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Test whether or not the full set of default wallpapers shipped with Fedora have both a light and dark mode under GNOME.

Setup (optional)

1. Ensure that the most current release version of the default background package is installed. For example, for Fedora 36, this package name would be Package-x-generic-16.pngf36-backgrounds. 2. Ensure that you are using the GNOME desktop environment. 3. You should have a fresh, clean install to ensure no custom wallpapers in the background chooser complicate your testing.

How to test

  1. Go to the GNOME desktop background chooser by going to the GNOME overview (move your mouse to the upper left corner and wait for it to pop up), typing "background", and hitting the enter key. (You may also go to the Settings app by selecting "Settings" from clicking in the upper rightmost corner of the desktop on the black bar and selecting "Settings", then selecting the "Background" tab on the left.)
  2. Take a look at the set of backgrounds offered in the desktop background selector. They should all have a lighter left side and the darker right side in their thumbnail previews.
  3. Select each of the backgrounds offered. Flip between the light mode and dark mode for each.
  4. Try out each wallpaper with each of its modes (light, dark) as your desktop. Open and close apps, go to desktop menus, go to the desktop overview. Note any issues, glitches, or other concerns you have with each background.

Expected Results

  1. Every background listed in the background chooser on a fresh installation has both a light and dark mode under GNOME.
  2. Neither version of any of the included backgrounds has any glitches or causes any issues.