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This test case tests that ABRT's ability to report crashes only in signed packages works correctly.

This test case can run only with correctly signed packages.
This test case can't be run on Rawhide or Rawhide-based builds because the packages are not properly signed in these distributions.

How to test

  1. Edit config file /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, and ensure OpenGPGCheck is set to yes.
  2. Restart ABRT with the command su -c 'service abrtd restart'.
  3. Test crashing programs from official (hence signed) packages, and from unsigned packages or non-packaged programs.
  4. Repeat the tests with OpenGPGCheck set to no.

Expected Results

  1. for yes, ABRT should ignore crashes of programs not from signed packages.
  2. for no, ABRT should notice crashes of programs not from signed packages.