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  • adamw (100)
  • nirik (20)
  • jreiser (10)
  • satellit_e (10)
  • jreznik (9)
  • Viking-Ice (7)
  • Martix (6)
  • tflink (5)
  • zodbot (4)
  • brunowolff (3)
  • jskladan (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • Guest15468 (1)
  • pschindl (1)
  • viking-ice (0)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 19 Beta status
  • Test Days
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email - unfortunately still not done, we will definitely get it done soon
  • tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp - this was not done yet either
  • adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it - this also had not been done yet
  • brunowolff to re-test bug #909473 and re-open if it's still bad - we were not sure whether Bruno had done this

Fedora 19 Beta status

  • Beta RC2 was in testing, some likely blocker bugs had been found but not too many
  • Go/No-Go was scheduled for Thursday 2013-05-23
  • adamw noted that an 'update with yum' test case in the base matrix would be a good idea

Test Days

Open floor

  • We now have a calendar in Fedocal
  • Bugzilla was updated to 4.4. Among the notable changes: longer alias names, and needinfo bugs will now email the 'needinfo'd party weekly

Action items

  • nirik to work on revising the 'desktop updates' test case to be more generic
  • martix to co-ordinate with Thermostat test day runners to make sure they'll be ready or postpone the event
  • nirik to remove F20 from bugzilla for now


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon May 20 15:01:45 2013 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:01
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:01
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
adamw #topic roll call 15:01
adamw *beep* No signal. Unable to call "roll". 15:02
jreiser here 15:02
* satellit_e listening 15:02
* Viking-Ice here 15:02
* pschindl is here 15:02
adamw morning folks 15:03
adamw anyone else? 15:03
* jreznik is here 15:03
adamw morning jreznik 15:04
adamw #chair jreznik viking-ice 15:04
zodbot Current chairs: adamw jreznik viking-ice 15:04
adamw #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:04
adamw #info "martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email" - yeah, failed that again. I'll just move it to a personal todo and stop boring the meeting with it 15:05
* mkrizek is here 15:05
adamw #info "tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp" - I don't believe he did this yet 15:06
Martix oh, that is my fault, but feel free to do it 15:06
tflink unfortunately, no 15:06
adamw #info "adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it" - continuing the festival of fail: nope 15:06
adamw "brunowolff to re-test bug #909473 and re-open if it's still bad" 15:06
adamw i don't see any comments in there' 15:07
adamw wow, well we're clearly doing a bang-up job :) 15:07
adamw #info "brunowolff to re-test bug #909473 and re-open if it's still bad" - not sure if he did this yet 15:07
tflink well, festivals are fun 15:07
adamw and that's the important lesson, kids. 15:07
adamw anyhow, moving swiftly on! 15:08
adamw #topic Fedora 19 Beta status 15:08
adamw so, in "less sucky" news...beta looking pretty decent 15:08
Guest15468 I did a quick retest with the games spin on the intel machine and things looked OK. I haven't retested on AMD/AMD machine yet. 15:09
adamw '#info Beta RC2 is currently in testing, some likely blocker bugs have been found but not too many 15:09
adamw Guest15468: aha, thanks 15:09
adamw #info Beta RC2 is currently in testing, some likely blocker bugs have been found but not too many 15:09
adamw #info Go/No-Go is scheduled for Thursday 2013-05-23 15:09
adamw anyone have anything to note/discuss on beta? 15:10
* satellit_e still trying to fix soas spin 15:10
jreznik thanks for mentioning go/no-go, adamw 15:10
jreiser corner cases still bad: 955779 no desktop on RV280; 962086 cannot skip bootloader; n-i-bz: grub2 requires LBA 15:11
adamw yeah, i've been trying to get bcl to fix the bootloader thing 15:11
* jskladan lurks 15:12
adamw jreiser: that rv280 one of yours look nutty 15:12
jreiser Yeah rv280 is nutty. I can run gdb, but need direction on effective debug 15:12
adamw jreiser: is it actually using the radeon driver? 15:13
adamw because I think RV280 should be blacklisted 15:14
jreiser it claims to be using ati. 15:14
brunowolff It should be using llvmpipe when using gnome-shell. 15:15
adamw jreiser: hmm. do you have it handy? can you fpaste 'glxinfo'? 15:15
jreiser yes, llvmpipe is ON. 15:15
nirik so, I have a thing at some point to mention... ;) The desktop updates tests are pretty gnome centric. ;) Would there be any interest in alternate tests for other desktops? 15:15
nirik or genericizing the existing one 15:15
jreiser I have seen the generated sse2 code. 15:15
adamw nirik: genericizing the existing one would be great, assuming you can play the balance between genericness and usefulness 15:15
jreiser The box is not up now; will boot, then try for glxinfo. 15:15
nirik ok, I can try and take a stab at it. 15:16
brunowolff My machine is different in that I don't have SSE2 on my CPUs. 15:16
nirik propose to the list? 15:16
adamw nirik: if the changes are significant, sure 15:16
adamw brunowolff: that was one of the bugs that came up earlier 15:16
adamw right? 15:16
* nirik nods 15:16
satellit_e tests for sugar-desktop would be very different than for other DE's 15:16
adamw jreiser: well what we're saying is it should be using llvmpipe *not native acceleration* 15:17
adamw satellit: the update tests are greyed for SoaS on the basis it doesn't have a graphical updater 15:17
satellit_e ok 15:17
adamw satellit: is there a 'rule' about how you update sugar? 15:17
satellit_e yum update from root 15:17
jreiser g-i-s gets alpha-blended shadows. after that, gnome-shell eats CPU for 5 minutes before timing out with no change in graphics display 15:18
jreznik nirik: well, all test cases are more gnome-centric - I'm trying to use some common sense :) 15:18
nirik jreznik: the updates ones are even more so tho. ;) For example, Xfce doesn't even ship PK... 15:18
jreiser adamw: 'glxinfo' requires access to display. Cannot get display. now what? 15:18
satellit_e adamw: actually there is a sugar control panel to update the activities in sugar 15:18
adamw satellit: oh, interesting 15:19
adamw so we could probably do with looking at that too... 15:19
adamw jreiser: you have to run glxinfo from within an x session, yeah...maybe try a KDE one :) but we can debug in the bug I guess. 15:19
adamw jreznik: nirik: in general, genericizing them is a good thing. i'm aiming to make revising a lot of the existing test cases my Big Project for post-f19 pre-f20 15:20
adamw there's quite a lot of other stuff needs doing, like writing some partitioning test cases, adding a yum test case, a buncha stuff. 15:20
satellit_e 15:20
adamw if anyone wants to work on any of that now, of course :) 15:20
* nirik nods again. 15:20
adamw satellit: does that only update sugar activities, though? not the base system? 15:21
satellit_e yes the update for sugar-desktop is in sugar-terminal root yum update 15:21
satellit_e FYI 15:22
adamw okay 15:23
adamw so adding a yum testcase to 'base' is indicated there as well. 15:24
adamw #info we could do with a 'update with yum' test case in the base matrix 15:24
nirik xfce (and I think lxde and possibly others) use yumex... it just has a update thing... but it doesn't do notifications, so none of the gui notify stuff applies. 15:24
adamw #action nirik to work on revising the 'desktop updates' test case to be more generic 15:24
adamw nirik: it's easy enough to just make that 'if your desktop provides...' 15:24
satellit_e mate uses yumex also 15:24
nirik yeah, ok. so, update that one and make a seperate non gui/yum one? 15:25
jreiser adamw: rv280 glxinfo is 15:26
adamw nirik: that's where i'd go with it, yeah 15:26
adamw nirik: the yum test would be in the Base matrix rather than the Desktop matrix 15:27
nirik will try and do so, if anyone else wants to first, feel free. 15:27
adamw alrighty 15:29
adamw anything else on Beta, folks? 15:29
adamw well then 15:32
adamw #topic Test Days 15:32
adamw so, frantic work appears to be underway on 15:32
adamw speaking of partitioning test cases...there's some stuff to yoink 15:33
adamw so looks like 'mganisin', who is Marian Ganisin from RH in brno, is doing a lot of work on this one 15:34
adamw jreznik / pschindl, are you in touch with that? 15:34
* nirik is reminded to look at the feature page and try and help get it fully finished. 15:35
jreznik adamw: I talked to them when they started planning it, I'll try to get in touch to see what are the plans right now 15:36
adamw #info looks ready or close to ready 15:36
adamw #info NewUI_Followup test day also has some useful test cases for anaconda that we should adopt into the matrices (though we need to revise them into correct format) 15:37
adamw if people can try to spread the word a bit about the test day that'd be great 15:38
* jreznik is going to do some marketing over our asocial networks groups 15:39
adamw hehe 15:39
adamw i'll post in my usual places 15:39
adamw looks to have a shell in place, but they haven't written most of their test cases yet 15:41
adamw has anyone been working with them on that? 15:41
adamw Martix: do you have time to check in and help them complete the page or delay the event, or are you busy? 15:42
Martix adamw: I can ask them in ticket on their status 15:44
adamw it might be best to try a bit more proactively to get in touch, at least if they don't respond there 15:44
Martix then poke them on IRC :-) 15:45
adamw yeah, he's not online atm 15:48
adamw #action martix to co-ordinate with Thermostat test day runners to make sure they'll be ready or postpone the event 15:48
adamw #info page shell is in place, but many test cases missing 15:49
adamw #topic Open floor 15:49
adamw anything for open floor, folks? 15:49
tflink we have a QA calendar 15:49
tflink 15:49
tflink not much on it ATM 15:50
nirik so, there's a new bugzilla version. 15:50
nirik one change I thought I would mention because I bet lots of people will find out about it soon: needinfo bugs will now mail reminders to the suppy the info. ;) 15:50
adamw yep 15:51
adamw that'll be fun 15:51
nirik weekly. 15:51
nirik yeah 15:51
adamw #info Bugzilla has been updated to 4.4. Among the notable changes: longer alias names, and needinfo bugs will now email the 'needinfo'd party weekly 15:52
adamw on the up side, we can use the intended alias names for freeze exception bugs now 15:54
adamw (F19BetaFreezeException not F19BetaFreezeExcept for e.g.) 15:54
adamw so i'll change that 15:54
Viking-Ice can the calender app be hooked up to various mail clients and google calender etc or is this just completely standalone app? 15:54
Viking-Ice ( which makes it totally useless ) 15:54
adamw Viking-Ice: it can export ICS at least, which you can import into anything else 15:54
adamw i don't know if it has caldav support 15:55
Martix adamw: just a note, I don't see any devels on Anaconda Test Day, only QA 15:55
Viking-Ice maybe we would be better of just to use google calender instead 15:55
nirik yes, you can hook it up to anything that uses ical... google calendar can just fine. 15:55
Viking-Ice which hooks up to tablets and phones 15:55
adamw Martix: yeah, i'll try and get bcl to come along 15:55
Martix I think mkolman would volunteer 15:56
adamw Martix: or, yeah, if there's gonna be a lot of testing in brno, someone from brno 15:56
Martix mkolman: feel free to write yourself as developer on this page: 15:56
adamw Viking-Ice: and of course Skynet :) 15:56
adamw nirik: do we have a QA fedocal yet? tflink was working on it with you, right 15:57
nirik adamw: yes, as he noted above it's there now. ;) 15:57
nirik you can also subscribe to all calendars 15:57
adamw goddamnit, i'm not drunk enough yet. 15:57
adamw #info QA has a calendar in the fedocal system at 15:58
adamw are we planning to migrate the schedule stuff to fedocal? F20? F21? 15:58
adamw jreznik: ^^^ 15:58
Viking-Ice so what's up with version 20 being offered in bugzilla when we have not even branched yet? 16:00
adamw yeah, I dunno about that 16:00
jreznik adamw: it's uploaded there 16:00
adamw might be fallout from the 4.4 migration 16:00
jreznik adamw: in fedocal - not ideal right now, I have to take a loko 16:00
adamw oop, we're over time 16:01
adamw we're doing blocker review in #fedora-blocker-review next, though I forgot to announce it (sorry) 16:01
* nirik noticed the 20 as well, I didn't add it, perhaps we should remove it? 16:01
adamw nirik: probably 16:01
brunowolff I think that happened before the migration (at least the downtime), as I noticed that about 2 days ago. 16:02
jreznik nirik: yes please 16:02
adamw #action nirik to remove F20 from bugzilla for now 16:02
Viking-Ice wont removing it affect bugs if assigned to that? 16:03
adamw they should just get moved to rawhide, that shouldn't be hard 16:03
jreznik yep, rawhide and I have a script if it will be needed (not sure it still works with a new bz) 16:04
adamw i guess you'll find out :) 16:05
adamw ok, let's all head over to #fedora-blocker-review for some blocker review 16:05
adamw thanks for coming, folks 16:05
* nirik looks to see if there's actually any in it yet. 16:06
adamw #endmeeting 16:07

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