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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT feature console notification plugin.

How to test

  1. Ensure you have the plugin installed with the command su -c 'dnf install abrt-console-notification'
  2. Confirm that the abrtd and abrt-applet process are both running
  3. Kill some running process: kill -SIGSEGV (pid). It must be a process that is part of a signed Fedora package.
  4. The abrt-applet system tray icon should emerge with notification stating "We're sorry, it looks like a problem occurred ..."
  5. Open the terminal of your choice.

Expected Results

  1. There should be message saying: ABRT has detected '1' problem(s). (For more info run: $ abrt-cli list --full)
  2. If you open the terminal again the message shouldn't be shown (it shows the warning only once for each problem)