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  • tflink (89)
  • kparal (35)
  • maxamillion (17)
  • zodbot (7)
  • j_dulaney (7)
  • jskladan (4)
  • nirik (4)
  • lmacken (3)
  • rbergeron (2)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • Cerlyn (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 17 Beta retrospective
  • Test Day report
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to send formal proposal for preupgrade criteria adjustment to the list: this was done

Fedora 17 Beta retrospective

Test Day report

Upcoming QA events

AutoQA update

  • rats_install change to run against updates and updates-testing repositories has been submitted, pending review
  • emails to autoqa-results are now "failure only" - passing results only sent to bodhi and resultsdb

Open floor

  • kparal noted that 'stage' mirror where TCs/RCs live is cleaned quite aggressively: some discussion of this, agreed kparal should start a mailing list thread to get more info on whether there are valid use cases to justify keeping TCs/RCs around longer
  • livecd-tools-15.12-1.fc15 is still in updates-testing (needed to write F17 images correctly): needs karma to go stable

Action items

  • tflink to ping gnome boxes people about test day on thursday
  • kparal to start thread on test@ regarding use of RCs between GOLD and release
  • tflink to send out testing request for f15 livecd-tools to test@


tflink #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon Apr 16 15:01:14 2012 UTC. The chair is tflink. Information about MeetBot at 15:01
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:01
tflink #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
tflink #topic roll call 15:01
* jskladan tips his hat 15:01
* mkrizek is present 15:01
tflink sorry for the late notice, all - there was a miscommunication on who was going to run the meeting today 15:01
* kparal is here 15:02
* pschindl is here 15:02
tflink or lack of notice - doesn't look like the announcement has been approved on test-announce@ yet 15:02
tflink hrm, we seem to be a little light on attendees today 15:04
jskladan seems to be private fedoraqa meeting so far ;) 15:04
jskladan s/fedoraqa/fedoraqe/ 15:05
tflink I imagine that the lack of announcement has something to do with that 15:05
Cerlyn It will be fast then 15:05
tflink #chair kparal 15:06
zodbot Current chairs: kparal tflink 15:06
* tflink waits another minute or two before getting started 15:06
* j_dulaney waves 15:09
jskladan robatino: j_dulaney: hey there 15:09
j_dulaney jskladan: Morning 15:09
tflink ok, lets get started 15:10
tflink #topic Previous Meeting Follow-Up 15:10
tflink The only thing I'm seeing on the wiki is the proposal for preupgrade criterion adjustment 15:10
tflink which was done 15:10
tflink #info Preupgrade release criterion modification proposal sent out to test@ 15:11
tflink I assume that there is no extra discussion needed on this topic? 15:11
j_dulaney None here 15:12
tflink OK, moving on 15:12
tflink #topic Fedora 17 beta retrospective 15:12
tflink #link 15:12
tflink #info Fedora 17 beta RC4+RC4.1 went gold last week 15:12
tflink #info Fedora 17 beta to be released on 2012-04-17 15:13
j_dulaney Tomorrow! 15:13
rbergeron it's only a day away. 15:13
tflink we have some stuff up there already, but if anyone has ideas on what went well or what could have gone better, please add to the retrospective wiki page 15:14
j_dulaney Don't slip? 15:14
tflink most of the stuff that comes to mind for me isn't going to be fixed between beta and final but more ideas are good 15:15
tflink j_dulaney: easier said than done 15:15
kparal that's not a request for QA 15:15
tflink also true 15:15
tflink lots of things went into "why did beta slip so much" 15:16
tflink rbergeron: I forget, does any change to the delay between go/no-go and release readyness need to wait for F18? 15:17
tflink either way, probably isn't going to happen right now 15:19
tflink #topic Test Day Reports 15:19
tflink #chair j_dulaney 15:19
zodbot Current chairs: j_dulaney kparal tflink 15:19
tflink j_dulaney: how did the test days go last week? 15:19
j_dulaney tflink: Pretty well 15:20
j_dulaney All the usual suspects seemed to be present 15:20
tflink yeah, looking through the test day wiki pages, it looks like there was a pretty good turnout for the KDE test day 15:21
tflink not as sure about virt since I'm not seeing a results matrix, though 15:21
tflink #info turnout for the KDE test day was good - results on wiki page 15:22
tflink anyone know how the virt test day went? 15:22
rbergeron tflink: that's a loaded question. adamw pinged me on it last friday and I'm not entirely sure, i don't really think it needs to, but I am going to see if i can get poelcat on the phone and see if he remembers any details 15:22
tflink rbergeron: ok, I was just curious and didn't realize that adamw was already asking you about it. If it changes for F17, it changes. If it doesn't, it doesn't :) 15:24
tflink #info no visible results from virt test day, unsure of how it went 15:25
tflink #topic Upcoming QA Events 15:25
tflink #info F17 Beta Release on 2012-04-17 15:26
tflink #info F17 Final Blocker Bug Review Meeting #1 on 2012-04-20 15:26
tflink we also have 2 test days coming up 15:26
tflink #info JBoss test day on 2012-04-17 15:26
tflink looks like that is pretty much ready to go as far as the wiki page is concerned 15:27
tflink #info Gnome Boxes test day on 2012-04-19 15:28
tflink looks like the test cases haven't been added to that page yet but there are still a couple of days left 15:28
maxamillion bah!!! I'm late 15:29
lmacken last I checked, boxes was in rough shape, SELinux wise. Hopefully they'll have the policy fixed up by then. 15:29
* lmacken filed a couple of bugs about it last week 15:29
tflink anyone willing to take an action item to ping the coordinators on status and if they need any help? 15:29
lmacken also, it defaults to 512mb ram, which won't let you install f17 :( I couldn't figure out how to change that either 15:29
tflink maxamillion: better late than never :) 15:29
tflink hrm, sounds like boxes may not be ready for the test day by thursday 15:30
maxamillion tflink: I'll take it :) 15:30
tflink #action tflink to ping gnome boxes people about test day on thursday 15:30
tflink and on to ... 15:31
tflink #topic AutoQA Update 15:31
tflink #chair kparal 15:31
zodbot Current chairs: j_dulaney kparal tflink 15:31
kparal do we have one? 15:31
tflink nothing I can think of 15:31
kparal actually hongqing updated rats_install 15:31
kparal to do updates and updates+updates-testing installation 15:32
kparal two passes 15:32
kparal but I haven't reviewed it yet 15:32
kparal and rats_install is broken anyway :/ 15:32
tflink #info rats_install updates to run against updates and update+updates-testing has been submitted, pending review 15:32
kparal and one more thing, I disabled all "ok" emails coming to autoqa-results ML 15:32
tflink kparal: still issues with virt-install? 15:32
kparal tflink: no, there's a bug in anaconda when using a specific kickstart 15:33
tflink #info emails to autoqa-results are now "failure only" - passing results only use bodhi and resultsdb 15:33
kparal that's all I can think of 15:33
tflink ok, thanks 15:33
tflink #topic Open Floor 15:34
tflink anything else to cover today? 15:34
tflink have we done any testing on the new livecd-creator updates? 15:34
kparal I have one thing 15:34
tflink kparal: go for it 15:35
kparal you might have noticed that is empty now 15:35
kparal oh, RC4 re-appeared 15:35
maxamillion I did not notice but that is ... interesting 15:35
kparal thanks nirik or someone 15:35
* nirik notes we readded rc4 and rc4.1 15:35
maxamillion \o/ nirik 15:35
nirik our policy has always been to clean those out after a release goes gold... 15:36
kparal anyway, I asked on #fedora-admin releng guys to leave old RCs and TCs intact if possible, because we use it for regression testing 15:36
tflink #info F17 beta RC4+RC4.1 had disappeared from alt but has been re-added 15:36
kparal I do 15:36
nirik but it sounds like they get used still for other things... 15:36
kparal there seems to be a policy that they should delete old composes between GOLD is announced before it is officially released 15:37
kparal I think it hurts QA, so I'd like to ask your opinions 15:37
* nirik thinks it might be good to have a thread on the test list about it... and people could note what (if anything) they actually use old composes for? 15:37
maxamillion nirik: +! 15:37
tflink nirik: that sounds like a decent proposal 15:37
maxamillion shit 15:37
maxamillion nirik: +1 15:37
maxamillion ney keyboard ... still getting used to it 15:37
tflink any volunteers to start the thread? 15:37
maxamillion new* 15:37
kparal I will 15:38
tflink maxamillion: I can see that :-P 15:38
kparal tflink: throw an action item at me! 15:38
tflink #action kparal to start thread on test@ regarding use of RCs between GOLD and release 15:38
tflink action item thrown 15:38
maxamillion tflink: the keyboard is amazing, its just the first mechanical I've owned in a long time and I'm trying to get used to where the switch registers the keystroke before hitting the rock bottom of the key well and its been causing me typos :P 15:38
maxamillion horray for kparal ! 15:39
kparal I like to volunteer, didn't you notice yet? 15:39
kparal let's discuss on ML then 15:39
* tflink is tempted to #action kparal test all of fedora 17 15:39
maxamillion lol 15:40
kparal I already do! 15:40
maxamillion TEST ALL THE THINGS! 15:40
kparal not finished yet though 15:40
tflink the only other thing I can think of is to do some testing w/ livecd-tools so that the new update can get to stable 15:41
kparal tflink: which one? 15:41
kparal 16.11? 15:41
tflink I have a suspicion that the nightlies are being built with 17.7 which is what we had problems with in RC4 15:41
tflink livecd-creator 15:41
* tflink is thinking one thing, typing another 15:41
tflink but now that you mention it, are there livecd-tools updates that are still in testing? 15:42
kparal 16.11 are in stable now 15:42
tflink looks like the F15 build is still in testing 15:42
tflink #info livecd-tools-15.12-1.fc15 is still in updates-testing 15:43
kparal I don't know whether they fix the "missing Packages repo on USB" bug 15:43
tflink #action tflink to send out testing request for f15 livecd-tools to test@ 15:43
tflink kparal: which bug is that? 15:43
kparal 15:44
tflink sounds like it was fixed with the last release 15:44
* tflink will look into the livecd-creator update 15:45
tflink I'd rather not wait for TC1 to deal with the initial testing 15:45
tflink OK, any other topics to bring up 15:45
tflink other than firing adamw for being absent? 15:46
kparal let's not forget that 15:46
kparal .fire adamw 15:46
zodbot adamw fires adamw 15:46
maxamillion o.O; 15:46
kparal success 15:47
tflink you beat me to it :) 15:47
maxamillion how on earth does that work? 15:47
maxamillion I assume the bot is hard coded to 'adamw fires $foo' ? 15:47
tflink maxamillion: I think so, yes 15:47
kparal no, the universe just knows what to do 15:47
maxamillion lol 15:47
kparal #info adamw was fired by adamw for not being present 15:48
tflink well, if there's nothing else - I say we end the meeting and get back to MOAR TESTING! 15:48
tflink kparal: awesome 15:48
tflink Thanks for coming and working hard on testing for beta! 15:48
* tflink sets fuse for [0,5] minutes 15:49
* tflink will send out minutes shortly 15:52
tflink #endmeeting 15:52

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