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  • adamw (73)
  • jreznik (17)
  • brunowolff (7)
  • jskladan (6)
  • pjones (6)
  • randomuser` (5)
  • Viking-Ice (4)
  • jwb (4)
  • mjg59 (3)
  • zodbot (3)
  • tflink (2)
  • sn_op (2)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • satellit (1)
  • satellit_e (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Fedora 19 Alpha status
  • Test Days
  • Open floor

Fedora 19 Alpha status

  • TC6 was out and testing so far looked reasonably positive, #947142 was outstanding blocker
  • randomuser was planning to include a note about problems running Shell on blacklisted graphics cards and old CPUs in the release notes
  • mjg59 was still refining the #947142 fix, as soon as it's acceptable upstream we could pull it into F19 kernel and rebuild

Test Days

Open floor


Action items

  • adamw to send out another call for UEFI testing with TC6
  • jreznik to follow up on status of Translations (l10n) test day


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic Roll call 15:00
adamw morning folks, who's a roll? 15:00
* tflink is here 15:00
* mkrizek is here 15:01
* randomuser is lurking around, why not 15:01
* satellit listening 15:01
* jskladan lurks 15:01
* brunowolff is here 15:01
adamw but are you rolls?! 15:03
tflink rofl? 15:03
* jreznik is roll 15:04
adamw ahem 15:05
adamw morning everyone 15:05
adamw #topic fedora 19 alpha status 15:05
adamw soo, we're not looking too bad 15:06
adamw TC6 testing looks pretty solid (or am I missing anything)? and we just have the remaining EFI bug to zap, really 15:06
adamw there's a few more proposed blockers we'll deal with at the review meeting right after this meeting 15:07
* satellit_e adamw: EFI install worked on MacBookPro i7 with litd USB 15:07
adamw anyone have any issues/concerns for alpha? 15:07
adamw satellit: thanks 15:07
brunowolff Is there a warning about using very old graphics cards and gnome? 15:08
adamw not really 15:09
brunowolff That doesn't look like it is going to work for alpha and those people should be steered to something like XFCE. 15:09
adamw how do you mean, "isn't going to work"? 15:09
adamw llvmpipe is working fine so far as I know. do you mean blacklisted cards? 15:09
randomuser brunowolff, I'm intending to make such a statement in the the release notes and/or install guide, fwiw 15:09
* Viking-Ice lurks 15:09
brunowolff llvmpipe doesn't work on at least one of my old machines. 15:09
brunowolff The second old machine also doesn't get into gnome, but that might be due to something other than llvmpipe. 15:10
jreznik for that one outstanding bug we need some evidence that clearing efivars could help as looking on LKML, fix is still under review... mjg59 should know more, I hope, pls 15:10
Viking-Ice is the size of the efi partition being checked along with proper configuration and removal of files on kernel updates? 15:10
Viking-Ice and the correct mount path or is just people checking installing with uefi and if they can boot ? 15:11
brunowolff Now my machines are really old and don't have sse2 instructions, which may only be a small subset of machines with old graphics cards. 15:11
adamw jreznik: tc6 already has the fix that cleans out pstore - 15:12
jreznik adamw: yes, I know - but it could be still tricky - as it could require up to two reboots... 15:13
adamw brunowolff: oh, right, the sse2 bug. 15:13
adamw so you're more talking 'old CPU and blacklisted gfx card'. 15:13
jreznik Viking-Ice: the idea is - abrt will report dumped crashes and reports them + anaconda will clean it up at install time 15:14
brunowolff Yes. 15:14
jreznik now the question is why some people see empty pstore and dumps in efivars I'd say reading the latest comments in the bug 15:14
adamw Viking-Ice: this isn't about the EFI system partition where kernels live 15:14
Viking-Ice ok did not know to what extend we where testing efi 15:15
adamw Viking-Ice: it's about some space in the NVRAM, which the OS can actually write stuff to 15:15
jreznik and combination of several conditions... 15:16
adamw jreznik: well, because of 947142. which is where we came in. 15:16
adamw #info TC6 is out and testing so far looks reasonably positive, we are mostly waiting on a fix for 947142 now 15:18
adamw #info randomuser is planning to include a note about problems running Shell on blacklisted graphics cards and old CPUs in the release notes 15:19
randomuser ah 15:19
randomuser help me out on the blacklisted cards bit 15:19
jreznik that's the question - if we really need a fix for 947142 or not - if it really makes that difference for most of the systems, there are reports just wiping out dumps from efi are enough :) 15:20
randomuser` adamw, i was thinking more of a generic 'if you have a less powerful machine, use a lighter DE' 15:20
adamw jreznik: oh, i see. good question, i guess we can send out a call for more uefi testing again 15:20
adamw #action adamw to send out another call for UEFI testing with TC6 15:21
adamw anything else for alpha? last call for alpha. 15:21
pjones yes, we really need a fix for 947142. 15:23
pjones If for no other reason than it basically means on many machines you can't re-test more than once. 15:23
* pschindl is here (I stuck in the treffic jam) 15:24
adamw pjones: even with the fix that wipes efivars at install time? 15:24
pjones that may sometimes help, but it's not a 100% sort of thing 15:24
sn_op secure boot is great for people with alzeimers 15:25
jreznik it's a fix that should make the reported size more "correct" as far as I understand it so you can end with the same problem 15:25
sn_op you cant get enough of peoples faces once they realixe they forgot the encription password 15:26
adamw ...okay. 15:27
adamw pjones: alright, thanks. we'll keep waiting for the fix then 15:27
jreznik adamw: I can't pretend I understand the problem, but still I'd go with that - please retest and to collect results as see my comment above... 15:28
adamw sure. 15:28
adamw pjones: do you have any news on the status of the fix, btw? or better apply to mjg59? 15:29
jreznik I think it's this one 15:29
pjones you'll have to ask the kernel team about the fedora kernels, but he has posted something 15:30
jwb jreznik, that's stale. 15:30
adamw so aiui as soon as the patch is acceptable to upstream, we can pull it into our kernel and rebuild, right jwb? 15:31
pjones was the thing he was saying worked earlier 15:31
pjones but, again, jwb's answer trumps mine ;) 15:31
jwb adamw, basically, yes 15:31
adamw okay. 15:32
adamw pjones: thanks much 15:32
jwb afaik, we won't even have to carry it long 15:32
adamw #info mjg59 is still refining the 947142 fix, as soon as it's acceptable upstream we can pull it into F19 kernel and rebuild 15:32
jreznik jwb: would it be possible to carry it only for now even it's not completely accepted by upstream but it will turn out to help us now? 15:33
jwb no 15:33
jreznik ok 15:35
adamw alrighty, moving on 15:35
adamw #topic Test Days 15:35
adamw it doesn't look like much happened for . I missed that one, I was probably panicking about alpha. 15:36
adamw anyone have any info there? 15:36
adamw (crickets) 15:37
adamw so I guess that's a "no" :) 15:39
adamw anyone want an action item to follow up on it? 15:39
jreznik I can do it 15:40
adamw #info we're unsure whether Translations (l10n) test day happened, and whether it needs to be re-scheduled / re-organized 15:40
adamw #action jreznik to follow up on status of Translations (l10n) test day 15:40
adamw thanks jaro 15:40
adamw two other test days are scheduled this week - and (freeipa) 15:41
adamw I guess I'd better try and check up on those 15:41
adamw and send out some publicity etc 15:41
jskladan adamw: i know that pm testday will happen :) IMHO we'll have the usual 'public' testday during openhouse 15:42
adamw what's this shiny new feedback tool? 15:42
adamw #info power management test day looks well set up, we just need to send out announcements 15:42
adamw #info freeipa page is mostly ready, looks to be a cut/paste dump from last year, so check for errors 15:43
adamw i guess that's all for test days 15:45
adamw anything else? 15:45
jreznik adamw: maybe restart discussion about TCs after RCs as we hit it now... 15:45
adamw i'm not sure we have time for that talkfest before blocker review 15:45
adamw but if someone wants to bring it up in open floor, sure 15:46
jreznik at least to poke it on ml... 15:46
adamw i meant 'anything else about test days', though, while we're still on the test day topic. 15:46
jreznik ok, sorry 15:46
adamw sounds like that's a negatory 15:47
adamw #topic open floor 15:47
adamw anything for open floor? anyone keen for a talkfest? :) 15:47
* jreznik would like to avoid talkfest :) maybe mailing list is now better option 15:47
adamw sure 15:48
adamw someone tell us a jokje 15:50
adamw also a joke 15:50
jskladan You know that one about canadian lumberjack? ;) 15:51
adamw heh 15:51
adamw welp, if that's all we got, everyone go get a beefy miracle and join us again in #fedora-blocker-review at the top of the hour for some AWESOME BLOCKER REVIEW FUN 15:52
* adamw sets quantum fuse 15:52
jskladan Canadian lumberjack's favourite sushi? The long roll... 15:53
jskladan Damg autocorrect *log roll 15:53
adamw ba-dum tish 15:53
adamw jskladan will be here all week or until the customers throw him out, tip your server! 15:53
* jskladan quits in shame! 15:54
mjg59 adamw: Patches appear to look good to upstream now 15:54
adamw mjg59: yay! 15:54
mjg59 Just posted them for further review 15:54
adamw so we can maybe get a kernel today? 15:54
mjg59 Maybe! 15:54
adamw yay 15:54
adamw and on that positive note...thanks for coming, all 15:55
adamw #endmeeting 15:55

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