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Virtual Machines USB Passthrough

This short article shows how USB devices can be made directly available to the KVirt virtual machine.


  1. A host computer with enough memory and processor resources to run Fedora in the virtual machine.
  2. A USB device that you want to pass through into the virtual machine.
  3. Install the virt-manager package.

Passing through a USB device

  1. Start virt-manager.
  2. If you have not yet created a virtual machine, click on Create a new VM. Otherwise, skip to Step 4.
  3. On Step 5 of the creation process, click the checkbutton Edit ... to select to edit the new virtual machine.
  4. Click Finish to create the virtual machine. The Settings tab will be opened.
  5. If you already have a VM created, click on Open and then on Details, this will open the Settings tab.
  6. On the Settings tab click on Add hardware.
  7. Click on Host USB device to open a list of available devices.
  8. Select the device you want to pass through from the list.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. The device is now directly available to your virtual machine.


  1. Any passed through USB device will not be available to the host computer when the virtual machine is started and until it is stopped.