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  • jreznik_ (26)
  • Viking-Ice (19)
  • jreznik (14)
  • pjones (7)
  • zodbot (5)
  • kparal (5)
  • mkolman (4)
  • pwhalen (4)
  • roshi (3)
  • tflink (2)
  • nirik (1)
  • brunowolff (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • satellit (1)
  • pschindl (1)
  • viking-ice (0)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 20 Final status
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums - adamw didn't get around to this yet, put back on the list
  • adamw to make sure the desktop tests are completed for TC2 - they were covered between TC2 and TC3, many thanks to roshi, satellit and mkrizek for chipping in
  • jreznik to check in with KDE team if they're on top of the two proposed KDE blockers or if help would be appreciated - they had been working hard on them but still not with clear resolutions at time of meeting, jreznik would continue to monitor
  • cmurf to send a quick email to test-announce asking folks to test and karma critpath updates ahead of freeze tomorrow - this was done

Fedora 20 Final status

  • Test coverage for TC2+TC3 was looking fairly good, we were still missing some of the more difficult-to-test cases like SCSI, iSCSI, hardware RAID and kickstart deployment
  • Current blocker bug load was large, but work was progressing on most bugs; we still had a shot at on-time release

Open floor

Action items

  • adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Dec 2 16:00:29 2013 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
adamw ahoyhoy, folks 16:00
* tflink is present 16:01
kparal is it roll call? 16:01
kparal topic is missing 16:01
adamw #topic Roll call 16:01
* pschindl is here 16:01
* pwhalen is here 16:01
* satellit listening 16:01
* mkrizek is here 16:01
* nirik is lurking in the back 16:01
* kparal is here, but can't attend the blocker bug meeting in an hour. going to theatre. you now, culture. 16:02
* roshi is here 16:02
* jreznik is mostly here, needs three more minutes 16:02
adamw .fire kparal the only culture Fedora QA folks are allowed is 'to the suburbs' (oh snap! inside joke!) 16:02
zodbot adamw fires kparal the only culture Fedora QA folks are allowed is 'to the suburbs' (oh snap! inside joke!) 16:02
kparal fire me again for not getting that joke 16:03
adamw kparal: 16:03
adamw kparal: that's the example sound track. i know the first three seconds of it...pretty well. 16:04
tflink yeah, have heard that song a few times :) 16:04
kparal oh right, I thought we had stallman's free software song in that test case. should be replaced 16:04
adamw ! excellent plan. 16:04
adamw send a pathc 16:04
adamw also a patch 16:04
brunowolff I'm around if you need to ask about spin-kickstarts. 16:04
adamw brunowolff: thanks 16:05
adamw #topic Previous meeting follow-up 16:05
adamw brunowolff: that'll probably come up in the blocker meeting, which will be in #fedora-blocker-review, just so you know 16:05
adamw #info "adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums" - I totally didn't get around to doing this. too busy playing with tablets. my bad 16:05
adamw #action adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums 16:06
adamw #info "adamw to make sure the desktop tests are completed for TC2" - they're covered between TC2 and TC3, many thanks to roshi satellit and mkrizek for chipping in 16:07
adamw and pwhalen for arm 16:07
* Viking-Ice is here 16:08
adamw "jreznik to check in with KDE team if they're on top of the two proposed KDE blockers or if help would be appreciated" - jreznik, back yet? 16:08
adamw ahoy viking 16:08
jreznik_ adamw: I'm here! 16:10
jreznik_ the whole team works on arm one but without any success 16:10
adamw zoiks 16:10
adamw Fedora 20: ARM's A Primary Arch (As Long As You're Not Super Keen On Clicking On Things) 16:11
jreznik_ one idea is to workaround the bug by moving that offending widgets to the desktop 16:11
adamw eeexcellent, it's hack time 16:11
jreznik_ advanced panel test case would still fail in some way but at least basic usecase could be ok 16:11
jreznik_ and seems like mouse events are broken on intel too, just not such horribly 16:12
jreznik_ so plasma does something in a really bad manner 16:12
jreznik_ and it's a question how you would like this hack, making it better, not fixed with a lot of stuff still broken... 16:13
jreznik_ for the rest of kde bugs - it's more up to your testing with kdm based image, how does it look? 16:13
adamw sounds likes classic fedora to me 16:13
adamw seemed fine, I ran the whole desktop_login test case 16:14
adamw of course it'll hit TC4 and explode on impact, that's just a given 16:14
roshi yay 16:14
jreznik_ adamw: what I don't get - upstream aims on arm based tablets, they are aware of this bug for a long time and it's still there... :( 16:14
adamw jreznik: yeah, seems weird 16:15
adamw maybe they figure it's not super important. if they have some discussion of it somewhere where they reached that conclusion, it'd be useful to have the reference, so we can use it to justify our inevitable fudge 16:15
jreznik_ I can ask guys, they talked to sebas 16:16
jreznik_ it's *still* arm... but at least one desktop should be somehow usable... if not primary one 16:17
adamw yeah, maybe we should've made xfce primary after all. quick change? :P 16:17
pwhalen the desktop is still very usable, more an inconvenience. xfce works well.. it was our original blocker desktop 16:18
jreznik_ pwhalen: define "very" 16:18
adamw #info lots of firepower has been aimed at the KDE / ARM plasma systray widget bug - - without success so far. we'll keep working on it, but may need to fudge it for release 16:19
pwhalen besides the convenience of the plasma widgets, everything else seems to be okay. 16:19
jreznik_ and if we could be able to make it at least a bit better, it would be win 16:20
adamw okay, sounds like we're on top of it. 16:21
adamw "cmurf to send a quick email to test-announce asking folks to test and karma critpath updates ahead of freeze tomorrow" 16:21
adamw well, we don't have a cmurf, but i believe he did that 16:21
adamw #info "cmurf to send a quick email to test-announce asking folks to test and karma critpath updates ahead of freeze tomorrow" - this was done: 16:22
Viking-Ice pwhalen, hmm was that decided by fesco as an DE could block the ARM release 16:23
adamw Viking-Ice: we decided it at Flock, you were there 16:23
Viking-Ice I'm lucky if I can remember what happened last week 16:24
jreznik_ Viking-Ice: lucky man, I have troubles to remember what happend day before sometimes! 16:25
adamw Viking-Ice: hehe :) 16:25
adamw #topic Fedora 20 Final status 16:25
Viking-Ice since fesco has started butting into our processes ( like they are doing with the EOL process ) it's harder to keep taps of where things got decided 16:26
adamw ...where am i? who are all you people? how do I work this machine? 16:26
Viking-Ice jreznik_, that does just happen to me after serious drinking the night before 16:27
jreznik_ for other F20 bugs - I was able to get status for 16:27
Viking-Ice where you wake up in strange places wearing nothing but mankini 16:27
jreznik_ other two heisenbugs are systemd ones, especially that lvm on bios raid 16:27
adamw #info test coverage for TC2+TC3 is looking fairly good, we're still missing some of the usual suspects on the install matrix (annoying cases like SCSI, iSCSI, hardware RAID and those icky kickstart deployment ones) 16:27
jreznik_ systemd guys seems to be clueless for that one 16:27
adamw jreznik_: the instantiated service one? 16:28
jreznik_ yep 16:28
Viking-Ice lvm issue most likely I would say 16:28
Viking-Ice race condition 16:28
jreznik_ Viking-Ice: it's race and they are trying to help peter but no luck so far 16:28
jreznik_ for journald - mschmidt was on PTO today but also seems like the proposed fixes are not enough :( 16:29
jreznik_ for grubby bug, pjones says it's rfe, not a blocker as it's not supported configuration 16:30
Viking-Ice grubby has plenty of bugs 16:31
pjones jreznik_: right - the bug is specifically about /boot on a subvolume, which isn't something anaconda will allow you to do. 16:31
pjones Viking-Ice: wild categorizations of grubby notwithstanding, the question is if this bug is a blocker. 16:31
jreznik_ so this is my status for currently accepted blockers I was able to collect so far 16:32
jreznik_ for the proposed, I can share it at blocker review meeting 16:33
Viking-Ice pjones, 864198 got accepted as a blocker hence it is 16:34
adamw pjones: i thought you can do it in custom partitioning, but autopart doesn't do it. 16:34
* adamw checks the bug report 16:34
jreznik_ from non bugs related side - we are getting pretty ready 16:34
Viking-Ice all docs an all workarounds documented in release notes ;) 16:35
jreznik_ Viking-Ice: well, the maintainer is always one party to decide what should be blocker and not 16:35
pjones adamw: the bug specifically states that during installation he puts /boot on ext4 16:35
adamw 16:35
adamw "This bug is still alive, and anaconda will let the user create a layout as describe in comment 7" 16:36
adamw so, the obvious alternative here if you want this to be an unsupported configuration is don't allow it in anaconda. 16:36
Viking-Ice rifht 16:36
Viking-Ice mean right 16:36
pjones I really thought that was the case - let me check with dlehman, because he's the expert on that. 16:36
adamw i can do a quick test easy enough 16:37
pjones but in any case adding this to grubby is a fairly significant effort that's not going to happen at the last minute 16:37
adamw okay 16:37
adamw so basically the plan is: check if it's really allowed in anaconda, if so, patch it out 16:37
adamw seems fine to me 16:37
pjones (unless, you know, $mystery_coder shows up with some patches) 16:37
jreznik_ seems like 16:37
Viking-Ice jreznik_, I would say more the input from developers is appreciated but the actual decision making if an bug is a blocker is not 16:38
adamw Viking-Ice: per policy it's supposed to be a shared decision between qa, devel and releng 16:38
adamw though lately it's mostly qa folks showing up to meetings 16:38
adamw #chair roshi viking-ice 16:38
zodbot Current chairs: adamw roshi viking-ice 16:38
Viking-Ice well historically speaking it has more or less been that case 16:38
adamw in the early days of meetings we did a better job at getting more people out... 16:39
adamw i think they found they couldn't stand the four hours of sheer excitement ;) 16:39
adamw eep. my 'quick test' produces an unrelated crasher bug. stand by 16:40
Viking-Ice in anycase anyone who actually shows up can have a say in a vote unless he has directly related or responsible for what is being discussed and voted upon 16:40
adamw so, , fun. back to trying to check this. 16:42
adamw pjones: yeah, custom part happily let me out with just a btrfs /boot, btrfs /, and swap. 16:43
pjones ugh. 16:44
adamw install is running now. no warnings, even. 16:44
adamw okay, we know the status anyhow. two days to fix it, plenty of time :) 16:44
Viking-Ice or we simply slip if necessary 16:45
adamw sure 16:46
adamw updated the bug 16:46
adamw so, taking a look at the current blocker list... 16:46
mkolman adamw: looks like a duplicate 16:46
mkolman adamw: checking with vpodzime now 16:46
adamw it's quite long, but some of them are bureaucracy bugs 16:46
jreznik update for plasma arm one - guys are building fix right now 16:47
adamw yay 16:47
jreznik (like a real one, not a workaround but still nasty hack) 16:47
adamw we've mostly covered the most tricky ones 16:47
* pwhalen is watching the build 16:47
adamw we probably need to point some dcbw firepower at 16:48
mkolman adamw: 1036025 yep is a dupe 16:48
adamw ok 16:49
adamw dupe it 16:49
jreznik adamw: he should know how to fix it 16:49
mkolman dshea already did :) 16:49
adamw ah, cool 16:49
jreznik jklimes added a comment there - it seems like impact *could* be limited to only particular use cases but... 16:50
adamw jreznik: i just poked dcbw about it 16:50
adamw #info current blocker bug load is large, but work is progressing on most bugs; we still have a shot at on-time release 16:50
jreznik [15:55] <jklimes> danw, dcbw: jreznik pinged me to find out what happens, so that they could decide blocker/noblocker 16:50
jreznik [15:55] <jklimes> danw: if you have a solution (in mind), go for that 16:50
jreznik [15:55] <danw> it happens for some openvpn users, but not all, and it depends on how the openvpn server is configured, so there's no workaround on the client side 16:50
jreznik [15:56] <danw> i don't think we have any clue what percentage of openvpn users is affected 16:50
jreznik [15:56] <danw> and yeah, i think we know how to fix it 16:50
adamw we can discuss the %age thing in blocker review meeting 16:51
jreznik hmm, from the last two comments it looks like it's again unsupported config 16:52
adamw as far as TC4 goes...we have enough stuff queued up to do it today, probably 16:52
adamw sound ok to everyone? 16:52
adamw i'm hoping the next build after that may be RC1 16:52
roshi works for me 16:52
jreznik ok, still systemd bugs are the hard ones, but we will see 16:53
Viking-Ice so have we somehow magically moved this meeting to a blocker bug meeting 16:54
jreznik well, topic is status :D 16:54
adamw i'm trying to follow the agenda i wrote :P 16:54
adamw we're about done with it now 16:54
adamw 5 minutes of open floor then blocker review meeting time, sound goo? 16:54
adamw or good 16:54
Viking-Ice yeah 16:54
jreznik sure, goo 16:54
adamw #topic open floor 16:58
adamw sorry, forgot...anyone have anything? 16:58
adamw alrighty 17:00
adamw blocker review meeting should be starting up in #fedora-blocker-review shortly - see you folks voer there 17:00
* adamw sets quantum fuse 17:00
adamw thanks for coming, folks! 17:00
adamw #endmeeting 17:01

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