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  • tflink (29)
  • kparal (22)
  • j_dulaney (12)
  • brunowolff (10)
  • zodbot (7)
  • jskladan (4)
  • nirik (4)
  • robatino (4)
  • drago01 (3)
  • tk009 (2)
  • Southern_Gentlem (2)
  • Cerlyn (1)
  • maxamillion (1)
  • pschindl (1)


Previous meeting follow-up

  • python-yourls build is now done
  • The release criteria changes had now been formally proposed and several already accepted, including Xen

Final preparation

  • TC1 was available and testing in progress (but x86-64 images not yet done)
  • kparal was working to put together a team of Red Hat interns in his local office to help with validation testing

Upcoming QA events

  • AS Alam would be presenting on QA at Fudcon Pune
  • Blocker review planned for 2011-10-21
  • Cloud SIG test day was planned for 2011-10-20, tflink trying to co-ordinate organization with Cloud SIG

Open discussion

  • brunowolff had committed adamw's service disabling fix patch to spin-kickstarts
  • adamw would co-ordinate with kernel team to plan the final release kernel build

Action Items

  • adamw to check with dgilmore where we are with x86_64 iso generation
  • adamw to co-ordinate with kernel team for final release build


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic roll call 15:00
* tflink is here 15:00
* jskladan is here for all the meeting fun! 15:00
* kparal rolls 15:00
adamw jskladan: i think you're in the wrong place 15:00
* j_dulaney is on his phone 15:01
jskladan adamw: so this ain't the place where you get milk and cookies? 15:01
kparal that's the #milk-and-cookies channel 15:02
jskladan kparal: ah, so this must be the Beefy Miracle channel then ;-) 15:02
adamw only if milk means 'work' and cookies means...'more work' 15:02
* pschindl is here 15:03
jskladan adamw: then I guess it's the right place :) 15:03
tflink adamw: those sound like crappy milk & cookies to me 15:03
adamw heya vita 15:03
adamw #topic previous meeting follow up 15:04
adamw so, let's see...I wasn't around for last week, but here's the action items... 15:04
adamw "tflink build python-yourls for F16, F15, EL6 so we can stop dicussing this" 15:04
adamw tflink, did you stop sucking yet? 15:05
tflink adamw: packages built, updates submitted 15:05
adamw #info tflink finally stopped sucking like a dyson, python-yourls is built and submitted 15:05
tflink ... finally 15:05
tflink wow, somebody 15:05
tflink 's grouchy today :) 15:05
adamw it's 8am on a monday, i'm ALWAYS grouchy ;) 15:06
adamw 'adamw will draft release criteria change proposals and send out to test@' 15:06
adamw did that, and we committed most of them already 15:06
adamw #info adamw submitted the release criteria proposals that came out of recent blocker review meetings 15:07
adamw on a related note... 15:07
adamw 'tflink to move Xen release criterion discussion to devel@' 15:07
adamw i believe we moved it there, moved it back, and accepted a final criterion in the end 15:07
tflink did that, no objections from devel@ 15:07
tflink AFAIK, you have it correct 15:07
adamw eggscellent 15:08
adamw #info Xen criteria discussion went to -devel, came back, and we accepted a criterion for Final 15:08
adamw 'tflink to continue pestering Cloud SIG people about test cases and coordination' 15:09
tflink I've been pestering, supposedly it's going to come together today or tomorrow 15:09
adamw cool. 15:09
adamw we do obviously need better xen test cases 15:09
tflink yeah, I was going to send something to fedora-xen@ asking for help and testers 15:10
adamw #info 'I've been pestering, supposedly it's going to come together today or tomorrow' 15:10
adamw excellent...anything I missed from last week? 15:10
tflink but I don't think that we need the xen cases for the cloud test day 15:10
tflink oh, I did ask the cloud sig to help formalize the EC2 test cases so they aren't scattered about different wiki pages 15:11
adamw cool 15:11
* tflink wonders where we're going to puth them in the matrix, though 15:12
adamw the validation matrix? or the cloud test day matrix? 15:12
tflink the validation matrix, the test day is up to the cloud SIG 15:13
adamw same place as the other virt tests, i guess.\ 15:13
tflink for the short term, sure but I'm not sure that EC2 tests qualify as installation tests 15:13
tflink either way, not something to worry about right now 15:14
adamw sure. 15:15
adamw #topic Final preparation 15:15
j_dulaney Yay 15:15
adamw well, nothing much specific to bring up here, but we're into the Final cycle now...TC1 is out and needs all validation testing run, we've spotted some issues with the metadata but most tests should be possible 15:15
* kparal has a related note 15:15
adamw yup? 15:16
adamw i'm not aware of any major pending changes which would demand a tc2 unless we re-spin for the metadata issues 15:16
kparal due to Ben Levenson's incentive, I have talked to a few local team leaders in Brno and they have agreed to lend a few of their interns for the final release validation 15:16
kparal so I just want to note that you can expect a few more people to be reporting bugs, hopefully 15:17
kparal (does reporting new bugs in F16 count as "hopefully"?) 15:17
adamw kparal: that's awesome, nice move 15:17
adamw thanks for looking after that 15:17
kparal I will have a meeting with them tomorrow and show them how to do installation and desktop testing 15:17
j_dulaney Kparal: indeed 15:18
kparal end of note 15:18
j_dulaney What sort of meta data issues are we 15:18
j_dulaney Talking 15:19
j_dulaney I haven.t seen any 15:19
j_dulaney Bloody phone keyboard 15:19
kparal is it related to missing x64 images? 15:20
adamw missing .treeinfo and repodata 15:20
j_dulaney Ah 15:21
adamw which can affect some install types i think, like preupgrade 15:21
j_dulaney Yay more pre upgrade issues 15:22
adamw yup :/ 15:22
kparal so TC2 will be soon? 15:22
adamw no, the opposite: unless we decide the metadata issues need a respin i think there's no specific need for a tc2 15:22
kparal and the missing x64 images will be provided? 15:22
adamw i think they showed up now didn't they? 15:23
robatino no 15:23
kparal adamw: 15:23
kparal no 15:23
adamw oh, nup, not yet. yeeks. 15:23
adamw #action adamw to check with dgilmore where we are with x86_64 iso generation 15:23
adamw okay, other reason to build a tc2 would be if that would get us x86_64 images...i'll co-ordinate with releng on that 15:24
adamw otherwise i guess we could do one next week to pick up general package set changes, but there's not really a huge amount of reason to re-spin unless certain sensitive packages change (anaconda, kernel, lorax etc) 15:24
* j_dulaney thinks a tc2 would not be a bad thing 15:25
kparal next week is RC1 15:25
j_dulaney Ah 15:25
kparal 26th is the plan 15:25
adamw oh, right. i meant later this week. 15:25
j_dulaney Maybe that will be sufficient 15:26
* adamw still catching up with the universe in general 15:26
kparal :D 15:26
robatino the 32-bit half of the install text matrix is almost done and looks good 15:26
adamw yeah 15:26
adamw only thorny area i'm really worried about is the grub2/bios raid issues; i'll try and get pjones looking at that 15:26
robatino people might want to look at bugs 746509 / 746529 having to do with installing TC1 live to hard drive 15:27
adamw thanks for the flag up 15:27
robatino black screen in x after installing 15:27
adamw so, aside from a potential tc1, we have the blocker review on friday, of course 15:27
adamw anyone else have anything to bring up or concerns about the final process? 15:28
adamw okay, cool. I had a 'criteria revisions' topic on the list but really we covered it in previous meeting follow-up - we accepted most of the proposed criteria already. 15:31
adamw so... 15:31
adamw #topic upcoming QA events 15:31
adamw well a big vote of thanks to a. s. alam for taking on the role of QA presenter at FUDCon Pune, which for those in Asia is coming up early next month 15:32
adamw - 2011-11-04 to 2011-11-06 15:32
adamw aside from that, we have TC1 testing all week, and the blocker review on Friday 2011-10-21 15:33
adamw #info we have TC1 testing all week, and the blocker review on Friday 2011-10-21 15:33
adamw Thursday 2011-10-20 is Cloud Test Day, I believe tflink's been trying to herd that one? 15:33
adamw #info Thursday 2011-10-20 is Cloud Test Day 15:34
adamw 15:34
tflink trying, looks like there are going to be a lot of components 15:34
tflink I think that some openstack and possibly euca people will be around 15:35
tflink in addition to EC2, boxgrinder and aeolus 15:35
* maxamillion is here ... late but here (which is becoming par for the course) 15:35
tflink so ... lots of stuff to test :) 15:35
adamw so it'll be a hot mess, i guess :) 15:36
tflink yeah, probably 15:36
adamw but sounds like stuff will get done. hey, at the worst, we can get the cloud teams to test each others' clouds. :) 15:38
tflink and hopefully, we'll get some good test cases and docs out of it 15:38
adamw yup. 15:38
adamw okay, moving swiftly on... 15:39
adamw oh, tflink / kparal, is it worth doing an autoqa update segment? 15:39
kparal I don't think so 15:39
tflink I can't think of anything worth noting 15:39
adamw okay 15:42
adamw nirik: anything from proventesters? 15:42
nirik not off hand, some more ideas... 15:42
adamw okay 15:43
adamw #topic open discussion 15:43
adamw any other business? cookies? milk? plans for world domination? 15:44
brunowolff I submitted an NTH request for a regression in the rc9 kernel. 15:44
brunowolff I got Adam's deadwood cleanup patch into spin-kickstarts. 15:44
tflink brunowolff: what is the bug # on that? 15:44
adamw note that we're not frozen yet so there can be a kernel update any time the kernel team wants there to be one 15:45
adamw i should probably poke them and remind them of the schedule so they can plan their builds 15:45
brunowolff 15:45
tflink brunowolff: thanks 15:45
adamw brunowolff: oh, yeah, thanks for that - actually that may be a reason to do a tc2, as well... 15:46
brunowolff Linus is taking his time getting the 3.1 final out. 15:46
adamw #info brunowolff committed adamw's systemd conversion for spin-kickstarts, so tc2 and later will have the systemd-based livesys 15:46
brunowolff I don't think that's the right bug. 15:46
brunowolff This was the one where some chkconfig's were changed to use native systemd commands. 15:47
adamw #action adamw to co-ordinate with kernel team for final release build 15:47
brunowolff The livesys one looked more dangerous. 15:47
adamw oh right, sorry 15:47
adamw #undo 15:48
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x6404790> 15:48
adamw #undo 15:48
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x5a50290> 15:48
brunowolff If you think it is safe I could try to test it over the next couple of days. That seems a bit risky, but it would be in before freeze? 15:48
adamw #info brunowolff committed adamw's patch to clean up service disablement in live images for systemd 15:48
adamw brunowolff: no, let's leave that for 17 15:48
brunowolff OK. 15:48
adamw #action adamw to co-ordinate with kernel team for final release build 15:48
brunowolff I'll be branching spin-kickstarts soon. 15:51
adamw cool. 15:52
adamw welp, sounds like that's everything 15:52
* adamw sets fuse for one minute 15:53
kparal the fuse exploded some time ago? 15:56
tflink oh no! it got adamw! 15:57
tk009 that 'it' is a killer 15:58
drago01 he might be just moving fast enough that one minute has not passed yet for him ;) 15:58
* tflink always wondered what the fuse was attached to 15:58
Cerlyn You really should be using a fuze and not a fuse 16:01
kparal maybe the too early getting up killed him 16:05
kparal I totally understand that 16:05
kparal anyway, kparal goes off 16:05
kparal have a nice day everyone 16:05
tflink adamw: you might want to end the meeting :) 16:15
tk009 no one else has chair? 16:15
tflink I don't think so 16:15
drago01 adamw: END THE MEETING 16:17
drago01 maybe that works 16:17
Southern_Gentlem #endmeeting 16:17
Southern_Gentlem this is why extra chairs are needed 16:17
nirik .addchair #fedora-meeting nirik 16:18
zodbot nirik: (addchair <channel> <network> <nick>) -- Add a nick as a chair to the meeting. 16:18
nirik .addchair #fedora-meeting freenode nirik 16:18
zodbot nirik: Chair added: nirik on (#fedora-meeting, freenode). 16:18
nirik #endmeeting 16:18

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