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A complete installation using the FTP (non-anonymous) network installation protocol.

How to test

  1. Boot anaconda using any available means
  2. Direct the installer to use a FTP installation source by adding the boot command: askmethod
  3. When prompted, check On the network and choose to perform a FTP install
  4. Provide the server and path of a valid FTP installation source, including a valid username and password into the FTP URL using the form:
A valid username?
Unless you are an administrator of the FTP server, you may not have a list of valid users and passwords. Additionally, sending a password plain/text may be a security risk depending on your network setup. One option is to provide a username of anonymous with a password of email. The resulting URL would be in the form of
. This may seem unintuitive, but this will still exercise anaconda's ability to properly parse user input and send the information to the requested FTP server.

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda uses the images/install.img from the FTP server provided. This can be confirmed if you have access to the FTP server logs. Alternatively, you can examine the file /var/log/anaconda.log looking for a line similar to the following
    INFO    : URL_STAGE_MAIN: url is
  2. Anaconda uses the package repository from the FTP server provided
  3. Anaconda completes successfully
  4. System boots successfully