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  • adamw (67)
  • brunowolff (22)
  • tflink (12)
  • maxamillion (10)
  • zodbot (5)
  • jskladan (2)
  • nirik (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • akshayvyas (1)
  • pschindl (1)
  • satellit-arm (1)


  • Anaconda new UI testing
  • Blocker bug analysis
  • Bodhi 2.0 design ideas
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Anaconda new UI testing

Blocker bug analysis

  • Bruno is still recovering from rawhide issues and hasn't had time to work on this yet

Bodhi 2.0 design ideas

  • Luke and Johann weren't available, but nirik has asked lmacken to schedule a bodhi 2.0 sync meeting some time soon

AutoQA update

  • no AutoQA news, team has been busy on other projects

Open floor

  • Bug #830482 is currently breaking boot for rawhide systems with encrypted partitions, beware, adamw has pinged halfline for a fix


adamw #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:01
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
adamw #topic Roll call 15:01
adamw morning folks, who's feeling meet-y? 15:01
* jskladan is lurking 15:01
* tflink is here 15:01
* mkrizek is here 15:01
* satellit-arm listening 15:01
* akshayvyas is here 15:01
* maxamillion is here 15:02
* adamw looks around for bruno, viking and lmacken... 15:03
adamw short meeting time, i guess =) 15:03
maxamillion lol 15:03
adamw so, there's no previous meeting follow-up, let's go straight to... 15:04
adamw #topic Anaconda new UI testing 15:04
adamw really just re-capping from the list - we have a test image for the new anaconda ui available for initial testing, and some people have been playing with it already 15:05
adamw see for instructions 15:05
maxamillion heh ... that's still on my TODO list :X 15:05
adamw #info snapshot image of the new anaconda UI is available for testing, see for instructions 15:06
adamw anyone have any thoughts or comments on the arrangements for the new UI testing? 15:06
adamw i just kinda came up with something, to get it done quick 15:06
* pschindl is here (my irc silently fell down) 15:06
maxamillion I can't really think of anything, I'd think it would be a bit early in the cycle for their to be anything more formal in place ... I think what you wrote up looks good 15:07
maxamillion but if the group thinks we should setup a wiki page similar to the desktop acceptance testing or possibly the test days (or both), I'm not in objection ... just don't know there'd be a whole lot of benefit until the dev team considers the rewrite a bit more stable 15:08
maxamillion heh 15:09
adamw hey bruno 15:09
adamw =) 15:09
brunowolff I am still recovering from rawhide issues. 15:09
adamw owch 15:10
brunowolff The desktop I'm on not probably will need a reinstall; I'm running a live cd right now. 15:10
adamw good luck :/ 15:10
brunowolff I didn't get anything done this week with the bugzilla queries/stats. My fedora time has been spent dealing with rawhide issues. 15:11
adamw ah, okay. 15:11
adamw anyone have any thoughts arising from testing the new UI itself, aside from the multiple desktop controversy already underway on the list? any worries about areas un-covered etc? 15:12
tflink brunowolff: I'm already doing some bz analysis related stuff if you'd like to hand off the blocker stats stuff 15:13
maxamillion adamw: on which list? 15:13
adamw maxam: test list, the 'will F18 allow simultaneous installation of more than one desktop?' thread 15:14
maxamillion ohhhhh, that one 15:14
maxamillion I was thinking of multiple monitors, not DEs 15:14
* maxamillion needs more coffee 15:14
adamw brother, don't we all 15:15
adamw well, alright, man, if a new anaconda UI can't stir up controversy on a monday morning i'm all out of ideas =) 15:17
adamw let's blow through the agenda then 15:19
adamw #topic Blocker bug analysis 15:19
adamw #info bruno is still recovering from rawhide issues and hasn't had time to work on this yet 15:19
adamw has anyone else had any thoughts or action on this one? 15:19
tflink it occurred to me that we could include the analysis as part of the blocker page updating 15:20
tflink ie, run it on a regular basis with the blocker tracking 15:21
tflink unless that was the plan already 15:21
adamw i suppose it'd depend on the conclusions we came to from the initial data 15:21
adamw if any looked like we'd get more info from ongoing analysis 15:21
tflink yeah, I'm not sure it would all be helpful 15:22
tflink but the parts like # of blockers per component might be useful to do on an ongoing basis 15:22
brunowolff Timing is also important. The reason I wanted to look at this, is that I think some of the critical things (e.g. anaconda) hadn't been getting tested early enough. 15:23
brunowolff (Though we do seem to be getting a good jump on anaconda for F18.) 15:23
adamw well, we can always analyze data from any time point on bugzilla, right? it's just a query. 15:26
brunowolff I think so. 15:26
tflink rejected blockers might be a slow query but probably doable 15:27
adamw alrighty, looks like we don't have much to kick around here, moving on 15:28
adamw #topic Bodhi 2.0 design ideas 15:28
brunowolff I wasn't going to worry too much about rejected blockers, at least initially. 15:28
adamw with no lmacken/viking-ice, probably nothing much to say here either :/ 15:28
brunowolff I think we really care about the accepted ones. 15:28
adamw damn it, i need more power to summon people. 15:28
tflink brunowolff: just thinking about my recent experiences with python-bugzilla 15:29
brunowolff I liked the idea of being able to tie -1 karma to bug reports. 15:30
adamw well the thing i wanted to kick around is how to look at the idea in the context of bodhi 2.0 15:30
adamw in bodhi 2.0 i believe we get a design of multiple variables per update - there isn't just one big number 15:31
adamw so whether we still require a 'negative' response to any one of the points to be tied to a bug report, or what...but i think we need luke around so we get enough detail on the actual bodhi 2 design so our ideas aren't based on wrong assumptions 15:32
brunowolff Things we might rate are, are their regressions versus stable or previous testing, are the bugs marked as being fixed actually fixed, and how thoroughly the package was tested by this reporter. 15:33
adamw yeah, i tend to think of it as a list of questions 15:34
brunowolff Levels of testing might include, it installs without issue, it passes a smoke test, common functions were tested and there was extensive testing. 15:34
adamw 'does the update fix (issue #1 claimed to be fixed)?' 'does the update break anything that wasn't broken before?' etc etc 15:34
adamw but i don't know if we're yet at the point where we can start making detailed design suggestions or what 15:35
nirik FYI, I've asked lmacken to try and schedule a meeting sometime soon for bodhi 2.0 discussion... get rel-eng, qa, any interested packagers in and find out where we are and how things are shaping up. 15:36
adamw good idea 15:36
adamw #info nirik has asked lmacken to schedule a bodhi 2.0 sync meeting some time soon 15:37
adamw thanks 15:37
adamw anything else worth saying at this point, or shall we keep it for later and move on? 15:37
adamw roger 15:39
adamw #topic AutoQA update 15:40
adamw welp, i threw this in as it's been a few weeks and i figured there might be news 15:40
adamw anything significant, tim? 15:40
tflink not from my end, no 15:40
* tflink has been consumed with GSoC and the blocker status page 15:41
jskladan nothing here either 15:41
adamw okey dokey 15:41
adamw #info no AutoQA news, team has been busy on other projects 15:42
adamw #topic open floor 15:42
adamw anyone have any other business? 15:42
brunowolff Is there a chance we could get some push to fix the plymouth issue messing up booting with encrypted home and/or swap? 15:43
brunowolff That's going to be a blocker and makes testing reboots a real pain. 15:44
brunowolff .bug 830482 15:44
zodbot brunowolff: Bug 830482 Encrypted file systems not mounted in late part of boot because of systemd units missing from plymouth - 15:44
adamw well, it looks like it'd be susceptible to a manual fix? 15:46
adamw until it's done by michal 15:46
brunowolff Every fricken boot and multiple minute plus timeouts to wait for while doing it. 15:46
adamw i mean, just manually get the appropriate unit files from an earlier build and put them in place 15:46
brunowolff I think the systemd guys are expecting the plymouth guys to fix this. 15:47
adamw that'd fix it 'permanently' afaict? 15:47
adamw yeah, they obviously are. 15:47
brunowolff I tried copying over the unit files, but it didn't work. But I might have missed some deatil. 15:47
* adamw pings halfline to try and get him to fix it 15:48
brunowolff That was also about the time a couple of new dracut bugs showed up (now fixed) that were adding further confusion to the mix. 15:48
adamw i'd expect that to work, but i don't have any experience with the issue 15:48
adamw #info is currently breaking boot for rawhide systems with encrypted partitions, beware, adamw has pinged halfline for a fix 15:49
brunowolff On the plus side, after messing up root on one system I have a reason to test the anaconda installer (and get laughed at). 15:49
brunowolff Not that it affects encrypted home and swap, but not encrypted root. 15:49
brunowolff s/not/note/ 15:49
adamw roger 15:50
brunowolff thanks! 15:50
adamw halfline just replied, says he was going to do it last week and forgot. so that sounds promisingish. 15:51
adamw alright, anything else? 15:51
* adamw sets fuse for $INTEGER 15:54
adamw #chair tflink 15:54
zodbot Current chairs: adamw tflink 15:54
adamw thanks for coming, folks 15:57
adamw oh, god, i've just been sucked into the tv tropes vortex again, someone throw me a damn rope 15:57
* tflink looks around for a rope 15:57
adamw #endmeeting 15:58

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