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  • adamw (130)
  • j_dulaney (43)
  • kparal (31)
  • tflink (27)
  • red_alert (8)
  • rbergeron (7)
  • zodbot (6)
  • nirik (5)
  • jskladan (2)
  • brunowolff (1)
  • pschindl (1)


Previous meeting follow-up

  • Nothing from previous short meeting required follow-up

FUDCon NA hackfest planning

  • Plan to get anaconda and QA teams together to organize/conduct testing of new UI
  • We have room 3 on Sunday from 0900 to 1400
  • FUDCon is too late to notify if we need hooks written into the new UI for testing
  • kparal will investigate whether such hooks are needed and notify anaconda team

Fedora 17 Test Day planning

  • j_dulaney will act as Fedora 17 Test Day co-ordinator, adamw will help him get going

Upcoming QA events

  • adamw will get F16 retrospective summary posted and tickets filed this week
  • We need to agree on how to schedule TCs for F17 and communicate that to rbergeron - scheduling them early for F16 seemed to be a good idea

AutoQA update

  • Team is still preparing for AutoQA 0.7.0 deployment: need to decide when to schedule downtime
  • Test client hardware needs to be upgraded from Fedora 14 to Fedora 16
  • Results mails are still disabled, need a list discussion about whether to try and revive them or wait for resultsdb

Open floor

  • kparal asked about relative priorities of various tasks: autoqa, validation test plan updates, test day organization, creating test plans for major F17 features
  • adamw said they're all important but those with the skills for autoqa should focus on it
  • adamw will try to ensure all outstanding tasks have tickets filed by end of week
  • infrastructure team is calling for testing of a rhel6-based , see here for more details

Action Items

  • kparal to try and co-ordinate all involved in writing installer autoqa tests together to determine if we need any hooks in the new anaconda code
  • j_dulaney to take a shot at co-ordinating F17 test days, thanks!
  • adamw to get retrospective tickets filed and summary mailed this week
  • adamw to start an ml thread proposing changes to the tc dates for f17 schedule to be sent to rbergeron


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 16:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon Nov 21 16:01:21 2011 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:01
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:01
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:01
jskladan j_dulaney: hey there 16:01
adamw #topic roll call 16:01
adamw alright, who's around? 16:01
* tflink is here 16:01
* jskladan is ready to rock'n'roll 16:01
* red_alert 16:01
* j_dulaney is rocking out to Rammstein 16:01
* j_dulaney will probably not be able to hear when it's all said and done 16:02
adamw hey, lookit that, when i actually manage to announce the meeting, people show up 16:02
* brunowolff is for a short while. I have a meeting at work at half past. 16:02
adamw it's like magic or something 16:02
* kparal pops up 16:02
* adamw whacks kparal 16:02
* j_dulaney plays whack-a-kparal 16:03
j_dulaney adamw is a wizard 16:03
* kparal pops off 16:03
adamw beat you to it 16:03
* j_dulaney whacks adamw 16:03
j_dulaney I win 16:03
adamw oh THAT'S how it's going to be? 16:03
adamw you're fired! 16:03
adamw alrighty 16:04
* pschindl is here 16:04
tflink how exactly do you fire someone who doesn't work for you? 16:04
adamw tflink: it's difficult, i admit, but i studied hard 16:04
rbergeron tflink: LOL 16:04
adamw i have many methods 16:04
j_dulaney Well, since I'm fired... 16:04
* j_dulaney gets to slack off! 16:05
adamw i'll probably plant a bottle of jack in his desk drawer and call his boss 16:05
tflink j_dulaney: is that how it works? Dang, I wish I would have know that, I could have been slacking for a month or two 16:05
adamw =) 16:05
j_dulaney LOL 16:05
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 16:05
adamw nothing really doing here, since last week was a short, quiet meeting 16:06
adamw no action items 16:06
* j_dulaney was halfway between Winston-Salem and Fayetteville during the last meeting 16:06
adamw and still had a job! 16:06
j_dulaney Indeed 16:07
adamw #info no action items from previous meeting on which to follow up 16:07
adamw #topic FUDCon NA hackfest planning 16:07
adamw so, I think red_alert has been doing some work on this 16:07
adamw where are we atm? 16:07
adamw #chair tflink 16:07
zodbot Current chairs: adamw tflink 16:07
adamw #chair j_dulaney 16:07
zodbot Current chairs: adamw j_dulaney tflink 16:07
red_alert well, we have room and time reserved 16:08
red_alert anacodna folks know about it and at least clumens likes the idea :) 16:08
tflink red_alert: for the Anaconda testing hackfest? 16:08
red_alert tflink: yes 16:08
adamw yeah, background is good for those who haven't heard 16:08
adamw #link 16:09
red_alert basically we'll sit together for ~4h and talk/do whatever needs to be talked/done. so far we think no strict agenda is needed and everyone will just bring in his topics as necessary 16:10
j_dulaney #info We have room 3 on Sunday from 0900 to 1400 16:10
adamw cool 16:11
j_dulaney Speaking of such, anyone want to room with me? 16:11
adamw #info plan is to get anaconda and qa teams together to work on testing the new installer UI 16:12
adamw so, anyone have questions / ideas about the plan? 16:13
red_alert oh, one important thing clumens mentioned: if things need to be built into the new UI to make it testable that needs to be defined ~now, i.e. FUDCon will be too late 16:13
j_dulaney AutoQA test hooks? 16:13
adamw #info if we need things coded into the UI to make it testable we have to say so now 16:13
red_alert j_dulaney: any kind of hooks, yes :) 16:14
j_dulaney IE, integrate in ways for AutoQA to test it easily without having to use the screenshot method? 16:14
kparal we don't use it at all 16:14
* j_dulaney is going to have to think on this 16:14
kparal OTOH I must admit I have not much insight into our current anaconda testing 16:14
tflink me neither, I don't know the RATS code/tests very well 16:15
adamw who does? 16:15
adamw twu? 16:15
kparal jlaska and clumens afaik 16:15
tflink hongquing and twu, I think 16:15
tflink I answered the wrong question - I was thinking "who's working on it now" 16:15
adamw heh 16:16
kparal there is a RATS test, the old one. and there are few more anaconda tests which are newer 16:16
adamw sounds like we maybe need to get all of the above together 16:16
j_dulaney Indeed 16:16
kparal the new tests use some framework written by clumens afaik 16:16
kparal james worked with him on intergration 16:17
kparal the old RATS test was written by wwoods and jlaska I believe 16:17
adamw kparal: it sounds like you kind of know what's going on there: can I ask you to try and get an email thread going with the parties concerned, either directly or cc them on an anaconda list thread? 16:18
tflink what about the installation tests that twu and hongquing are working on? Is that something different? 16:18
* kparal look forward to having an action item 16:18
kparal tflink: I have to say I don't know 16:18
adamw view it as a wonderful opportunity to find out :) 16:19
adamw but it sure sounds like we need to get ducks in a row there. 16:19
kparal honqginq worked on media sanity test, which is a different topic 16:19
tflink ah, maybe I'm getting the different tests confused 16:19
adamw #action kparal to try and co-ordinate all involved in writing installer autoqa tests together to determine if we need any hooks in the new anaconda code 16:19
adamw sound good? 16:19
kparal yep 16:20
adamw alrighty 16:20
adamw any time you're feeling like an action item, you come ask me ;) 16:20
kparal will do :) 16:20
adamw #topic Fedora 17 Test Day planning 16:20
* j_dulaney wants an action item 16:20
adamw you can have this one if you want! 16:20
adamw so i wanted to throw this one open: we need to set up the F17 test day cycle 16:21
adamw up till f16 jlaska and I mostly handled this, but i'm still buried in todo list and it'd be nice to give someone else a shake at it too 16:21
adamw new ideas, raptor proofing, etc etc 16:21
j_dulaney Raptors? 16:22
* j_dulaney is more worried about ponies. They sneak up on you 16:22
adamw pony vs. raptor! 16:22
tflink j_dulaney: if someone gets eaten by a raptor, there is enough knowlege around to get the job done 16:22
adamw ...or a pony. 16:22
tflink or hit by a bus, choose your poison 16:23
adamw hit by a bus driven by a pony which is being eaten by a raptor? 16:23
j_dulaney Odd 16:23
adamw that'd get you in the papers. 16:23
j_dulaney Indeed 16:23
j_dulaney Not in a way I want, though 16:24
adamw heh 16:24
adamw so, basically this involves setting up the test day schedule - which is really just a table on the wiki you can copy and paste from the f16 one - then helping people to organize and promote the events 16:24
adamw you won't actually have to do all the work for every test day yourself, or even show up at all of them, it's more co-ordination 16:24
adamw so anyone feel like giving that a shot? 16:25
* j_dulaney will do it 16:25
j_dulaney Sounds easy enough, just make sure everything is on a Thursday? 16:25
adamw ideally keep things on a thursday 16:26
j_dulaney Indeed 16:26
adamw but if all the slots are full and someone has a worthwhile idea, you can overflow to other days (usually tuesday) 16:26
adamw and sometimes we do 'test weeks' when people want to do a series of related events (like X test week, or the i18n/l10n week we had last cycle) 16:27
adamw i'll help you out as you go, anyways - any questions, just poke me or the list 16:27
adamw thanks for stepping up! 16:27
adamw #action j_dulaney to take a shot at co-ordinating F17 test days, thanks! 16:27
red_alert don't forget that some developers are in different timezones, and so are testers :) just saying 16:27
j_dulaney Roger that 16:27
adamw #topic Upcoming QA events 16:28
adamw so i threw this in the schedule, but i'm not sure we actually have any 16:28
j_dulaney How's the post-F16 stuff coming? 16:29
adamw busted! 16:29
adamw retrospective is the next thing on my todo list 16:29
adamw so expect that this week sometime 16:29
adamw #action adamw to get retrospective tickets filed and summary mailed this week 16:30
adamw the preliminary f17 schedule is up at 16:30
rbergeron feel free to send me any updates :) 16:30
adamw yeah, we probably will want to change acceptance tests into TCs again 16:30
rbergeron (which will probably come out of any retrospective stuff) 16:30
j_dulaney Assuming FESCo accepts it 16:31
rbergeron j_dulaney: they accepted it 16:31
adamw but we'll look at that and let you know 16:31
adamw j_dulaney: heh. 16:31
j_dulaney Bumping the TCs forward a week did seem to help 16:31
rbergeron though i don't know if fesco needs to approve calling acceptance tests TCs but.... 16:31
adamw yeah, and i think the reasoning about RATS still helps 16:31
adamw rbergeron: i think j_dulaney meant 'assuming fesco accepts the f17 schedule in general' 16:32
adamw s/helps/stands/ 16:32
j_dulaney adamw: Indeed 16:32
rbergeron okay. well, they accepted it :) 16:33
adamw awesome 16:33
adamw #action adamw to start an ml thread proposing changes to the tc dates for f17 schedule to be sent to rbergeron 16:34
adamw anything else on upcoming events? 16:34
rbergeron If anyone is going to FUDCon, please sign up, if you need funding, file your ticket, EOF :) 16:34
adamw alrighty! 16:36
adamw #info if you're planning on going to FUDCon please sign up, and if you need funding, file a ticket now 16:36
adamw now, it's the moment we've all been waiting for... 16:37
adamw #topic autoqa update 16:37
adamw #chair kparal 16:37
zodbot Current chairs: adamw j_dulaney kparal tflink 16:37
tflink adamw: we have? 16:37
adamw tflink, kparal, what's the news? 16:37
adamw well *I*'ve been waiting all weekend 16:37
tflink we're still getting ready to deploy autoqa 0.7.0 16:37
adamw (with my finger hovering over the 'fired' button) 16:37
tflink a couple of bugs were found and fixed last week with YOURLS integration and the new logging system 16:37
adamw cool 16:38
kparal kudos to tflink 16:38
tflink we still need to schedule downtime for the AutoQA system and figure out when we're going to push out to production 16:38
kparal this week probably 16:38
tflink almost all of the test client HW is still running F14, so we have some upgrades to do 16:39
adamw question: is there a plan/schedule to get the results mails back up? 16:39
adamw or are we just waiting for resultsdb now? 16:39
kparal great question 16:39
tflink the conversation hasn't come up yet 16:39
tflink not in detail, anyways 16:39
kparal I think I proposed some solutions in that thread 16:39
kparal I'll try to revive that conversation 16:40
tflink have there been requests for the emails to come back? 16:40
adamw i haven't had any, i just was reminded when i was catching up on the meeting summaries last week 16:40
* j_dulaney got the impression from Infranstructure that they don't want to serve the huge number of emails, for sure 16:40
adamw j_dulaney: that's the reason it was shut down, yes 16:42
adamw j_dulaney: so we need some kind of plan to reduce the volume to get them back up again 16:42
tflink assuming we want to spam a list with all results, anyways 16:42
tflink but that conversation would best be saved for the lists 16:42
* j_dulaney is leaning for resultsdb 16:42
adamw okay 16:42
j_dulaney Indeed 16:42
adamw yeah, i just wanted to highlight it as an 'unresolved issue' 16:43
adamw #info autoqa 0.7.0 deployment still in planning 16:43
adamw #info autoqa test client hardware is still running F14, so needs to be upgraded 16:43
adamw anything there you need help with or is it all under control? 16:44
tflink I think its all under control 16:44
tflink we just need to hammer out a time for all the upgrades once we're satisfied with the code 16:45
adamw okay, great 16:45
adamw any other news? 16:45
tflink nothing I can think of for autoqa 16:45
j_dulaney Nothing here, either 16:46
adamw okey dokey 16:46
adamw thanks 16:46
adamw #topic open floor 16:46
adamw so, anything I missed? anyone have great ideas to forward the noble Project Colada goal? 16:46
kparal I want to have a quick chat about current QA priorities 16:47
adamw #topic open floor - current QA priorities 16:47
adamw go for it! 16:47
kparal so basically, I spent the last week reporting tuns of bugs for F16, tflink worked on autoqa and adamw posted a few internal calls for volunteers in different areas 16:47
kparal so, do we have any priorities regarding all these areas? 16:47
kparal just curious 16:48
kparal like do we want to spend much time on improving wiki test cases first, or is autoqa hacking more important now? 16:48
* j_dulaney is wanting to hop back on AutoQA 16:49
j_dulaney I've also kind of been hijacked into doing sysv to systemd init conversions 16:49
adamw for the public record, i was looking for volunteers for the Test Day thing which is now covered, updating/revising the validation test plans, and checking the F17 feature list for critical things that will need test plans 16:49
adamw kparal: so the wishy-washy answer is 'they're all important' :) 16:50
tflink adamw: thanks, that helps a lot 16:50
tflink :-D 16:50
kparal :D 16:50
adamw kparal: autoqa is a kind of ongoing priority which is never an emergency 16:50
adamw the challenge there is to try and avoid always pulling people off autoqa to firefight whatever the current emergency is 16:50
kparal I can help with those validation test plans, but I simply don't know whether I should rather work on autoqa or not 16:51
adamw i think you should probably prioritize autoqa 16:51
* j_dulaney can do test plans 16:51
adamw so the thing there is that autoqa requires more advanced knowledge/skills than just about any other area 16:51
adamw so the people who have the knowledge/skills to work on autoqa should probably focus on it, because otherwise it just won't get done 16:52
adamw we should be able to cover all the other tasks between rh staff and community, i think 16:52
kparal ok, that helps me with my bad conscience that I haven't responded to your call yet 16:52
adamw j_dulaney: thanks a lot, but if possible i'd like to try and get someone else on it, just to spread the load a little - it's unfair to you to try and carry two major areas 16:53
j_dulaney I'm about to have A LOT of free time 16:53
j_dulaney The next two weeks are going to suck, then I'll have a little over a month of free time 16:54
kparal so from what I got - autoqa is a high priority, no slacking elsewhere, right? 16:54
adamw kparal: yeah. if we really can't cover everything else we might need to ask you to do some non-autoqa stuff, but it'd be ideal if we could cover things without that. 16:55
kparal ok 16:55
adamw j_dulaney: great - if it turns out no-one else steps up to do that then we'll impose it on you :) 16:56
j_dulaney Indeed 16:56
adamw so, this topic also ties up with the retrospective somewhat 16:56
j_dulaney Except that I'm fired (: 16:56
kparal j_dulaney: more free time to work! 16:57
adamw we will likely have tickets for all the outstanding tasks once i'm done with the retrospective and we can try and make sure they're all prioritized and assigned at that point 16:57
adamw kparal: exACTly! 16:57
adamw #info all outstanding tasks should have trac tickets by the end of the week, which will help with assignation / prioritization 16:59
adamw does that cover it, kparal? 16:59
* nirik has one quick item for open floor. 16:59
kparal it does for me 17:00
adamw nirik: okay, do we have time though? 17:00
adamw is someone else tapping feet for the room? 17:00
tflink IIRC, the next meeting shifted an hour 17:00
nirik I just wanted to mention: (I will probibly be announcing it more widely soon). 17:00
nirik adamw: fesco moved an hour I think... 17:01
adamw okay 17:01
nirik so, if anyone wants to test new trac/scms for fedorahosted, please do. 17:02
nirik :) 17:02
adamw #info infrastructure team is calling for testing of a rhel6-based , see nirik's link for more details 17:02
adamw alrighty! 17:02
adamw #topic open floor 17:02
adamw anything more? 17:02
* j_dulaney has nothing 17:03
adamw alrighty, setting fuse for 1 minute then 17:03
adamw thanks folks! 17:05
adamw #endmeeting 17:05

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