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  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 17 wrap-up / final tasks
  • Fedora 18 planning
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • tflink or adamw to keep blocker wiki page updated by hand - this was done reasonably quickly through the f17 climax

Fedora 17 wrap-up / final tasks

  • A vote of thanks to all for F17 validation
  • Common bugs page: this query lists the bugs proposed for inclusion but not yet added, please help write entries
  • AcceptedNTH but non-fixed bugs should be checked in case they should go onto common bugs
  • Kparal provided a table (now expired from fpaste) listing total validation tests run by each tester, Andre was the winner

Fedora 18 planning

  • We agreed to delay the discussion to next week due to the U.S. holiday depriving us of tflink and the anaconda crew

AutoQA update

  • A bug was fixed that caused some duplicate mail spam to maintainers


adamw #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon May 28 15:01:10 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:01
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:01
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
adamw #topic roll call 15:01
adamw who's here for some qa meeting' time fun? 15:01
* pschindl is here 15:01
* akshayvyas is here 15:01
* mkrizek is here 15:01
adamw only the hardcore, huh :) 15:03
* jskladan is lurking 15:03
* kparal arrives 15:03
adamw #chair kparal 15:03
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal 15:03
* kparal sits 15:04
adamw hah! it was a trick chair 15:04
* adamw pokes tflink 15:05
kparal adamw: isn't there a holiday in the USA? 15:05
kparal tflink might not be here 15:05
adamw what is this 'holly day' of which you speak? 15:05
adamw i am not familiar with your strange speakings 15:05
akshayvyas kparal: i think soo 15:05
jskladan he said he'll be AFK most of the day, IIRC 15:05
kparal adamw: it means a day when you don't work 15:06
adamw .fire tflink 15:06
zodbot adamw fires tflink 15:06
adamw kparal: does...not...compute... 15:06
kparal adamw: never mind, it's too complicated 15:06
adamw =) 15:06
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 15:07
adamw okay, so we just have one thing here - "tflink or adamw to keep blocker wiki page updated by hand" 15:07
adamw we pretty much did that, so yay for us. 15:07
akshayvyas 28 is holiday for what ?? 15:07
kparal Memorial Day, whatever that is 15:07
adamw like remembrance day for everyone else. 15:08
adamw they call that 'veterans day'. 15:08
akshayvyas hhk 15:08
adamw oookay 15:08
adamw #info "tflink or adamw to keep blocker wiki page updated by hand" - this was done successfully 15:08
adamw #topic Fedora 17 wrap-up / final tasks 15:09
adamw so...let's do some blocker rev<ducks> 15:09
adamw so thanks & congratulations to all for the f17 validation work 15:10
rbergeron wooooooooo meeting 15:10
kparal do we have all the CommonBugs documented? 15:10
adamw we slipped a bit more than we'd have liked but at least there weren't as many all-night crazytimes as for f16 15:10
adamw kparal: not yet, that's one of the 'final tasks' 15:10
adamw #info vote of thanks to all for F17 validation 15:10
adamw as kparal points out, we still have some CommonBugs'ing to do today, i'll be working on that but it'd be appreciated if anyone can help 15:11
akshayvyas common or NTH's 15:11
kparal I'll try 15:11
kparal do we have some clever query for undocumented CommonBugs? 15:12
adamw lists the bugs that are proposed for commonbugs but not yet on the page; the page is ; there are instructions on how to write commonbugs entries included in comments in the page source, and you can also just be guided by other entries 15:12
adamw kparal: by an amazing coincidence...=) 15:12
kparal we should have a wiki page listed all the queries so I don't have to ask dumb questions in a logged meeting 15:12
kparal adamw: thanks for link 15:13
adamw hehe 15:13
adamw #info proposed common bugs are listed by the query 15:14
adamw note that some of those are stale proposals from earlier releases which i just can't work up the enthusiasm to write...of course if you want to, you're welcome. 15:14
adamw the other kinda-urgent thing on my list is to go back over accepted NTH bugs and make sure any of them that are needed on the commonbugs list are on it, and make sure fixes get put out asap 15:15
adamw that's another thing i'll be working on, but again, if anyone wants to help, please do 15:15
adamw there's also a couple of preupgrade bugs we should look at in that context 15:15
adamw #info we should also review acceptedNTH bugs that weren't fixed to make sure they're in commonbugs if appropriate, and get fixed ASAP 15:15
kparal btw, I hacked a script today to count the number of test cases reported in wiki matrices per name. anyone interested in results? 15:16
adamw sure, sounds fun 15:16
adamw of course, some tests are easier than others 15:17
kparal sure, that needs to be taken into account 15:17
kparal 15:17
kparal but still, robatino should receive a freaking gold medal 15:17
robatino i have an unfair advantage since i do the easy ones and my account on secondary01 lets me do the checksum tests without downloading 15:18
robatino still, it's the only practical way to test the spins 15:18
adamw #info gold medal to be mailed to robatino, thanks andre! 15:18
kparal robatino: huge thanks for your efforts 15:18
adamw did you run it on the desktop and base pages too? 15:18
kparal yes, all combined 15:19
adamw cool. 15:19
adamw obviously another task is to write up the F17 retrospective, and i'll try and get that done quickly. i suspect it won't be such a focus as it was with f16, though, if we spend more time on anaconda testing. 15:20
adamw which segues smoothly into the next section, unless anyone has more on F17... 15:20
adamw i guess not! 15:21
adamw #topic Fedora 18 planning 15:21
adamw i was hoping we'd have a bcl or a dlehman in the house for this, but since it's a holiday i guess not 15:22
adamw in which case it may be wisest to postpone it till next week, with tflink and anaconda folks around 15:22
adamw i was hoping to look at the current state of newUI and ask the anaconda team what we should be testing at this time 15:22
adamw any thoughts? 15:23
* kparal agrees 15:23
aspratyush makes sense 15:24
pschindl I have seen some images with new anaconda, but it's in an early stage. There is nothing to test yet 15:24
akshayvyas pschindl: +1 15:25
adamw i'm not so sure of that...we've had images for weeks/months, but there was a passing reference in #anaconda saying something like 'installs are so fast with newUI', and i know the roadmap was to have it at least basically usable by now. so that's why i'd like to ask about the current status. 15:25
adamw #agreed we'll delay the f18 planning discussion to next week due to the U.S. holiday depriving us of tflink and the anaconda crew 15:26
adamw #topic AutoQA update 15:26
adamw do we have much news here, kparal? 15:26
kparal jskladan: do we have something? 15:26
kparal we fixed an annoying bug that caused some maintainers to received dozens of duplicate emails 15:27
kparal that might be worth mentioning 15:27
jskladan kparal: nothing here 15:27
jskladan ah, that one :) 15:27
kparal nothing else comes to my mind 15:28
adamw #info a bug was fixed that caused some duplicate mail spam to maintainers 15:28
FranciscoD anyone here for the fedora videos meeting? 15:29
FranciscoD its in a minute, right? 15:29
adamw erm, if it is, then it's eating our spot (qa) 15:29
kk4ewt FranciscoD: this is the qa meeting 15:29
adamw we always meet at 15:00 UTC on mondays 15:29
FranciscoD lol 15:29
FranciscoD thanks adamw kk4ewt 15:29
* FranciscoD goes to check if #fedora-meeting-1 is for rental 15:30
adamw so, let's get back to our highly important and productive meeting! :) 15:30
adamw we're actually through everything, so it's time for... 15:30
adamw #topic open floor 15:30
* FranciscoD apologises for the random shout 15:30
adamw anyone have anything here? bearing in mind that we're missing a few people today 15:31
Martix hello 15:31
adamw hi martix 15:31
* FranciscoD wonders if Martix has come in for a third meeting? 15:32
adamw FranciscoD: hey, looks like you can have the channel in a minute... 15:33
adamw last call for open floor, we'll take anything, sell us a Schticky... 15:33
adamw welp, i guess we're all taking a post-f17 breather then =) 15:34
adamw thanks for coming, everyone 15:34
* adamw sets Unpredictable Meeting Fuse for {1-5} minutes 15:34
adamw when will it blow, nobody knows 15:35
Martix ok, ready for collisions 15:35
* kparal is now almost convinced to buy Schticky 15:35
adamw it's great for the cabinets! 15:35
adamw alright, thanks again everyone, all post-f17 relaxation is well earned 15:36
adamw #endmeeting 15:36

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