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  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • kparal found that daily installer composes do happen, and RATS is now running daily using them

Fedora 17 Alpha status review

As usual, this became a mini blocker review meeting:

  • Bugzilla: #787744 is not an Alpha blocker: it appears to affect PXE boot only, and we don't consider that critical enough to block Alpha
  • Bugzilla: #794899 is accepted as NTH, blocker status left undetermined as we are investigating how workaround-able the bug is
  • need more data to determine blocker status of Bugzilla: #795164, we should test whether others can reproduce and what keymaps are affected today and re-vote via bug comments

Release criteria & validation test update round-up

  • Now require all installation interfaces to work at final
  • Tweaked the installer bug reporting criterion
  • Dropped efidisk.img test case
  • Added a criterion for memtest to be present
  • Require updates.img from HTTP to work
  • Require checksums to be provided
  • Re-jigged the level of quite a lot of test cases in the validation matrix to properly reflect the criteria
  • Have a big set of new USB boot test cases

Many thanks to Petr and Josef for these!

Upcoming QA events

  • Go/No-Go 02/22

AutoQA update

Open floor


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Feb 20 16:00:53 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:00
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
adamw #topic roll call 16:01
* j_dulaney is in a good mood today 16:01
adamw .moar bugs everyone 16:01
zodbot here everyone, have some more bugs 16:01
* kparal is slammed with a table 16:01
* jskladan has quite a lot of cats now :) 16:01
* mkrizek present 16:01
* pschindl is here 16:01
jreiser is observing, with Q for bugzilla [at end] 16:02
adamw oh, god, jskladan is turning into that weird neighbour with the cats. 16:02
* tflink is present 16:02
jskladan 16:02
adamw hehe 16:02
adamw alrighty 16:03
adamw any latecomers will be summarily fired 16:03
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 16:03
adamw "kparal to check with releng on the status of daily installer image builds for RATS testing" 16:04
kparal done 16:04
adamw what's the news? 16:04
kparal daily composes are created 16:04
kparal here 16:04
kparal 16:04
kparal if it is not there, the build process failed 16:04
kparal as I was told 16:04
adamw sounds about right 16:04
kparal for i386 everything is in place 16:05
kparal for x86_64 there is a bug in lorax 16:05
kparal I reported that and it was fixed 16:05
kparal but not yet updated on the compose server it seems 16:05
kparal so x86_64 .treeinfo is not present 16:05
adamw okay 16:05
adamw so once that's pushed, we should actually be able to set rats up to fire every day automatically? 16:06
kparal it already does 16:06
kparal for i386 16:06
kparal 16:06
j_dulaney Coolio 16:06
* kparal hopes that link is accessible for everyone 16:06
j_dulaney Seems to be 16:06
adamw beans of much coolness 16:07
j_dulaney All the tests but one are failed, though 16:07
nirik the composes run in a mock chroot using the dist... so it would need the new anaconda/lorax to be in stable/base repo. ;) 16:07
kparal I'll say a few words about it and autoqa update topic 16:07
j_dulaney And the one non-fail is a crash 16:07
adamw it looks like it hits the bug where anaconda can't shut down correctly after completion 16:07
adamw so everything is happening correctly in fact 16:07
kparal adamw: it's the bug with the serial console and bootloader 16:07
adamw ah 16:07
kparal which is AFAIK a different bug 16:07
adamw I see "Traceback will follow cleanup messages." 16:08
adamw but no traceback 16:08
kparal ok, have a look here: 16:08
adamw #info kparal found that daily composes do happen, at, and now RATS is set up to run daily against that compose 16:08
kparal There was an error installing the bootloader. │[10;15H[1K │ The system may not be bootable. 16:08
kparal at the end 16:08
kparal not pretty output really :) 16:08
adamw eek 16:09
adamw how do you get to there, though? I don't see any link to that 16:09
adamw i see it if i manually go to 16:09
kparal it's... complicated :) link to full.log 16:09
kparal 16:09
kparal and then link to "All results" 16:09
adamw oh, yeah, 'all results' 16:09
kparal 16:10
adamw well, i guess that's kinda there. :) 16:10
adamw okay, awesome, thanks! 16:10
kparal still lot to improve, but basics are working 16:10
kparal you're welcome 16:10
j_dulaney kparal: Could you make it so the results aren't all on one line? 16:11
adamw we're conserving line feeds 16:11
kparal I have no idea, it's intercepting everything serial console outputs 16:11
adamw give a larvage, save a line feed 16:11
kparal I can look into that 16:11
kparal or pester hongqing 16:11
kparal probably yes, some newlines missing 16:12
adamw okely dokely 16:13
adamw #topic Fedora 17 Alpha status review 16:14
adamw so, let's take a look at where we are with alpha 16:14
adamw somehow go/no-go week has snuck up on us and we still have piles of blockers, le sigh 16:14
adamw looking at the accepted blockers, they're all really okay except 16:15
adamw we really need to get the fix for that soon as we need to do some testing and find out if it fixes all the various symptoms noted in the bug 16:15
tflink adamw: I assume that we're mostly waiting for a new anaconda build/update? 16:16
j_dulaney It seems to be hit or miss on what symptoms are actually experienced 16:17
adamw tflink: yup 16:17
adamw j_dulaney: yeah. in theory all the symptoms _could_ be explained by the bug bcl's fixing, but i'd like to be sure that really is what's causing them. 16:18
j_dulaney For instance, on test install I did, instead of rebooting, the vm powered off 16:18
j_dulaney With another test install, the CPU locked up 16:18
adamw tflink: or even an updates.img would be useful i guess 16:18
tflink yeah, that's what I meant by update 16:18
* tflink wonders if that is a better way to start since the turnaround is faster and no new ISO is needed 16:19
adamw yeah, if we could get on 16:19
adamw e 16:19
adamw i just poked bcl 16:19
tflink assuming that the updates mechanism is working, anyways 16:19
adamw #info adamw poked bcl to request an eta on 787461 16:19
adamw oh, right. point. i think it still isn't. 16:19
tflink which would be another blocker, no? Or has the new updated.img requirement not gone through yet? 16:20
adamw as of one hour ago, it has. 16:21
adamw so yeah, that's another damn thing to worry about. whee. 16:21
adamw the other unaddressed blocker is jskladan's ... 16:22
jskladan adamw: which probably is just some weird interaction with pxe 16:22
jskladan since i'm unable to reproduce it with 'regular' boot media 16:22
* adamw checking cmdline with DVD 16:22
tflink pxe is still alpha blocker material, isn't it? 16:22
* j_dulaney ran into an issue with SELinux blocking NetworkManager, but that was an update. Still, that may be something to watch out for 16:23
adamw tflink: i don't know if we have a definite call on that 16:24
tflink yeah, I don't see it mentioned explicitly 16:24
adamw it doesn't come under any of the wildcards i can see either 16:25
adamw it's not a "local or remote package source" or an "interface" really, it's a boot method 16:25
j_dulaney What about the Plymouth issue? 16:26
adamw one thing at a time, please 16:26
j_dulaney Come on, adamw, multitasking! 16:26
jskladan tflink: adamw: it depends, if you take the "The installer must be able to complete an installation using the entire disk, existing free space, or existing Linux partitions methods, with or without encryption or LVM enabled.", then it's a blocker, but IMHO the criterion is used a bit liberately 16:26
adamw .fire j_dulaney 16:26
zodbot adamw fires j_dulaney 16:26
j_dulaney Yay, I can go home 16:26
adamw jskladan: well, the installer *can* complete an installation with all those options. just so long as you don't try and pxe boot. =) 16:27
jskladan yup 16:27
adamw jskladan: but the idea is that that criterion is specifically about the partitioning methods. 16:27
jskladan if you ask me, i'd not block alpha on this 16:27
j_dulaney +1 16:28
adamw we may as well vote on it, yeah 16:28
tflink do we block any of the releases on it? Final at least, I assume 16:28
adamw we can consider it a conditional infraction of any number of criteria, but only in the specific case of PXE boot - at least that's our current thinking 16:28
adamw tflink: final sounds about right 16:28
j_dulaney Indeed 16:28
adamw anyone want to argue for PXE boot blocking alpha? 16:29
tflink maybe beta 16:29
tflink but no, not alpha 16:29
adamw okey dokey 16:29
* jskladan yay, blocker solved 16:30
jskladan :) 16:30
adamw propose agreed 787744 is not an Alpha blocker: it appears to affect PXE boot only, and we don't consider that critical enough to block Alpha 16:30
jskladan ack 16:30
adamw QA: solving blockers with the big red NO since 2005 16:30
j_dulaney +1 16:30
tflink ack 16:30
adamw #agreed 787744 is not an Alpha blocker: it appears to affect PXE boot only, and we don't consider that critical enough to block Alpha 16:31
adamw okay, so we have a couple of proposed blockers we should probably vote on too 16:31
adamw #topic F17 Alpha status review: mini blocker review: 16:32
adamw j_dulaney: you're hired again, it's plymouth time 16:32
j_dulaney Booh 16:32
adamw this seems pretty straightforward blocker to me, it hits a criterion smack in the face 16:32
j_dulaney Indeed 16:33
adamw try an encrypted install, you can't boot because plymouth isn't there to pop up the prompt 16:33
jskladan adamw: IMHO the LUKS query is there 16:35
jskladan just lost among all the other text 16:35
adamw hum, that's a possibility 16:35
adamw has anyone tested just kinda 'blindly' entering the passphrase? 16:35
jskladan IMHO it should be enough to smack enter 16:36
jskladan and you'll get "wrong passphrase, please enter correct password" 16:36
kparal that would violate the criterion anyway, wouldn't it? 16:36
jskladan or something like that 16:36
jskladan prompt 16:36
j_dulaney Put that as a note in the bug? 16:36
brunowolff I am able to boot F17 with encrypted devices. 16:36
jskladan but i'd need someone to try it out 16:36
brunowolff I did so with an updated system about 40 minutes ago. 16:36
* j_dulaney tries 16:36
brunowolff I do have updates-testing enabled and I pulled in the rc4 kernel and drcaut from this morning. So it's a bit different. 16:37
adamw brunowolff: was this a fresh install of f17? 16:38
brunowolff I also had one case (I rebooted a couple of times) where I had to enter a password for each device, rather than reusing the password. 16:38
brunowolff No it was a yum upgrade about a week ago. 16:38
* j_dulaney is doing a fresh install with encrypted fs 16:38
adamw brunowolff: yum upgrade won't hit this bug, since it's about package set present on the images / installed on installation 16:39
adamw i.e., you almost certainly have plymouth installed 16:39
adamw j_dulaney: me, too. let's race. 16:39
* jskladan likes race conditions! 16:39
brunowolff Oh. I remember that. I actually saw that and was puzzled when I was able to removed plymouth without taking most of the system with it. 16:39
brunowolff I made sure I didn't reboot until I was able to reinstall it. 16:40
adamw in any case...i'm pretty sure we want to fix this somehow for rc3, call it blocker or nth 16:41
adamw not having plymouth installed doesn't seem like a good way to go :) 16:41
j_dulaney adamw is probably on faster hw and will win 16:41
brunowolff (When I have conflicts I normally remove the packages blocking updates rather than deferring the updates.) 16:41
adamw shall we just accept it as a blocker, or does anyone strongly not want to take it? 16:41
* jskladan is pro-blocker, just offering possible workaround 16:41
tflink nth might be more appropriate if you can indeed get past the prompts by blindly entering password 16:42
j_dulaney Indeed 16:42
j_dulaney If it can be worked around, we don't want to slip, do we? 16:42
* j_dulaney notes that live CDs don't seem to have plymouth, either 16:42
adamw well...i'm not sure how great it looks telling people to just keep typing their passphrase until the boot pops up. =) 16:42
adamw j_dulaney: yeah, same thing. 16:43
tflink adamw: true but how do we justify the potential of blocking the release due to that bug? 16:43
brunowolff Can't we just add a requires from some other package that we know will be installed? People can worry about the best way to do this later. 16:43
kparal the criteria shouldn't mean "if you can practice black magic, they don't apply" 16:43
tflink brunowolff: I think that's how F16 pulled it in - dracut required plymouth 16:44
brunowolff Why not do that as a temporary solution? 16:44
tflink it would still need to be blocker/nth in order to be pulled in to RC3 16:44
adamw brunowolff: it's easy enough to fix, which is why i don't want to kick the bug around too much 16:45
adamw tflink: ultimately the question is 'how obvious does a workaround have to be', i guess 16:45
tflink kparal: true, but where is the line drawn. There is a rather simple workaround, even if we don't like it 16:45
adamw tflink: we didn't actually test if there's a workaround yet... 16:45
* tflink isn't so much anti-blocker as pro-consistency with how we define blocker/NTH 16:46
kparal if all users are able to use that workaround without studying release notes, I'm for it 16:46
tflink I'm definitely +1 NTH, though 16:46
jskladan kparal: depends, whether you blindly hit enter, when something seems to be stuck /me does 16:46
adamw okay, to fix the logjam, let's accept it as nth for now and leave blocker status open 16:47
tflink encouraging users to blindly type in passwords is a bad precedent to set 16:47
* kparal quotes "without unintended user intervention" 16:47
tflink adamw: works for me 16:47
jskladan adamw: +1 16:47
j_dulaney +1 16:47
adamw propose #agreed 794899 is accepted as NTH, blocker status left undetermined as we are investigating how workaround-able the bug is 16:47
j_dulaney If workaround works, then closer blockerness 16:47
tflink ack 16:47
j_dulaney ack 16:47
kparal I'm +1 blocker +1 nth, whatever wins 16:48
tflink we should probably start pestering people about comps or dracut, though 16:48
jskladan adamw: ack 16:48
j_dulaney .whoowns dracut 16:48
zodbot j_dulaney: dracut-maint 16:48
j_dulaney Well, that was informative 16:48
adamw harald owns dracut. 16:49
adamw he doesn't want a dep on plymouth. 16:49
adamw so we either add one in plymouth-scripts , or put it in comps. 16:49
j_dulaney plymouth-scripts is logical 16:49
j_dulaney .whoowns plymouth-scripts 16:49
zodbot j_dulaney: No such package exists. 16:49
adamw plymouth is halfline. 16:50
adamw #agreed 794899 is accepted as NTH, blocker status left undetermined as we are investigating how workaround-able the bug is 16:50
adamw #topic F17 Alpha status review: mini blocker review: 16:51
adamw so this is the other blocker we have to vote on 16:51
adamw drago's somewhat vague keymap issue 16:51
j_dulaney -1 blocker, +1 nth 16:51
* kparal likes the bug title 16:51
adamw has anyone else tried non-US keymaps and had issues? 16:51
* kparal didn't try 16:52
kparal someone from brno can easily verify it tomorrow 16:52
kparal I can, for example :) 16:53
kparal do we have some criterion for that? 16:53
j_dulaney Not Alpha 16:53
adamw the 'wiggle paragraph' is more or less originally for keymap issues 16:53
tflink I don't think it's specific but we do seem to hit keymap issues at some point for every release 16:54
adamw "There may be times where a requirement is unmet only in a particular configuration, such as with some keyboard layouts but not others..." 16:54
adamw basically, we decided it was hell to try and write a specific criterion for it, and instead we'd add that wording so we could take keymap bugs as judgment calls 16:54
tflink so, more triage needed 16:54
kparal do you see layout indicator when logging in? 16:55
kparal if you don't, it's tricky 16:55
adamw yeah, it would be good to know if others can reproduce, if other keymaps are affected etc 16:55
adamw but we are working to a tight time frame here 16:55
adamw so we really need to figure that all out today 16:55
adamw good lord this install is taking forever. 16:55
j_dulaney Indeed 16:55
j_dulaney I'm at just under 1/2 done 16:56
kparal without further information I would say +1 nth, commonbugs if not fixed 16:57
adamw propose #agreed need more data to determine blocker status of 795164, we should test whether others can reproduce and what keymaps are affected today and re-vote via bug comments 16:57
tflink adamw: ack 16:58
j_dulaney ack 16:58
jskladan ack 16:58
adamw #agreed need more data to determine blocker status of 795164, we should test whether others can reproduce and what keymaps are affected today and re-vote via bug comments 16:59
adamw okay, we're running long so let's skip the nth 16:59
adamw #topic Release criteria & validation test update round-up 17:00
adamw we can also compress this one - i was gonna kick in a quick summary of all the changes that have been implemented recently as part of the retrospective work 17:00
adamw so lessee, we now require all installation interfaces to work at final, we've tweaked the installer bug reporting criterion, dropped efidisk.img test case, added a criterion for memtest to be present, require updates.img from HTTP to work, required checksums to be provided, and re-jigged the level of quite a lot of test cases in the validation matrix to properly reflect the criteria 17:03
adamw we also have a spanking new set of USB boot test cases from josef 17:04
adamw did anyone have any concerns or queries about that big pile o' changes? 17:04
j_dulaney Not I 17:04
adamw #info we now require all installation interfaces to work at final, we've tweaked the installer bug reporting criterion, dropped efidisk.img test case, added a criterion for memtest to be present, require updates.img from HTTP to work, required checksums to be provided, and re-jigged the level of quite a lot of test cases in the validation matrix to properly reflect the criteria, and we have a big set of new USB boot test cases 17:06
adamw moving along! 17:07
adamw #topic Upcoming QA events 17:08
adamw we don't really have any 'events', but the go/no-go is on wed, so we'll want to get rc3 done today or tomorrow and tested 17:08
adamw good thing is, at alpha we have far fewer tests that need to be done 17:08
adamw first test days are coming up in a couple of weeks, is everything peachy in test day land j_dulaney? 17:08
j_dulaney adamw: I need to poke a couple of people 17:09
j_dulaney adamw: Otherwise, yes 17:09
adamw cool. is that dnssec one on your list for followup? 17:09
j_dulaney Indeed 17:09
* j_dulaney thinks that looks bloody cool 17:09
adamw awesomeness. 17:10
adamw #topic AutoQA update 17:11
adamw kparal: want to speed through this one? 17:11
adamw #chair tflink kparal 17:11
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal tflink 17:11
kparal well the most important change was rats_install 17:12
kparal we already discussed that one 17:12
kparal basically it seems working well 17:12
kparal some polish is still needed of course 17:12
kparal and we're stuck at serial console bootloader bug 17:12
kparal apart from that, it runs every day and performs an automated installation 17:13
adamw #info rats_install is now up and running daily and reporting results 17:13
kparal #link 17:13
kparal I might spend this week on finding F17 blocker bugs, so I don't have any further progress planned 17:14
kparal but I'd like to release AutoQA 0.8 soon 17:14
adamw no, don't do that. 17:15
adamw we don't need to find any *more* blockers. 17:15
jskladan kparal: going to submit few blockers 3 hours before meeting? :)) 17:15
adamw we've got quite enough already ;) 17:15
kparal I haven't even started! 17:15
adamw jskladan: quick, take away kparal's power cord and tie him up 17:15
j_dulaney adamw: Can't you actually fire him? 17:16
kparal my notebook today died, I suspect jskladan or pschindl 17:16
adamw j_dulaney: i haven't paid him for months, he just keeps showing up 17:16
* jskladan blaims karma 17:16
j_dulaney adamw: Doesn't that apply to me as well? 17:17
adamw well, *I* wasn't going to say it 17:17
kparal tflink actually had some ideas regarding automated testing by using a different approach, maybe he'll write up some email 17:17
kparal anyway, that's all from autoqa I think 17:17
adamw okely dokely 17:17
adamw #topic open floor 17:18
tflink kparal: yeah, I got distracted at the end of last week with some bugs 17:18
adamw #info tflink has grand plans, again 17:18
kparal :) 17:18
tflink adamw: you have no idea. I don't talk about all my grandiose ideas :) 17:19
j_dulaney edos 17:19
j_dulaney It's cool stuff 17:19
adamw tflink: for the record, invading Russia has historically usually ended poorly 17:19
j_dulaney Just don't do it in the winter 17:19
tflink adamw: will keep that in mind 17:20
adamw anything else for open floor? 17:21
* satellit_ FYI 783712 wireless works on KDE-sugar HD install after much updating : ) do not know what fixed it 17:21
j_dulaney Kernel 17:21
adamw the wireless issue was a kernel bug? 17:22
j_dulaney Indeed 17:22
adamw viking-ice thinks it's ConsoleKit 17:23
j_dulaney At least, that's what I have been told 17:23
j_dulaney Is that it was kernel 17:23
Viking-Ice yup 17:23
j_dulaney Hmm 17:23
Viking-Ice nm complained about missing consolekit and there are atleast 3 bug reports against nm in F17 that are duplicates of that problem 17:24
adamw i know kernel dropped the use of bleeding-edge wireless modules on feb 15 because it was causing too many problems 17:24
adamw we're probably going to get git7.2 into rc3, which has that wireless change 17:24
adamw so if we also get ConsoleKit pulled in somehow...that should hit both angles 17:25
j_dulaney One of the recent kernels wouldn't boot 17:25
j_dulaney So, beware that 17:25
j_dulaney I think it was depreciated rather quickly 17:25
j_dulaney Never got out of updates testing 17:26
adamw 7.1, i think it was 17:26
Viking-Ice speaking of kernel to add to the NTH for 3.3 rc4 It works just fine on my laptop ( totally error free ) 17:26
adamw okay, so let's close with the alpha laundry list... 17:27
adamw we need to: 17:27
adamw 1) decide on a way to get plymouth in 17:27
adamw 2) triage the keymap issue 17:27
adamw 3) test the fix for 787461 - 17:27
adamw 4) decide what to do about ConsoleKit 17:28
adamw i think that's 'all' 17:28
brunowolff Note that the first rc4 build has debugging off and shouldn't be used for alpha. 17:28
adamw oh, forgot to note, bcl says updates.img should be fine with the current anaconda code, it's only the not-let-landed noloader branch where updates.img support is broken 17:29
tflink that one should be lots of fun 17:29
tflink but we don't have to worry about it much til' beta 17:29
Viking-Ice brunowolff, they turned of debugging hum why ? 17:29
Viking-Ice they must have done so at request I believe 17:29
adamw Viking-Ice: they turn off debugging for one build per kernel release 17:30
Viking-Ice adamw, yeah but dont they only do that for the final release as in when 3.3 should have been released ? 17:31
adamw no, it's always been at rc stage. 17:32
adamw well, 'always'...they only started doing it this cycle. 17:32
Viking-Ice anyway they themselves requited nth which included the rc4 release so they themselves have to create another build with it turned back on =) 17:33
adamw i don't think we need rc4 to satisfy the nth 17:33
adamw rc3.git7.2 should be fine 17:34
adamw and is the current update 17:34
Viking-Ice ok they just did not want to experience abrt dupe fest 17:34
adamw i think git7.2 fixes that. 17:35
Viking-Ice ok let's move along 17:35
adamw okay, let's wind this puppy up 17:35
satellit_ +1 on git 7.2 for wireless 17:35
* j_dulaney hasn't noticed that bug with git7.2 17:35
adamw looks like we're getting PA and NM builds with the CK fixes 17:35
adamw anything else, or shall we all go start drinking? 17:35
j_dulaney The only worry I have is I had some SELinux issues with NM 17:35
Viking-Ice do we request selinux to report no errors for alpha? 17:36
adamw j_dulaney: no, but if the errors actually break stuff that's bad 17:36
Viking-Ice makes sense to default to permissive mode for the spin 17:37
Viking-Ice we get the reports without breakage 17:37
j_dulaney adamw: SELinux broke NM 17:38
adamw j_dulaney: erf. that may be a problem since we want to pull a newer NM build to fix the wireless issue 17:38
j_dulaney This was an update, and I haven't been able to reproduce 17:38
j_dulaney adamw: I don't think it was a NM update that broke 17:38
adamw j_dulaney: so as things stand I'd expect RC3 to include selinux-policy -89 and NM 17:38
adamw j_dulaney: if you can reproduce with those two packages, let us know... 17:39
adamw i'll check it also 17:39
j_dulaney adamw: Roger 17:39
adamw thanks for the heads-up 17:39
adamw did you file the selinux alert? 17:39
j_dulaney adamw: Not yet, will do, though 17:40
adamw yeah, dan may have thoughts. 17:40
j_dulaney adamw: I was trying to get a better grip on what was happening 17:40
adamw alrighty, one more try to escape 17:41
* adamw sets fuse for one minute 17:41
jskladan adamw: 17:41
adamw jskladan: we should probably block that site from the brno internet connection, i think your productivity would increase 250% ;) 17:42
kparal futile attempt 17:42
j_dulaney He'll just proxy into fedorapeople 17:43
jskladan aaaand, the minute has expired, i guess 17:44
adamw ding! 17:44
jskladan 17:44
adamw thanks everyone 17:44
* adamw gags jskladan 17:44
kparal :D 17:44
adamw #endmeeting 17:44

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