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  • tflink (111)
  • Viking-Ice (32)
  • kparal (31)
  • pwhalen (12)
  • dgilmore (10)
  • jreznik (10)
  • satellit_e (9)
  • zodbot (6)
  • satellit (6)
  • jskladan (4)
  • pschindl (3)
  • roshi (1)


  • Followup from previous meeting
  • Fedora 20 Planning/Status
  • Open floor

Followup from previous meeting

  • tflink to pester handsome_pirate about cloud testing coordination and/or talk to cloud folks about testing and eventual location of images - tflink followed up to some degree, but the status of cloud images and testing did not seem satisfactory, further action required

Fedora 20 Planning/Status

F20 Alpha RC2 Testing Status

  • All known issues were being tracked via blocker bugs

Arm Hardware Status

  • kparal raised concerns about a lack of links to ARM-specific documentation for certain tests

Open floor

  • testcase_stats page tracks how often each validation test case has been run (and with what result), and when it was last run: re-generated every hour
  • An inconsistency was identified between requiring the images to boot from physical media at Alpha, but only requiring them to be appropriately sized at Beta: tflink would propose criteria changes

Action items

  • tflink to make sure some cloud testing is getting done
  • tflink to file blocker bug about DOA i386 AMI
  • pschindl to send out karma/testing request for not-yet-stable updates in RC2
  • tflink to propose moving 'boot from optical media' criterion from alpha to beta


tflink #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon Sep 16 15:01:25 2013 UTC. The chair is tflink. Information about MeetBot at 15:01
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tflink #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
tflink #topic Roll Call 15:01
* satellit listening 15:01
* jskladan lurks 15:01
* tflink tries to figure out what he did with the agenda 15:01
* roshi here 15:02
* kparal is a bit late again, but that shouldn't surprise you 15:02
* jreznik is here, but will have to leave in a short for an hour 15:03
tflink ah, saved it on the wrong page 15:03
tflink #link 15:03
* pschindl is here 15:04
* tflink waits another minute or so for folks to show up 15:05
tflink ok, it's been 5 minutes - anyone not here yet will miss out on all the fun 15:06
* pwhalen is here 15:06
tflink #topic previous meeting followup 15:06
tflink the only thing I'm seeing is: 15:06
tflink #info 15:06
tflink #info tflink to pester handsome_pirate about cloud testing coordination and/or talk to cloud folks about testing and eventual location of images 15:06
tflink hrm 15:06
tflink #undo 15:06
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x29dfb3d0> 15:06
tflink #undo 15:06
zodbot Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x28f4c950> 15:06
tflink #info tflink to pester handsome_pirate about cloud testing coordination and/or talk to cloud folks about testing and eventual location of images 15:07
* Viking-Ice joins in 50% 15:07
tflink I think I pestered him about it, but I can't remember the outcome 15:07
kparal well, repeat the procedure :) 15:08
tflink yeah, I just found my irc logs and am realizing that I didn't get quite all of the information 15:08
tflink but most of it :) 15:08
tflink not sure there's much else to say on this 15:09
jreznik what's missing? if you got most of it 15:09
tflink eventual location, but I think that's also been figured out 15:09
tflink theoretically, the cloud sig is helping to test the cloud images 15:09
jreznik and from email, mattdm: This still doesn't boot. (We're working on it.) - from Sep 13 15:09
tflink yeah, the i386 AMI hasn't been booting for a while 15:10
tflink like I said, theoretically 15:10
tflink location is determined by releng, I think - new Images dir 15:11
tflink testing ... need to ping rbergeron about possibly getting people access to a fedora amazon account 15:11
tflink but that's something to deal with outside the QA meeting 15:12
tflink #action tflink to make sure some cloud testing is getting done 15:13
tflink anything else here" 15:13
tflink ? 15:13
jreznik and also how to track i386 ami better 15:13
Viking-Ice well is that not best handled by the cloud sig 15:14
tflink Viking-Ice: if they were actually doing the testing, sure 15:14
tflink jreznik: not sure I understand? 15:14
tflink i386 ami was just never tested 15:15
Viking-Ice tflink, they are the ones that should be doing the testing 15:15
Viking-Ice we should just help them prepare for it 15:15
tflink ok, moving on 15:15
jreznik tflink: I mean, we know it does not work, it's potential blocker, you did not know where/how to report it and it's not on the blocker bugs list (so could be easily missed, hard to get udpates...) 15:15
tflink jreznik: good point. it's still not blocking release 15:16
tflink #action tflink to file blocker bug about DOA i386 AMI 15:16
tflink Viking-Ice: I'm not disagreeing with you but the other option is DOA cloud images 15:17
tflink #topic F20 Alpha RC2 Testing Status 15:17
jreznik tflink: yep and you know how I hate last minute surprises when someone brings it up :) 15:17
tflink jreznik: meh, it adds excitement. what good would a boring, predictable release be :-D 15:18
jreznik :D 15:18
Viking-Ice but back to topic where are we at with regards to the alpha blocker bugs and testing 15:18
tflink any huge issues from RC2 testing thus far? 15:18
tflink other than the current blocker issues 15:18
satellit I am having a problem using anaconda liveinst to install to an external USB HD.... 15:19
tflink hopefully, we'll have a new anaconda build today for #1007387 15:19
kparal I reported just a few cosmetic issues, I haven't seen any other big issue 15:19
Viking-Ice what about 1006113 15:19
jreznik btw. for current blocking issues - anaconda guys did some mess in the list by cloning blocker bugs - fedora stuff should be cleaned from that bugs 15:20
kparal tflink: will we get RC3 once that happens? 15:20
tflink Viking-Ice: it needs to be closed 15:20
Viking-Ice ah yes 15:20
tflink I forgot to secretarialize after go/no-no 15:20
tflink kparal: yep 15:20
tflink jreznik: i thought that got cleaned up post-clone 15:20
Viking-Ice what's our karma status on the bugs and their fixes 15:20
tflink there are a few builds missing karma for stable 15:21
jreznik tflink: seems like it wasn't 15:21
tflink pschindl: were you planning to do a F20 alpha karma request? 15:22
tflink I see several updates that should be stable once they get enough karma 15:22
pschindl I was. But haven't done it yet. 15:22
Viking-Ice pschindl, lure in karma via badges "Earn your badges test and provide karma" yata yata 15:23
tflink #action pschindl to send out karma/testing request for not-yet-stable updates in RC2 15:23
Viking-Ice hm we actually should be monitoring if karma brings in more people 15:23
Viking-Ice mean badges 15:23
pschindl Viking-Ice: thanks for the idea for the mail :) 15:24
* tflink wonders if it would be worth requesting/making badges for providing karma on blockers 15:24
kparal tflink: would be hard to query for and maintain 15:24
Viking-Ice tflink, dont think so 15:24
tflink yeah, something for another day at least 15:25
Viking-Ice have filed for a zombie badges for testing in the test matrix 15:25
tflink ok, anything else on testing status? 15:25
tflink #topic ARM Status 15:26
pwhalen tflink, arm bugs look resolved, testing the new anaconda today which should clear up our initial-setup blocker 15:26
satellit soas will start if lightdm is added to .ks and -gdm is included in it 15:26
tflink it looks like things are working better than they were 15:26
tflink satellit: bug filed? 15:26
pwhalen vexpress not booting was resolved with an update to qemu 15:26
satellit pbrobinson is aware but away atm 15:27
tflink satellit: is there a bug filed? 15:27
tflink if there's no bug, it's not supposed to change 15:27
Viking-Ice no bug no fix ;) 15:27
satellit no I will do so 15:27
tflink cool, thanks 15:27
tflink I'm hoping RC3 will be the last for f20 alpha, so I'd suggest doing it soon 15:28
satellit I did a test remix with this fix here: 15:28
tflink pwhalen: sounds like arm is in good shape for f20 alpha, though? 15:28
kparal I'm not sure why there are white fields in the general tests in installation matrix for ARM, when the only test case available speaks about dd-ing images to a SD card 15:28
pwhalen tflink, I'll confirm anaconda, but yes it is. The fix was very small for our setup issue 15:28
pwhalen 15:29
tflink kparal: not sure I understand your question 15:29
pwhalen looks like someone left karma but didnt test the right version, can that be removed or we just need to get additional karma 15:29
tflink the lack of arm-specific stuff in the test cases? 15:29
kparal tflink: how do you run anaconda on ARM? I don't see any test case covering that 15:29
tflink yeah, not sure on that one myself 15:30
kparal I simply don't see any instructions 15:30
tflink i didn't think anaconda actually ran on arm 15:30
tflink outside of initial-setup 15:30
pwhalen kparal, pxe boot on highbank 15:30
kparal pwhalen: does it work with qemu as well? 15:30
pwhalen kparal, not that I'm aware of 15:31
kparal hmm, ok. maybe we should provide this info somehow in the matrix 15:31
kparal I saw empty cells for ARM, but I didn't know how to fill them 15:32
tflink they look mostly filled for RC2 15:32
kparal as long as pwhalen takes care of it, I don't mind... :) 15:32
pwhalen kparal, which. I think i missed - QA:Testcase_Kickstart_Nfs_Server_Path_Ks_Cfg , but all else should be done 15:33
kparal pwhalen: for example has ARM field enabled 15:33
kparal but I guess we can't put ARM-specific instructions into every test case 15:33
kparal we need to have a general guide at the top of the matrix or something like that 15:34
* jreznik has to leave now for a short, will read the log 15:34
tflink but some more links to ARM info might be useful? 15:34
kparal definitely, but I wouldn't duplicate it into every test case 15:34
pwhalen kparal, I dont see any adjustments needed, boot the installer by any means 15:34
kparal something like "ARM testing" info box at the top of the page, perhaps? 15:35
tflink #info concerns about a lack of links to arm documentation were raised 15:35
pwhalen tflink, lack of links to arm documentation? that testcase seems pretty straightforward 15:35
kparal pwhalen: well, simple people like me don't realize that it means pxeboot (as the only method) :) I was looking for some real installation images, and they are not there, of course 15:36
tflink kparal: can you think of a better way to phrase the #info above? 15:37
tflink #chair kparal 15:37
zodbot Current chairs: kparal tflink 15:37
tflink pwhalen: I've not run through it before, to be honest 15:38
kparal #info People with no or little experience with ARM might wonder where ARM installation images are. We might consider adding a brief info to the installation matrix wiki page. 15:38
tflink ok, anything else here? 15:39
* tflink assumes not 15:40
tflink #info from earlier discussion, there are no currently known major issues with F20 alpha 15:40
tflink which brings us to ... 15:40
tflink #topic Open Floor 15:40
tflink I have one thing for open floor if nobody else has anything? 15:40
kparal I think we should mention that thanks to jskladan we have a simple way of seeing which test cases haven't been tested for a long time 15:41
kparal 15:41
kparal it's regenerated every hour or so 15:41
* jskladan blushes 15:41
satellit_e 15:41
satellit_e not sure how to mark it for FE 15:41
tflink #link 15:42
tflink satellit: mark it as blocking 980650 15:42
satellit_e ok 15:42
Viking-Ice +1 FE 15:42
tflink #info test case run statistics are regenerated ~ every hour and available at the url above 15:43
Viking-Ice should not be any problem to the release blocking desktop adding those missing requirements to the soas ks file 15:43
tflink jskladan: I thought you were supposed to change those dns entries 15:43
tflink they were going to be changed, rather 15:44
tflink Viking-Ice: sure, but we still need to go through the motions 15:44
jskladan tflink: I'm not sure what do you mean right now, to be honest 15:44
jskladan to be honest, I just spawned the regular cronjob there, since it's easily accessible public machine :) 15:45
tflink jskladan: we can talk after the meeting, not sure what the resolution was 15:45
Viking-Ice tflink, those here can just vote on the bug now 15:45
Viking-Ice mean the fix for this should relatively straight forward and actually faster then us voting on it 15:46
pwhalen +1 FE 15:46
tflink satellit: you add AcceptedFreezeException after it's accepted, not at proposal time :) 15:46
tflink +1 FE 15:47
satellit_e oops sorry 15:47
tflink #info 980650 accepted as FE for F20 alpha, +3 votes in meeting 15:47
tflink ok 15:48
* satellit_e wish there was a dropdown with 980650 in bugzilla..... 15:48
satellit_e thanks 15:48
tflink satellit_e: you'll be able to propose through the blocker tracking app again once I get it updated after the meeting 15:48
tflink the other thing I wanted to bring up was optical media 15:49
tflink size limits are not blocker issues for alpha, but booting from optical media is 15:49
Viking-Ice yeah we should remove it 15:50
tflink how do we want to handle the fact that the DVD.iso won't fit on a DVD? 15:50
kparal Viking-Ice: remove what? 15:50
tflink Viking-Ice: not going to happen 15:50
kparal "Release-blocking live and dedicated installer images must boot when written to optical media of an appropriate size (if applicable) and when written to a USB stick with at least one of the officially supported methods." 15:50
Viking-Ice kparal, tflink why not 15:51
Viking-Ice with the exception of the releng DVD the SIG's themselfs control the target size 15:51
tflink Viking-Ice: people still use it 15:51
* satellit_e not possible to split DVD to #1 and #2 with command to switch to #2 in boot? 15:51
tflink but we're talking about the DVD, not the spins 15:51
kparal so if I wanted to be super sneaky, if you can't write the image to a medium, it doesn't violate the criterion 15:51
tflink kparal: yeah, I was thinking something similar but figured it was worth discussion 15:52
Viking-Ice tflink, people still have floppy drives and your point being 15:52
kparal on the other hand, I could say that the ability to write it is a pre-requisite to testing this criterion and therefore it is a test blocker 15:52
dgilmore tflink: we have to make it smaller 15:52
tflink Viking-Ice: still have and still use are not the same thing 15:52
Viking-Ice tflink, I'm pretty sure they try to use it once in a full moon ;) 15:52
Viking-Ice we should really just stop shipping the dvd 15:52
kparal we don't have the concept of TestBlocker in Fedora QA yet, but I think we should have it 15:52
dgilmore Viking-Ice: thats a discussion for another day 15:53
tflink kparal: i was thinking that booting from optical media could be moved to beta blocker, with the size limits 15:53
dgilmore for today we will need to remove things to mak ethe dvd small enough to fit 15:53
dgilmore tflink: always a option also 15:53
Viking-Ice dgilmore, we should not be hitting sizing issue every god dam release cycle 15:53
tflink or we move size limitations to alpha, but it's a little late to be mucking around with that 15:53
kparal tflink: I'm in favor of that. but they should continue to boot in VM from .iso 15:53
tflink yeah, I'm also OK with USB and iso in VM for alpha 15:53
satellit_e and dd USB 15:54
dgilmore Viking-Ice: blame the developers and packagers :) 15:54
kparal tflink: size limits are Beta or Final? 15:54
tflink #action tflink to propose moving 'boot from optical media' criterion from alpha to beta 15:54
dgilmore kparal: Beta 15:54
tflink beta 15:54
Viking-Ice dgilmore, is it not the comps crew that's to blame here ;) 15:54
kparal tflink: sounds good 15:54
Viking-Ice tflink, just put an either or clause in the criteria 15:54
dgilmore Viking-Ice: the comps maintainers are the packagers 15:55
tflink Viking-Ice: either or? 15:55
Viking-Ice dvd or usb 15:55
dgilmore Viking-Ice: and I really dont think its comps to blame. but i could be wrong. software seems to be constantly growing deps 15:55
tflink or just move the dvd criterion to beta 15:55
Viking-Ice we can add a hard beta criteria but it's fine to have the criteria for alpha 15:55
Viking-Ice ( it's going to be even worse hitting size-ing issues in beta ) 15:56
tflink what is the point of having an optical media criterion for alpha if we have no size criterion? 15:56
kparal I wouldn't split optical criteria between Alpha and Beta just because of DVD. it adds complexity 15:56
dgilmore tflink: none 15:56
* satellit_e 2 DVD w/ different Desktops ? 15:56
dgilmore lets move optical media to Beta with size 15:56
tflink but we're running short on time, if there's nothing else, I propose we move conversation to #fedora-qa and/or test@ 15:56
Viking-Ice yeah sure 15:56
Viking-Ice tflink, just move it 15:57
tflink if there's nothing else ... 15:57
* tflink sets the fuse for (0,2] minutes 15:58
tflink Thanks for coming, everyone! 15:58
tflink #endmeeting 15:58

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