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Support the use of encrypted filesystems for anything other than /boot using cryptsetup and LUKS. This includes install time creation/configuration, as well as integrated support in mkinitrd and initscripts (others?). Currently we are only pursuing support for encrypted devices using cryptsetup/LUKS.

When using encrypted file systems/block devices, the functionality should continue to work as expected, and not create situations where the encryption leads to undesired errors.


  1. Anaconda/Features/EncryptedBlockDevices
  2. Releases/FeatureEncryptedFilesystems

Steps To Reproduce

  • start the installer
  • enter the disk druid paritioning screen
  • Create a new non-encrypted LV filesystem (such as device /dev/LogVol00) on a new or existing LVM PV group
  • create one or more encrypted filesystems using the LV filesystem
  • select the "encrypt" checkbox for each filesystem that resides on the LV filesystem
  • create one or more non-encrypted filesystems using the LV filesystem
  • continue the installation

Expected Results

in post-install system, verify:

  • a passphrase for the each of the encrypted filesystems using the LVG is required to access it
  • an entry for the block devices and filesystems using the LVM LV devices exist in /etc/crypttab