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  • adamw (86)
  • kparal (43)
  • tflink (33)
  • nirik (29)
  • jsmith (9)
  • zodbot (7)
  • pschindl (6)
  • Martix (5)
  • jskladan (3)
  • spoore (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • paral (0)


  • F18 status, TC testing preparation
  • Multi-image validation
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

F18 status, TC testing preparation

  • F18 Alpha TC1 released over the weekend, initial testing indicates it fails to boot or install successfully
  • pschindl updated installation results matrix template
  • Bug #847418 is also causing issues for F18 users, recommended action: update systemd and re-generate initramfs
  • pschindl has some further criteria change proposals to come
  • Live image generation is still marked HERE BE DRAGONS: still waiting on koji support for livemedia-creator

Multi-image validation

AutoQA update

  • kparal enabled f18 testing in autoqa
  • rats_sanity is without a maintainer
  • autotest package review is almost complete
  • Not much progress recently towards the 'enforce package tests in bodhi' goal

Open floor

  • The blocker review meetings will be on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC starting this week
  • The new blocker tracking page/webapp will soon be moved to fedora infra


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Aug 13 15:00:15 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic roll call and snacks 15:00
adamw happy, tflink? :) 15:00
* pschindl is here 15:00
* jskladan free food? 15:00
* mkrizek here 15:00
adamw jskladan: no, no, no, the idea is you all bring ME snacks 15:01
* Martix is ready for collisions 15:01
* kparal heard something about food 15:01
* spoore is here...lurking 15:01
* tflink is around 15:01
tflink kparal: that was for the docs meeting, unfortunately :'( 15:02
jskladan adamw: aaah, that's the trick - I'll have something for you prepaired on DevConf ;) 15:02
Martix jskladan: something spicy? 15:02
tflink adamw: wait a second, I think we've been tricked 15:02
adamw =) 15:02
jsmith tflink: Docs team is sneaky like that :-p 15:03
adamw #topic F18 status, TC testing preparation 15:04
* nirik lurks 15:04
adamw case you didn't notice, we have this thing called fedora 18 to test... 15:04
adamw Alpha TC1 landed over the weekend, we don't have the validation matrix in place yet 15:04
adamw first order of business, does it work? at all? 15:04
kparal we have 15:04
kparal the matrix 15:05
kparal pschindl's done that 15:05
kparal he also claims it doesn't boot, and if you make it boot, it doesn't install 15:05
adamw ah, excellent, thanks for catching up on that 15:05
tflink it sounds like the anaconda devs are aware of the issue and are working on it, though 15:06
tflink unless there's another one that I'm not following 15:06
adamw ok, so alpha tc1 testing is complete, great job everyone =) 15:06
adamw #info F18 Alpha TC1 released over the weekend, initial testing indicates it fails to boot or install successfully 15:06
adamw #info pschindl updated installation results matrix template 15:07
adamw #chair tflink paral 15:07
zodbot Current chairs: adamw paral tflink 15:07
adamw grr 15:07
Martix and if you upgrade to F18 and boot with 3.6 kernel, you hit boot loop bug 15:07
adamw #undo 15:07
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x24152790> 15:07
adamw #info F18 Alpha TC1 released over the weekend, initial testing indicates it fails to boot or install successfully 15:07
adamw siiiigh. can someone please feed me coffee? 15:07
adamw #chair kparal 15:08
zodbot Current chairs: adamw kparal paral tflink 15:08
adamw hi, robatino 15:08
nirik Martix: fixed in recent systemd... make sure you have new systemd and re-gen your initramfs. 15:08
tflink adamw: you re-did the wrong #info 15:08
adamw #undo 15:08
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x1cc9a710> 15:08
Martix nirik: noted, thanks 15:08
adamw #info pschindl updated installation results matrix template 15:08
nirik at least that worked for me. ;) 15:08
adamw #info bug #847418 is also causing issues for f18 users, recommended action: update systemd and re-generate initramfs 15:09
adamw ok, the other thing i had on my list for this topic is revising the criteria and test cases 15:09
adamw anyone noticed any required changes already? 15:09
adamw we'll likely have to edit a large number of the install validation test cases to reflect newui; we may need to adjust the criteria for missing functionality still 15:10
tflink I thought we were still waiting somewhat to see what all lands in newui in time for F18 15:11
pschindl adamw: I think that we should wait for working tc and then change everything 15:11
adamw pschindl: yeah, having a tc that vaguely works will be a help =) 15:11
* kparal also votes for changing "everything" :-) 15:12
* jskladan would do it real time soon now 15:12
pschindl I know about few changes, that will be needed in criteria, but I'm not sure about how it will work in new ui 15:12
adamw pschindl: are those the ones you already proposed to the list, or others? 15:12
pschindl adamw: those was only the most critical, which we should resolve firstly 15:13
adamw okay 15:13
adamw it'd be good to get the other proposals in soon 15:14
pschindl the other changes are mostly about rewording current criteria 15:14
adamw as for the test cases, i think we can probably just all chip in and update them as we go along 15:14
adamw or if someone wants to take a task for doing it systematically that's fine too 15:14
adamw #info pschindl has some further criteria change proposals to come 15:15
adamw ok, so to summarize our plan of attack: 1) figure out what's wrong with TC1, 2) get a TC2 that works, 3) revise test cases/criteria for newUI changes 15:17
adamw does that cover everything f18-y? anything I missed? 15:17
jsmith WORKSFORME 15:18
* nirik is a bit worries about lives... but hopefully we will have something that works by the end of the week 15:18
pschindl yep. I talked to anaconda team and fix could be done till tomorrow 15:18
adamw nirik: ah, right, lmc, that's the other thing 15:19
adamw nirik: so you tried to build lives with lmc and had issues? 15:19
nirik I have not yet... 15:19
tflink I thought it was the lack of koji support more than anything 15:19
adamw ah, okay. so we haven't even reached the 'trying' stage yet =) 15:20
adamw #info live image generation is still marked HERE BE DRAGONS 15:20
tflink not in the same env as the lives have always been built in, no 15:20
nirik there are no lives with tc1... I don't know if that is due to an issue dgilmore hit or if he didn't get to trying until the koji support is done. 15:20
tflink nirik: the TC1 ticket says that it's due to no koji support but he's hoping to get that fixed this week 15:20
jsmith I got the idea that we was still working on the koji support 15:20
jsmith but it wasn't super-clear 15:21
nirik ok. 15:21
adamw #info still waiting on koji support for livemedia-creator 15:21
adamw alrighty. well, that gives us lots of stuff to fix =) 15:23
adamw #topic multi-image validation 15:24
adamw so i just threw this on the agenda since it's something that's actively in draft at present 15:24
kparal I replied to your emails. current proposal looks good 15:25
adamw if anyone hasn't seen it, i put together a draft validation matrix for the multi-desktop and multi-boot images we've been building for the last couple of releases, and we've been trying to refine it: 15:25
adamw kparal: yup, thanks a lot for your feedback 15:25
adamw if anyone hasn't seen it, please take a look and contribute any ideas you have...anyone have any thoughts on it that aren't in the thread? 15:25
adamw okey dokey, then 15:27
adamw moving along 15:29
jsmith adamw: I read through it, but didn't have any spectacular ideas -- the proposal looked solid 15:29
adamw #topic AutoQA update 15:29
adamw just for old times' sake 15:29
adamw jsmith: thanks 15:29
adamw any big autoqa news lately, autoqa folks? 15:29
kparal I enabled F18 testing in AutoQA 15:29
kparal that mostly concerns repoclosure, fileconflict and rats_* tests 15:29
adamw cool. do we know the status of rats wrt newui? 15:30
adamw or is it hampered by the fact we don't appear yet to have any recent newui-based images that work? =) 15:30
tflink no text mode == no rats 15:30
kparal rats_install is currently broken, I'll work on it once we have usable TC 15:30
adamw oh, yeah. 15:30
kparal text mode should be included eventually, shouldn't it? 15:30
adamw yeah, we don't have a date yet though. 15:30
tflink maybe but there is no guarantee that it'll make F18 15:30
kparal hrm, so that's a blocker 15:31
kparal but I'll look at it anyway 15:31
adamw thanks. 15:31
kparal rats_sanity should work ok, but doesn't have a maintainer 15:31
adamw #info kparal enabled f18 testing in autoqa 15:31
adamw #info rats_sanity is without a maintainer 15:31
kparal I hoped twu would take over from hongqing, but he doesn't seem to be receiving my emails 15:31
kparal so still looking for volunteers 15:32
kparal another news, autotest package review is very close to an end 15:32
adamw yaaay 15:32
kparal so kudos to mkrizek 15:32
adamw #info autotest package review is almost complete 15:32
adamw thanks mkrizek! 15:32
kparal also kudos to garretraziel (jan sedlak), who wrote an script for us 15:33
kparal that makes the results directory half in size and inodes 15:33
adamw hey, that's neat. 15:33
kparal and that's it for the last week I suppose 15:34
adamw coolness. 15:35
adamw on a more general topic: what's our progress like towards the 'enforce package tests' goal? 15:35
tflink not much, unfortunately 15:36
kparal I was about to reply 'none at all' 15:36
kparal at least lately 15:36
adamw i think tflink was putting a positive spin on 'none at all' =) 15:37
tflink eh, it's more than 0 ... just not much more than 0 :) 15:37
adamw well, that sucks. let's do not that in future. i have now discharged my managerial obligations! 15:37
kparal we're terrible project planners 15:37
adamw #info not much progress recently towards the 'enforce package tests in bodhi' goal 15:38
adamw okay, anything else for autoqa, anyone? 15:38
kparal nope 15:39
adamw alrighty 15:40
adamw #topic open floor 15:40
tflink Just a reminder: The blocker review meetings will be on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC starting this week 15:40
adamw so, anyone have anything else to talk about? the weather, who should be the drummer for the who, cat grooming tips... 15:40
adamw okay, OR you could be boring and say something on-topic and to the point, yeesh. 15:41
adamw #info The blocker review meetings will be on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC starting this week 15:41
* kparal likes 15:41
tflink at some point (hopefuly soon), the blocker tracking app will be moved to fedora infra and the source will be released 15:42
kparal have we decided on the hostname already? 15:42
adamw #info the new blocker tracking page/webapp will soon be moved to fedora infra 15:42
tflink there was some question on whether using would mess with the internal subdomain 15:42
tflink no decision was reached, no 15:43
tflink too many nos in that sentance 15:43
kparal I don't personally like using subdomain in this case 15:43
tflink kparal: not sure I follow you there, maybe I'm not being clear 15:44
tflink there is no external qa.fp.o subdomain - it only exists internally 15:44
nirik it should/will be reachable via but if you want another cname going to it, we just need to decide what. ;) 15:44
nirik and setting it to might work, or might blow up the internal only zone. 15:44
tflink apparently, nirik types faster than I do :) 15:45
kparal so we don't know whether it would work? 15:45
adamw what's an 'internal only zone' when it's at home? 15:45
nirik I don't. I guess we could try it, or pick another name. 15:45
kparal let's push the red button 15:45
kparal and try it 15:45
nirik adamw: there is a '' zone... it's not public on the net tho, it's only available to servers in phx2. 15:46
adamw oh, i see. 15:46
tflink adamw: it's all of the autoqa machines, mostly 15:46
nirik so is an internal dns name... 15:46
nirik but that won't resolve in the public internet. 15:46
kparal the internal zone can be renamed, if needed? 15:46
nirik sure, it would be a hassle, but sure. 15:46
kparal hmm 15:46
nirik or you could just do '' or something? 15:47
* nirik doesn't know it needs too much bikesedding. 15:47
kparal but public is so pretty..... 15:47
nirik if thats what you guys prefer, we can try it/do it. ;) 15:47
kparal and I imagine more apps will run there in the future 15:47
kparal not just blocker bugs app 15:47
tflink kparal: the vm we'll use isn't meant to be a permanent solution 15:47
kparal no, but the VM can be changed and the hostname can stay, right? 15:48
nirik yeah, it would/should move to a qa01.stg then a 'qa01' in production when it's ready. 15:48
nirik yes, changing it is easy, it's just dns. ;) 15:48
kparal if it's not much of a problem, I'd like to try whether public qa.fp.o works 15:48
nirik sure, we can. 15:49
kparal if it doesn't, let's decide on another name 15:49
tflink kparal: says the guy who's about to sign off and won't be around to fix any explosions :-P 15:49
tflink :-D 15:49
nirik hum. 15:49
kparal hiding in a bunker is the best way to survive, you know 15:50
* tflink is also for trying it, anyways 15:50
nirik we already seem to have a record. 15:50
nirik but I am unsure where it points. 15:50
adamw it doesn't work out here. 15:50
kparal doesn't resolve for me 15:50
Martix has address 15:50
nirik yeah, thats what I get... ^ 15:51
tflink same here 15:51
nirik I'll try and track it down. 15:51
nirik I don't know what would break by repointing it. ;) 15:51
tflink any other suggestions for hostname if the qa.fp.o doesn't work out? 15:52
kparal let's discuss it when it really doesn't 15:52
tflink works for me 15:52
nirik ? ;) 15:52
nirik thats fine too. 15:53
* nirik will investigate, get back to you all 15:53
kparal thanks 15:53
* tflink needs to learn him some pgsql admin before the app comes up, anyways 15:53
adamw OK 15:53
adamw so, anything else? 15:53
jsmith tflink: I'm happy to help in that regard, if you have specific questions or need some help 15:54
tflink jsmith: I just have no idea how to set up pgsql, to be honest. I'm trying to work through the docs ATM on a local VM before I set up the dev vm 15:54
adamw alrighty, sounds like we're about done 15:56
jsmith tflink: OK, just general install pgsql, set up access, create users and database -- that sort of thing? 15:56
adamw thanks for coming out everyone...looks like we have lots of stuff to do =) 15:56
jsmith tflink: I'll help you after the meeting 15:56
* adamw sets fuse for X minutes 15:56
tflink jsmith: yeah, this sounds like something non-meeting related 15:56
* jsmith cuts the fuse in half 15:57
adamw meeting explodes in jsmith's face 15:58
adamw #endmeeting 15:58

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