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If you are using a Fedora 14 HOST, there is a known issue. Use the following work-around
  • The work-around is probably not necessary for building a Fedora 14 appliances on a Fedora 15 host. If you experience problems, try the work-around. If that fixes it, then please mention this in your notes.
  • Edit boxgrinder-appliances/testing-appliances/modular-appls/_test_base.appl, comment out (or remove) line 13. Note this in your references, and see if you can build successfully from this point.


Build an appliance based upon the modular appliances, which are designed to provide more comprehensive BoxGrinder Build feature coverage.


  1. Prepare your environment
  2. Create local repository directory
    mkdir -p /tmp/boxgrinder-repo
  3. Download our test RPM
    wget --directory-prefix=/tmp/boxgrinder-repo
  4. Create repodata
    createrepo /tmp/boxgrinder-repo

How to test

  1. Execute
    boxgrinder-build testing-appliances/modular-appls/fedora_14.appl --trace

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run.

  1. Step #1 completes without error (indicated on console)
  2. Program completes with exit code 0