks we need more feedback as well 15:36
tflink #info Fedora Packager for Eclipse Test Day - 2011-10-13 15:37
tflink #link 15:37
tflink This looks well prepared and ready to go 15:37
tflink #info Cloud SIG Test Day - 2011-10-20 15:38
tflink no link yet 15:38
tflink #action tflink to continue pestering Cloud SIG people about test cases and coordination 15:39
tflink unless someone else wants that :) 15:39
tflink I had already been talking to them about it, figured that I would continue 15:40
tflink nirik: is a proventesters meeting planned for wednesday? 15:40
nirik yep. 15:41
nirik not sure how much progress we are making, but people seemed ok to meet again. 15:41
tflink #info Proventesters Meeting - 2011-10-12 15:41
tflink cool, thanks 15:41
tflink kparal: feel like doing a quick AutoQA update? 15:41
kparal is there some update? 15:42
maxamillion nirik: any particular points in proventesters land you feel we need large strides of progress on? 15:42
tflink kparal: not a whole lot to say, I suppose :) 15:42
tflink we'll skip it for this week 15:42
kparal I can say a few words 15:42
tflink #topic AutoQA Status 15:43
tflink #chair kparal 15:43
zodbot Current chairs: kparal tflink 15:43
nirik maxamillion: well, Ideally I would like to see more recruitment... if we had a slightly bigger pool we might be able to do better on critpath updates... 15:43
kparal first of all, autoqa-results is dead at the moment 15:43
maxamillion nirik: ah, yes ... agreed 15:43
kparal it has been shut off because it generated a lot of email traffic 15:43
maxamillion nirik: tough sell though :/ 15:43
kparal we will have to reduce the traffic in order to continue using that 15:43
tflink #info autoqa-results@ has been disabled due to excess traffic slowing down the list server 15:43
maxamillion which reminds me ... need to fire up some easy-karma once I get home 15:43
kparal the second update is that initscripts test was removed from autoqa 15:44
kparal more and more services are transitioned to systemd 15:44
tflink #info the initscripts test has been removed from autoqa, will show up in next update 15:44
kparal and there has been problems with initscripts we would have to solve if we wanted to continue running it 15:44
tflink hrm, my #info was poorly worded 15:45
tflink #undo 15:45
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x1a5ec92c> 15:45
kparal :) 15:45
tflink #info the initscripts test has been removed from autoqa, will be removed from production at the next AutoQA update 15:45
kparal actually it is disabled already 15:45
kparal for a week or two 15:45
tflink oh, I didn't know that 15:45
tflink third time's the charm ... 15:46
tflink #undo 15:46
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0xccd3dec> 15:46
kparal bcz of this ticket: 15:46
tflink #info the initscripts test has been removed from autoqa source and disabled in production 15:46
kparal *thumbs up* 15:46
kparal that's all from autoqa 15:46
tflink kparal: cool, thanks for the update 15:47
kparal afaik 15:47
tflink that makes two of us :) 15:47
tflink #topic Open Discussion 15:47
tflink OK, is there something that anyone wants to discuss? 15:47
* tflink wonders if he could make that question any less specific, will try harder for next time 15:48
robatino is there going to be testing for the security spin? 15:49
tflink not sure 15:49
robatino i've been making the test pages and including them in announcements, no activity so far 15:49
tflink athmane doesn't seem to be here ATM 15:49
maxamillion robatino: I can do some testing, are you interested in hosting a test day for it or just curious if anyone was testing it currently? 15:50
maxamillion or $other? 15:50
robatino i was just wondering if i should continue making test pages and announcing it 15:50
maxamillion ah ... can't really speak to that 15:51
* athmane is back 15:51
tflink athmane: do you know if anyone is planning to work on the security spin test matrix? 15:51
tflink robatino was wondering if he should continue to announce it and create the wiki pages 15:52
athmane the isos were not available 15:52
tflink oh 15:52
tflink athmane: do you know if any particular bugs were a problem or is this an issue with getting it spun? 15:53
athmane I think only 4 desktop spin are available in alpha/beta stages 15:54
tflink good point, for some reason I thought that we spun everything for beta 15:54
tflink so I think that the conclusion is: yes, there will be testing once an image is available to test 15:55
robatino ok, so i'll continue as usual, the test page will need to be edited to include the download link when that's available 15:57
tflink will the security spin be created with any of the final TC/RC? 15:57
* athmane can't recall 15:59
tflink I guess we'll find out on thursday if all else fails 15:59
tflink any other topics to cover? 16:00
* tflink sets fuse for 5 minutes 16:00
maxamillion tflink: thanks for another great meeting! :D (sorry for my blatant lack of punctualtiy) 16:03
maxamillion and my lack of ability to type ... >.> 16:03
tflink maxamillion: np, thanks for coming 16:03
tflink time is relative ... :-D 16:03
maxamillion ;) 16:03
tflink alrighty, I'm changing my mind about the whole 5 minutes thing 16:03
tflink Thanks for coming everyone! 16:04
kparal thanks 16:04
maxamillion thanks! 16:04
* tflink will send out minutes shortly 16:04
tflink #endmeeting 16:04

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