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  • adamw (89)
  • roshi (24)
  • kparal (16)
  • cmurf (15)
  • jreznik (10)
  • satellit (9)
  • nirik (7)
  • handsome_pirate (6)
  • pwhalen (3)
  • zodbot (3)
  • sgallagh (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 20 Beta status
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • roshi will update the Test Day SOP as agreed (encourage use of webapp for tracking test day results) - this was done; some discussion of moving the results app to infrastructure

Fedora 20 Beta status

  • The blocker list still showed several unresolved blockers
  • TC5 testing was still incomplete, everyone to please help fill out the matrices
  • lorax-20.3-1.fc20 needed karma on the basis of TC5 testing

Open floor

  • adamw noted that it was Graphics Test Week and asked people to help out with testing
  • Wayland Test Day was completely unready and may need re-scheduling
  • Go/No-Go and release readiness meetings for F20 Beta would both be held on Thursday
  • nirik noted that rawhide composes had been broken recently by createrepo, should be fixed on the day

Action items

  • roshi to talk to jskladan about improving testday app result table generation so no manual work is required to prime the table
  • jskladan and nirik to discuss moving testday result app to infrastructure, probably on qa-devel list
  • adamw to put together an F20 stable push request
  • adamw to finish setting up gfx test week
  • handsome_pirate, adamw and roshi to co-ordinate with wayland and GNOME devs to arrange wayland test cases


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
adamw #topic Roll call 15:00
* roshi is here 15:00
* satellit listening 15:00
* cmurf here 15:00
* mkrizek is here 15:00
* jreznik is here, not sure he will be available for the whole meeting - needs to pickup prescription in the ambulance 15:00
* kparal here 15:01
* handsome_pirate perches in the Crows Nest 15:01
adamw jreznik: yikes, sounds worrisome 15:01
handsome_pirate jreznik: What's up? 15:01
* pschindl is here 15:01
roshi that's not a normal place to pick up a rx 15:01
* handsome_pirate tosses a couple crows eggs at roshi 15:02
cmurf roshi: sounds convenient though 15:02
roshi lol 15:02
jreznik adamw, handsome_pirate: just running out of my medicine - chronic hypertension :) 15:03
adamw ah, not an emergency then...whew 15:05
adamw #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:05
adamw just one thing here: 15:05
adamw "roshi will update the Test Day SOP as agreed (encourage use of webapp for tracking test day results)" 15:05
adamw roshi, has that been done? 15:05
roshi 15:05
roshi yep, edits welcome 15:05
* pwhalen is here 15:06
roshi but I suppose the "edits welcome" part goes without saying... 15:06
adamw =) 15:08
adamw thanks! 15:08
roshi good enough then? 15:09
adamw #info "roshi will update the Test Day SOP as agreed (encourage use of webapp for tracking test day results)" - this was done, see 15:09
adamw roshi: i don't think it's necessary to create the matrix before the event any more, in fact it might just be confusing 15:09
adamw i would've just said to create the metadata before the event, make sure the test day page explains where to go for the list of tests and to submit results, and copy the results in later 15:10
adamw but that's just me... 15:10
roshi yeah - but when you export the results it doesn't include the test names themselves 15:10
roshi it just formats the results with the user that did them 15:10
adamw ah, interesting 15:11
adamw so you'd still need to create the matrix to copy the results into 15:11
roshi yeah 15:11
adamw still, not sure it needs to exist before the event happens... 15:11
adamw maybe we should ask jskladan to tweak that if possible? probably make it easier 15:11
* roshi shrugs 15:11
roshi before of after doesn't matter to me 15:12
roshi I can ask jskaladan about the tweak 15:12
roshi if the app pushed those out, then there'd be no need to think before/after for the matrix 15:12
adamw right, exactly 15:13
adamw just a simple copy/paste from the app into the page would be nice 15:13
roshi yeah 15:13
roshi where does the source live for the app? out of curiousity 15:13
adamw #action roshi to talk to jskladan about improving testday app result table generation so no manual work is required to prime the table 15:13
adamw roshi: i don't actually know; i've filed a ticket related to that 15:14
adamw does anyone know? 15:14
adamw 15:15
roshi it's flask-based, iirc right? 15:15
kparal adamw: I guess 15:16
* adamw doesn't recall, sounds right 15:16
adamw kparal: that looks like it 15:16
kparal hmm, that's outdated repo probably 15:16
kparal I guess Josef moved it somewhere else 15:16
nirik do you folks want to keep just running that in the cloud? or ? 15:16
adamw might be nice to move it to infra i guess 15:17
nirik yeah. 15:17
* nirik is happy to help with that process. 15:17
kparal best to start the discussion in qa-devel with jskladan in CC 15:18
adamw kparal: is it OK if I action jskladan in his absence? 15:18
adamw i could action nirik i guess 15:18
kparal adamw: feel free to do so :) 15:18
adamw #action jskladan and nirik to discuss moving testday result app to infrastructure, probably on qa-devel list 15:19
* nirik nods. I am already subscribed there. 15:19
adamw coolbeans 15:19
adamw anything else for follow-up? 15:19
adamw alrighty then 15:20
adamw #topic Fedora 20 Beta status 15:20
kparal we still have quite a few unresolved blockers 15:21
adamw so, we're not looking super awesome 15:21
adamw indeed 15:21
kparal mainly anaconda 15:21
jreznik yep :( 15:21
adamw #info still shows several unresolved blockers 15:21
kparal mainly filesystems 15:21
adamw i sent a blocker status mail to test/devel last week, ccing all involved developers, so everyone should be aware 15:22
adamw not sure there's much more we can do from our side except make sure we have covered all testing bases 15:22
adamw #action adamw to put together an F20 stable push request 15:22
adamw (that needs doing) 15:22
adamw oh, we should probably have done a blocker review meeting after qa meeting :( sorry for not announcing one 15:22
jreznik kparal: yep, that leads to one developer... 15:23
* handsome_pirate stumbles in for a couple minutes 15:23
adamw do people want to do that? 15:23
adamw ahoy pirate 15:23
handsome_pirate Alas, I won't make the post meeting meeting 15:23
kparal adamw: I'm OK with that 15:23
jreznik adamw: if there's nothing else for qa meeting, let's do it now 15:23
* handsome_pirate is busy getting paid 15:24
cmurf adamw: crank it out 15:24
* roshi will be here 15:24
kparal jreznik: there are some more topics I guess, like Test Days 15:24
jreznik kparal: ok, so I'll follow it from phone 15:24
* sgallagh can represent FESCo at a blocker meeting if needed 15:25
adamw jreznik: we decided to stop doing blocker review inside qa meetings, it's not a great process 15:25
adamw #agreed we'll run a quick blocker review meeting in #fedora-blocker-review at the top of the hour 15:25
adamw OK 15:26
adamw how does test coverage look? 15:26
adamw looks like we need more USB and cloud testing 15:26
adamw any cloud-y folks around? 15:26
adamw #info TC5 testing still has gaps, please everyone work to fill out the matrices and make sure our coverage is complete 15:27
* nirik could try and toss a tc5 into the infra cloud. 15:27
jreznik ok 15:27
adamw i see missing usb, cloud, dvd install, repository and disk target tests 15:27
pwhalen adamw, will be filling in the missing portions for arm today 15:28
adamw awesome, thanks 15:28
* jreznik knows it's separate process just wanted to speed it up a bit :) 15:28
kparal most of the USB test cases were tried with TC2 15:28
cmurf adamw: a lot of those were done with tc4 or tc3 so they're not totally untested, just not tested with current TC 15:28
satellit did DVD as USB test 15:28
kparal that's not that far ago 15:28
adamw pwhalen: if you could be around for the blocker meeting it'd help, as there's an arm issue there we'll likely need info on 15:28
satellit dd 15:28
adamw cmurf: indeed, but best to be up to date, esp. as we have seen some breakage in partitioning stuff between TCs already 15:28
* roshi can do some USB testing 15:28
pwhalen adamw, for sure 15:28
satellit cannot do DVD to hrd metal from disk no dual layer here 15:29
cmurf adamw: understood 15:29
adamw satellit: yeah, we're kinda stuck on that test for now :/ 15:29
cmurf i don't recall seeing a fully complete matrix for actual CD/DVD media testing 15:29
satellit dd USB to hard metal works though 15:29
adamw cmurf: we can't do DVD physical media testing really until it's undersize 15:30
adamw unless someone goes and buys a dual layer disc :P 15:30
roshi +1 satellit, this box is dd usb to hard metal 15:30
cmurf ohduhoknevermind 15:30
cmurf i can vouch for livecd-tools and dd to usb sticks for live, dvd, and netinst on Mac EFI 15:31
cmurf so that's three of the USB stick entries in the matrix 15:32
cmurf with TC5 15:32
satellit virtualbox here cannot see network even though says it is connected for netinstall DVD and live...may be f20 3.10.1 15:32
satellit boxes is OK 15:33
adamw vbox isn't supported 15:33
adamw :P 15:33
* cmurf updates matrix 15:33
satellit worked in earlier TC's though 15:33
adamw OK, sounds like we know where we are 15:35
adamw anything else on f20 status? 15:35
adamw oh 15:35
adamw can people +1 ? 15:35
adamw it was used for TC5, so as long as that compose didn't explode (which it didn't), we can +1 the update 15:35
adamw #info can be up-karmaed on the basis of TC5 testing 15:35
adamw #topic Open floor 15:37
adamw so I have something for this which I forgot to put on the agenda... 15:37
jreznik just two reminders - readiness and go/no-go meetings are held this week 15:37
adamw #info this week is Graphics Test Week - please help out with prepping the test days and contributing results 15:37
cmurf wow the whole week 15:37
adamw #action adamw to finish setting up gfx test week 15:38
adamw cmurf: yeah, and we' 15:38
adamw we're CLEARLY HIGHLY PREPARED :P 15:38
roshi adamw: I can help you out with that 15:38
adamw thanks 15:38
kparal I'm a bit concerned about the wayland test day. still no wiki page and no test cases. the gfx test cases can be copied from the last time, but not wayland 15:38
adamw #roshi to help adamw with setting up gfx test week 15:38
kparal handsome_pirate: what's the wayland test day status? 15:38
adamw kparal: yeah, we need to sort that out, but the copy/paste monkey-work comes first 15:38
adamw worst comes to worst, we can re-schedule wayland 15:38
adamw #info wayland test day is currently completely un-prepared, may need to be re-scheduled 15:38
satellit note I did a rpm test of power for karma and now screen does not blank after 1 min etc stays on not important though 15:38
roshi I pinged handsome_pirate on Friday about wayland test day 15:39
roshi he's aware at least 15:39
kparal the developers need to be aware and need to provide test cases :) 15:39
cmurf karpal exactly what i was going to ask, if he's getting the necessary input 15:40
roshi so we should ping the wayland devs for test cases? 15:40
adamw yeah, we should 15:40
cmurf and gnome 15:40
cmurf and kde 15:41
adamw #action handsome_pirate, adamw and roshi to co-ordinate with wayland and GNOME devs to arrange wayland test cases 15:41
adamw #info Go/No-Go and release readiness meetings for F20 Beta will both be held this Thursday 15:43
adamw anything else for open floor, folks? 15:46
nirik if anyone cares, rawhide composes were broken by createrepo 15:46
nirik hopefully we have a fix today. 15:46
adamw #info rawhide composes have been broken recently by createrepo, should be fixed today 15:47
adamw welp, looks like we can finish early for a change, only to leap straight into a blocker review meeting :) 15:49
* adamw sets the Quantum Fuse 15:49
* jreznik has to go, will try to follow blocker meeting on the phone 15:50
adamw thanks for coming, folks 15:51
adamw blocker review in 9 minutes 15:51
adamw over in #fedora-blocker-review 15:51
adamw #endmeeting 15:51

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