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  • adamw (88)
  • kparal (26)
  • tflink (25)
  • brunowolff (9)
  • zodbot (4)
  • josef (3)
  • jskladan (2)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • kparal to file a bug for the failure of rats #2 DVD image to boot: done
  • tflink to test building a boot.iso with usrmove builds: done, issues with lorax revealed and filed

Upcoming QA events

  • Feature 'freeze' is 02-07 and RC1 is scheduled for 02-16
  • Plan to build TC2 with /usr moved included as soon as remaining issues with lorax are resolved
  • There are instructions for handling /usr move on yum upgrades
  • Blocker review 02-10

AutoQA update

  • rats_install is merged into autoqa master, needs minor fixes tomorrow
  • bodhi mailshots were broken due to expired/locked account, now fixed

Open floor

  • remote_install: tflink is waiting for management approval of the public demo, everything is lined up ready to go

Action items

  • adamw to co-ordinate with dgilmore on getting lorax updated and a new compose done


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Feb 6 16:00:53 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:01
adamw #topic roll call 16:01
adamw happy monday everyone 16:01
adamw who's here for some awesome qa meeting fun times? 16:01
* mkrizek is here 16:01
* tflink is present 16:01
* kparal appears 16:02
adamw oh no! a level 65 kparal! 16:02
* kparal looks suspiciously for a hidden meaning 16:03
adamw your join message reminded me of an RPG for some reason 16:03
kparal or any meaning :) 16:03
adamw =) 16:04
kparal I see. let's slain the latecomers! 16:04
adamw alright then, let's get going - not a lot on the agenda this week, happily 16:04
* jskladan is in 16:04
adamw hi josef 16:04
* pschindl is here 16:05
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 16:05
adamw "kparal to file a bug for the failure of rats #2 DVD image to boot" - that got done, during the meeting in fact 16:05
kparal yup 16:06
adamw #info kparal did file a bug for the rats #2 DVD boo fail: 16:06
josef adamw: hey, just hanging out until the fesco meeting 16:06
josef dont mind me :) 16:06
adamw "tflink to test building a boot.iso with usrmove builds " 16:06
adamw josef: uh, I meant *our* josef :) 16:06
adamw jskladan = also a josef 16:07
adamw so this one also got done 16:07
adamw yay us 16:07
adamw #info tflink was eventually able to build a functional boot.iso, exposing some required changes in the build process along the way 16:07
josef ah haha 16:07
* tflink is currently working to build another boot.iso, will post that once its done 16:08
adamw alright. anything else anyone wants to pick up on from last week? I don't see anything else 16:08
adamw okey dokey 16:09
adamw #topic upcoming QA events 16:09
adamw so we're into the f17 alpha cycle now, TC1 is out there and under test 16:09
adamw feature 'freeze' is tomorrow and RC1 is scheduled for 02-16 16:10
adamw so we're going to want at least one more TC, probably two 16:10
adamw i think it's probably a good idea to spin a TC2 ASAP now the /usr move has landed in Rawhide, so we have a post-/usr-move TC to bash on and compare to the pre-/usr-move one 16:11
adamw anyone any thoughts there? 16:11
tflink current version of lorax won't work with usrmove 16:11
adamw ah, okay 16:11
adamw so we'll need a new one before we can do another compose? 16:11
* tflink submitted a patch 16:11
tflink yeah, the compose will fail silently, otherwise 16:12
tflink as in it will build but won't actually work 16:12
adamw #info current lorax does not work correctly with post-/usr-move packages, needs a patch tflink has submitted 16:12
adamw thanks for looking into that! 16:12
tflink woah, what happend to koji 16:12
adamw makeover! 16:13
adamw #info koji is looking sleek and sophisticated this morning 16:13
tflink adamw: so the usrmove RPMs hit rawhide? 16:13
adamw yup 16:13
adamw hot tagged over on friday 16:14
adamw s/hot/got/ 16:14
tflink isn't that going to bork any additional testing w/ TC1? 16:14
tflink nvm, I rethought that one 16:14
adamw well, depends what you mean by 'testing' 16:14
adamw you'll have to follow the upgrade procedure to get a TC1 install to update now, that's about all the consequences 16:14
tflink adamw: only from DVD, netinstall shouldn't require upgrade 16:15
adamw so, yeah, in case you get stuck upgrading TC1 or need to help someone else, refer to: 16:15
adamw tflink: yeah, indeed, netinstall should give you a /usr-moved system now. and hopefully should work. 16:15
adamw #info in case you get stuck upgrading TC1 or need to help someone else, refer to: 16:15
brunowolff I tried that this weekend and it worked, but there were a couple of oddities. 16:15
adamw brunowolff: what were the oddities? 16:15
brunowolff The files get moved over without copying their context type so a relabel is needed, but I didn't see a relabel in the instructions. 16:16
brunowolff The other was that luks password asking was a bit different. Before switching the root, each needed device got asked about 16:17
adamw i think one is meant to get triggered somehow as part of the instructions, i forget how precisely 16:17
brunowolff separately and asterisks weren't echoed like normal. 16:17
brunowolff This happened both in the initial conversion boot and when rebooting after the update. 16:18
brunowolff I did a relabel and rebuilt the initramfs again and both issues went away. 16:18
adamw brunowolff: ah, the 'fixfiles onboot' triggers an selinux relabel next boot. 16:18
brunowolff The relabel could probably be avoided by copy over the selinix labels when copying the files. 16:19
adamw probably. 16:19
adamw maybe file a bug on dracut suggesting that? as that's where the script lives 16:19
adamw okay, moving on! 16:21
adamw oh, i note that the first test day slot is this week but we have no event 16:21
brunowolff OK, I didn't see the fixfiles part since I was off the script by that point since I was already running rawhide. I would have likely noticed a restorecon. 16:21
adamw that's fairly usual early in the cycle as people usually want t ogo later 16:22
brunowolff And with restorecon the relabel could have been limited to a few directories and taken less time. 16:22
adamw we don't have a j_dulaney to give us a test day update, but he seems to be on top of the tickets. 16:23
adamw and we have the next blocker review meeting coming up friday, of course. 16:24
tflink yay! 16:24
adamw #action adamw to co-ordinate with dgilmore on getting lorax updated and a new compose done 16:24
adamw fun abounds! 16:24
tflink sounds like there's going to be a new anaconda build today, too 16:24
adamw goody. 16:25
adamw okay, anything else on upcoming events? 16:26
adamw alrighty then 16:28
adamw #topic autoqa update 16:28
adamw #chair tflink kparal 16:28
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal tflink 16:28
adamw take it away, autoqa wielders 16:28
* kparal waiting for zimbra... 16:28
kparal anyway, the biggest change from last week is that rats_install is finally merged into master 16:29
kparal so kudos hongqing 16:29
kparal after that we found out about that root=<foo> anaconda option that is required right now, so it will need one minor patch to get it fully working for the composes 16:29
kparal and of course we need to have the repository branched, but that should happen tomorrow 16:30
jskladan and probably the most visible AutoQA update: we finally have the ResultsDB frontend up'n'running since last friday (even though just collecting data from staging). Looks to be working all right so far ;) (kudos to pschindl!) 16:30
kparal and yes, resultsdb being the second biggest change :) 16:30
adamw #info rats_install is merged into autoqa master, needs minor fixes tomorrow 16:31
adamw #info resultsdb is now up and running at 16:31
adamw thanks petr and hongqing! 16:31
kparal we also learned that we were not sending Bodhi emails for some time due to expired/locked account. that is now also fixed 16:31
adamw so what's the status of rats_install exactly (assuming the fixes tomorrow)? 16:31
adamw is it actually at the point now where we can truly have it running entirely automated install tests? 16:32
adamw #info bodhi mailshots were broken due to expired/locked account, now fixed 16:32
kparal I need to verify that, because I still don't have the branched repo. I need to check the watchers etc. but basically it should be well prepared 16:32
kparal I also need to get two bare-metal machines and add them to our staging server so that we can test it our properly 16:33
kparal I still haven't considered where I will take these machines from 16:33
adamw whatever you do, just don't get caught 16:33
tflink kparal: you could take them from production 16:33
kparal tflink: yes, that is what I will probably try 16:34
tflink ie lock 2 bare metal hosts in production, add them to staging and hope it doesn't explode 16:34
* tflink wonders if autotest will be confused with 2 controllers 16:34
kparal adamw: does this sentence make you an accomplice? 16:34
adamw kparal: not as long as irc is an insecure protocol it doesn't 16:35
kparal :) 16:35
adamw tflink: you're testing! you're testing! 16:35
adamw okay, sounds like good stuff, congratulations 16:36
kparal tflink: I'll ask lmr, as long as they are locked at one controller, it shouldn't be a problem I guess 16:36
tflink kparal: otherwise, I don't think it's too much of a problem to reinstall those hosts but jlaska would know more 16:37
kparal I'll work on that 16:37
adamw cool. anything else for autoqa? 16:38
kparal that's it 16:39
adamw okelydokely 16:40
adamw #topic open floor 16:41
adamw okay, any other business anyone? 16:41
kparal I just want to ask what the current status of remote_installation is 16:42
* tflink is waiting for management approval of the demo 16:43
tflink everything is set up and ready to go otherwise 16:43
adamw on which topic, has anyone heard from benl lately? 16:43
kparal great 16:43
adamw i'm waiting for a reply from him too 16:43
tflink he said something about traveling until tuesday, but I'm not sure 16:43
kparal I can harass him in person if you want 16:44
kparal he can't escape, he's at the same building, if not traveling 16:44
tflink he doesn't seem to be on IRC right now 16:44
adamw yeah, hasn't been for a while when i've looked 16:45
* tflink is wondering if he should re-setup for F17 alpha instead of F16 for remote_install, though 16:45
adamw tflink: that seems reasonable, given that it's what we want to test :) 16:46
tflink adamw: my only argument against it is that the demo is for remote_install, not for testing fedora 16:46
tflink but that isn't a very strong argument 16:46
tflink either way, I'm waiting for the OK before I do much more 16:46
adamw okay 16:47
adamw kparal: if you could look out for ben it'd be appreciated 16:47
adamw or anyone who might know where he's gotten to 16:48
kparal adamw: I'll ask around tomorrow 16:48
adamw oh, hey, he modified my 1x1 slot for tomorrow. 16:48
adamw so he's aliiiiiive anyway, wherever he is. 16:48
adamw #info remote_install status: mostly ready to go into public testing, tflink waiting for go-ahead from benl 16:50
adamw alright, i guess that's about it 16:52
adamw oh, we also need to fill out tc1 testing, of course 16:52
adamw looks like robatino and hongqing have knocked out quite a bit of it so far 16:52
adamw alrighty then, meeting's over, time for heavy drinking everyone! thanks for coming 16:54
adamw #endmeeting 16:54

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