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  • kparal (35)
  • pschindl (13)
  • pwhalen (10)
  • spstarr (9)
  • zodbot (9)
  • ignatenkobrain (8)
  • rcheleguini (6)
  • drago01 (4)
  • Southern_Gentlem (3)
  • jskladan (1)


  • Followup from previous meeting
  • Fedora 20 Planning/Status
  • Open floor

Followup from previous meeting

  • Roshi to get out test day schedule soon - announcement went out, still more work to do
  • handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located - status unknown, re-listed for follow-up next week

Fedora 20 Planning/Status

  • Alpha freeze was scheduled for the following day, 09-03
  • Installation matrices looked OK, considering current issues with Alpha TC2:
    • x32 images were DOA
    • Several proposed/accepted blockers remained which were causing significant installation issues: #1002806, #1000927, #1002055

ARM status

  • trimslice issue with glibc was fixed, but networking was not working at time of meeting
  • Pandaboard did not boot at all
  • ARM qemu was working well
  • highbank appeared to be working for installs: interactive, autopart, lvm
  • beaglebone black was actively being worked on as a priority over the pandaboard

Open floor


Action items

  • handsome_pirate to co-ordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located
  • kparal or pschindl to pester brno anaconda folks about #1000927
  • tflink to poke roshi about handling test day tickets


tflink #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Sep 2 15:00:43 2013 UTC. The chair is tflink. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
tflink #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
tflink #topic Roll Call 15:00
tflink #chair kparal pschindl 15:00
zodbot Current chairs: kparal pschindl tflink 15:00
ignatenkobrain .fasinfo ignatenkobrain 15:01
zodbot ignatenkobrain: User: ignatenkobrain, Name: Igor Gnatenko, email:, Creation: 2013-04-12, IRC Nick: ignatenkobrain, Timezone: Europe/Moscow, Locale: en, GPG key ID: 21B0C5E9, Status: active 15:01
zodbot ignatenkobrain: Unapproved Groups: ambassadors 15:01
zodbot ignatenkobrain: Approved Groups: fedorabugs packager cla_done cla_fpca 15:01
ignatenkobrain hi all! 15:01
* pschindl is here 15:01
tflink ignatenkobrain, pschindl: welcome, welcome 15:02
pschindl tflink: good morning 15:03
spstarr hullo 15:03
ignatenkobrain tflink: you too ;) 15:03
tflink still missing a few folks 15:04
* jskladan checks in 15:04
* kparal arrives late 15:05
kparal pschindl: thanks 15:06
tflink alrighty, lets get started 15:06
tflink #topic Previous Meeting Followup 15:07
tflink #info Roshi to get out test day schedule soon 15:07
tflink I do believe that he started on this 15:07
tflink but there are several test day tickets which need to be addressed 15:08
tflink #info announcement has gone out, still more work to do 15:08
tflink #info handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located 15:09
tflink does anyone know more about the status on this? 15:09
* tflink has no idea if this was done or not, does not see mr. pirate online ATM 15:10
tflink #undo 15:10
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x27439b50> 15:10
tflink #info handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located - UNKNOWN status 15:10
tflink #action handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located 15:11
tflink anything else from last week that I missed? 15:11
* tflink assumes not 15:12
tflink moving on 15:12
tflink #topic Fedora 20 Alpha Status/Planning 15:12
tflink #link 15:13
tflink #link 15:13
tflink the installation matrices look OK to me for coverage 15:14
kparal 32b images are dead atm 15:14
tflink still missing quite a few results but I suspect that they've been covered otherwise 15:14
ignatenkobrain .bug 1000889 15:14
zodbot ignatenkobrain: Bug 1000889 AttributeError: 'DeviceFormat' object has no attribute 'mount' - 15:14
ignatenkobrain I can't boot netinst 15:14
ignatenkobrain on x86_64 15:14
kparal ignatenkobrain: already accepted as blocker 15:15
kparal we know about it 15:15
ignatenkobrain kparal: ack 15:15
tflink #info installation matrices look OK, considering current issues with F20 alpha TC2 15:15
tflink in retrospect, should have done F20 issues first 15:16
tflink messy minutes FTW! 15:16
tflink #topic F20 Issues 15:16
tflink #info x32 images are DOA 15:17
spstarr happy holiday Monday ;) 15:17
tflink #info several proposed/accepted blockers remain which are causing significant installation issues 15:18
tflink #link 15:18
spstarr do we have the runlevel is unknown as a blocker bug posted? 15:18
tflink spstarr: not that I'm aware of, no 15:18
spstarr i would propose that as a blocker let me get bug # 15:19
spstarr cannot start X with graphical environment (KDE or GNOME) with no runlevel 15:19
tflink it looks like the biggest issues ATM are: 1000927 and 1003230 15:19
tflink note the _biggest_ part of that - not trying to say that the other bugs aren't issues 15:20
kparal and 1002055 15:20
spstarr 15:20
spstarr note i hit this with PXE/ boot.iso 15:21
tflink from a quick scan, it doesn't look like there's been much movement on any of these 15:21
tflink 32bit sounds like a huge mess, in general 15:21
tflink and we freeze tomorrow! 15:21
kparal spstarr: let's discuss this one outside of the meeting. but you really need to add how-to-reproduce description 15:21
tflink fun times 15:21
spstarr kparal: i will append to bug we can discuss in other channel 15:22
spstarr yes 15:22
kparal spstarr: and logs 15:22
tflink is anyone actively poking devs for a fix on any of the bugs we've listed above? 15:22
kparal the gnome-shell bug seems to be worked on 15:22
kparal there's no development in 1000927 15:23
kparal we should raise this in #anaconda 15:23
kparal hmm, neither in 1000889 15:23
tflink not sure we'll get much out of them today - most of them are US based or probably have gone home 15:24
kparal right 15:25
tflink sounds like we have a todo list for tomorrow, then 15:25
pschindl Most of anaconda team has vacation these days 15:25
kparal I or pschindl can ask vpodzime to debug 1000927 tomorrow 15:25
pschindl kparal: ok 15:26
tflink #action kparal or pschindl to pester brno anaconda folks about 1000927 15:26
kparal roger 15:26
kparal I'll pester pschindl who will forward it to Vratislav 15:27
pschindl I'll be happy to do that :) 15:27
* tflink can pester devs about #1000889 tomorrow 15:27
pschindl kparal: maybe I'll ask some of our intern to do that :) 15:27
tflink wow, the levels of delegation we have :-D 15:27
pschindl tflink: hopefully they will be online, I heard something about longer vacation, but maybe it was only about Monday 15:28
kparal the more levels the more efficiency, I heard... 15:28
tflink someone is off for the next week, clumens, I think? 15:28
tflink i hope it isn't all of them 15:28
pschindl 1002055 should be fixed in 3.9.91 which should come in Wednesday 15:29
tflink #info 1002055 will hopfully be fixed by mutter-3.9.91 which should come on wednesday 15:29
* tflink wonders how much more of the gnome stack will come with it, but that is a different question 15:30
tflink any other huge issues that need driving/annoyance-phasers? 15:30
kparal pschindl: no it won't 15:31
ignatenkobrain not from me 15:31
tflink the rest will come up tomorrow or at the blocker meeting on wednesday, I suppose 15:31
kparal pschindl: read comment 23 15:32
pschindl kparal: "drago01: pschindl: should be in 3.9.91 which should be released soon (today or tomorrow)" that's what I just read on #fedora-desktop 15:32
kparal pschindl: ah, great news then 15:32
drago01 kparal: fwiw here is the upstream commit 15:33
tflink sweet 15:34
tflink drago01: i assume that means that there will be no build to test until that's released? 15:34
drago01 tflink: that's an obvious fix imo but I can get you a scratch build if you want that 15:35
pschindl only issue is 3.9.91 build of Gnome. I'm not sure, if it could go to compose after freeze. But I assume that if we have this blocker ... 15:35
tflink yeah, I was wondering that as well 15:35
drago01 tflink: but florian might gets the release done today we could just get 3.9.91 15:35
tflink not sure we want to pull in an entire gnome release as a blocker 15:35
pschindl tflink: it should come the day after tomorrow. And I think it would be great to test it as soon as possible. 15:36
kparal tflink: what could possibly go wrong? 15:36
tflink kparal: that's a scary question :) 15:36
tflink either way, it sounds like we're waiting on new builds to test that 15:37
tflink if we're lucky, it'll get done today and we'll be able to avoid the question of whether or not to pull in a new gnome release as a blocker 15:37
* tflink hasn't been following gnome all that closely, is 3.9.91 a big change? 15:38
tflink eh, we're getting off into the weeds, will discuss outside meeting 15:38
pschindl It was told to me that it should come in next few days 15:38
tflink on to the next topic 15:38
tflink #topic Fedora 20 Alpha ARM devices 15:38
drago01 tflink: .90 -> .91 is going from beta to rc 15:39
tflink I suspect that there is nobody around to answer the question of which devices actually work now 15:39
tflink IIRC, there was a possible fix for the trimslice 15:39
kparal maybe pwhalen knows? 15:39
kparal if he's here 15:39
tflink he's US based 15:39
tflink sane people don't work on holidays 15:40
tflink :) 15:40
Southern_Gentlem tflink, wanna bet 15:40
kparal Southern_Gentlem: tflink is US based as well 15:40
kparal I completely forgot 15:40
tflink hence the "sane" part 15:40
Southern_Gentlem work today to go to OLF later 15:40
Southern_Gentlem seems sane to me 15:41
tflink OLF? 15:41
kparal on friday I tested qemu emulation of arm. it's insanely slow, but it works 15:41
pwhalen tflink, trimslice issue is fixed 15:42
kparal speaking of the devil... 15:42
tflink #info trimslice issue with glibc is fixed 15:42
tflink pwhalen: what about omap? 15:42
tflink or was it specific to pandaboard? 15:42
pwhalen we'd like to not decalre any hw blockers for f20 for arm 15:43
pwhalen tflink, omap issue is still outstanding 15:43
tflink pwhalen: ok, but which platforms are actually working ATM? 15:44
tflink I don't see any non-minimal passes in the matrices for TC2 15:44
pschindl Does anyone checked if fix for #979174 works fine? 15:45
pwhalen Ive tested most of them in qemu to see if they booted etc. the trimslice glibc issue is fixed, however there is no network right now 15:45
tflink so we still don't have any common hardware that can run the images? 15:46
pwhalen panda doesnt boot at all, qemu works well, on highbank ive done a number of installs, interactive, autopart , lvm 15:46
kparal any news with beaglebone black? 15:47
pwhalen qemu works well, but no network on trimslice 15:47
tflink #info the trimslice glibc issue is fixed, however there is no network right now 15:47
tflink #info panda doesnt boot at all 15:48
pwhalen beaglebone black is actively being worked on as a priority over the pandaboard 15:48
tflink #info [arm] qemu works well 15:48
tflink #info highbank appears to be working for installs: interactive, autopart , lvm 15:49
pwhalen pandaboard is dead upstream unfortunately 15:49
tflink #info beaglebone black is actively being worked on as a priority over the pandaboard 15:49
tflink a casualty of TIs strategy change, I assume 15:49
tflink but we still have no common ARM platforms working a day before alpha freeze 15:50
tflink unless I'm missing something 15:50
pwhalen so we expect things to change shortly with hw, but dont think the kernel issues should block a release 15:50
tflink any guesses on timeframe? 15:51
tflink days/weeks/months etc.? 15:51
pwhalen kyles pretty awesome, so I say days.. but would feel more comfortable talking with him tomorrow about it 15:52
tflink ok 15:52
* tflink needs to look back on the fesco decision and see if there were any comments about working HW for PA 15:53
tflink anyhow, we're running short on time 15:53
tflink #topic Fedora 20 Alpha Testing 15:53
tflink I don't think there's much to say here 15:53
tflink more testing to do, annoyance-phasers to hand out 15:53
tflink #info Fedora 20 Alpha Freeze is Tomorrow 2013-09-03 15:54
tflink so bodhi will be turned on tomorrow 15:54
tflink the usual rush for blocker/FE status will follow shortly, I assume 15:54
kparal yay 15:55
tflink anything that should be called out which hasn't already? 15:55
tflink hasn't already been mentioned, rather 15:55
* kparal hasn't received his phaser yet 15:55
tflink #action tflink to poke roshi about handling test day tickets 15:55
tflink kparal: we'll have to fix that soon :) 15:56
tflink then it's time for ... 15:56
tflink #topic Open Floor 15:56
tflink Anything else that should be brought up? 15:56
kparal bacon 15:56
kparal umm, sorry 15:56
* tflink will never understand the obsession some people have with bacon 15:57
tflink If there's nothing else ... 15:57
* kparal is looking forward to his supper 15:57
rcheleguini hey all, I'm Raul, would like to start help fedora with QA 15:57
tflink rcheleguini: welcome! is there anything in particular that you'd like to work on? 15:58
kparal rcheleguini: that's great, welcome! 15:58
rcheleguini kparal, tflink thanks! 15:58
* tflink notes that we have ~ 2 minutes left 15:58
rcheleguini tflink, yes, since I don't have background with QA, I will need some help :) 15:58
kparal rcheleguini: let's continue this in #fedora-qa outside of the meeting 15:59
tflink yep, my thoughts exactly 15:59
rcheleguini I've signed the lists and I'm following the channels here in freenode 15:59
rcheleguini sounds good 15:59
rcheleguini thanks! 15:59
* tflink sets a short patent-pending nondeterministic QA fuse 15:59
tflink Thanks for coming everyone! 15:59
tflink Keep up the good work! 15:59
tflink #endmeeting 16:00

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