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As of Fedora 17, the loader/stage2 split no longer exists in anaconda.


A test case to ensure that Anaconda's first stage (loader) is able to fetch stage2 (install.img)

How to test

  1. Start the installer kernel/initrd as per QA:Kernel simple boot test case
    • If using boot.iso or other optical media (CD method)
      1. Skip the media test
      2. Wait for loader to automatically detect the presence of the disc
    • If using an existing GRUB installation or netboot (URL method)
      1. Wait for the "installmethod" dialog which asks What type of media contains the installation image?
      2. Choose "URL"
      3. Provide network configuration information
      4. A dialog should appear: Please enter the URL containing the Fedora installation image on your server
      5. Provide a http:// or ftp:// URL for a Rawhide tree that matches the kernel/initrd

Expected Results

  • CD method:
    1. Text window appears that says Local installation media detected...
    2. install.img is loaded from CD (drive light blinks etc.)
  • URL method:
    1. NetworkManager configures the network interface successfully
    2. The URL is accepted
    3. A progress bar dialog with Retrieving install.img... is shown

Finally, the screen reverts to text and a message like this appears:

Running anaconda VERSION, the Fedora system installer - please wait...