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This will be rewritten
This test case will be completely rewritten once the 'depcheck' script is finished. won't be used for conflicts checking, the depcheck will be used instead.


A test that ensures that there are no file or package conflicts in the repository being tested.


The host machine must have script available. That script can be downloaded from AutoQA source code.

How to test

Use to test chosen repository for conflicts. If the repository has some parent repository (it contains just an updates for instance), don't forget to specify the parent repository too.

  1. Example 1 (testing 'fedora' repo for Fedora 12 for x86_64):
    ./ --newest --tempcache --arch x86_64 --repoid fedora-x86_64 --repofrompath=fedora-x86_64,
  2. Example 2 (testing 'fedora-updates' repo for Fedora 12 for i386):
    ./ --newest --tempcache --arch i386 --repoid fedora-updates-i386 --repofrompath=fedora-updates-i386, --repoid fedora-i386 --repofrompath=fedora-i386,

Expected Results

  1. The output reports no package nor file conflicts.