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  • tflink (69)
  • jreznik (17)
  • randomuser` (16)
  • Martix (15)
  • BobLfoot (14)
  • satellit (10)
  • nirik (5)
  • zodbot (4)
  • spstarr (1)
  • satellit_e (1)
  • adamw (0)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 19 Alpha status
  • Test Days
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to request a TC2 as soon as it's clear we can compose one without critical dep issues - this was done, TC2 was requested and composed
  • kparal to talk to martix and ensure Test_Day:2013-03-28_System_Certificates will be in shape and ready to go ahead for Thursday, or delay the event - the Test Day went ahead as scheduled

Fedora 19 Alpha status

  • Alpha freeze would begin the following day (2013-04-02)
  • Some concerns were raised about the thicket of firstboot replacements, including Bugzilla: #929289

Test Days

Open floor

  • Updated blocker tracking app for F19 was not yet ready, but a staging instance was available
  • satellit reported that the SoaS spin was still not working

Action items



tflink #startmeeting fedora-qa-meeting 15:01
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tflink #meetingname fedora-qa-meeting 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa-meeting' 15:01
tflink #topic Roll Cal 15:02
tflink #chair adamw 15:02
zodbot Current chairs: adamw tflink 15:02
* jreznik is still around, nice meeting holidays 15:02
* randomuser is lurking - has a question if the opportunity presents itself 15:02
jreznik fyi - today is public holiday in the Czech Rep so don't expect more guys 15:03
tflink jreznik: interesting that the US holiday was friday and everyone else seems to be today 15:03
* nirik is lurking around too, ping if I can help with anything. 15:03
* satellit listening 15:03
* tflink is scrambling to put stuff together for the meeting - didn't realize he was leading today until just a little while ago 15:05
tflink OK, lets get started and we'll see how well this goes missing so many people 15:06
tflink #topic Previous Meeting Followup 15:06
tflink #info adamw to request a TC2 as soon as it's clear we can compose one without critical dep issues 15:06
tflink #info TC2 was requested last week 15:07
tflink #info kparal to talk to martix and ensure Test_Day:2013-03-28_System_Certificates will be in shape and ready to go ahead for Thursday, or delay the event 15:07
* Martix is here 15:07
tflink Martix: did everything get done for the system certificates test day last week? 15:08
Martix is it mtg today? I'm asking because of Easter 15:08
tflink or was it postponed? 15:08
tflink Martix: yeah, we're attempting the meeting despite the holiday 15:08
Martix tflink: it was running, kparal might have more details 15:08
Martix this Tuesday is OpenStack and Thursday is Printing Test Day 15:10
Martix OpenStack seems to be almost ready 15:10
tflink #info System Certificates test day was scheduled, seems to have happened 15:11
Martix about Printing, I'd like to add some Desktop related test cases, but I'm short on time this week 15:11
Martix feel free to help with <FIXME> 15:11
tflink Martix: tuesday as in tomorrow? 15:11
Martix tflink: yep 15:12
tflink Martix: do 15:12
tflink Martix: do you know who's handling the announcements? 15:12
Martix tflink: I'm not running these test days, the guys listed in request tickets should announce them 15:13
* tflink changes agenda order up since we're talking about test days now 15:14
tflink #topic Test Days 15:14
Martix :-) 15:14
tflink #info OpenStack test day is scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow) 15:15
tflink #info the test day seems mostly ready, announcements have not yet been sent out 15:15
tflink #info Printing test day is scheduled for Thursday 15:16
tflink #info printing test day is mostly ready but help with the FIXMEs would be much appreciated: 15:16
tflink Martix: did I miss anything or do you have anything to add? 15:17
Martix no, its all 15:17
tflink Martix: ok, thanks for keeping on top of all that and showing up for a meeting on a holiday 15:17
tflink is there anything else related to Test Days we need to cover before moving on to F19 Alpha status? 15:18
Martix no problem, I was just hanging around 15:18
Martix no 15:18
tflink #topic Fedora 19 Alpha Status 15:19
jreznik so the alpha change deadline is tomorrow - Apr 02 15:20
tflink freeze starts tomorrow, doesn't it? of 15:21
tflink or do I still have my schedule mixed up? 15:21
nirik yes, it does. 15:21
nirik branched will start using bodhi, etc. 15:22
jreznik yep, tmrw and sorry for the confusion in the schedule... 15:22
* jreznik has to split that one wiki page to two - branching and branch freeze, still on my TODO list :( 15:22
tflink #info Fedora 19 Alpha Freeze starts tomorrow 15:22
* jreznik would like to send reminder today 15:23
tflink the blocker list doesn't look all that promising to be heading into freeze 15:23
jreznik (if nobody sent it - as the new zimbra sucks) 15:23
* nirik hasn't sent anything. Happy to help draft or review something. 15:23
jreznik tflink: but I don't see there any strong blocker to enter freeze as for F18 15:24
Martix jreznik: is this new Zimbra April's Fools joke? 15:25
jreznik Martix: it definitely is and does not work in FF for me (the ajax version) 15:25
tflink jreznik: yeah, I'm just not geting "warm fuzzzies" about only 2 weeks before release 15:25
BobLfoot gnome-initial-start ; initial-start ; firstboot is a mess IMHO 15:26
jreznik so week and half for fixes 15:26
Martix jreznik: unable to reproduce it, for me it works in F19.0.2 15:26
tflink jreznik: at least my local mail client is working today - I couldn't log in last night 15:26
tflink BobLfoot: yeah, that is one of the bigger things which comes to mind 15:26
satellit see #fedora-qa for 2 bugs 15:26
jreznik nirik: the complaint I got usually is - the exact time of the freeze, what time would suit the best for it? 15:27
nirik jreznik: I don't know... lets ask dgilmore, since he will be doing the work I expect. 15:27
BobLfoot small stuff but F19-tc3 won't start at all in centos 6 qemu-kvm ATM for me 15:27
jreznik tflink: I'll try to reach marsik tmrw to get more clarification and status of firstboot mess 15:28
tflink jreznik: sounds good, thanks 15:28
BobLfoot for my edification what is to work when concerning gnome-initial-start, initial-start and firstboot 15:29
tflink #info one area of concern is the initial setup utilities (firstboot, initial-setup, gnome-initial-start) 15:29
jreznik tflink: I already talked to him but it's hard to get more details as it seems it wasn't as coordinated as we hoped it will be 15:30
tflink BobLfoot: IIRC, firstboot should be dead now - gnome specific startup for gnome spin, initial-setup for everything else 15:30
satellit OEM does not work 15:31
BobLfoot thx tflink that was what I thought, but was hearing conflicting opinions 15:31
jreznik tflink: and even no initial-setup at all if you do it in anaconda 15:32
BobLfoot jreznik: no initial setup at all if you don't do it in anaconda 15:32
tflink jreznik: ah, I didn't know about that part 15:33
jreznik that was the idea and in tc3 I see user creation in anaconda 15:33
* tflink hasn't been testing as much as he would like - working on other things as of late 15:33
jreznik and that's everything what's needed 15:33
satellit_e 15:33
tflink it sounds like there's no shortage of stuff to do, as usual :) 15:35
BobLfoot I filed a few bugs once bz came up -- what can I say :) 15:36
tflink I see a lot of results from BobLfoot and robatino on TC3 from over the weekend :) 15:37
tflink if there's nothing more, it would be time for ... 15:38
tflink #topic Open Floor 15:38
randomuser ! 15:38
BobLfoot text-mode installer had a couple minor bugs 15:38
satellit soas spin still is not working after bug filed yet 15:38
tflink It looks like the new blocker tracking app isn't going to make it to production before freeze but you can test the staging instance 15:38
tflink #link 15:39
jreznik tflink: that's what I wanted to ask - to add it to the freeze reminder... so I skip it for now 15:39
tflink jreznik: assuming you're talking about the tracker ... there has been a lot of learning on my end about how to get stuff ready for infra - this has taken about 10x longer than I was expecting 15:40
tflink "oh yeah, that isn't going to work in production infra ... <more coding/packaging tasks> rinse, repeat ... 15:41
tflink BobLfoot: I assume that bugs were filed? 15:41
BobLfoot yes -- I think for most all 15:42
tflink satellit: do you know why it isn't working? 15:42
tflink randomuser: go ahead if you had something 15:42
BobLfoot I didn't file on KDE no access to FAS cause I'd like 2nd validation 15:43
satellit tflink no I do not. It boots asks for name and color then goes tof3 home screen and freezes maybe jabber or networking fail 15:43
randomuser thanks, tflink 15:43
BobLfoot Or on the iscsi, isdn and rngd services not starting as thats a final requirement not an alpha 15:44
randomuser I'm reexamining how the docs projects presents system requirements for Fedora, and was hoping for from insight from the QA folks 15:44
BobLfoot yes to the rest tflink 15:44
tflink randomuser: as in how much memory, cpu etc? 15:44
randomuser exactly 15:44
tflink BobLfoot: yeah, those sounds not very alpha but good to know early 15:45
satellit seems to require 2048 memory in VirtualBox for desktop anaconda 15:45
randomuser the easy way is to just publish what's needed to do a default gnome install, but as the discussion develops, I'm starting to think we can do better 15:45
BobLfoot the KDS-FAS would be alpha 15:45
tflink randomuser: it's hard to know this early in the release - I've heard a few reports of memory/cpu hogging stuff but this is pre-alpha 15:45
randomuser really, I'm not sure of where to get the figures, at all 15:45
randomuser we don't have an SOP or defined source 15:46
tflink randomuser: I think that anaconda and the stuff it does is one of the hard requirements 15:46
* randomuser nods 15:46
spstarr yeah 2GB needed w/ debug on right now 15:46
tflink IIRC, yum and selinux during install are the biggest memory hogs 15:46
randomuser Is this something you guys are formally tracking? 15:47
tflink randomuser: no, not formally 15:47
tflink it'd be nice to do that, but it's not something that we've really sat down and done 15:48
BobLfoot all the installs I did worked in 1024 MB 15:48
randomuser tflink, I was thinking of asking for input on devel@ - perhaps to define a few basic roles to state requirements for 15:48
tflink keeping track of memory required for certain install types vs post-install 15:48
satellit gnome complained in VB when I tried system settings at 1024 memory 15:49
randomuser appliance vs desktop vs ? 15:49
randomuser i guess at this point, I'd like your input on how to best continue the conversation 15:50
tflink satellit: using a debug kernel? 15:51
satellit netinstall of x86_64 desktop 15:52
satellit not sure of kernel... 15:52
tflink randomuser: not sure to be honest - I'm not aware of any good ways to measure requirements reliably right now and that doesn't even get into variability between install media and install types 15:52
satellit I have done many VB installs testing over weekend : ) 15:52
tflink randomuser: it might be best to get input from test@ and/or devel@ - we're missing quite a few people today who would have good input on the question 15:54
randomuser that sounds like a good plan, tflink 15:54
randomuser I'll compose something for test@ as well as devel@ - as much input as possible would be nice at this stage 15:55
tflink we're almost at the 1 hour mark - is there anything else to cover today? 15:56
randomuser` not from me, thanks for the time 15:57
* tflink sets fuse for 3 minutes 15:57
BobLfoot not unless there's questions about the TC3 tests 15:57
tflink BobLfoot: not at the moment, no 15:58
tflink not that I'm aware of, anyways 15:58
tflink Thanks for coming, everyone! 16:02
tflink Time for moar testing!!! 16:02
tflink #endmeeting 16:02

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