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  • adamw (80)
  • tflink (16)
  • bcl (15)
  • nirik (9)
  • dlehman (5)
  • zodbot (4)
  • kparal (4)
  • jskladan (3)
  • pjones (2)
  • garretraziel (2)
  • cpuobsessed (1)
  • spoore (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • satellit (1)
  • akshayvyas (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Fedora 18 preparation / anaconda newUI status
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Fedora 18 preparation / anaconda newUI status

  • RATS behind due to twu being away, will pick up soon
  • bcl says livemedia-creator ought to be ready for usage for the Alpha compose
  • newUI is scheduled to merge to master on wednesday, text mode support should make it in, possibly for alpha
  • Rescue mode will likely not make it, but dracut can be used as a replacement

AutoQA update

  • No major AutoQA news, autoQA team is fired for excessive zombies

Open floor


Action items

  • adamw to do some test runs of f18 live image composes to see what problems lurk


adamw #startmeeting fedora-qa 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic roll call 15:00
* mkrizek is here 15:00
adamw who's around for the meetin? 15:01
* pschindl is here 15:01
* jskladan is here 15:01
* akshayvyas is here 15:01
* spoore is here 15:01
* nirik is lurking 15:01
* tflink is here 15:01
* satellit listening 15:02
* kparal rises from the grave 15:02
* adamw shoots zombie kparal 15:03
adamw .fire kparal 15:03
zodbot adamw fires kparal 15:03
* garretraziel is here 15:03
* kparal sews up the wound 15:03
adamw alrighty, thanks for coming folks 15:04
adamw hi dlehman 15:04
jskladan ^^ our new intern (garretraziel) 15:04
adamw i didn't know zombies could sew 15:04
adamw ahhhh, fresh intern meat! 15:04
garretraziel Hi all! 15:04
tflink he's an advanced type of zombie, I guess 15:04
* tflink is glad to be half a world away at the moment :) 15:04
adamw distance is no protection against a czech zombie 15:04
tflink sounds like it's time to start serious anti-zombie training, then 15:05
kparal zombie self-healing mechanisms - a needle and a thread 15:05
adamw #topic Fedora 18 preparation / newUI status 15:05
adamw alright, so this is kind of a lazy f18 catch-all topic 15:05
adamw for anyone who isn't aware - is one week behind 15:06
adamw so add one week to all those dates when looking at it, until that gets fixed 15:06
adamw so right now, we should be getting RATS results 15:07
tflink adamw: the automated RATS won't work w/o serial, though 15:08
adamw twu was going to run the RATS runs, but he's been off work for a few days, so we'll try and catch up on those this week. however, the results aren't going to be terribly relevant until newui merges 15:08
adamw tflink: newui isn't merged yet, so not technically a problem 15:08
tflink is there a whole lot of point in running RATS against pre-newui? 15:09
adamw yeah, i'm not sure. it may point up repoclosure issues, i guess. 15:09
adamw we should start crankin' on TCs in a week or so. 15:10
* nirik really wishes he knew how lives were looking... both space and working wise. 15:10
adamw yeah, i'm thinking about that too. we could always throw together some test images with livecd-creator, just to see where things are. 15:11
adamw #action adamw to do some test runs of f18 live image composes to see what problems lurk 15:12
adamw any other thoughts on f18 prep? anyone worried about anything we're not covering? 15:12
tflink is livemedia-creator working ATM? 15:12
nirik not sure. 15:12
* tflink had heard that it wasn't really working yet 15:12
nirik it also needs some changes to ks files. 15:12
dlehman adamw: you might want to talk to bcl about that -- he's sent a patch set that makes lorax work with livemedia-creator 15:12
tflink are we still going forward with replacing livecd-creator with livemedia-creator? 15:12
adamw last i heard we were, but the lack of status info does seem worrying 15:13
nirik yeah, I think that was still the plan. 15:13
nirik dgilmore still needs to teach koji to use it too. ;( 15:13
adamw bcl: what's the story on livemedia-creator status? if you're around 15:13
adamw i guess he's not! 15:15
adamw still, the good news is livecd-creator is always around to use as a backup if necessary 15:15
nirik the live's in koji aren't working... not sure what change caused the breakage tho 15:15
pjones he was around just a minute ago 15:15
dlehman adamw: he made a live image using newui on friday and had it booting 15:16
adamw yeah, we saw that the error messages are rather unusual, iirc 15:16
adamw dlehman: ah, that's good news. 15:17
bcl adamw: I got lmc working friday, making a f17 live with newui. 15:17
tflink dlehman: do you know which tool he used to make it? 15:17
* tflink is a little slow 15:17
adamw bcl: does it look like we should be able to use it for alpha? nirik, is there anything else you'd need? 15:17
adamw tflink: left your mind on vacation, huh :) 15:17
nirik well, koji support would be nice, but thats on dgilmore I think. 15:18
bcl should be able to, other than the ususaly rawhide annoyances. 15:18
tflink adamw: you're assuming that my mind has ever _not_ been on vacation :-D 15:18
adamw =) 15:18
adamw #info bcl says livemedia-creator ought to be ready for usage for the alpha compose 15:19
bcl note that I used virt, I'm looking at novirt mode this week. 15:19
adamw we can use 'by hand' construction for alpha, i think, so that shouldn't be an issue 15:19
adamw afaik 15:19
* cpuobsessed woke up from his nap 15:20
* adamw blows fanfare 15:20
adamw alrighty, so, the big topic in this area: newui readiness 15:20
adamw unfortunately clumens isn't around, but i think dlehman can give us a general summary of stuff that won't / may not be working for f18, alpha and final? 15:21
adamw apparently text mode will make it in after all and may even make it for alpha, last i heard. 15:22
bcl probably so. 15:22
bcl kickstart is working pretty well. most of the recent work on newui is around custom partitioning. 15:23
adamw the other big ticket item i think was rescue mode 15:23
bcl rescue may not make it, we've talked about moving that to dracut which really can do most of the things you'd want from a rescue. 15:23
adamw we talked about that a bit and one conclusion is rescue mode doesn't actually do a whole lot besides mount system partitions for you 15:23
bcl right. 15:24
bcl mount stuff and give you a shell with useful tools. 15:24
adamw right, and dracut does the 'shell with useful tools' stuff 15:25
bcl we'll still be using firstboot, the user customization stuff won't make it into f18. 15:25
adamw wait, you mean the 'initial experience' feature? 15:25
bcl I don't know who is calling which what these days :) but we have plans for firstboot-like customization while installing packages. 15:26
adamw oh. i'm talking about , which may be something different 15:26
bcl totally different. 15:26
adamw a desktop team feature for a gnome-specific firstboot replacement, is what it looks like to me. 15:26
adamw okay. so we may not be using firstboot, but it won't be your fault =) 15:27
pjones yes, totally different. 15:27
adamw so are we aware of any other big ticket anaconda bits which aren't going to be in place? 15:28
bcl well, firstboot isn't gnome specific so I expect we'll still use it. 15:28
adamw right, for non-gnome desktops. anyhoo. 15:28
bcl I'm not sure about advanced storage. 15:28
adamw iSCSI / fibre channel etc? 15:29
dlehman my understanding is that will be iBFT only -- no interactive configuration of those devices 15:30
adamw that was mentioned on the feature page, so obviously fesco's okay with it 15:31
adamw so if we're really only missing rescue mode, i guess that's pretty good news 15:31
adamw how's the merge-to-rawhide schedule looking? 15:32
bcl wednesday. 15:32
adamw well that's nice and specific. awesome. 15:32
adamw anyone from qa side have concerns remaining about newUI? 15:32
* nirik likes the idea of moving rescue to dracut 15:35
adamw oh, with the new text mode, will serial console also be working? 15:35
adamw dlehman: ^^ 15:37
dlehman I _think_ that's safe to assume 15:37
bcl should be 15:37
dlehman we're certainly doing the text mode work with full awareness of serial console and dumb terminal limitations 15:38
adamw cool. 15:38
adamw of course the ui will be different so we'll presumably have to adjust scripted things, but that shouldn't be a terrible problem 15:38
adamw #info newUI is scheduled to merge to master on wednesday, text mode support should make it in, possibly for alpha 15:39
adamw #info rescue mode will likely not make it, but dracut can be used as a replacement 15:40
adamw alrighty, any more f18 concerns before we move on? 15:40
adamw okey dokey, thanks anaconda folks 15:42
adamw #topic AutoQA update 15:42
adamw tflink: kparal: any zombie news? 15:42
kparal you tell me 15:43
tflink nothing from me 15:43
adamw you're all fired 15:43
adamw this here is a LIVING PEOPLE shop, we don't want your kind 15:43
tflink and here I thought that tolerance/acceptance was important to us :) 15:44
adamw oh, sure, all this modern 'politically correct' 'differently living' nonsense 15:44
adamw well i ain't having any of it! 15:44
adamw alright, then 15:45
adamw #info no major AutoQA news, autoQA team is fired for excessive zombies 15:45
adamw #topic open floor 15:45
adamw any other business, anyone? 15:45
adamw worries, concerns, questions about appropriate zombie disposal - we've got it all 15:47
adamw man, it's almost like you people aren't excited by bureaucratic processes AT ALL 15:49
* tflink has already been fired due to claims of being a zombie, not sure what you're expecting 15:50
adamw you could file a grievance 15:50
tflink that sounds like too much work - kind of like counting the number of times I've been fired 15:51
adamw and yet here you still are 15:51
adamw alrighty, well, if that's all, guess we can all get back to our pinterest kitten collections 15:52
adamw WORK. i meant work. 15:52
adamw thanks for coming, folks 15:52
jskladan *thumbs up* for kittens! 15:53
adamw #endmeeting 15:53

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