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This test is designed to validate that the display manager on the LiveCD will automatically start a login session after a period of inactivity at the display manager prompt.

Please refer to existing wiki documentation for assistance creating liveCDs or writing to usb .

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Using livecd-tools, write the iso image to applicable media
  2. Boot the liveCD on a system capable of booting from the applicable media (either CD/DVD or USB)
  3. Allow the bootloader prompt to timeout and boot the default entry

Expected Results

  1. System boots into a graphical screen with a countdown before automatically starting
  2. The bootloader will boot the system after a brief timeout period
  3. The graphical display manager appropriate to the LiveCD burned (either gdm or kdm) starts
  4. After a period of inactivity, the display manager automatically starts a login session