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  • adamw (124)
  • tflink (54)
  • j_dulaney (23)
  • kparal (12)
  • nirik (8)
  • maxamillion (7)
  • zodbot (4)
  • strace (2)
  • lmacken (2)
  • mkrizek (2)
  • jskladan (1)
  • Cerlyn (1)
  • robatino (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 18 check-in
  • Bugzilla upgrade work
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to review F17 retrospective and come up with an action plan - not done yet, but he's working on it
  • adamw to work with rbergeron to make sure housekeeping gets done for f16/f17/f18 - also not complete; j_dulaney reported from SELF that spot will handle EOL bugs

Fedora 18 check-in

  • The current F18 feature list contains no features we find particularly sensitive from a QA standpoint aside from the new anaconda UI. other features to keep an eye on are the package group re-organization, /tmp-on-tmpfs and the kerberos changes

Bugzilla upgrade work

  • tflink will ensure the blocker bug tracker page is fixed for new bugzilla, it may be turned into a static HTML page rather than part of mediawiki
  • We aren't aware of any other QA scripts that need fixing, and Bodhi is already dealt with

AutoQA update

  • Apart from some minor movement on RATS, nothing significant

Open floor

  • j_dulaney noted that there was further discussion of ARM as a primary arch at SELF, and asked for it to be added to the agenda for the next meeting

Action items

  • adamw to review F17 retrospective and come up with an action plan
  • adamw to work with rbergeron to make sure housekeeping gets done for f16/f17/f18
  • tflink to fix up blocker bug page for new bugzilla, probably as fedora-hosted static HTML rather than in MW
  • tflink to set up QA git account


adamw #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:03
zodbot Meeting started Mon Jun 11 15:03:21 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:03
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:03
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:03
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:03
adamw #topic roll call 15:03
adamw who's around for some qa meetage? 15:03
* pschindl is here 15:03
* mkrizek is here 15:04
* maxamillion is here 15:04
* tflink is here 15:04
* strace is here 15:04
* nirik is lurking 15:04
* jskladan lurking 15:05
* Cerlyn is here 15:05
* kparal around 15:05
adamw excellent...then i shall UNLEASH THE HOUNDS 15:05
* kparal flees 15:06
adamw #topic previous meeting review 15:06
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 15:06
adamw sigh. 15:06
adamw #chair kparal tflink 15:06
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal tflink 15:06
adamw here, use this chair to fend off the hounds...if you can. 15:06
adamw #info adamw to review F17 retrospective and come up with an action plan 15:06
adamw didn't get this done yet; as you probably saw on friday i got up to clearing through the f16 trac tickets 15:07
* tflink grabs a whip and strikes a lion/hound taming pose 15:07
adamw so i'm working around to it 15:07
adamw any questions/notes/personal insults? 15:07
adamw #info adamw to work with rbergeron to make sure housekeeping gets done for f16/f17/f18 15:08
adamw oh looky, another one i didn't do yet! well, robyn and i have chatted about housekeeping a bit, but not complete yet. 15:08
adamw #info neither retrospective nor housekeeping tasks are complete yet, but adamw is working on both 15:09
adamw #action adamw to review F17 retrospective and come up with an action plan 15:09
adamw #action adamw to work with rbergeron to make sure housekeeping gets done for f16/f17/f18 15:09
adamw i'll just throw 'em back on there for next week. 15:09
adamw anything else? 15:09
maxamillion not that I can think of :) 15:10
adamw okely dokely, moving on 15:10
adamw #topic Fedora 18 check-in 15:11
adamw probably nothing doing here, but i thought we'd zoom by just in case 15:11
maxamillion check-in? 15:11
adamw just a general f18 topic 15:11
adamw first on the list, any news on anaconda?, i think the answer's no. 15:11
adamw second, check through f18 features - seemed a good thing to do quickly in a meeting, to see if there's anything else scary on the f18 agenda yet 15:12
adamw 15:13
adamw anyone see anything that leaps out? 15:13
maxamillion depends on your defenition of scary I suppose 15:13
adamw 'things that will require love and care to make sure they bleedin' well work and don't screw up release validation' 15:13
adamw those kerberos changes, for e.g., look like the sort of thing that might break remote login... 15:14
maxamillion I'll be partaking in the openshift origin efforts, we'd like to have a test day once we're at that point in the release cycle 15:14
maxamillion ah, rgr 15:14
strace I will be helping with OpenShift Origin also 15:14
adamw cool. that would be handled fine by a test day, yeah. 15:14
* tflink doesn't see anything else that jumps out as potentially problematic 15:15
maxamillion tflink: +1 15:15
adamw there's usermode migration', but that shouldn't be horrible, most central stuff is PK already and we understand it well enough that hopefully nothing will break in migration.. 15:16
adamw so yeah, looks like so far, no really scary features outside of anaconda new UI. 15:16
* j_dulaney waves 15:16
tflink the package group changes could be interesting but that page is a little light on the details 15:16
* j_dulaney is still recovering from SELF 15:17
adamw tflink: yeah, that's notting's baby 15:17
adamw hi dulaney 15:17
adamw tflink: i think he's thinking more about the post-install, 'groups you see in packagekit' side, but i agree it's light on detail 15:17
tflink it's mostly the upgrade stuff that sounds like it could be interesting 15:19
* j_dulaney wonders about the specific topic here 15:19
adamw j_dulaney: right, sorry - we're reviewing the F18 feature list at 15:19
tflink "Users who install Fedora 18 and later upgrade will automatically get group changes for the groups that they have installed." 15:19
adamw just checking through to make sure we don't see anything scary from a QA perspective there 15:19
j_dulaney RGR 15:19
adamw tflink: ah, nice catch. yeah, that'll be worth testing. 15:19
adamw though it sounds like it mostly affects 19. 15:19
tflink although I'm not clear if that applies to people upgrading to F18 or from F18 15:20
adamw hey, that's the first time i officially referred to fedora 19 anywhere. *raises small flag* 15:20
adamw to me it reads like it applies to upgrades from 18->19 and later. 15:20
tflink that would make more sense, regardless of the phrasing 15:20
adamw #agreed the current F18 feature list contains no features we find particularly sensitive from a QA standpoint aside from the new anaconda UI. other features to keep an eye on are the package group re-organization, /tmp-on-tmpfs and the kerberos changes. 15:22
j_dulaney RPM upgrade may need some poking? 15:23
j_dulaney Or should that be fine? 15:23
adamw that's the kind of thing that everyone will be testing all the time, unavoidably 15:23
j_dulaney Ah 15:23
adamw so it likely doesn't need any special poking - we should catch anything that comes up 15:23
j_dulaney Same with user mode migration, I imagine? 15:23
adamw broadly, yeah, and given that we've been converting things to PK for years, we ought to have the hang of it by now. 15:24
adamw next thing on the list was 'retrospective tasks', if i'd done them yet, but i haven't. so, we'll skip that! 15:25
adamw #topic Bugzilla upgrade work 15:25
adamw okay, so this is a callback to something that came up during f17 final validation - see 15:26
adamw bugzilla got a big version upgrade late in the f17 cycle, and that has impacts on several things that we use in QA. tflink provided a list and we said we'd work on fixing up anything that needs fixing after f17 was done. well, f17 is done now =) 15:26
adamw tflink: shall we take the things on the list one at a time? 15:26
tflink adamw: works for me 15:27
adamw #topic Bugzilla upgrade work - Blocker wiki page will no longer work 15:27
adamw so, with the BZ upgrade, the script that updates is broken 15:28
adamw tflink and I updated it manually till we were done with f17, but now it's just stuck 15:28
adamw had you had some ideas here, tflink? 15:28
tflink I've looked at the script a little bit and have fixed a few things but it's not done yet 15:28
tflink in the past, we've talked about possible other solutions for tracking blockers that don't rely on MW or scripts being run 15:28
tflink I figure that it's a good time to think about that since our previous solution isn't working, anyways 15:29
adamw what's on the list? 15:29
tflink adamw: the list? 15:29
nirik there's a new python-bugzilla. 15:30
nirik needs mucho testing by everyone. ;) 15:30
adamw tflink: the list of alternative solutions. 15:30
tflink nirik: yeah but the scripts using it still need to be updated AFAIK 15:30
tflink but it isn't crashing as much any more - still hitting proxy errors last I tried, though 15:30
tflink adamw: anything we do would pretty much be custom 15:31
adamw you have any ideas you like? throw me a bone =) 15:31
tflink the options would be to keep it scripted and on the wiki, keep it scripted and generate static html or start making it a more dynamic webapp that can do better tracking 15:31
tflink like keep track of previous blockers, offer different filters of the bugs to view etc. 15:31
* tflink is just not sure how much interest there is and whether it would be worth the time needed to write such an app 15:32
j_dulaney It would be cool, but I don't think worth the effort 15:33
adamw has anyone felt like they wished the current blocker page could do more? 15:33
adamw i guess i'm with dulaney, it seems to do the job as is 15:33
mkrizek +1 15:33
tflink it might be worth the effort to switch to HTML generation instead of MW 15:34
adamw on the idea that it's more robust? 15:34
tflink less wonky syntax 15:34
tflink in theory 15:34
adamw i guess it wouldn't be a huge effort? 15:35
tflink we could also get some new features without worrying about app hosting or a db 15:35
tflink ie build the filters into the HTML 15:35
* nirik might suggest running it in fedora infrastructure... that way we have people who can watch it and knows where it runs, etc. 15:35
adamw wouldn't be difficult to get permission, would it? 15:36
tflink the other problem with MW is password expiration - we had several times where the page wasn't updated because the updater's pw was only saved for so long 15:36
* j_dulaney is starting to lean +1 for HTML 15:37
adamw yeah, if it's not much trouble to do, that seems like the sensible route. using MW isn't gaining us anything in particular, the page is always just used alone. 15:37
tflink we'd be decreasing the number of edits to the wiki that jlaska is making :) 15:38
j_dulaney LOL 15:38
nirik tflink: yeah, for those things we setup a bot account that has no password or doesn't expire it's password or the like. 15:38
nirik but html works fine too. 15:38
tflink nirik: we probably should have done that, yeah 15:38
nirik we already run things that do both... generate html/static pages, and edit the wiki... so either one works. 15:39
adamw okay, i think we talked this one out 15:39
adamw tflink, are you happy to work on this? or does anyone else want it? 15:39
tflink I can do it but I'm not really going to stop others from doing it, either 15:40
tflink er, would be happy if someone else wanted to do it, rather 15:40
adamw if any tooling person is looking for a task and finds this interesting, speak it 15:40
kparal let's wait until we have some interns in Brno :) 15:40
adamw speak up * 15:40
adamw kparal: what's the timeframe on that? we'd want the new page up for alpha, obviously 15:41
kparal hmm, hiring date is mid July 15:41
tflink when is alpha? 15:41
kparal provided we find someone suitable 15:41
tflink when do we branch, rather 15:41
adamw 15:41
kparal 15:42
adamw branch date is july 31 15:42
kparal 2012-08-07 Branch Fedora 18 from Rawhide-- Branch Freeze 15:42
adamw huh 15:42
kparal interesting 15:42
adamw different on 15:42
adamw i dunno which wins 15:42
tflink first blocker meeting is 2012-07-20 15:42
adamw but either way, sounds like slightly tight timing 15:42
tflink yeah, I'd rather get it done sooner than later in case there are issues with python-bugzilla 15:43
adamw i'd rather have it taken care of by someone who's around now in that case 15:44
adamw yup 15:44
adamw okay, for now i'll assign to tflink, we can change it if needed 15:44
adamw #action tflink to fix up blocker bug page for new bugzilla, probably as fedora-hosted static HTML rather than in MW 15:44
tflink works for me, I need to update my blocker meeting prep scripts anyways 15:44
adamw tflink: one of us should file a trac ticket too. 15:45
tflink and they have some codebase overlap with the wiki update script 15:45
adamw #topic Bugzilla upgrade work - Other scripts using python-bugzilla will likely not work after upgrade 15:45
adamw for instance =) 15:45
adamw what others are there? 15:45
tflink adamw: I assume you mean a qa trac ticket to cover the blocker tracking page stuff? If so, I can do that 15:45
tflink nothing that I'm aware of in QA land 15:45
adamw tflink: yeah. 15:46
adamw tflink: there's , which is not a script but an ugly hack i dreamed up for getting a list of bugs from a wiki page. should be trivial to patch up if it needs it. 15:47
* tflink wonders if we should try to put our scripts in more of a single place 15:47
j_dulaney Or at least list them all out 15:47
adamw there is ./ 15:48
adamw which looks like it may need an update. 15:48
tflink we could request a git repo for the fedora-qa fedorahosted account 15:48
tflink if there isn't one already 15:48
tflink the more I think about that, the more it sounds like a good idea 15:49
tflink at the very least, it could be a base for other scripts - bug output formatting, wiki scraping etc 15:49
adamw sure, sounds smart 15:50
j_dulaney +1 15:50
tflink sounds like /me has multiple actions :) 15:50
kparal what about using ? 15:50
adamw #action tflink to set up QA git account 15:50
adamw kparal: i'd much rather use a fedorahosted git for 'official' stuff. 15:50
tflink it's also not tied to a single persons' account 15:51
kparal I have no problem with that, I'll move my scripts there 15:51
adamw #topic Bugzilla upgrade work - Bodhi 15:51
adamw the final thing on this list was "Waiting on testing this week to find out how badly bodhi will be impacted" 15:51
adamw did bodhi get fixed wrt new bugzilla yet? 15:51
tflink AFAIK, there was an issue but it's been fixed now 15:52
lmacken before the new BZ was deployed, yes. 15:52
adamw eeeeeek, we've been jackwagoned 15:52
adamw thanks luke 15:52
lmacken :) 15:52
adamw #info Bugzilla upgrade work: tflink will take care of the current blockers page, we aren't aware of any other scripts that need fixing, and bodhi has been fixed 15:53
* kparal needs to go, bye 15:53
adamw kparal: anything for autoqa, quickly? 15:53
kparal none 15:53
adamw okey dokey! catch you later 15:53
adamw anyone have anything else on the new bugzilla? 15:53
adamw is it just me, or does the 'distribution release' field not exist/show up any more? 15:54
* tflink hadn't noticed but isn't sure if he used it before 15:54
robatino click on Detailed Bug Information (not terribly obvious) 15:55
adamw ah. thanks, andre 15:55
adamw alright, moving on quickly 15:55
adamw #topic autoqa update 15:55
adamw tim, do you have anything for this one? 15:56
tflink nope, I've been working on other stuff, mostly 15:56
tflink oh, there was some movement in RATS 15:56
* tflink double checks email 15:56
tflink nothing major, though 15:57
tflink so, no updates from me 15:57
adamw okay 15:57
adamw #info some minor RATS movement, nothing else from autoqa 15:57
adamw i guess work will be ramping up again soon? 15:58
tflink hopefully, yes 15:58
adamw cool. 15:58
adamw alrighty, very quickly... 15:58
adamw #topic open floor 15:58
adamw anything else anyone can think of we need to talk about? 15:58
j_dulaney adamw: Two things from SELF 15:58
j_dulaney Firstly, I don't know if this has been communicated to QA at large or not, but Robyn said that Spot will be closing EOL bugs in Bugzilla 15:59
adamw j_dulaney: aha, great. that was on the agenda for earlier. i'll check in with them on that one 15:59
adamw #info j_dulaney reports that spot will be handling the EOL bug backlog 15:59
j_dulaney Secondly, there was some discussion about ARM going primary 16:00
adamw #info SELF hosted further discussion of ARM as a primary arch 16:00
j_dulaney My side was QA's role in that, but this would probably be better discussed as a full on topic next week 16:00
j_dulaney That way we can try to get some of the ARM folks involved 16:00
adamw sure. 16:01
adamw thanks! 16:01
j_dulaney Indeed 16:01
j_dulaney If you'll drop that on next week's agenda, that's it 16:01
adamw sure. 16:02
adamw anyone else? 16:02
* adamw sets fuse for X minutes 16:03
tflink do we have to solve for X now? This feels like math class :-/ 16:03
j_dulaney Is that Roman Numeral X, or X -1 = 0? 16:04
adamw who knows! 16:04
tflink it's a mystery 16:04
j_dulaney dx/dy = sin x 16:04
nirik e^(i*pi) 16:04
adamw you're all wrong! X is now. 16:05
adamw thanks everyone 16:05
j_dulaney nirik, why did you have to get all imaginary? 16:05
adamw #endmeeting 16:05

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