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  • adamw (107)
  • j_dulaney (37)
  • kparal (36)
  • maxamillion (18)
  • haraldh (16)
  • tflink (14)
  • kay (13)
  • jskladan (5)
  • nirik (5)
  • zodbot (5)
  • twaugh (3)
  • pjones (3)
  • robatino (3)
  • brunowolff (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • Cerlyn (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 17 status
  • /usr move feature and testing
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw filed a trac ticket for getting arm into the criteria / validation process
  • adamw made some progress on making sure all important old-UI bugs discovered in F16 validation have been bumped and prioritized F17
  • adamw started a discussion with pjones/kparal/hongqing/robatino to decide how we want to use pjones' el torito boot checker (private mail)
  • tflink was to contact lmacken re co-ordination between bodhi 2.0 and autoqa: bodhi 2.0 will be backwards compatible, so autoqa should continue to work as before

Fedora 17 status

  • A manual install of rats #2 boot.iso works, DVD image does not boot, rats_install run hits a dracut / virt-install issue with boot parameters
  • Not clear if current nightly live images are generally bootable or not, j_dulaney has a kernel issue booting them
  • Retrospective tasks are mostly completed or well-advanced

/usr move feature and testing

  • Testing of rawhide with /usr move packages so far is positive: if we can compose a working / installable boot.iso with /usr move packages, the feature can be tagged into rawhide

Upcoming QA events

  • TC1 is due tomorrow (2012-01-31)
  • Blocker bug review meeting #2 on Friday (2012-02-03)

AutoQA update

  • mkrizek pushed a patch to make autoqa better retry failed/timed-out connections
  • kparal refactored rats_install test and fixed many problems

Open floor

  • F17 images so far are mysteriously smaller than F16, we're not sure of the cause

Action items

  • kparal to file a bug for the failure of rats #2 DVD image to boot
  • tflink to test building a boot.iso with usrmove builds


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon Jan 30 16:01:09 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:01
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:01
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:01
adamw #topic roll call 16:01
* kparal is here 16:01
adamw hands up if you're not here! 16:01
* tflink is present 16:01
* tflink raises his hand, too :) 16:01
* jskladan still here 16:01
haraldh <- 16:01
* mkrizek here 16:01
* pschindl is here 16:01
kay \o 16:02
adamw wow, full house 16:02
haraldh no hands, no chocolate 16:02
adamw hi kay 16:02
* Cerlyn is here 16:02
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 16:02
brunowolff I'll watch for a bit, but need to go to a meeting in about 25 minutes. 16:02
adamw so, we don't actually have any action items from last week, but we DO have ones from the previous week which didn't get done 16:03
adamw #info adamw to file trac ticket(s) for getting arm into the criteria / validation process somehow: now done, see 16:03
adamw #info adamw to co-ordinate with bcl on making sure all important old-UI bugs discovered in F16 validation get fixed in the old UI for F17: i've made some progress on that, still need to do some more digging 16:04
adamw #info adamw to get a discussion going with pjones/kparal/hongqing/robatino to decide how we want to use pjones' el torito boot checker: also done, we have a thread going 16:04
adamw tflink: you have "tflink to contact lmacken re co-ordination between bodhi 2.0 and autoqa", any news on that? 16:05
pjones We do? 16:05
tflink didn't need to, backwards compatibility is planned - 16:05
tflink unless I misunderstood the purpose of contacting him 16:06
adamw pjones: yeah, "Using pjones' El Torito checker in QA" 16:06
adamw tflink: i believe that was the purpose, yeah, so that's probably okay 16:07
pjones adamw: I haven't seen anybody say anything in like 6 days... 16:07
adamw tflink: oh, or was there also an angle of 'what does autoqa need in the new bodhi'? 16:07
adamw pjones: hey, the action item was to start the thread, the thread's started. i've been meaning to reply to it again 16:07
pjones okay. 16:07
tflink adamw: that's what I wasn't sure of but to be honest, I'm not sure there is a whole lot of point to that conversation until bodhi 2.0 is closer to release 16:07
kparal pjones: I hope the chinese will respond once they are back from holidays 16:07
kparal hongqing is the best one to talk to here 16:08
adamw oh, yeah, that's a point - hongqing and twu are out till early feb, chinese new year. 16:08
adamw okay, we have a packed agenda, so moving on 16:08
adamw #info tflink to contact lmacken re co-ordination between bodhi 2.0 and autoqa: bodhi 2.0 is listed as having backwards compatibility, so autoqa should continue to work 16:09
adamw #topic Fedora 17 status 16:09
adamw kparal: did you get anywhere with the second rats image? 16:09
kparal adamw: it's in your mailbox 16:10
kparal basically 16:10
kparal DVD images do not boot: 16:10
kparal 16:10
kparal netinst images boot and install just fine 16:10
kparal direct kernel boot fails 16:10
kparal and the same happens for rats_install test 16:10
kparal [ 5.636733] dracut: FATAL: No or empty root= argument 16:11
kparal [ 5.637992] dracut: Refusing to continue 16:11
adamw that looks like an image/dracut bug, not a rats bug> 16:11
adamw ? 16:11
kparal yes 16:11
haraldh kparal, "no or empty root=" is not a dracut bug 16:11
kparal what's the problem in there? 16:11
kparal if was not required for f16 16:11
haraldh no "root=..." is specified on the kernel command line 16:11
haraldh check grub.conf 16:12
haraldh or syslinux.cfg 16:12
haraldh or whatever bootloader you are using 16:12
adamw hi john 16:12
kparal I used this command 16:12
kparal virt-install --name Foo --ram 1024 --disk /dev/vg/Foo,size=10 --location --arch=i386 --extra-args "console=ttyS0 serial lang=en keymap=us ksdevice=link ks= ip=dhcp ipv6=auto vnc" --nographics 16:12
j_dulaney Sorry I'm late, class ran over 16:12
kparal I don't understand why should I specify 'root=...' 16:13
haraldh kparal, well, well 16:14
kparal we can discuss post-meeting. anyway this is the current situation for rats_install 16:14
kparal we can fix it if it is our issue 16:14
haraldh I don't know what virt-install does.. sorry... 16:15
kparal or report bug in virt-install 16:15
adamw #info manual install of rats #2 boot.iso works, DVD image does not boot, rats_install run hits a dracut / virt-install issue with boot parameters 16:15
kparal because we use that internally inside rats_install 16:15
adamw still, we get some useful status info, which is the object of the rats tests 16:15
adamw did you file a bug for the dvd install failure to boot? 16:15
kparal not yet 16:15
* j_dulaney notes also the nightly from Friday does not boot 16:16
adamw #action kparal to file a bug for the failure of rats #2 DVD image to boot 16:16
adamw j_dulaney: the nightly live? hum. similar bug to kparal's? 16:17
adamw j_dulaney: 16:17
j_dulaney adamw: Indeed 16:18
j_dulaney What exactly was kparal's bug? 16:18
kparal DVD boot produces that output as you see in that image 16:18
j_dulaney adamw: +1 16:19
adamw okay 16:19
adamw so seems like another dracut-ish thing 16:20
j_dulaney Let me modify 16:20
j_dulaney I get the udev stuff, but it doesn't go any further than that, seems to lock up 16:20
j_dulaney But, the udev error is the same 16:20
haraldh Nightly live seems to boot... 16:20
* maxamillion is here ... late but here 16:20
adamw haraldh: well, *that* bug was fixed, yeah. if everyone hits what j_dulaney says, this is something new or it's regressed somehow. 16:22
adamw but we'll have to check. 16:22
kay the udev multipath stuff there is just a warning, nothing else 16:22
maxamillion silly $dayjob ... I'll by only half-here because of a conference call I'm on, but I did want to try and partake in the fun :) 16:23
maxamillion kay: apologies for missing it, but what udev multipath stuff? 16:23
adamw maxamillion: we're looking at boot issues with current f17 images. 16:23
j_dulaney kay: If it was but a warning, it should continue to boot, but it doesn't 16:24
kay maxamillion: oh, just the warning in the png mentioned above: 16:24
adamw so it looks like we should ensure a bug gets filed for the rats #2 DVD boot fail, and get a few others to check the latest nightly's bootableness 16:24
adamw so if you haven't tried booting a nightly recently - grab one and see what happens 16:24
maxamillion kay: ah ok 16:24
* j_dulaney is downloading the newest one 16:24
maxamillion adamw: rgr 16:24
adamw if that's consistently broken, we'll need another bug 16:24
kay j_dulaney: yeah, the warning should not be the reason for any failure 16:25
adamw okay, that about covers the status of current isos 16:25
adamw kparal: thanks for working on rats 16:25
kparal my pleasure 16:25
adamw I also mentioned on the agenda "Retrospective tasks still needing action" - i just took a quick look through the list and they're mostly closed or well in progress 16:25
j_dulaney kay: The vm goes idle after the udev warning and nothing else happens 16:25
maxamillion it would appear the latest nightly job is still open in koji ... 16:25
adamw the one that isn't is assigned to hongqing, so hopefully will get worked on after cny 16:26
adamw #info retrospective tasks are mostly completed or well-advanced 16:26
adamw alright 16:26
adamw anything further on f17 status? 16:26
j_dulaney maxamillion: I'm downloading the latest completed one 16:26
maxamillion j_dulaney: rgr, was just an observation ... I would have thought the compose would be done by now 16:28
kay j_dulaney: the warning is just a printf, nothing else:;a=commitdiff;h=430959910f1b9b67c2553f5f46c0487b0f8a3a00 16:28
adamw #topic /usr move feature and testing 16:28
adamw alrighty, thanks to kay for coming along for this bit of the meeting 16:29
adamw for anyone who's not aware: one of the big f17 features, moving things from /bin and /lib and so on into /usr , is in the process of landing at present 16:29
kay adamw: sure, no problem 16:29
j_dulaney kay: Roger 16:29
adamw 16:29
j_dulaney So, I'm probably hitting something else 16:30
maxamillion UsrMove ftw! 16:30
adamw right now the builds that implement the changes are available in a rawhide tag, and there's a post on the list (cross-posted to -devel) explaining how to test them 16:30
adamw first question, are we worried about the timing of when this is landing, from a qa perspective? there has been some suggestion it should have happened sooner, though nothing in the feature process requires this 16:30
kay j_dulaney: but we updated rawhide's udev last night with a fix for sme other lvm issue, maybe it affects the live stuff too ... 16:30
adamw personally i'm not hugely worried, we still have considerable time even to alpha tc1. i'm more worried when big things land in the middle of beta. 16:31
adamw anyone else have thoughts? 16:31
j_dulaney kay: This was from Friday, I'm just now downloading the latest nightly 16:31
tflink do we want to wait until we at least have working RATS images before the usrMove stuff lands? 16:31
j_dulaney adamw: Hard to test if I don't have any working rawhide 16:32
adamw j_dulaney: heh, true. 16:32
* j_dulaney thinks the boot issues really ought to get some attention 16:32
haraldh adamw, I think the "sooner" comment was about releng and the rpm issue... 16:32
kparal let them merge it asap, right? better sooner than later 16:32
haraldh kparal, yes 16:33
adamw kparal: in general, so long as it doesn't screw up alpha builds, yes 16:33
maxamillion I'm not worried, I've upgraded a virtual and a physical from F16 to rawhide with the change and had no real issue 16:33
adamw it does seem like initial tests are good 16:33
j_dulaney Hmm, kernel bug in Rawhide 16:33
adamw i would like to try and build a boot.iso with the updated packages and make sure it boots/installs 16:33
maxamillion adamw: +1 16:33
tflink adamw: that would be a minimum in my mind but would work 16:34
adamw tflink: do you mind giving that one a shot? 16:35
tflink adamw: sure, will do. are there any particular packages that you had in mind? 16:36
j_dulaney base, at the least 16:36
adamw just build a boot.iso exactly as normal, but use packages from the rawhide tag 16:36
tflink oh, you meant for usrMove. good thing I asked 16:37
maxamillion adamw: you mean the usrmove tag? 16:37
adamw maxamillion: yes 16:37
tflink so we're not concerned with getting something pre-usrMove working? 16:37
maxamillion adamw: k, just double checking 16:38
adamw tflink: according to kparal, rats #2 boot.iso *does* work, in a 'normal' boot 16:38
adamw though you may want to build it both ways, just to check the non-usrmove one boots 16:38
tflink k, I'll get started on that and will relay results 16:39
adamw cool. 16:39
j_dulaney tflink: If it *does* boot, can you put it up somewhere? 16:39
adamw #action tflink to test building a boot.iso with usrmove builds 16:39
j_dulaney tflink: Specifically, the usr move one 16:40
adamw okay, so it seems like we have enough results of a rawhide upgrade with the /usr move stuff to be happy that it broadly works 16:40
tflink j_dulaney: yeah, I was planning on it 16:40
adamw if we can build a boot.iso with the /usr move packages and have it working i think it'd be okay for the changes to be tagged into rawhide at that point 16:41
adamw what does everyone else think? 16:41
j_dulaney +1 16:41
* nirik notes there's a hold up with rpm on the builders. 16:41
adamw oh, goody. 16:41
maxamillion nirik: oh? 16:42
nirik this feature requires a change to rpm on the builders. rel-eng is not wanting to do that... I guess it will be discussed more in the fesco meeting later this morning. 16:42
haraldh yes, we need rpm in the builders to have a guard in filesystem ... to prevent user from shooting themselves in the foot 16:42
adamw #agreed testing of rawhide with /usr move packages so far is positive: if we can compose a working / installable boot.iso with /usr move packages, the feature can be tagged into rawhide 16:42
haraldh and installing F17 packages on an unconverted FS 16:43
adamw okay. that's not a QA issue, though, i don't think, so we can just keep an eye on fesco? 16:43
haraldh when we enable the guard in filesystem.spec, the builders rpm has to provide the requirement at runtime 16:43
nirik right, just thought I would mention it. 16:43
maxamillion nirik: ah 16:43
maxamillion nirik: thanks for the info :) 16:44
haraldh can FESCO kindly ask dgilmore to do the change to the builders? :-) 16:44
j_dulaney LOL 16:44
* kparal notes: DVD.iso boot problem reported as 16:45
adamw #info issue with boot of rats #2 DVD iso reported as 16:45
adamw thanks kparal! 16:45
kparal one more bug report to come 16:45
adamw alright, does anyone have any other concerns when it comes to the /usr move feature? 16:45
adamw ahem - *QA related* concerns 16:46
adamw filesystem philosophy can stay on the devel list :) 16:46
maxamillion nirik: is there a link to a doc somewhere about the changes needed? ... I'd be curious to read up on it a little 16:46
j_dulaney adamw: My bug is not related to kparal, after all 16:46
j_dulaney 16:46
j_dulaney Turns out to be a Kernel bug 16:46
nirik maxamillion: 16:47
adamw j_dulaney: cool. 16:47
maxamillion nirik: many thanks 16:47
adamw okay, moving on 16:48
adamw #topic upcoming events 16:48
adamw so, TC testing is slated to start tomorrow, we'll have to keep an eye on the /usr move stuff and decide whether to do tc1 with or without it 16:48
adamw we'll also need to have the DVD boot bug fixed at least 16:48
kay nirik: we just need a patched rpm, that has a guard active, so users can not install some converted f17 packages on f16 systems without converting the filesystem first 16:49
j_dulaney kay says that the bug I ran into *might* already be fixed; I'm checking into that 16:49
adamw we also have a blocker review meeting coming up on friday, of course 16:50
tflink yay! what would we do without blocker meetings? 16:50
kay nirik: the rpm patch is in f15,f16,f17 already, and approved for rhel6, but not in rhel6 released atm 16:50
adamw nothing much else upcoming this week 16:50
nirik kay: yes, I understand the issue. ;) 16:50
kay nirik: ok, cool 16:50
adamw #topic AutoQA update 16:50
adamw kparal: tflink: take the floor! 16:51
adamw #chair kparal 16:51
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal 16:51
adamw #chair tflink 16:51
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal tflink 16:51
kparal ok, some updates 16:51
kparal mkrizek pushed a patch to make autoqa better retry failed/timed-out connections 16:52
kparal e.g. when downloading from koji 16:52
kparal I refactored rats_install test and fixed many problems. there is still at least one remaining that I know of 16:53
kparal but generally it seems to work (with F16) 16:53
* jskladan yay for better rats :) 16:53
* j_dulaney likes rats 16:53
kparal and that's all I know about for the last week 16:53
adamw squeee 16:53
maxamillion jskladan: so many things about that statement make me chuckle 16:53
adamw tflink: anything from your side? 16:54
tflink adamw: not really 16:55
adamw okie dokie 16:55
adamw #info mkrizek pushed a patch to make autoqa better retry failed/timed-out connections 16:55
adamw #info kparal refactored rats_install test and fixed many problems 16:55
adamw aaaand finally... 16:55
adamw #topic open floor 16:55
adamw anything else anyone wants to raise? anyone at all?! 16:55
* j_dulaney raises a Beefy Miracle 16:56
robatino anyone know why the RATS images are smaller than usual? 16:56
kparal #link virt-install boot issue reported as 16:56
j_dulaney And eats it 16:56
adamw robatino: still clueless 16:56
robatino i noticed that the libreoffice langpacks are no longer included but that should only account for about half of it 16:56
robatino i could upload package lists for F16 and RATS2 if someone wants to go through them 16:57
j_dulaney Prior to the blocker meeting, I noticed that the way the KDE folks were tracking their stuff was causing everything KDE related to wind up on the blocker list; I fixed that and let the KDE folks know 16:58
adamw you could presumably cut off the version information, sort, and do a diff? 16:58
j_dulaney Just throwing that out there 16:58
adamw #info f17 images so far are mysteriously smaller than f16, we're not sure of the cause 16:58
kparal haraldh: can you please post some of your insight to bug 785815? 16:58
adamw j_dulaney: it's normal for KDE to have a blocker bug that blocks the main blocker. 16:58
adamw j_dulaney: they don't put all their bugs on there, only ones they actually consider release blocking. 16:59
j_dulaney adamw: They had everything in the world in there 16:59
adamw oh, kay. maybe they changed something. can you poke me with details? i didn't see this. 16:59
j_dulaney Feature requests, everything 16:59
j_dulaney adamw: I fixed it and got up with the KDE folks about it 17:00
adamw okay 17:00
adamw anything else for open floor? or shall we all go back to refreshing penny arcade^H^H^H^^H^H^H^H^H^H^H working? 17:00
* jskladan wants his pirate pig back 17:01
adamw 17:01
jskladan research on WebOS programming got me here :D 17:02
jskladan sooo, work & arcades, I say! 17:02
kay adamw: you meant okay not kay, right? 17:02
* kay has a name that gets unintentional highlighted some times :) 17:02
adamw kay: yeah :) 17:02
twaugh Is this where the FESCo meetings are? 17:03
kay o, kay :) 17:03
j_dulaney jskladan: I don't get it 17:03
adamw twaugh: it will be 17:03
j_dulaney twaugh: In an hour, I do believe 17:03
twaugh Where is the time advertised? 17:03
twaugh I'm looking at a page that says 1700 UTC 17:04
adamw okay, let's finish this sucker - thanks for coming, everyone 17:04
adamw #endmeeting 17:04

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