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  • adamw (63)
  • cmurf (54)
  • kparal (17)
  • nirik (7)
  • roshi (7)
  • greenlion (6)
  • tflink (6)
  • handsome_pirate (5)
  • zodbot (4)
  • jreznik (4)
  • pwhalen (1)
  • masta (1)
  • mkrizek (1)
  • pschindl (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 20 Final status
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums - adamw still failed to get around to this, will try once more for next week

Fedora 20 Final status

  • Test coverage was looking decent, just a couple of tests remain that hadn't been run since Beta
  • Two accepted blockers were outstanding, and several proposed
  • Next compose date depends to some extent on anaconda work
  • Go/No-Go again on Thursday

Open floor

Action items

  • adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Dec 9 16:00:51 2013 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
adamw #topic Roll call 16:01
* roshi is here 16:01
adamw ahoyhoy, folks, who's on board the ship o' release validation fun? 16:01
* nirik is lurking around 16:01
* jreznik is here 16:01
* mkrizek is here 16:01
* cmurf is wearing is life vest, just in case. 16:01
cmurf ^h 16:01
* pwhalen is here 16:01
* greenlion looking in 16:02
* kparal late 16:02
cmurf have we lost the relay? 16:04
adamw hmm? 16:04
kparal has he #chaired someone else? 16:04
adamw yeesh, it's only been four minutes and you're already plotting the mutiny? 16:04
adamw #plank kparal cmurf 16:05
adamw what, meetbot, there is no "makes X walk the plank" macro? this is an UNACCEPTABLE OVERSIGHT 16:05
adamw fine, then 16:05
adamw #chair kparal cmurf 16:05
zodbot Current chairs: adamw cmurf kparal 16:05
adamw #topic Previous meeting follow-up 16:05
adamw time to rename this section 'adamw sucks corner', folks 16:05
cmurf i'm referring to the ping timouts, connection resets, host changes - people left and there was a pause 16:06
adamw #info "adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums" - still didn't get around to this one, though somehow I found time to write a completely different test case. sorry. one more try 16:06
adamw #action adamw to draft a new test case and matrix row for validating cloud image checksums 16:06
adamw anything for follow-up that i missed? 16:06
cmurf *shrug* one was obviously much more interesting than the other :-) 16:06
* pschindl is here 16:07
adamw guess not 16:08
adamw wb, tflink 16:08
tflink not sure what happened there, 16:09
tflink fun times :) 16:09
adamw #topic Fedora 20 Final status 16:09
adamw tflink: well, we used the opportunity to re-assign all release blockers to you. 16:09
tflink adamw: I thought that the idea was _not_ to slip more :-P 16:09
adamw =) 16:09
cmurf right 16:10
adamw so, we still have a couple of tests that haven't run since Beta: 16:10
jreznik that's not nice from you adamw! 16:10
adamw hehe 16:10
cmurf no more release blockers short of injuries that cause scaring 16:10
adamw i really need to do the hw raid one 16:10
adamw if people can help get and done that'd be great, yes I know they're a pita 16:10
cmurf short of a firmware bug it really oughta just work like installing to a single drive 16:10
adamw cmurf: yeah, we all know the theory ;) 16:11
cmurf right so not a big deal waiting until the last second to test it 16:11
adamw then we have a few from tc2, tc3 and tc4 to work through, but we'll probably have RC1 by then 16:11
adamw or at least tc6... 16:12
* roshi crosses his fingers for RC 16:13
adamw for RC, ignoring for now the proposed blocker list, we have and 16:13
jreznik The kde one looks like we have a hit 16:15
adamw well, not entirely 16:15
adamw just arbitrarily turning off glib2 mainloop integration for a chunk of kde startup is a pretty big change to throw in at this point 16:15
adamw and right now i think they're discovering some consequences of it in #fedora-kde... 16:16
adamw but yeah, it mostly looks like we've got a few tests to clean up while we wait on devs for an rc1 16:16
cmurf isn't it kinda late for such big changes? 16:16
adamw and folks, if you have blocker bugs in you, *please* get them out today if at all possible =) i know this is the time when we get some spare minutes to do freeform testing and spot things we missed before, but try and get it done asap 16:17
kparal can't create new bugs in bugzilla 16:17
cmurf i went through that phase for beta, i'm ready for this goose to lay its egg man 16:18
adamw cmurf: yes, but we gotta fix it _somehow_. the build was mostly meant as a debugging test rather than as the fix, but they floated the possibility of pushing it if it fixes the bug and they can't come up with a more specific fix 16:18
kparal I wanted to report some, but ... 16:18
* handsome_pirate stumbles in late 16:18
nirik kparal: I understand they are going to push a hotfix for that. not sure when tho 16:18
cmurf re: new BZ bugs, is this isolated or can no one create bugs? 16:19
nirik its the top level report a bug thing timing out... 16:20
kparal someone at #fedora-admin claimed it works for him 16:21
kparal doesn't for me 16:21
adamw oh good, looks like dlehman is on PTO today. just what we need for blocker fixing. 16:21
nirik kparal: it loads here after 1-2minutes. 16:21
adamw kparal: i thought i left specific instructions for you to be bound and gagged outside the reach of a keyboard 16:21
* adamw knows a workaround but ain't telling kparal 16:22
cmurf no kidding 16:22
* cmurf snickers 16:22
adamw if you're called kparal, look away now 16:22
* kparal gets proxy error 16:22
adamw for everyone else, you can go to then use the 'report a new bug against this package' thing 16:23
adamw (or you could just, you know, memorize the parameters to enter_bug.cgi) 16:23
handsome_pirate Yay 16:23
handsome_pirate New workflow 16:23
kparal doesn't work for me either 16:23
roshi kparal, I think adamw just turned your access off :p 16:24
cmurf doesn't work = doesn't load? 16:24
kparal probably 16:24
kparal cmurf: proxy error after several minutes 16:24
cmurf it's hanging for me atm 16:24
cmurf what are "DE tools"? 16:25
cmurf context is "Open created LUKS device using DE tools" 16:25
greenlion cmurf, dolphin in my case 16:26
cmurf is that included in live desktop? 16:26
greenlion probably works with nautilus too 16:26
greenlion yes, KDE Live 16:26
adamw okay, so is there anything else to discuss about f20 status? 16:27
cmurf kparal reproduced 1008732 with live desktop though, not live kde 16:27
cmurf adamw nothing other than the obvious 16:27
adamw oh, yes 16:27
adamw #agreed everybody panic 16:27
cmurf right 16:27
adamw =) 16:28
tflink adamw: EINSUFFICIENTCOFFEE 16:28
handsome_pirate adamw: What if I'm already panicking? 16:28
greenlion why panic? just delay release to january, or february... :) 16:28
jreznik set panic mode 16:28
adamw handsome_pirate: panic harder 16:28
cmurf i have 1tbsp of soymilk left so yes coffee panic mode is about to happen, and it's like -10C outside 16:28
handsome_pirate adamw: I'm trying! 16:28
cmurf -16C, yikes 16:29
roshi cmurf, you don't drink your coffee black? 16:29
adamw obviously he hasn't been working hard enough 16:29
cmurf nope, comes out of the press pot like syrup it needs to be cut 16:29
roshi lol 16:29
cmurf besides i drink it because i actually like coffee not because i need it 16:30
cmurf anyway! 16:30
* masta looks in 16:31
cmurf blockers? 16:31
adamw #topic open floor 16:31
adamw not that it hasn't been open floor for ten minutes... 16:31
adamw but do we have anything else? 16:31
cmurf i do not 16:32
tflink If anyone's interested in automation - comments and discussion appreciated: 16:32
roshi I'm looking for feedback on an idea if people haven't already seen it: 16:33
roshi I'll be sending an email out to test@ once I get it a bit more fleshed out 16:33
adamw #info tflink and roshi both looking for feedback on ideas: and 16:33
adamw thanks guys! 16:33
cmurf speaking of the test matrix 16:34
cmurf it seems that we get a TC and then a day later we get another anaconda 16:34
cmurf and it's like… ok we have this TCx' (that's a prime) derivative outside the matrix 16:35
cmurf and the potential for regressions this time of the process increases I think 16:35
adamw cmurf: i didn't do another build right away because it looked like we'd be able to do an rc quicker 16:35
cmurf yeah and i'm glad for that actually 16:36
cmurf what i'm wondering is if there's a way to inhibit builds of anaconda until more stuff is fixed 16:36
cmurf because with every new build it really means, esp with an RC, we need to retest the whole matrix 16:37
cmurf in addition to any affected blockers 16:37
cmurf so fix more bugs before rolling another anaconda? 16:37
cmurf i'm not even doing a 10th of the work some folks are and it's a bit much to see only 1/2 the matrix get filled up before another anaconda appears and i'm like …. crap 16:38
adamw well, it's kinda up to anaconda team's discretion when to build a new one 16:38
kparal that's the basic dilemma. I believe we should use tools like more and not just blindly do all the test case again and again and again 16:38
cmurf adamw: understood, but i think they might be under the imrpession they're doing us a favor to get bug fixes tested sooner 16:39
adamw still, i don't quite see the practical difference between building anaconda 20.1, 20.2, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5, 20.6, and 20.7 with one fix each and building 20.1, then building 20.7 with all the fixes 16:39
cmurf kparal good point 16:39
kparal anaconda builds should not be delayed. we can delay TCs if we want 16:39
adamw kparal: during TC phase that's already what we should be doing 16:40
kparal frequent anaconda builds are actually helpful for us 16:40
adamw kparal: it's only RCs where in theory we ought to run every test 16:40
cmurf ahh ok 16:40
kparal adamw: well, this approach is not really described anywhere, but it's good that you agree 16:40
adamw kparal: yeah, that's my perspective too, the important question is how often we build TCs, not how often anaconda pushes builds out 16:40
cmurf ok great so 2nd question is if there is a way now or could be in the future to support an overlay for the DVD ISO 16:41
cmurf and netinst 16:41
cmurf so that anaconda can be updated and remain resident 16:41
cmurf like the live 16:41
kparal cmurf: hardly. there's not even rpm 16:41
adamw um. i have no idea? be one to ask bcl, i guess. 16:41
* nirik isn't sure what that gets you... not having to download a new one? 16:42
kparal nirik: not waiting for a next compose 16:42
cmurf not having to wait for a TC build with that version of anaconda in it 16:42
greenlion updates.img? 16:42
nirik ah. I guess. 16:42
kparal updates.img is hard to create by users 16:42
nirik too many things like that tho and you end up not testing the thing we are shipping tho. 16:43
cmurf exactly 16:43
cmurf and life install is gnome/kde only which takes a ton longer than a minimal install 16:43
cmurf live, rather 16:43
cmurf that's all i've got, meanwhile i'm testing some of these newly proposed blockers 16:43
cmurf what's next? blockers? 16:44
* cmurf hears Jeopardy muzak in the background 16:45
adamw blocker meeting next 16:46
adamw top of the hour, in #fedora-blocker-review 16:47
adamw everyone go get coffee :) 16:47
cmurf OIC 16:47
* adamw sets quantum fuse, thanks for coming folks! 16:47
tflink that's one long quantum fuse 16:54
adamw #endmeeting 16:55

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