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  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw successfully co-ordinated with dgilmore to get TC2 rolled

Upcoming QA events

AutoQA update

  • f17 anaconda changes have broken rats_install, hongqing is working to fix it
  • kparal created a Config class in autoqa to avoid excessive config file parsing
  • 'ignored builds' now treated as pass rather than fail to avoid excessively high failure counts and reports
  • tflink fixed a bug that caused some tests to misbehave at staging
  • resultsdb deployment to production planned for next autoqa release, which is coming ASAP

Open floor

Action items

  • kparal to check with releng on the status of daily installer image builds for RATS testing


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Feb 13 16:00:09 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:00
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
adamw #topic roll call 16:00
adamw morning folks, who's here for some awesome meetage? 16:00
* pschindl is here 16:00
* j_dulaney waves 16:00
* jskladan likes his dinner-meeting :) 16:01
* mkrizek is present 16:01
* tflink is here 16:01
j_dulaney .fire tflink 16:01
zodbot adamw fires tflink 16:01
kparal lol 16:01
tflink huh? 16:01
adamw j_dulaney: I like it! 16:01
adamw jskladan: i too enjoy meeting dinner 16:02
j_dulaney adamw: Trying to make your life easier 16:02
tflink so j_dulaney got zodbot to control adamw and fire me? That's a new one 16:02
adamw lemme try it 16:02
adamw .fire j_dulaney 16:02
zodbot adamw fires j_dulaney 16:02
adamw you're hired! 16:02
j_dulaney LOL 16:03
adamw #chair kparal tflink j_dulaney 16:03
zodbot Current chairs: adamw j_dulaney kparal tflink 16:03
adamw alrighty 16:03
kparal let's give zodbot a chair as well so that it can fire at will :) 16:03
adamw hehe 16:04
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 16:04
adamw so just one lonely little action item from last week.. 16:04
adamw #info "adamw to co-ordinate with dgilmore on getting lorax updated and a new compose done" - done, TC2 was composed, and promptly exploded due to systemd. 16:04
adamw i can't see any other big issues from last week that need following up on 16:05
adamw anyone else? 16:05
* maxamillion is here .... late again, but here 16:05
adamw .fire maxamillion 16:06
zodbot adamw fires maxamillion 16:06
* adamw giggles like a schoolchild 16:06
maxamillion ahhh!!!! 16:06
* maxamillion stops, drops, and rolls 16:06
adamw yes. it's AUTOMATED now 16:06
* j_dulaney was running with the Devil down in Georgia 16:06
maxamillion @headdesk 16:06
fedbot 16:06
j_dulaney Last week, that is 16:06
adamw how is the devil? 16:06
maxamillion :) 16:06
maxamillion also ... for good measure .... 16:07
maxamillion @gentoo 16:07
fedbot 16:07
maxamillion :D 16:07
j_dulaney adamw: He married my cousin 16:07
maxamillion ok, I'm done making a mockery of hte meeting 16:07
maxamillion the* 16:07
adamw maxamillion: i only just got started! 16:07
maxamillion rocking .... it has been injected 16:07
adamw or, to put it in craig ferguson terms: that's what I do every week! 16:07
* maxamillion prepares for imgur and 9gag links to roll in 16:07
adamw alrighty 16:08
adamw #topic upcoming QA events 16:08
adamw so, we're scheduled to roll RC1 this week 16:08
maxamillion wooo!!!! 16:08
j_dulaney Yay! 16:08
adamw there's six open blockers, but that list looks manageable 16:09
tflink we still don't have 17 in bz 16:09
j_dulaney Does TC2 have the /usr move? 16:09
adamw #info RC1 scheduled for this week, open blockers at 16:09
maxamillion did the SELinux denail of login get marked as a blocker? ... I can't remember 16:09
adamw j_dulaney: yes, and also a giant bug with systemd/selinux 16:09
tflink unless it's been done since I checked last night 16:09
adamw maxamillion: yes it is 16:09
adamw tflink: i will bug robyn about that, she said she'd make it happen 16:09
maxamillion adamw: rgr 16:09
j_dulaney adamw: Lack of f17 in bugzilla is likely to be making the number of blocker bugs artificially low 16:09
tflink j_dulaney: I doubt it. I think most people who are testing pre-alpha can figure out that rawhide == 17 if there's no 17 16:10
adamw j_dulaney: i don't *think* so, at this point in testing most blockers come from active QA members' testing of the TCs, and we're on top of those reports 16:10
j_dulaney adamw: Oddly, running TC2 on a VM last night/this morning did not hit any major bugs except the kernel CPU bug 16:10
adamw honestly, no-one goes through *every* bug filed against a release to check if it ought to be a blocker anyway, it has to be proposed by the filer or raised through the matrices or the test list or something to get on there 16:11
j_dulaney Which, I only hit with LXDE 16:11
adamw j_dulaney: well, everyone else is hitting 16:11
adamw if you disable SELinux you'd miss it 16:11
j_dulaney adamw: I did a default install from the DVD image in a VM, the only change being to go with LXDE instead of Gnome 16:12
adamw anyhoo, yeah, looking at that list of blockers we ought to be able to clear them 16:12
maxamillion j_dulaney: and on a fresh reboot you didn't have any issues logging in? with SELinux enabled? 16:13
maxamillion enabled/enforcing 16:13
j_dulaney maxamillion: Not a one 16:13
maxamillion huh 16:13
adamw i'm not sure it's worth kicking that horse, we know there _is_ a bug there and dwalsh and mezcalero are aware of it and fixing 16:13
j_dulaney This is with TC2 download via wget around 2AM 16:13
maxamillion adamw: yeah, fair 16:13
adamw if j_dulaney didn't hit it it's lucky for him :) 16:14
maxamillion +1 16:14
* j_dulaney is wondering how 16:14
maxamillion j_dulaney: we're going to vegas!!!! 16:14
maxamillion >.> 16:14
adamw eddies in the space-time continuum 16:14
adamw so, no other major upcoming events, of course there'll be a blocker review on friday 16:14
j_dulaney Eddy's in the space-time continuum? Why is he there? 16:15
adamw j_dulaney: he's looking for tea 16:15
j_dulaney I thought he was with Zaphod 16:15
adamw looks like we don't have any test days till early march 16:16
adamw though i still have to crowbar the x test week in there somewhere 16:16
adamw so, anyone have any concerns about 17 tc/rc or the schedule before moving on to autoqa? 16:16
adamw *crickets* 16:17
adamw excellent. 16:17
adamw #topic autoqa update 16:18
adamw kparal: any big news here? 16:18
kparal just small news - we found out that changes in f17's anaconda were not working with rats_install 16:18
kparal so hongqing is working on that, it should be ready this week I believe 16:19
adamw #info f17 anaconda changes have broken rats_install, hongqing is working to fix it 16:19
kparal (I am talking about the initrd/squasfs.img change) 16:19
adamw ok 16:19
adamw are you clearer on the status of rats in general now? what exactly it's capable of at present? 16:19
kparal it that fix hongqing posted works well, it installs automatically Fedora from kickstart 16:20
maxamillion oooo, swank 16:20
kparal I have to check that the daily composes are available 16:20
kparal so that we can watch for them and trigger daily tests 16:21
j_dulaney kparal: Do the nightlies? 16:21
kparal I need kernel+initrd+squashfs composes 16:21
kparal not live images 16:21
adamw kparal: that would definitely be great. can i give you an action item on that one? 16:22
kparal sure 16:22
kparal I have it on my todo list anyway 16:22
adamw #action kparal to check with releng on the status of daily installer image builds for RATS testing 16:22
kparal ok, second change, I pushed a patch that creates Config class in autoqa, so that all our libraries don't have to parse all the configuration files again and again 16:23
kparal progress! 16:23
adamw #info kparal created a Config class in autoqa to avoid excessive config file parsing 16:23
kparal and jskladan pushed a change in depcheck behavior that marks ignored builds as passed instead of failed 16:24
kparal that means we will not report failed tests as often in bodhi when there is no real reason to report it as failed 16:24
* jskladan likes that green check marks ... 16:24
j_dulaney kparal: Why not get them to say ignored but otherwise treat as passed? 16:25
kparal don't ask me what 'ignored builds' are, btw :) 16:25
adamw oh hey, i'm glad that drive-by comment produced useful result =) 16:25
kparal j_dulaney: that's basically it 16:25
adamw #info 'ignored builds' now treated as pass rather than fail to avoid excessively high failure counts and reports 16:25
kparal good wording, thanks 16:25
tflink kparal: IIRC, they're builds that were dropped out of the yum transaction during depcheck but didn't explicitly fail 16:25
maxamillion w00t! 16:25
maxamillion less email 16:26
jskladan j_dulaney: there still is info, that the build is "ignored" we just don't fail tests because of it 16:26
kparal and tflink fixed a bug in mock_fedorainfra 16:26
kparal that caused some of our tests to misbehave at staging 16:26
adamw #info tflink fixed a bug that caused some tests to misbehave at staging 16:27
adamw sounds like solid progress 16:27
j_dulaney Righteo 16:27
kparal what did I forgot? 16:27
kparal *forget 16:27
adamw when are we planning to announce resultsdb outside of the autoqa list? 16:27
j_dulaney kparal: The sink 16:27
kparal ->jskladan 16:27
jskladan *shrugs* I'd announce it once it's on production 16:28
kparal j_dulaney: english idioms are tough, careful :) 16:28
kparal but I know this one :) 16:28
adamw jskladan: cool, when is that planned? 16:28
jskladan I guess with next autoqa release 16:29
jskladan which is... (kparal, help me out pls) 16:29
kparal asap 16:29
adamw okely dokely 16:29
j_dulaney kparal: Good, since I don't think I could explain it 16:29
jskladan adamw: that ^^ 16:29
jskladan :) 16:29
adamw #info resultsdb deployment to production planned for next autoqa release, which is coming ASAP 16:29
j_dulaney Which probably means post F17 16:30
kparal 'once it is done' might be better :) 16:30
kparal I'm waiting for rats_install basically 16:30
kparal after that I would like to release 16:30
adamw okay. 16:30
* jskladan thinks in terms like "never" or "on 31st of February" 16:30
kparal the second sounds better 16:30
adamw this is software. that's what ASAP *means*. 16:30
* j_dulaney should sleep more 16:31
adamw alrighty, guess that's all for autoqa 16:31
adamw thanks mad scientists 16:31
adamw #topic open floor 16:32
adamw so i have a quick one here - just wanted to check with j_dulaney, are you okay on the test day front? no assistance required? 16:32
adamw i did forward you a potential new test day last week while you were riding with the red fiery guy 16:32
j_dulaney adamw: Now that my travels are over, I'll be able to handle it 16:32
j_dulaney Hmm 16:33
* j_dulaney looks 16:33
j_dulaney adamw: What was it, exactly? 16:33
adamw j_dulaney: subject "Re: Request for testers of dnssec-trigger (now in rawhide)" 16:34
j_dulaney adamw: Ah 16:36
* j_dulaney saw that, and it pinged his interest 16:36
adamw okey dokey. 16:37
adamw just let me know if you need help with anything, as always 16:37
adamw anything else for open floor, anyone? 16:37
j_dulaney Indeed 16:37
* j_dulaney is having Beefy Miracles for lunch 16:37
j_dulaney With bacon 16:37
* maxamillion makes really bad fake cricket noises 16:38
adamw .fire maxamillion 16:39
zodbot adamw fires maxamillion 16:39
adamw bad cricket noises are a firing offence! 16:39
* j_dulaney makes fake fart sounds with his armpit 16:39
* jskladan thinks, that zodbot is becoming too smart 16:39
Cerlyn That script should tell you how much your workload increases every time you fire someone, as well as the cost of hiring a replacement 16:39
* maxamillion rolls round once more to put out the flames 16:40
jskladan "Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind." 16:40
j_dulaney jskladan has been reading too much Dune 16:40
maxamillion I'm going to have to start showing up to these meetings with fire retardant(sp?) clothing 16:40
adamw Cerlyn: "not at all", and "one shiny nickel" 16:40
maxamillion or a super soaker 16:41
maxamillion which ever .... 16:41
* j_dulaney throws gasoline on maxamillion 16:41
adamw ooh, super soakers are mandatory for all meeting attendees from now on 16:41
* j_dulaney uses a super-soaker filled with gas on maxamillion 16:42
maxamillion ahhhh!!!!! 16:42
adamw alrighty, i guess this terribly important discussion means we're done! 16:42
maxamillion rgr, laters all :) 16:42
adamw thanks for coming everyone 16:42
adamw speak now or forever hold your super soaker 16:43
maxamillion thanks for hosting 16:43
* jskladan should find his Max-D then 16:43
adamw #endmeeting 16:43

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