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Test whether or not the full set of default wallpapers shipped with Fedora are acceptable.

Setup (optional)

1. Ensure that the most current release version of the default background package is installed. For example, for Fedora 36, this package name would be Package-x-generic-16.pngf36-backgrounds. 2. Use any desktop environment you would like to test. 3. You should have a fresh, clean install to ensure no custom wallpapers in the background chooser complicate your testing.

How to test

  1. Go to your desktop's background / wallpaper chooser (this varies depending on the desktop environment.)
  2. Take a look at the set of backgrounds offered in the desktop background selector.
  3. Select each of the backgrounds offered.
  4. Try out each wallpaper: with each wallpaper set, open and close apps, go to desktop menus, move around the desktop. Note any issues, glitches, or other concerns you have with each background.

Expected Results

  1. No version of any of the default included backgrounds has any glitches or causes any issues.