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This is Test Case is only applicable for users on x86_64 architectures
A 32 bit VM is not capable of building 64 bit images in BoxGrinder.

A full cross-architecture build and platform conversion in one command.


  1. Prepare your environment
  2. Ensure you have a 64 bit operating system installed:
uname -i

How to test

Running with KVM
You can also run this test case using KVM by changing '-p virtualbox' to '-d local' and manually registering the resulting VM with libvirt
  1. Execute:
    setarch i386 boxgrinder-build testing-appliances/jeos-appls/fedora-14-jeos.appl -p virtualbox --trace
  2. Produced disk image can be found in build/appliances/$ARCH/fedora/15/fedora-15-jeos/virtualbox-plugin/. Add this disk to VirtualBox drive manager, create new virtual machine using VirtualBox wizard selecting Fedora 15 as the operating system and add produced disk image as the main disk. Remember to select 32 bit OS.
  3. Log in with user: root password: boxgrinder
  4. Execute
    uname -i
  5. Run the following Test Case in the VM: QA:Network_basic_test_case

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run.

  1. Step #1 completes without error (indicated on console)
  2. Program completes with exit code 0
  3. Successfully boot and log into the VirtualBox appliance without error
  4. Step #4 indicates the expected architecture (i386/i686)
  5. QA:Network_basic_test_case is performed successfully on the new appliance